A Most Precious Gift

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Chapter 1.

My name is Mary. I graduated from high school last June at the time the story began, last Christmas, I was living with my mother near Frederick, MD.

My Mom and Dad went through a very nasty divorce three years ago and even though I wanted to go with my Dad, Mom was awarded custody. My Dad moved to California where he works for a computer company. The terms of the divorce let me spend Christmas vacations and half of each summer with my Dad. This story really began shortly after my Mom and Dad separated prior to their divorce. It was then that my Dad and I became lovers, but that is another story in itself. But again, this story began last Christmas when I went to California for my two-week holiday.

My mother took me to the airport and dropped me at the curbside baggage check in and immediately left without so much as a have a good flight much less and I love you. It was only later that I even thought about her just dropping me off without so much as a let me know when to pick you up. After all I knew she only wanted custody of me so she could squeeze child support out of my Dad, and limit his contact with me. Like I said before though I really didn’t think much about it at the time because I was thinking that in just six short hours I would be laying next to my lover cuddling his head against my breast reveling in the wonderful relaxed glow that comes from being well loved.

Dad was waiting at the end of the jet way with a dozen roses and a sign that said “Welcome Home Sweetheart”. I ran to him and jumped into his waiting arms my lips and tongue finding his in a passionate embrace. I know our greeting went unnoticed as several others much like ours were going on nearby. Most people thinking that a wife or fiancée was coming home for the holiday. I did see a few nasty looks, mostly from other woman thinking, “another young trophy wife.”

I didn’t care because my handsome Dad had his arm around me and my nipples were aching rocks straining against my bra and my pussy leaking moisture in anticipation of being filled with his wonderful cock again.

It took almost an hour to drive to his house from the airport. An hour that drove us both crazy with desire, his big hand cupping my breast and teasing my aching nipple as we drove, while I licked his ear and teased his throbbing manhood through his pants.

We finally arrived at his/our house where he carried me from the door straight to the bedroom where we nearly tore each others clothes off is our struggle to get our naked bodies together. Our arms and legs intertwining our lips and hands caressing each other’s bodies both of us reaching a fever pitch in what seemed like seconds. Then He was between my thighs and I was guiding his long thick cock to my drooling vagina wanting, no needing to feel him enter me again after our almost 5 month separation since we had last seen each other last August. It felt wonderful to have him open and fill me. It had been empty since the last time we were together. His cock filled me sending countless tremors radiating through my body until he was all the way in. I could hear him telling me how tight and wet I was. How he loved me and had been faithful to me for all these months. I started to come with his first hard deep thrust my orgasm building with each thrust until we both reached a shattering climax within a minute.

We lay in each others arms panting and gasping for breath his cock slowly softening in my vagina, which was oozing our combined come making a large wet spot on the bedspread. I kept my legs around Daddy’s waist keeping our bodies pressed together, not wanting to let him escape form my hungry pussy which was still sucking his semi-hard manhood. I looked into Daddy’s eyes and saw my love for him reflecting back at me when I told him how much I loved him and wanted to be with him always.

I could feel him growing hard in me again and I lifted my full breast to his lips so he could take my hard aching nipple into his mouth. I moaned softly as he began to suck wishing I could nourish him with my milk. I rolled on top of Daddy and began grinding ours soaked pubic mounds together loving the wet squishing sound of love coming from where our bodies were joined feeling we were truly united in our love for each other. We made love slowly this time both of us working the other to the very edge then stopping until we could stand it no longer slamming our bodies together until his cock erupted deep in my belly again his hot thick seed jetting into me flooding my inner most places with his love and causing my body to spasm and tremble impaled on his hot throbbing cock

I rolled off Daddy cuddling against him and we both fell asleep completely exhausted and at least temporarily satisfied.

I woke up the next morning covered with a soft blanket and feeling Daddy’s hard warm body next to me. He smiled when I opened my eyes telling me how much he loved just watching me sleep. I kissed him and he pulled istanbul escort the blanked off me looking at my body. MMMMM you’ve grown since last summer he said lifting my breast his fingers slowly teasing my dark pinkish brown nipple that was swelling with desire at his touch.. I closed my eyes and sighed as his lips kissed down my neck his warm breath making me arch my back to lift my breast closer to his soft lips. “Yes Yes,” I groaned as he sucked most of the front of my breast into his mouth suckling like a baby. I cuddled his head to my breast. ” You like them don’t you Daddy?”

