A Moment in Time

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The sound of my BMW Z4 engine soared momentarily as I downshifted and approached my driveway.

I had finally made the big purchase and bought my own home. I really couldn’t believe it! Not just any home, it was a lakefront home with a two-acre lot. Computers were my business and it made me a lot of money.

I entered the work force in a dream job, part-time, even before I graduated college. I had arranged my first vacation to coincide with the purchase of this house so I could enjoy setting it up. I knew I would need a hand in decorating. A feminine touch. There was no shortage of ideas from the women co-workers.

My lot was long and narrow compared to the other homes and cottages. Each one had it’s own unique character. This was not a prefab neighborhood. My house had a two story 3 bedrooms. I had shrubs growing on the left side of the driveway and on the right a landscaped beautiful stone walkway through a winding garden leading up to the elevated porch that spanned the entire width of the home.

I parked out back behind the house, like most people did here. Looking across the groomed lawns I saw my neighbor washing her car. She was wearing tight cut off frayed jeans and a small yellow bikini top. I had not yet met her.

She was a brunette with long straight hair. She had a very slim build and it seemed she was my age.

I assume she still lived with her parents because there were several cars in the driveway and could see an older woman through the large kitchen window working.

Looking back to the brunette, I waved to her and smiled and shouted, “I see you have your hands full. Come on over sometime when you have time”. She replied, “Yes, that would be great. Her eyes shown bright as I felt her gaze checking me out from head to toe. I was glad for the expensive monkey suit now. Not so much when they offered me the job and laid out the dress code.

“Maybe a swim if you’re up to it?”

My hobby was freestyle swimming ever since high school; maybe she was a kindred aqua naught like me.

Weeks went by and I hadn’t seen her. I figured she had a boyfriend or something and was just being nice. Then I started to notice her car in the driveway very late just before I went to bed. I hoped it was a case that our schedules where just opposite and we would eventually meet.

As usual I came home and her car was not in the driveway. I developed a routine of going for a swim just after getting home. It was mid summer and it was very hot, even in the late afternoon.

I walked past some cedar trees on the way down to the lake and I gazed into the distance and saw her sitting there on my dock. Sitting with her legs crossed and bare feet on the edge of the dock she leaned forward to resume swirling her fingers over the edge in the water. As I approached our eyes met again. She smiled briefly then tried to contain it. When my feet touched the edge of the dock I kicked off my loafers and asked, “How are you”?

She replied, “Better now”. “My mom says you could set a watch by you. I work at the hospital so I keep missing my chance to meet you”.

I said “I figured you were out at your boyfriends every night”. I pulled off my socks and tossed them on the grass. Man it felt so good to stretch out my toes and feel the warmth of the wooden planks along the dock.

“No, last boyfriend took off to be a rock star or something. That was istanbul escort just out of highschool. Guess I am kinda married to my job. She giggled half-heartedly.

Man she was gorgeous! A slim narrow face with big brown eyes, delicate hands and feet and a small fetish of mine is small ears.

Walking past her I saw she was wearing some baggy very worn jeans with a pink halter-top. Her jeans were so loose they pulled away from her back as she bent forward and swirled her fingers in the water some more.

I could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear, I could see the top half her bum and where her bikini had left a tan line. Rolling up my long pants I sat next to her and put my feet into the water.

I concluded she had been over weight at one point and dropped in size.

When I was just about to say something she pulled her hand out of the water, seemingly accidentally, splashing some water on mine. Our hands touched and instinctively I reached for hers. At first looking very surprised and then gripping mine she broke out into a full beautiful smile.

She tossed her hair back and the halter-top pulled tighter and I could see the outline of her small reddish-brown nipples in the strong sunlight. Her long brown hair moved past her shoulders as the wind seemed to dance with it. Her jeans played with my mind with each new breath she took, opening and closing around her stomach while revealing a toned stomach and an insy belly button.

Swallowing hard I said, “Like to go for a swim”?

She replied, “Sure, I would love to. I am pretty good at it now, I must admit a bit competitive”.

“That makes two of us then”.

As we both stood up I told her, “You can change in the boathouse here if you like”.

She grabbed her knapsack and said, “Great I’ll be back in a few minutes”, she taunted in a lighthearted voice.

After a few minutes she came out walking a little more softly, slowly and seductively toward the water. I was surprised at the suits she wore. It was a light blue 2-piece bikini. The top had no straps around the neck, which covered her very perky B sized breasts. The bottoms had no fabric to the sides at all. A thin tie on each side only held them together and out front it plunged from underneath her navel downward along her pubic bone cradling her vulvae creating a V shape. The back left the meat of her bum exposed and didn’t even come close to covering her old tan lines.

I had to look away for a moment to compose myself. I could feel a flood of warmth down below, instantly feeling self-conscious about myself.

She asked with a huge smile, “How do I look”?

I said maybe a little to fast, “Amazing”.

As she took her spot on the dock she slid her hands over her hips and along her inner thighs, slowly knelt down moving her near bare tear drop shaped ass closer to the edge of the dock, then dangling her toes just above the waters edge and holding her knees. She knew I was entranced by her body and taunted me further by laughing just hard enough to keep her breasts jiggling.

“That’s a great answer by the way. It’s your turn now”!

I pulled the boathouse door with just enough force to leave it slightly open. I could sense her eyes straining to see into the dark wooden boathouse.

I pulled off my polo shirt and laid it on the boat, avcılar escort stepped out of the stream of sunlight into the darkness and then dropped my pants quickly placing them beside my shirt in the light.

