A New Beginning Ch. 02: Tidings

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Author’s Note: This story, and all of my stories, will be long narratives. While even I can enjoy a quick read and masturbate, I prefer to write stories that can touch people. I’ll be writing further chapters here, as well as chapters for other stories too. Some of these other stories will include futa, while some include bdsm and other elements I enjoy. While I will post chapters to these stories, I won’t abandon any of my stories. They will all get proper ends. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy.


Months passed as I researched away and brought back several more people. Two months brought back thirty, four months saw that grow to fifty-four, and six months saw that number rise to seventy. The speed of bringing people back was slowed down dramatically due to several factors. First and foremost was resources. I had several farms started by residents of my new community, as food would be a problem because only canned food and select others that used things like noodles which never went bad were still good from before.

There weren’t any animals to slaughter and so that limited yet another source, so after six months we had three farms operational which would begin to bring about yields soon enough, hopefully. Some of the smaller fruits and vegetables were already ready for harvest. Other issues which slowed down progress of bringing people back were the efforts I had to go through to collect the energy. The process was tedious and untenable, I wouldn’t be able to bring back half of L.A., let alone the world using this method. I needed a new approach.

My daughter really made everything worthwhile during this, and she knew the burden I lived with every day. The guilt was always evident in my eyes when I was around her, but I had to be strong and firm with others, I found. Most came to accept what happened as well as they could. The people seemed to realize how intelligent I was and that I was their only hope for bringing their loved ones back, I needed to be strong for them, especially since I was the leader of this new society

Tomorrow we’d reach seventy-five people. One thing I noticed as time went by longer was how tightly knit the group had become. Large dinners would be held in a local school cafeteria as it could sit everyone, and everyone would attend. Dances were held, music concerts, anything to keep in contact with each other. It actually surprised me a bit.

We still had power, water, the necessities, we even had digital media and video games, but people were closer now than before. We were like a real society, unlike the one from before the event, where you would learn to distance yourself from others, especially strangers. Here, nobody would turn down a request for help from someone, even if they weren’t on friendly terms before the event. If it weren’t for the fact that most of the worlds population were gone, this would actually be paradise. People actually cared about other people, and taking advantage of another seemed anathema to everyone.

Life here was good, even for me with being swamped with work all the time, not just leading bakırköy escort the community but my never ending efforts to bring everyone back home. Eventually I had to stop bringing individuals back. There was some who were upset, but I told them it only slowed down my research into how to bring everyone back in one sweep. One who actually helped out a lot was Vincent, or Vinnie as his friends would call him. He was the first man I brought back, and it turns out he worked in construction so not only was he useful with his hands, but he actually helped people see things from my point of view.

If it weren’t for him, I doubt my daughter or I could have turned this community into the beacon of hope and good will that it had become. Amélie was, like always, my lighthouse. She’s always been a constant for me, a bright beacon of light that guided me through the wildest of storms, and now that we were lovers everything somehow became even clearer. She’d taken to this new situation like it was fate, but something bugged me. Like a niggling at the back of my head.

I didn’t know why, but for some reason I think it had to do with how everyone seemed to react to Amélie, and that’s that they didn’t. Everyone seemed to ignore her for some reason, she tried to brush it off like it didn’t bother her, but I knew the truth. It hurt her, but she kept working towards the communities common dream, which seemed to be evolving. What started as a desperate bid for survival and to bring everyone back, became treasuring the people around us. When the only humanity in the world is under a hundred people, everyone matters.

Knowing Amélie would be needing a little cheering up, I decided to make her breakfast in bed. Actual pancakes and syrup, with sausage and eggs. Thank God I had the foresight to freeze all the meat I could find, and collect as much powdered milk and eggs I could. A strictly vegetarian diet while healthy, would be very difficult to get used to, and my Princess was ravenous for meat, if our nightly antics didn’t prove that enough to me.

“How was your breakfast, sweetie, and did you sleep well?” I smiled warmly to my daughter. Her golden hair and piercing blue eyes met my own blue eyes, and I saw her smile again. As her father, and her lover, I knew that smile was genuine and filled with warmth.

“I always sleep better with you, daddy, especially with a cunny filled with your seed. You really made my pussy sore last night, but I think I’d like more of you tonight, daddy.” Amélie whispered that final bit with all the seductive allure of a vixen, her voice letting out a melodic purr as she cuddled my side. “Lets just stay like this for a while before we shower?”

“Anything for you, Princess.” I said with a softness in my voice and a grin coming to my lips, what we did was wrong traditionally. Could that be why they ignored her? But why did they seem fine with me? Was it some sort of a double standard? Bah, these questions were going to drive me crazy.

Somehow, I don’t exactly know how, but Amélie knew my thoughts were troubled. She wasn’t beşiktaş escort even looking at me because she suddenly just stood up and turned to me, offering her hand as she said, “Lets take a shower. You can scrub my back and stare at my ass, old man.”

