A Mother’s Desire Ch. 03

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Sally woke up with a sore ass. The soreness brought a thin smile to her face as she remembered how her son had taken away her anal virginity. His cock had pounded so hard into her anal passage and she had cum so hard. If only she had known how pleasurable it would be, she would have let her husband fuck her ass years ago, instead of being the prude and denying him that part of her. It was too late now, her husband was dead and gone. Yet, she felt that by giving her ass to her son, she had somehow made amends.

She climbed out of bed and realised that each step caused her anus to tingle. It felt sore and swollen, yet it was a nice kind of pain. Something like the good feeling of aching muscles after a good run or workout. Only thing about this pain was that it made her horny. Sally wished her son didn’t disappear to his room after fucking her. She made a note to tell him it was alright to sleep with her. That way, maybe she could get a morning screw as well.

Her heart felt light and her pussy tingled as she thought about her son. She felt like she did when she was a teenager experiencing the joys of sex for the first time. Walking gingerly, she made her way to her son’s room but he wasn’t there. She glanced at the clock and gasped.

“Oh Shit! Just look at the time.” She said to no one in particular. She quickly jumped into the shower, pulled on some fresh underwear and hastily jumped into a skirt and blouse. Running down the stairs and out into the garage, she noticed that Tommy had already left the house. She climbed into her car and rushed off to work.

*** *** *****

Sally was grateful that it was a rather quiet day at the office as she couldn’t concentrate on work. Her thoughts kept going back to her son and how good he made her feel. Sally’s nipples hardened as she thought about the first time with her son. Her heart started to beat faster as she remembered how he had fucked her pussy so good and squirted inside her. Then when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he had fucked her in her virgin ass. She was such a dirty little slut for her son and she loved it. Her lurid thoughts had her pussy all squishy and her panties were soaked at the gusset.

She was grateful that the day past quickly and before she knew it, it was time to go home. As she drove, a thought suddenly dawned on her that her son had shot his load into her cunt and her ass but she hadn’t swallowed his spunk. Sure, she had sucked his cock but she had not yet allowed him to cum in her mouth.

Not Yet. She smiled to herself. Her mouth went dry as she imagined sucking on his cock and letting his hot cream spurt into her mouth. As she turned into her driveway, she smiled as she saw Tommy’s car parked outside. Sally practically skipped into her house but her smile faded as soon as she stepped inside and heard voices. Tommy wasn’t alone.

From the doorway, she could look into the lounge without anyone seeing her. Tommy was with two other boys and a girl, watching TV. The sight of the girl caused the green animal of jealously to rear its ugly head inside of her. Shaking her head to clear it, she admonished herself as she quietly made her way up the stairs. There was no reason to feel jealous. But she realised that she was more envious than jealous. The girl was gorgeous and her body looked so lean, tight and firm.

Sally wished her son was alone. She was tempted to call him upstairs for a quick blowjob but she knew that wasn’t wise. Nor did she want to rush anything. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as she saw the reflection of a still very attractive woman. No doubt her body wasn’t as lean as the young girl’s downstairs, but it was still in pretty good shape.

Sally pulled her dress up by the hem and peeled it over her head. Her breasts jiggled firmly in their black lace encasement. She stepped out of her panties and inhaled softly as the cool air fanned her heat inflamed cunt. She picked up her panties and noticed that the gusset was not only soaking wet, but also had white crusty stains on it – the effect of her juices leaking out the whole day. She felt a shudder of horniness go through her and her already erect nipples throbbed with wanton desire.

She spread her legs slightly and slid a hand down to her crotch, sliding it along her wet slit. Sally moaned softly.

“Touching yourself are we?”

Sally whipped round to see Tommy leaning against the door, watching her. An arrogant look on his face.

“What happened to your friends?” she asked, a little too icily. As soon as she heard herself she hated the tone of voice she had used. Tommy’s face registered surprise at first and then hurt.

“Aww… Mom!” He started to protest. “I got rid of them as soon as I knew you were home. And anyway, I wasn’t expecting you home so early.”

“N-No. It’s okay. I’m just…well. Of course it’s alright bakırköy escort to have friends over darling.” Sally smiled softly at her son as she moved toward him. “I’m sorry I sounded so bitchy. I just wanted some of this…”

Her hands reached down to cup his crotch as her lace encased breasts pressed against her son. Tommy nuzzled his mother’s neck as his hands reached out to fondle her large breasts. Sally pushed him backward to the wall and then slowly slid her body down his torso until she was kneeling before him. She looked up at him and slowly licked her lips as her hands undid his zipper. She pulled his trousers down around his ankles and then followed suit with his underpants. His manhood sprung out and throbbed in front of her face.

