A Man , Woman Together

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Big Tits

Infatuation, Golf, Dinner and Love ( a man’s perspective)

We’d had our first date and it was fun. It was nothing special to you, but exciting for me. We’d had dinner at a pleasant little place, and the food was good. Afterward we played Miniature Golf and you won three games — limited only because we’d only played three games.

Since you agreed to go out with me, I’d been on edge about my appearance and personality. Your smile could put anyone at ease, except I was afraid that you’d only agreed out of charity. I work in the same building, but my job is vastly different. You’re an executive secretary, while I’m an engineer.

I remember the first time I saw you dressed in dark skirt and blouse. I watched you from a filing cabinet, and it was weeks before you smiled at me. I’ve always been afraid of management, but I constantly have to interface with them. As the boss’ secretary, I had to report to you whenever she called a meeting. I wanted to talk with you every time she called me, but it seemed that when I arrived at your desk, she would come right out and usher me into her office.

Another few weeks passed before I’d assembled the nerve to ask you out. I stumbled up to your desk and mumbled something and then before I knew it you’d said yes. It was a few minutes later that my mind caught up with my ass. I called you and asked where and what time to meet, and you said that we could leave from work.

As we drove away that afternoon, you indicated that you wanted to freshen up before we got any further and asked where I lived. When we got to my place, I showed you around and tried to hide how unkempt I really was. I hurried ahead and started by taking dishes to the sink, picking stuff up in the living room, and then quickly straightening the bathroom.

You excused yourself and I could here the shower running. I couldn’t believe that you were less than twenty feet through a wall from me, and taking a shower. I heard the water turned off and a few minutes later you came into the living room looking radiant. I’m afraid that I stared.

When you’d finished, I too ran in quickly and followed your shower with one of my own. I’d just showered that morning, but I didn’t care. I finished quickly and jumped into a pair of Dockers and a sport shirt.

As I returned to the living room, you were looking through the television listings and pointed to a movie that you wanted to see. You said that it was on cable, and asked if I had cable. When I said yes, you asked if you could see it when it came on later tonight. What was I going to say? I still had the largest arousal of my life after the scent you’d left in my shower. Of course I said yes. You gave me a soft warm kiss on my cheek, and my balls contracted.

I could feel my cock against my briefs and pants and was hoping that it wasn’t obvious and wouldn’t offend you. Every time I moved, I could feel it against my leg, as I tried to think of something else. In the shower I’d tried to cool down by using cold water. It was no use. I grabbed it and tried to relieve myself by masturbating, but I couldn’t climax that quickly and in the shower. It may have been the stress, but I gave up and finished my shower.

The Dockers were loose fitting and I hoped they would cover up my condition. As we left my place and walked out to the car, you took my arm and moved closer as we walked. Holding me that way, you caused a throbbing in my cock. I opened the door for you and as you were seated, your skirt got raised by the edge of the seat belt. I was afraid that I might climax right there.

After I got in and started the car, you moved over next to me, and said something that caused me to turn toward you. You looked me straight in the eye, smiled and put your hand on my knee. I jumped a little from the contact and you smiled again. You informed me that you wouldn’t bite. Your blouse was made of some kind of soft, filmy material that draped and couldn’t support its own weight. You’d left the top three buttons unfastened and you must have been wearing a strapless bra that provided an unobstructed view from the angle I was looking. My body was keenly aware of the cleavage visible as your breasts stretched the blouse.

Now, my cock felt alive and ready to fracture from the pressure within. Your touch, your smile, your eyes, and your breasts were nearly too much for a horny man. I felt my briefs shift a bit as I squirmed in my seat and turned back to the steering wheel. The shift in my briefs coupled with the pressure from my burgeoning hard-on must have opened the access port in the briefs and my cock took full advantage of the exit route. My cock was now pressing firmly against the front zipper in the Dockers and causing their looseness to extend and form a solid rise in my trousers.