I couldn’t help but smile as we headed off. The shower was tragically short, but no shower would be long enough when you’re with such a gorgeous woman, holding back from ravaging her then and there was tough, but it would only fuel my fire for tonight. Truth be told, I had a really busy day. I had to go check out a construction site for a barn, before I brought back some animals to raise at this new farm. Everyone was excited at the prospects. I may have neglected to tell them of my hoard of meat, poultry, fish, and cheeses. It would have all been gone by now if I hadn’t kept it from them.

The air was electric, everyone was grinning and excited as the walls of the barn were raised and then hammered into place. As months wore on, horses would become necessities. Most people tend to forget that gas does go bad and has an expiration date. They never mentioned that on those zombie shows or movies. I helped go over the layout of the pens that would be set up over the week and my plans to bring some of the animals back. Not so oddly, people couldn’t wait to see dogs and cats again. This one event gave everyone hope. As the day passed, night began to arrive and I’d arranged for fireworks to be fired off over the ocean to cancel out any risks of fire.

I joined in on the party, talking with just about everyone there, it seemed. The air was electric and I doubted anyone would be able to sleep any time soon. With all that chaos, it made me yearn for the comforting touch and hungry gaze of my daughter, so I made my way home. I knew that that the moment I stepped through those doors, I was hers. Amélie did not disappoint me for a moment. Her hair flowed behind her as she ran to me and jumped on top of me, her legs wrapping around my waist. It was with enough effort that it sent me reeling back against the door before I regained my momentum.

Amélie was in a blue sundress, and apparently without panties, as my hands would lead me to discover when I grabbed her ass to support her. My fingers immediately started to knead at her ass, massaging her perky rear while I carried her to the kitchen, almost stumbling against walls as we fiercely kissed each other, tongues seeking tongues and teeth mashed against teeth. The force of the kiss actually hurt, but it was wild and pure.

With a hunger I’d grown accustomed to, Amélie fumbled with my belt and pants to open them, her eager hands quickly moving upon my thick cock to start fondling and stroking it, a giggle leaving her lips as I set her ass down against the top of the dining rooms table so that I could cup and fondle her full, DD sized tits. My hands pulled the blue sundress from her body, my hands immediately cupping her bare breasts, my thumbs rolling over her nipples. I really appreciated how she loved to be ready for me to take her immediately upon beylikdüzü escort my arrival, my Princess sure was enthusiastic.

Leaning down, I took Amélie’s left nipple into my mouth, suckling on it and flicking my tongue against it, eliciting a sweet moan of delight from my Princess, to which she moaned out, “Oh, Jules..” Her hand quaked a little around my engorged cock as a shiver ran down her spine, but it didn’t take long for her to resume her hands eager mission to stroke me to full erection. “Take me, Jules!” she begged.

“Anything for you, Princess!” And with a quick thrust I shoved my dick into her tight, silky smooth waxed pussy, her folds gripping my dick like a vise. Somehow it felt like her pussy wasn’t just squeezing me, it felt like she was massaging me, fuck, where did she learn this? Her experienced womanhood only drove me on and my hips bucked wildly beneath Amélie. My balls slapped against Amélie’s ass with each wild thrust and my teeth playfully bit her nipples.

For her part, Amélie wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs squeezed even tighter around my waist, her fingernails beginning to scratch at my thankfully shirt covered back. Her body wiggled against mine and the sounds of our sex and the scent of her sopping wet cunt filled the air of the room. Our bodies collided with abandon as we fucked like animals, my hands taking hold of her tits as my lips kissed up to her neck. I kissed at her neck and suckled on her soft skin, my teeth playfully biting at her neck as well. My hands on her tits massaged them firmly, giving her nipples the occasional pinch as our hips collided faster and faster.

Our bodies soon erupted in a cacophany of passion and orgasmic bliss, thick ropes of my cum flooding into her pussy, as my Amélie’s body quaked against mine, her warmth seeping into my body as we clung onto each other for dear life. The moment was perfect, which was why I was more than a little surprised and upset when I heard Vincent cough, clearing his throat. “I thought it would be okay to interrupt you, you’ve been staring at that table for a few minutes now, Jules. I thought I’d come and tell you that we should be ready for the first animals by about four in the afternoon tomorrow, so you can bring the animals back. We’ll have the fences up and all the supplies we’d need for them on site. Well, have a good night.”

I stared at him in confusion, giving a nod as Vincent walked off. Whatever Vincent was, the one thing I knew him to be was honest. He honestly did not see me having sex just now, so I turned to my daughter. “Why.. didn’t he see you, or see us having sex?”

Amlie gave me a frown, “Don’t ask that, daddy, you don’t want to know the answer.”

“I think I do, Amélie, and I think that I deserve one.” I said firmly, but still with love in my eyes, though concern was setting in as well.

“I’m not really sure, you didn’t really bring me back. Not fully. I don’t know if I’m really here and only you can see me, or if I’m a figment of your imagination. I have memories, but are they your memories of me? I’ve been worried since you brought Vincent back and he never saw me, none of them saw me. I’ve yelled and yelled, and only you’ve seen me.”

Immediately, I wrapped my arms around Amélie and held her body to mine. I didn’t know if she were really here or not, but she was me first priority. I’d get answers one way or another.

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