“I’ve been dreaming about this the whole day.” She rasped hotly as her fingers toyed with his balls. “I’ve sucked you baby but I haven’t swallowed your spunk and that’s what I want.”

“Ohh Mother..!” Tommy moaned as Sally’s tongue snaked around his aroused glans. “You sound like such a slut.”

“Yes baby.” Sally cooed as she fluttered her eyes up at her son. “Mother is a slut. I’m your slut.”

Her mouth opened and she swallowed her son’s hot piece of meat. Tommy groaned loudly and his hands entwined in his mothers hair.

Sally bobbed her beautiful face forward and backward, devouring her son’s cock greedily, almost as if it was her last meal that she was savouring. Her tongue swirled and licked as she sucked on her son’s glans and shaft.

Tommy bent his knees slightly and pressed his thighs hard against his mother’s face. She moaned in delight as he placed his hands behind her head and slowly started to pump his ass forward, fucking his hard cock into his mothers mouth. Sally loved how his cock bumped against the back of her throat. She tried opening her gullet to swallow his cock but her gag reflex wouldn’t let her.

Sally’s hand dived between her legs and she started to tease and pinch her clitoris and vulva. Sally loved the thick, salty but sometimes sweet taste of spunk and often, with her hands busy on her own cunt, she knew she could cum when a cock spurted into her mouth.

Sally played with her son’s balls as she tried to milk the cum from him. Her tongue flew about her son’s throbbing prick as she sucked back and forth, low groans coming from her. She was enjoying feeling the hard throbbing in her mouth but she wanted her son to cum. She wanted to taste his hot, creamy cum and she wanted to feel it sliding down her throat and into her belly. She could already taste the salty precum seeping out of his cock-head.

“Ohhhh Mommm!” Tommy moaned in pleasure. “That’s so good Mom but let me fuck you. Please.”

Sally pulled her mouth off her son’s cock and looked up at him “Just enjoy it darling. Mommy wants you to spunk my mouth. I want to taste your juices darling.”

“But Mom… I can’t really cum from a blowjob.” Tommy protested. “I mean I can, but it takes a really long time.”

Sally smiled to herself and covered his cock with her mouth again. Maybe the hussies who had given him a blowjob before just didn’t know how to do it properly! She knew her son lasted a long time, that much he had proven to her. But she also knew some tricks in giving blowjobs. Mind blowing blowjobs in fact!

Her tongue went to work on his balls. She slowly licked them and then opened her mouth to suck softly on her son’s balls. She knew that too much pressure could hurt him but just the right amount of suction would give him immense pleasure. Sally licked his balls, wetting them and then kissed the meaty shaft before swallowing his cock whole again. She hollowed out her cheeks and sucked strongly as she moved her head forward and back.

The tensing of her son’s thighs against her chest told her she was having the necessary effect on him. Her fingers of one hand toyed with his balls while her other hand was still busy in her own cunt, strumming it up to a fever pitch. But Sally’s fingers in her cunt were serving another purpose. She was lubricating them and as her other hand still caressed her sons balls, she slowly withdrew the hand from her cunt and slowly reached behind him to part his ass. With her fingers nicely lubricated with her own cuntal fluids, Sally spread her son’s ass cheeks and slid her index finger into his asshole.

Tommy grunted with the unexpected invasion but he had to admit it wasn’t un-pleasurable. Sally worked her finger deeper in his ass as her mouth pistoned against his cock. She located his prostate and massaged it slowly as she applied more pressure with her mouth to her sons cock.

She heard him gasp with pleasure and she could feel his cock harden even more and throb hotly in her mouth.

“Oh God Mother! What are you doing?” Tommy cried out as his hands grabbed her hair, almost roughly.

Sally beşiktaş escort could feel his balls swelling under her expert ministrations and she knew he was about to reward her very soon. His cock was nudging against the back of her throat and her nose was practically buried in her son’s pubic hair. She sucked hard as her finger teased his prostate gland

Tommy suddenly went almost rigid as she heard him grunt.