“I wear a C cup Bra and they are bigger than Moms now Daddy” I told him enjoying the warm feelings his nursing was sending through my body. I turned toward him so he could switch breasts gently stroking his hair and back feeling his fingers part my swollen lips rubbing my slit until his thumb finds my now erect clit and his fingers begin moving in my vagina. ” Oh Oh Oh Yes ,” I cried out as his fingers and thumb pushed the hood back exposing my clit to direct contact. I gasped and moaned as my body convulsed with pleasure my back arching, my thighs clamping hard on his hand, and my heels drumming on the bed as he made me come again.

I rolled on top of him after catching my breath trapping his now hard cock between my wet thighs feeling him begin to thrust but not letting his head part my fleshy lips. I kissed his eyes, his cheeks, his nose his lips, down his neck dragging my soft breasts over his chest and across his hard tummy until his cock was nestled between my soft mounds. Gently bit his tiny nipples and holding my breasts together began to rub them up and down the hard shaft trapped between them. I kept moving down his body until I could lick the tip of his cock when he pushed it up between my tits.

I lifted my breasts from his cock and brought my lips to the swollen head licking then taking him into my mouth. I sucked hard swirling my tongue around his thick cock moving my lips slowly down and then up his shaft. Tasting the musky mixture of our love on his shaft. He was panting and groaning and thrusting his cock up at my mouth as I devoured his love wanting to taste his come wanting to make his morning as wonderful as he had made mine. I squeezed the base of his cock with my hand feeling the pressure building and sucking harder loosing my grip and feeling his seed surge up his cock and shoot in big thick globs into y mouth. I kept sucking until Daddy’s cock was soft and slipped from my mouth. I moved up beside him and we kissed And held each other until we both could wait no longer to go to the bathroom.

Chapter 2.

Its early morning, the sky is just beginning to lighten. Daddy lying beside me is breathing softly. I watch is chest moving rhythmically and know just how much I love this man. I wonder about our future, I wonder if he will be mad at me. I know today we will have to talk about our future.

I yawn, stretch and quietly get out of bed not wanting to wake my sleeping lover. Walking to the bathroom I pause in front of the mirrored closet doors, I smile as I glance at my reflection. My long hair falling freely over my full breasts my tummy firm, my hips womanly but not to big my bottom tight and firm. I look down at my inner thighs still damp and sticky with the remains of our love. I trace my finger over my thigh feeling a tingle radiate through my body. I bring my finger near my nose and smell the pungent odor of our love making, savoring the thought of how much of his potent seed is still within me. I showered and washed my hair and pulled on my soft fleece-jogging suit. I went into the kitchen put the coffee pot on, fixed myself two pieces of whole-wheat toast and sat at the kitchen counter watching the ocean sparkle in the early morning sunlight.

Daddy walks sleepily into the kitchen wearing only his white terry robe. His eyes are half closed. He smiles as he smells the coffee and I put a steaming cup in front of him and watch as he sips his coffee and slowly wakes up. No words are spoken just his hand closing gently over mine letting me know he wants and needs me with him. “Daddy, last summer you asked me to think about what I wanted for graduation and I have given it a lot of thought.” Daddy peers over the rim of his mug his eyes sparkling, “and? ” he asks. ” I decided what I really wanted about two months ago.”

“A car?”

“No,” I look into my cup hoping he can’t see the warm flush I feel creeping up my neck. “Well?” He asks. “Daddy, you know how much I love you.” His hands squeezes mine three times (our secret I Love You) code, letting me know that he loves me too. “Daddy,” I want to have your baby.” I look at him watching his reaction hoping it will not freak him out. I watch as he pushes his mug aside and reaches for my other hand. He takes both my hands in his squeezing them, tears forming in his eyes. “Are you really sure?”