I chose a pair of tight red short shorts carefully placing them in the direct sunlight streaming in the slightly ajar door.

With my back to the open door I pulled off my boxers and instantly felt the heightened exhilarated warmth of the sunlight caress my skin. I wanted to turn to see if she was watching but resisted. I lifted my leg into the shorts carefully, making sure to flex my butt as I balanced on one foot, then the other. Then I pulled the waistband slowly up to the bottom of my small butt and stopped. I positioned my penis to the right side making the shaft and head more noticeable and distinctive from my scrotum, and then reached around pulling the fabric over my very tight white butt. I grabbed a few towels in one hand as I pushed the door open with the other.

Her look said it all.

She was watching. Looking like she had done something very wrong and visually I could see her breathing quicken and deeper.

I broke the tension by saying, “Last one in is a”, then plunged into the water beside her.

Her body was soaked and luckily she was still smiling.

The water was just above my ribs and I held out my arms to see if she wanted help in. She gazed at my chest muscles and lowered her eyes into the water.

To my surprise she jumped into my arms sliding down my skin and came to rest tight up against me.

Her hip pressed against my growing groin then in an instant she buckled her knees and grabbed my shoulders sending my under the water.

I could feel her hand on my head as she tried to keep me there. I grasped for her feet, finding her calves and pulled forward. I stood up and she was now the one in trouble.

I swam a few body lengths away and stopped, pausing then searching for her head to surface. Just as I started to wonder if she was going to come up I felt a hand just under the cuff of my shorts and then another on my lower back as she pulled herself up.

Laughing she exclaimed “Truce”.

Her body was heaving for the next breath of air and her chest rising and falling against my arm, I said, “OK”, unsure of what just happened.

An awkward moment hung in the air. With a devilish grin she said, “Let’s see those buns again” and pulled hard on my shorts.

I felt the swirl of water and fabric unleash my penis, now floating in the waves. She looked back on her work of art in her hands, then trying to see through the watery mirror.

I cupped my quickly enlarging penis and dove under the water. She knew I was after her and my swimsuit and she started to swim out deeper. I was a stronger swimmer and caught her just as the depth reached our chin level. I reached out and grabbed her leg, then hip to prevent her from going deeper and to get to her other hand holding my swimsuit.

Her body was smooth and soft and my hand kneaded flesh as it progressed up her sides. As I pulled along her squirming body from side to side and slid my hand up to her ribs, my finger had caught the loop of her bikini bottoms. She squealed in surprise while she pushed away as her strings peeled off her thighs.

My penis at full length was starting to think for me as I şirinevler escort snapped up her bottoms now floating on the surface. I tossed them as far as I could toward the shoreline and went after her. Not for the shorts any more but for her. My eyes told the story as I slowly dove under the water and headed straight to her. I grabbed her toes as she pushed off the bottom of the lake to get away.

For a moment she paused in her kicking giving me a chance to advance up her thigh. My grip was strong and my heart pumping furiouly in excitment. I felt her leg twist and pull inward while trying to tread water, knowing then she was caught.

Wrapping my arm around her waist I pulled her tight, then we were face to face. Gasping for air and in a full belly laugh we were pressed together with only one thing to do.

Now nude and both very aroused we kissed. It was hard and passionate and I could feel her hands on my ass pulling our torsos closer. Our mouths open wide and probing each other I felt her body smash up against my hardened cock and wiggled in position. I felt a hand run over my shaft and off the end of my circumcised penis. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled hard on my back muscles. My hands where groping for a good hold around her bum. Her hands reached around and undid her bra, letting it drift with the waves separating it from her breasts.

Then we both felt it find its home.

Between her vagina lips my penis slid back and forth. She was very wet and slippery, and with a quick arch of her hips I could feel me in slow motion pass over her soft swollen lips and drive deeper inside.

The water provided us to move freely back and forth in an almost a kind of suspended animation. My heart pounded and the waters coolness invigorated my body. I now inside, found enveloping warmth. Her chest started to glow red, her nipples seemed rock hard. Widened pupils staring back at me, begging for more.

I felt her inside muscles contract and relax as our rhythm increased. While sucking on her neck and licking her nipples then pulling her into me to feel her breasts smash against my chest, her legs pulled tight around me. I struggled a bit to keep standing. Her head dropped backward and let out a moan cycling her lungs hard and fast.

Her legs started to unfold and I pushed deep inside hoping to cum. Then as if she knew exactly what to do she reached down and massaged my balls holding them firmly in her hand. Within seconds I felt the hard rush of fluid leave my body and by her facial reaction I could almost see it enter her.

We both completely stopped and gently floated in the waves in each other’s arms. Our heads rested on each other’s shoulders.

I broke the silence and said, “I didn’t see that coming”.

She replied with a smirk, “You should have”.

We separated slowly.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing nude on the dock, caressing and spreading suntan lotion over our limp content bodies.

We fell asleep for what seemed a few moments.

I awoke to Kim’s voice, “Remember these?

I struggled for a moment to adjust to the sun in my eyes and beautiful women in a bikini looking into my eyes with her breasts dangling in front of while leaning over me. I could feel the wood at my fingertips, but I was sitting up in an Adirondack chair.

A pair of red shorts waved like a small flag from her fingertips

I lifted my hand and found a cup of coffee. I had fallen asleep on the dock. I had been dreaming about that wonderful day again.

It was 10 years later, she was holding my shorts in her hand and asked if I wanted to go for a swim.


Let me know what you thought of this story.

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