A Love Story

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Justin and Julies’ dad might as well have gone back home after his year out in the world learning the ways of the devil. While he’d not returned to his loving but severe Amish family, he kept most of the old values, if not the old ways. He announced – frequently – that while he’d been seduced away from simplicity, he’d at least adhered to moderation. He expected nothing less from his beloved twins.

Others might have viewed their childhood environment as a luxurious prison, but for the J’s, as Dad called them when he was in a jovial mood, it was all good. They were home schooled by devout, but brilliant tutors. They were allowed two hours each day of supervised television. While they could tear down and re-build their computers, even even write basic code, their internet access was rigidly controlled. They read voraciously from a huge, carefully screened, but broad-scoped library. Though their mother – whom Julie had been named after – had died while birthing them – their father was often affectionate and they felt loved. Their seclusion on the five hundred acre farm ensured that they had no playmates – but, since they had each other, they didn’t miss even that.

From their twelfth birthday on, they’d known that when they turned eighteen they would leave their beautiful sanctuary for college. They often talked about it, wondered what it would be like, what adventures they would have. But, as the time neared, they experienced as much anxiety as excitement. James had seen to that, too. By the time the Day arrived, he was satisfied that they’d be alert for the countless moral pitfalls sure to line their path.

He was wrong. Terribly wrong.

Julie flopped onto the sofa beside her brother. The Boston winter was bitterly cold, and it was pitch dark at seven o’clock. The used TV they’d picked up last week flickered vividly in the dimly lit room. “Whatcha watching?”

Justin made room for her under the quilt and threw an arm over her shoulder as she snuggled in. “A show called ‘Springer’ or something. Really bizarre. I can’t believe how perverted some people are.”

“That sounds awful judgmental, J,” she chided gently.

“Yeah, well, I don’t know what else to call it.” He hit the pause button, still marveling a bit at the cable/DVD setup. He pointed toward the frozen screen with the remote. “This guy lost his job putting Dodge vans together last year. His wife was a stay-at-home mom. They ended up putting her to work with what they call an escort agency.”

“What’s that?”

“She a prostitute now. Makes two or three times as much money as her husband did.”

Julie sat upright. “She sleeps with other men for money!”

“I don’t think she sleeps much,” he said wryly.

She frowned. “That’s so wrong!”

“Now who’s being judgmental, J?”

“Well,” she sulked, “maybe we just don’t understand their story well enough. Can you rewind it to the beginning?”

“Come on!” Julie yelled. “It’s time!”

Justin emerged from the kitchen with sodas and popcorn just as the theme music started. They never missed ‘Springer.’ Today’s show was bound to be epic; a guy was going to tell his best friend since they were kids that he was gay and in love with him. They watched the drama, enthralled, as the straight friend called his now ex-friend every kind of dirty word he could think of.

Julie clicked off the tube and remained cuddled against her brother. “He was kind of cute.”

“Which one?”

“Both, I guess, but the fag was really hot, don’t you think?”

Justin squirmed slightly. “I don’t know. I guess, maybe.” His voice dropped to nearly a whisper, the way it always did when he shared a secret with her. “There’s this guy in my chem class who looks a little like him. He wears lip gloss and a little eye makeup sometimes.”

“That’s hot,” she whispered back, her breath warm in his ear. “Do you ever think about . . . you know.”

“Gross!” he said, with less emphasis than he’d intended. He was suddenly aware of the side of her breast pressing against his ribs.

“I have,” she confided shyly. “Thought about it, I mean.”

His eyes widened. “About me and another guy?”

She punched his leg playfully. “No, weirdo! About me and a guy. Doing, uh, oral.” She left her hand on his thigh. “But watching you do it would be sexy, too.”

He licked his lips, tried to put some banter into his voice. “Maybe we could share.”

He felt her tremble. “Yeah. Like that’d ever happen.” She glanced up at him. “But you’d look even better wearing makeup than that guy on TV did.”

He looked down at her to see if she was kidding. All he saw was her wide green eyes and parted moist lips. He felt his neck bending, his lips parting, and the sudden warmth of her mouth on his. They both moaned softly into one another.

“Wow,” they said in unison, before breaking into nervous laughter and unconsciously putting a little distance between themselves on the couch.

“Maybe we should stop watching this crap,” he rallied.

“Yeah, we probably should.”

But they didn’t.