You either didn’t see in the darkness of the car, or you ignored my condition. When I asked you what you’d like to do, you’d suggested the miniature golf place. As I got out of the car, anadolu yakası escort I stood facing away from you and the car. I reached down the front of my pants and tried to push my cock back in through the hole. My cock was too happy where it was and wasn’t going back that easily. I heard you ask if I was okay, and I told you that I had to tuck in my shirt. I unbuttoned, unzipped and forced my cock back into its proper place.

Fortunately, I just got it back and started to tuck my shirt when you came around the car. You smiled and asked if I needed any help, and believe me that didn’t help. I could feel my cock straining even harder against those briefs. As I fastened and zipped the pants, you came up and took my arm and we walked over to play golf.

After golf, my cock had settled somewhat and as we got back to the car, you walked with me to the driver’s side, sat down and scooted over to let me in. We were sitting even closer than before, your hand was back on my knee and my cock took charge again. This time I could feel it all the way up into my stomach, and around into my ass. I was afraid to move my knees for fear of a repeat of earlier events.

When we got to the restaurant, I swung both knees together, and then around and out the door. I sat for a moment hoping to feel an easing of the pressure. You put your hand on my shoulder and leaned forward to ask if I was okay. I felt your breast pushing into one arm and my back. I was not alright. I mean I was, but I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do about it. It had been hours of pleasant, continuous hard-on and was wreaking havoc with my balls.

Somehow, I managed to walk you to and into the restaurant. After dinner, and before dessert, you excused yourself to powder your nose. After you left, I try to slink down low enough in the seat to open my zipper and put my cock back again. I pulled up the tablecloth to cover myself as it slipped out and actually hit the edge of the table. After a moment I remembered a trick used by nurses, and so I caught my middle finger nail against my thumb, tightened them and snapped the finger against my cock. It hurt, but had only slight effect. I readied myself again and this time I really let it snap.

My cock relaxed and somehow I managed to get it back into my briefs and fasten my trousers. I’d finished just as you came back. As you bent over, sat down and scooted close to me on the soft cushioned seat, I saw your breasts again, more than before. It seemed that I could actually see the roundness of an areole on each breast as you leaned toward me. Again, cock panic took over, and you kissed me.

It was a slow walk to the car and drive to my place. We arrived about thirty minutes before the movie was to start. I turned on the television and asked you to use my place as your home. I offered you some refreshments, but all I really had was a six-pack of diet coke, some bread and condiments, and some candy, a half-emptied can of Cool Whip, ice cubes and a basket of fresh strawberries in the refrigerator. I was astonished when you asked if I had any diet coke. I got some ice, two clean glasses and two cans of coke and returned. You asked me to sit next to you and I did. You moved closer and took my arm and put it over your shoulder and then placed your hands in your lap. You twisted your head and raised your face toward mine, and I kissed you.

You’d turned on the TV and the movie was about to start. I’d expected a ‘chick flick’ but it turned out to be a rather elaborate story involving a lot of on-screen sex. During the first ‘sex’ I felt the warmth of your hand again on my knee. As the drama developed your hand moved to my thigh and you were gripping it. After a few more scenes, your hand moved to my cock and held it. The magic of that sensation is impossible to describe. It was warm, firm and passing a body filling sensation to me through my cock.

I was afraid to move. When the scene ended you turned, smiled and looked at me. Suddenly, you realized where your hand was and jerked it away. Red-faced you apologized to me. I tried to explain that it was alright and I didn’t mind. Then you turned and asked if I really didn’t mind. After that, you carefully replaced your hand, squeezed me slightly and kissed me. I tasted your sweetness and felt the yearning in my stomach and my cock.

The movie continued, and as another sex scene started, you repositioned yourself a few feet away on the sofa, and asked me to lie down and put my head on your lap while we watched. Stunned but willing, I lay down and could feel more of your warmth, and your breasts slightly overhung my face obscuring much of the view that I’d had of your face. You bent over to kiss me again and your breasts touched and slid down the side of my face as your lips touched mine.

My cock came alive, singing, stretching, swelling, and yearning for you and freedom. Your kiss was everything that I’d dreamed ataşehir escort of, but more. You moved your hand down, rubbed me, and then used one hand to unzip my fly. The object of my dreams, day and night, was kissing and fondling me. My mind buzzed, my cock took its own freedom and had escaped through that slit in the briefs again. It sprung out when you tried to reach inside.