She sucked harder as she felt her son’s cock tremble, swell and then erupt. The hot, thick, creamy lava shot into the back of her throat, almost causing her to gag. She pulled back slightly, allowing her son’s lovely fuck cream to collect in her mouth. His cock spurted strongly, splashing against the inside of her cheeks and tongue. Sally clung to her son’s cock as he came.

Her lips were wrapped about the head, her finger deep in his ass. Her mouth filled time and again, sending sparks of ecstasy between her thighs. She mewled around his cock as her own wet, hot cunt erupted its lava. She could hear her son gasping as her own breath came in choking pants.

Releasing her son’s cock, she sat back on her heels, his cock glistening with her saliva. She opened her mouth, showing her son her cum filled mouth. She swirled the cum around in her mouth before she swallowed it down, enjoying how the thick gooiness slid down her throat.

“Ohhh… you sure know how to drain a guy, Mother,” Tommy panted.

“Of course I do!” Sally laughed. “Bet you’ve never cum so hard from a blowjob before.”

Tommy just grinned and shook his head. Sally looked up at her son’s cock, amazed that it had only softened slightly. She cupped his balls and his cock jerked responsively.

“You don’t go soft do you..” Sally said, more as a statement than a question.

“The joy of youth, mother.” Tommy laughed. “And anyway, how can I go soft when there’s such a sexy woman on her knees in front of me?”

Sally thrilled at her son’s words. The lust radiated out from the pit of her stomach. Sally tickled her son’s balls and then traced her fingers down his shaft to the flared cockhead. Her cunt twitched with an almost desperate desire.

Tommy reached down to grasp his mother’s tits. He squeezed her breasts and coaxed her to stand by tugging softly on the hard nipple. Sally stood, one hand still caressing her sons turgid meat.

“Fuck me baby.” Sally moaned. “Fuck mother. I want to feel your hard cock.”

“Do you?” Tommy teased, his eyebrows rising as he looked at her.

Sally gulped and nodded, licking her lips sensually.

Tommy pushed his mother backwards, moving her to the bed. He lay beside her and softly nuzzled her aching breasts. His hand moved along the inside of her thigh, toward her pussy. Sally parted her legs wide and moaned softly as her son ran his fingers to her sopping cunt. He inserted one finger into her throbbing wetness as Sally inhaled deeply.

“Oh Tommy.” Sally moaned. “I want your cock. Please, I want your cock!” She squeezed her son’s cock to emphasize her words

Tommy raised himself off the bed and stood at the foot of the bed. He looked at his mother lying prone before him. His cock throbbed hotly for her. He caressed her thighs as he parted them and placed his cock against his mother’s vulva.

“Fuck me, Tommy!” she hissed at him. “Put it in me. Fuck me now!”

He looked down at his turgid cock framed by the thick hair of his mother’s furry pussy. She lifted her crotch, forcing his cock to ease into her. Tommy gripped her hips, pushing his own hips forward. His cock slid slowly into his mother. Sally’s eyes filmed over with ecstasy as she exhaled with a loud hissing sound, almost like a punctured balloon.

She felt her sons cock stretching her inner pussy walls, deeper and deeper until his balls rubbed against her ass. Sally ground her hips at him as she pulled his ass tighter against her. She wanted to feel his cock hammering deep into her. Tommy stared down at her with lust, watching her heaving breasts and loving how his cock had disappeared into his mother and all he could see of his mothers cunt was her thick hair meshed together with his own pubic hairs. She loved how her son looked at her.

Tommy started to move his cock, pulling it out of his mothers cunt and then slowly easing it back again. He picked up speed and Sally could feel his hard meat penetrating her deeply. She grabbed at her breasts and toyed with her nipples, sending erotic pulses to her already heated pussy.

Tommy began to pound his mothers cunt hard and fast. The hot sounds of their fucking filled the room. He lay over her now, his hairy chest crushing his mothers large breasts. Her legs wrapped around his ass as he ploughed his cock deep into her. At this angle, his cock rubbed tantalisingly on his mother’s clit. Her cunt felt beylikdüzü escort so hot and tight around his cock and he relished in it.

Sally trembled as she felt her son’s hard pole lancing into her. The hard cockshaft rubbed against her clitoris and she felt waves of raw ecstasy flashing through her. Her thighs clenched around her son’s ass as her mouth opened in a wide ‘O’. He head lifted off the below as her body shook with orgasm.