“Yes” avcılar escort I whisper. “Daddy, I have never wanted anything more in all my life.” Knowing there was one thing I wanted more but couldn’t ask for. Daddy rises and pulls me up, holding me tightly pushing his body against mine I can feel his hardness pressing against my tummy. “If that’s what you really want. I will do the best I can to give it too you.”

“But” he pulled me to him. “I was thinking about something a little different.” Now it was my turn to look at him quizzically? I felt his hands slide up my back resting to rest on my shoulders. I looked into his eyes as he reached into the pocket of his robe and took out as small gray velvet box. He looked into my eyes, “Mary, being apart from you since last summer has been the loneliest four months in my life and it is my deepest hope that you will want to stay with me forever.” He opened the box; it held a ring, an engagement ring. My heart was in my throat. I had been dreaming of this moment never thinking it would become reality. ” OH Daddy, YES I Cried!!!” Watching he slipped the ring onto my left hand. I was trembling as his lips found mine kissing me so much passion and love. I broke our kiss gasping for breath taking his hand and pulling him back into our bedroom. “Love me daddy.” I told him pushing my pants down over my hips letting them fall to the floor as he pulled my top over my head. I pushed his robe off his shoulders pulling him down between my legs. Guiding his throbbing hardness to my entrance and felt him penetrate my fertile valley making me gasp with pleasure as his long thick hardness filled me. “I want you in me forever daddy.”

“Oh yes baby” He moaned pumping his manhood hard and deep into me. Cupping my tight ass in his big hands lifting my bottom up off the bed pulling our bodies tightly together. The head of his cock knocking at the entrance of my womb the thick white cream from my fertile body oozing out between his throbbing shaft and my stretched and clasping cunt lips. “Oh Yes, Yes, Yes” I cried my legs locking around his back. Pulling him even deeper into me as my body began to spasm and tremble with pleasure. I heard his moan “Yes Baby,” as his body stiffened his cock throbbed and his hot thick seed flooded my vagina. We lay there panting locked together not wanting to let go. He held me tightly rolling on to his side our bodies still joined together. I felt him kiss me lightly on my eyelids as I drifted off to sleep in his strong loving arms.

We made love off and on all that day and night. Both of us waking the next morning sore, totally satisfied and content. Over breakfast we began making plans on how we could begin our life and family together knowing there were many problems to be overcome.

“I ‘m going to tell mom I met a boy while I was here.”

“We can send Email back and forth telling each other how much we love each other,”

“I know mom snoops in my computer and she will see our letters change when I tell you I think I’m pregnant. I’m sure she will begin watching me and one day I will have to tell her I’m late.” She will be so happy to have something to bitch at me about and will really love it when she reads that my “boyfriend” has moved and is not telling me where.” I watch as you grin, “You do know your mother well.”

“I know she will gloat telling me how I have ruined my life.”

“Asking me where I will go when she kicks me out after graduation.”

“I don’t want you to worry about anything especially if you are having our baby.” He put his hand on my tummy rubbing gently as he said this. “Just remind your mom that my insurance will cover all your medical expenses.”

“That should calm her down a lot.”

“I have a plan for after graduation that will let us be together.”

“I have to work out all the details but I should have it all in place by then.”

We made love at least twice as day for the rest of my visit and by the end of January I knew I had gotten the Christmas present I had wanted. By the first of February mom was giving me the, “I know your secret” look just as I had expected. A couple of weeks later I broke down told her I had missed my last two periods and thought I was pregnant.

My private emails and telephone calls to dad were filled with little milestones of my pregnancy and words of love and support, but I also kept Dad informed of how Mom was carrying on. “What a drama queen.”

“You would have thought I was killing her for all of her moaning wailing, and “how could you do this to me” whining. Never once did she mention how having a baby would effect me, or ask about the baby’s father, or if I knew what I wanted to do. It was all her and how I wasn’t going to burden her with raising another child. Then she started on the bills and expenses. She only calmed down when I reminded her that I was covered by Dads health insurance.

I overheard her end of the şirinevler escort phone call she made to you Dad. It made me cry to hear her call me a slut, but my tears turned to tears of joy when she told you that you better be ready to take me back with you after graduation. I always knew she only wanted custody of me to hurt you Daddy but now I heard it from her own lips and it hurts so much. I never want to see the EVIL HATEFUL BITCH again.