You giggled, and then told me that you’d watched me all night as I’d tried to control it. You told me that you’d wanted to arouse me that way, and had wondered if you should have helped me. You also told me that you’d seen me the first day I came into the office and wanted to know me. Was that in the Biblical sense? I didn’t ask you.

I could feel the bare touch of your hand and fingers as they closed around me. You squeezed me several times and repositioned your hand. Now, with the bare skin of your hand around my cock, and the warmth and softness of it in contact with me, you turned to watch the movie. Alert and wanting, I turned too. When a man’s stiffness is fondled by the passion of his dreams, what does he do? Certainly he doesn’t say no.

As the sex increased on screen, you relaxed your grip on me and moved your fingers to the head of my cock and used them to circle it. The sensation was incredible. I was in a cold sweat and wanting to move, to thrust, to grab your hands or head and totally involve myself in you. You moved again and caught my head between all four fingers and your thumb, the way you might pick up an egg. Slowly, barely touching, you began to stroke me up and down, occasionally stroking far enough for your palm to touch me. Each stroke felt like I might be bottoming out in a perfectly sized pussy.

I had to bite my lip, squeeze the cushion on the sofa, and close my eyes and concentrate to keep from instantaneous climax. My breathing was hard and slow. I couldn’t sit still, and squirmed in my seat. You didn’t notice, and kept stroking. Finally, I had to put my hand on top of yours, push it down against me and stop you from stroking. It took me several minutes before I felt that I might be able to let you move your hand. My groin, my balls, and my butt were all clenched hard the entire time.

Finally, I had an idea. I rolled over quickly and buried my head in your lap again, but this time it was face first. I inhaled deeply, and could smell your sweetness so near to me. Again quickly, I raised my head and your skirt and then replaced my head. I was instantly aware that my face was touching bare skin. You had removed your bikini panties and I found out a few moments later, your bra too, while I was in the kitchen getting the cokes.

Your smell was enticing, alluring and so perfect that I buried my face, burrowing in as far as I could. As I became more intoxicated with your scent, my lips began to kiss and my tongue came out to explore and sample. My hands went to your hips and then around them to draw you even closer.

My cock was still rigid, my balls dreaming, my loins still aching and my heart pounding as I continued. My arousal was greater than I’d ever experienced. My cock was buried hard into the cushions beneath me and I realized slowly, that I’d found everything I wanted, every dream had come true and you were here with me. My yearning was intense, but slightly mollified by the concentration on what I was doing with my face and mouth.

Your thighs were together and then slowly started widening as I fondled you. You let out a small moan and then started calling my name and trying to push your skirt between us. As your voice got louder and more urgent, I raised my head and instantly the skirt was back beneath my head. I looked up.

Your eyes were closed and you were breathing rapidly. Your breasts were rising and falling very fast, and I became concerned that somehow I’d hurt you. I started to apologize but you put your hand across my lips and took a deep breath. Your hands went to your lap and applied firm pressure there.

When you’d relaxed a little, you put both hands under my head and helped raise me to a sitting position. When I was up, you stood and asked if you could get some things out of the refrigerator. I said yes, and told you that there wasn’t much in it. You asked if you found anything at all, could you bring it in. My answer was sure, but I couldn’t imagine what it might be.

You went to the kitchen, and my cock was still waving in the breeze. I looked down at it and then slowly, and reluctantly, I stuffed it back into my pants. Meanwhile, I could hear you doing something in the kitchen. Soon, you returned carrying the box of candy, some sliced strawberries in one dish, broken bread and crushed strawberries in another dish, a glass of ice cubes, some spoons and the can of Cool Whip.

You told me that you were disappointed that I’d put ‘him’ away, and told me that you would take care of that. The old cock was soaring again as you unzipped, grasped ümraniye escort and pulled it back out. Now, carefully you removed all of your clothing, folded it and placed it on the table. I’ve only watched a few women get undressed and it thrilled me and I could feel it as the muscles in my stomach, crotch and ass tightened all over again. I felt myself involuntarily squeeze those muscles that cause my cock to be under partial muscle control, you noticed it and smiled. You talked to it, kissed it on the head and told it to be patient.