“Ohhh Yesss Oh Goddd!” Sally cried out. Her hands grabbed her son’s back as she flayed underneath him. “Unnnhhhhhh”

Tommy felt his mother’s cunt squeeze his cock, trying to milk out its cum. It was so delicious and if his mother hadn’t sucked the jism out of his balls earlier, he would surely have sprayed into her.

He slowed his thrusts as he watched his mother slowly coming down from her orgasm. Sally moaned again softly with pleasure, loving the feeling of her son’s cock slowly working in and out of her. Tommy pulled himself up and out of his mother.

“Don’t Stop! What’s wrong?” Sally complained as her cunt emptied. “The position isn’t as good.” Tommy said, matter of factly. “I can’t fuck you hard enough like that.”

Tommy clambered off his mother and stood at the edge of the bed once again. He pulled her by the legs until her ass was at the edge. Lifting her legs, he pushed them back, leaving her hairy cunt nicely open.

Tommy sucked softly on Sally’s toes as he positioned his cock and with one smooth thrust, sunk himself deeply into his mother’s cunt. He pulled back again, almost withdrawing his cock all the way and then slammed it in again.

“Ohhh.. Unnh… Aahh” Sally moaned as her son’s cock ploughed deeply into her, almost battering her cervix. The air was forced out of her lungs with each thrust causing her to feel even more wanton.

“Oh yess my darling son!” Sally moaned. “Feed me your cock. Fuck me hard….yess…just like that… Oh yessss!”

Tommy quickened his pace. The hard fucking combined with his mother’s words were having the desired effect on him. He looked down between his mother’s thighs and he could see her juices coating his cock.

“You’re gonna make me cum baby…” Sally cried out as she felt another orgasm starting to well inside her. “Don’t stop baby… oh yesss.. fuck me.. fuck mother’s cunt!”

“Then cum Mother!” Tommy cried out, trying to hold in his spunk until his mother orgasmed. “I’m close too. So close!”

“Cum baby! Cum with me! Oh cumm baby” Sally squealed. Her body starting to tense up and the first shudderings of orgasm started

“More Mom! Talk filthy to me Mom!” Tommy pleaded, his cock was plunging in and out of his mother hard and fast.

“Fuck me Tommy! Fuck mother’s cunt! Fuck me like a slut. I’m your slut darling. Fill my slutty cunt with your hot cum!

Tommy groaned as he felt his balls tighten and his hot cock throbbed hotly before. Sally felt his cock stiffen in her pussy just as she reached her peak. Spurt after hot spurt of semen blasted into her pussy, amplifying her climax. Her entire being tensed and she shuddered and cried out loud.

“Aaarrrgghhh! Cummminnhhgggg!” Sally cried out.

“Yeah Mom Yeah! I’m cumming Mom. Unnnhhhh!!”

Sally felt her toes curling, the pleasure was so intense. Her son’s cock continued to blast its love seed into her and she could each powerful spurt. Sally felt her son’s cock slowly starting to shrink in her as his cum began to leak out of her. Tommy lowered his head to suckle on one of her breasts as Sally gently stroked his hair.

“That was awesome Mom” Tommy whispered. “You were awesome.”

“And so were you darling,” Sally said softly, still stroking her son’s hair. “So were you.”

The two of them lay together for a little while, basking in the afterglow of passion. Sally felt Tommy’s cock slip out of her cunt. She gently pushed Tommy off her breast and pulled herself further up on to the bed.

“Come and lie here with Mommy.” Sally said, pulling on her son’s hand.

Tommy climbed on the bed and rested his head on his mother’s breast. His mouth encircled her nipple and began sucking gently.

“Shhh… Enough.” Sally laughed softly. “You just about gave me the best fucking ever. Just lie her with me for a while.”

” I just cant help it Mom. You make me so hot for you. I wish my cock would never get soft and then I could fuck you the whole day!”

“I wish you could too!” Sally said. “But then we’d never get anything done around here. We better wash up. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

“Me too Mom.” Tommy laughed. “I think I could eat a horse.”

“Well, maybe we can go out for dinner. Just you and me.” Sally offered. Her tone took on a little seriousness as she continued. “But promise me one thing.”

“What’s that mom?”

“You’ll sleep in this bed from now on. With me.” Sally said. “Now go was up and we’ll go for dinner.”

“Okay Mom.” Tommy said. “But on one condition.”

“And what’s that?”

“That I get to dress you up for dinner.” Tommy replied with a glint in his eye. “And that we fuck again once we get back from dinner!”

They both laughed together.

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