I am so happy when you call and tell me everything will be all right that I can come back with you and you will help me with the baby after graduation. Mom is hovering in the background waiting to grab the phone and find out how soon you will come to get me. I wish you could bee with me now to see how full and heavy breasts have grown. There have been other changes but they are not so noticeable yet. I am having trouble getting to sleep at night I am so horny. I have t play with my self before I can get to sleep then I dream of cuddling next to you satisfied and content in your strong arms. I love and want you so bad Daddy hurry and take me away.

Graduation is in three days. You called and the Witch wouldn’t let you come over to see me. I hate her. She drops me at the mall to meet you. I am fearful you will not like me my tummy is beginning to get big now and I am in maternity clothes. I see you before you see me and almost want to hide. Then you turn your eyes light up you smile. You open your arms and I run to you. You hug me and lift me off my feet kissing me hard on the lips right there in the mall my big breasts mashed tightly against your chest. You put me down, and stand looking at me. “My God your so beautiful” You tell me. You lean down kissing me softly on the cheek and whispering, “Lets get out of here. I want you so bad.” I blush, but feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples swelling in anticipation. We go to a small motel not far form the mall not your hotel where we can’t afford to be seen together. When we are in the room I want to rape you but you tell me, “No baby I want to see all of you I want to see the big soft breasts I felt pressed against me and I want to see and touch your tummy and feel how much our love has grown in you.”

I slip off my top and pants and am standing before you in just my bra and panties, panties with a stretch panel in front to accommodate our growing baby and my expanding tummy. You come up behind me and unhook my bra. I moan softly with desire as your hands slide around replacing the cups lifting and gently holding my swollen breasts. The bra falls to the floor as you gently stroke my swollen nipples feeling the pre milk leak from their dark tips. “Oh God” I gasp as your lips close over my tit and you suck eagerly at my breast. I feel a wonderful sensation then looking down see you eyes open in surprise as my milk flows into your mouth. I hold you head to my breast as you suckle, your hands rolling my panties down over my swelling tummy and widening hips. Your hands caress my thighs and bottom moving slowly between my trembling legs. Your fingers caress my inner thigh finding my smooth freshly shaved mound and the puffy wet lips hiding my treasure. Your lips leave my breast your arms enfolding me lifting me carrying me to the bed where you lay me gently down. I watch as you remove your shirt and slacks they stretch your shorts to get them over your hard thick cock. I lift and spread my legs opening myself to your love. ” Oh yes daddy hurry its been so long I need you inside me so bad.”

“And I need you too baby.” as small sigh escaping from your lips as the head of your cock parts my engorged lips and begins to push into my wet vagina. “OOOOOoohhhhhhhhoooohhhhh.” I groan as you push slowly into me I wrap my legs around you and pull you to me your cock sinking deep into me your throbbing head again pushing against my cervix. We are both panting and grunting as our bodies slap wetly together both of us humping wildly racing up the mountain of our passion toward the explosion of pleasure we both need. I feel your back and legs stiffen and then feel the first hot thick jet of your love surge into me. Again and again your cock swells and throbs as your thick potent seed floods my inner most place. You are gasping for breath your hips still slowly pumping into me when my body explodes my pussy squeezing and milking your shaft as I am transported to another dimension where time is stretched and nothing matters but our being together.

We lay together quietly talking about our future or baby and our plans. You ask me if I will marry you. I begin to cry wanting you as my husband more than anything. “How?” I ask. You reach down finding your pants in the pile of clothes on the floor and pull out your wallet opening it and showing me your drivers license. I look the picture is you but the name is Paul McDonald. I look at you. “I legally changed my name.”

“And I have a birth certificate and passport in that name too.”

“After the name change getting everything was easy, just filling out and sending in forms with copies of the court order.”

“The birth certificate is for another Paul McDonald who I found in the bureau of vital statistics when I was visiting Chicago. I just sent them a request for a copy along with a check, and it came in the mail a few weeks later.”

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