How does a man’s cock remain patient with his dream girl naked in front of him? You lay back on the sofa, picked up the dish of strawberry slices and carefully formed a ring around each of your tits. Next, you connected the rings with a line of slices and laid a row across your tummy to your pussy. You used the cool Whip to form a cap on each nipple and at your pussy, placed another strawberry slice on each cap of whipped cream, and then picked up a chocolate covered cherry. You cracked the chocolate between your teeth and then inserted the entire cordial into your pussy. You shivered with the cold as the cordial was inserted. It would take only moments to warm the cordial and for the creamy center and chocolate to melt and spread.

Now, you looked at me, smiled and said “Snack Time!” I’d never been so turned on. My stomach and crotch tingled, clenched and burned for you. As I moved between your legs and bent over a breast, you reached down and grasped my cock and started squeezing me in time with a rhythm in your head. As I took the first slice of strawberry, you began humming, and I brought my mouth to yours and gave it to you. You smiled up at me and continued to hum as you ate.

I served every other slice to you that way, and when I came to the whipped cream I ate most of that myself. I had never tasted anything so sweet and erotic before. I did take a few tonguesful and served whipped cream to top off your strawberries. I slowly ate my way over to your other tit and around it until I came to the cream and nipple again. You took the cream and my tongue into your mouth with each serving. This time I nibbled lightly and drew the nipple into my mouth. Continually, you were squeezing and releasing my cock and never stroked it.

As I continued our snack, following the trail to your pussy and cleaning all the way, I paused to truly enjoy where I was and what I was doing. You’d had to release me as I moved away from your breasts, because your arms were not long enough, but you moved them to my head and as I tasted the cream above your pussy, you pushed my head down into it. As I came back up and transferred some of the cream to your eagerly waiting mouth, you cleaned my face with your tongue and kissed me deep and hard. My cock was unbelievably hard and I could feel my need for you and the aching in my balls for more of you.

I returned where I’d left off and moved my face to that warm sweet mound and sampled the sweetness of you mingled with the strawberries and cream. I caressed your lips with my tongue, and gently spread them with my fingers. I moved to your sensitive clit and circled it slowly with my tongue and then took it into my mouth and sucked while my tongue dined on it. Those muscles controlling my cock were clenching again.

After a few moments, and still hearing you humming, feeling your hips pushing into me and your hands forcing me closer, I entered your pussy further with my mouth and tongue. I went after that chocolate covered cherry, but it had warmed and broken apart from the heat. I brought my hands up to your clit as I worked. My cock was screaming to enter you. My stomach and loins were burning for you. I ached, and it was a good ache. All of it as I worked.

I managed to get one small piece, paused and brought the melted chocolate to your lips. You opened your mouth and hungrily devoured it. Your hand reached again for my cock, but as your fingers found it, I descended again to my main course. Again I probed. The chocolate was further melted, but I licked it and the sweet filling mixed with your juices into my starving mouth. My cock was straining, and I could feel it into the pit of my stomach.

Finally, I reached with my tongue as deeply as I could and felt your muscles contract and the cherry was delivered to me. I left my fingers playing and caressing your clit as I brought the cherry to your lips. You took it, bit it into two pieces and gave me back one half in a smooth transfer of your tongue. We repeated the game until we’d consumed the entire box (actually I felt that I was consuming your box, but…). It was the sweetest desert that I’d ever enjoyed. Your arms were around my neck pulling me to you, and then you lowered one to my aching cock and began to stroke it feverishly. I couldn’t help myself as I moved in your hand.

I had to stop you after a moment. I didn’t want to spill my seed in your hand. I descended again and cleaned you the best I could, and then as I started back up, you again found my cock and strained to pull it to your warm, sweet pussy. With a nearly violent effort of your hips raised to me, you forced it up to touch me. There was a strength in your hand as it pushed me, and then a firm contact as my head parted your lips and started in.

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