Christmas bakırköy escort break was horrible. The family farm outside Hannibal had lost all its glitter. The two weeks of their visit with their dad and relatives felt like years. They managed to cover their restlessness and boredom, convincing one and all that they were the same, that they hadn’t changed at all.

“I feel like a total hypocrite,” Julie admitted, squeezing her favorite old teddy bear tight.

Justin, laying crosswise across the bottom of her twin bed, nodded. “Guilt sucks. Weird, though. It’s not like we’ve done anything bad. Have we? I mean, watch a little TV, surf a little porn. Is that really so wrong?”

“We got straight A’s our very first semester away from home,” she added. “Besides, we don’t do that stuff anywhere near as much as anybody else. But,” she said, tickling his ribs with her toes, “it was really nasty of you to kiss me that time.”

He grabbed her foot and tickled her back. “Yeah, I could tell how much you hated it. It wasn’t like I tried to give you tongue or anything.”

She jerked her foot away. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“‘Dare?'” he teased. “Did I hear you say ‘dare?'”

“At least there’s nothing wrong with your hearing,” she taunted. “You wouldn’t -“

Before she could move, he’d pinned her to the bed. His body pressed her into the mattress. She couldn’t speak as he lowered his face toward her. As his lips met hers, her arms, of their own volition, snaked around his neck and pulled him closer. Her mouth opened even before his did. Her moan was close to a growl.

“Whiskey?” she marveled. “Where in the world did you get that?”

It was a warm, humid April day. The windows were open, letting in the unseasonal southerly breeze. The sound of children on a playground came with it, and a few robins celebrating the possibility of worms. The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms.

“From a guy in class. He says it’s the good stuff.”

“The cute queer?”

Justin flushed. “His name’s Enrico, and I don’t think he’s queer. He’s got a girlfriend.”

“Oooohh, Enrico, you’ve broken my sweet little brother’s heart.”

“Will you stop?” he laughed, breaking the seal on the bottle. “Want to get drunk?”

She eyed the pint bottle skeptically. “I dunno. There’s not very much.”

There was plenty, as it turned out. The two teens, virgins with alcohol as with everything else, were tipsy before their second drink was done.

“Let’s watch some porn,” Julie slurred, heading for the computer.

Justin was having a tiny bit of difficulty speaking, too. “What kind?”

“Who cares? I’m horny. I wanna watch somebody getting fucked.”

“‘Fucked?’ My what a dirty mouth you’ve got little sister. How about some tranny shit?”

“Yeah. That site with the hot slut who turned her boyfriend out.”

“Get outta the chair, damn it. It’s my turn.”

“Justin,” she whined. “I can’t see from the floor.”

“Then sit in my lap.”

“Alright, I will! Am I too heavy?”

“You’re a featherweight. But I can’t reach the keyboard.”

“I can. Look, there’s a new set of pics up. Oh, God, J, check out her outfit!”

“Quit squirming around. Yeah, that’s hot. A corset – and he’s wearing one, too.”

“Shit, check out their makeup. They look like such total sluts. What’s she doing to him?”

“Fucking him with a strap-on.”

“He really likes that!” She groaned. “Shit, it’s in her pussy, too! I wonder what that feels like?”

“Sit still, J. I can’t see.”

“Oh, little brother, are you getting all hot and bothered? Your thingy’s pushing against my butt.”

“Can you blame me? I bet you’re getting all wet, aren’t you?”

“I can’t help it.” She leaned back against him, breathing heavily, gently rolling her hips. “Is this what getting drunk feels like? Which one would you like to fuck?”

He couldn’t help but thrust against her. “Either. Both.”

“Umm. Me, too. What’s it called when you do more than one at a time?”

“Double something. Double penetration.”

Her hands drifted to her chest, began squeezing. “I feel crazy, J. So damned horny. I need to touch myself. Is that okay?”

Her hair smelled fresh and clean, but he caught the faintest whiff of musk from somewhere. His hands went to her hips and helped her slide back and forth. “Are you wet?”

“Gushing. My nipples are so hard they ache.” She grabbed his wrists. “Here. Feel them.”

They felt like pencil erasers inside her bra. As he squeezed them, she arched off him and wailed softly. “I’m gonna cum, J! Please, pinch my tits and make me cum!”

As he did, she turned her head and attacked his mouth with her lips. “Gonna cum. Cum so good,” she panted into his mouth.

“Fucking little slut,” he whispered back. “Nasty little whore.”

“Yes!” she screamed as the tide took her away. Far, far away. She felt the throbbing from his groin as she frantically rubbed herself against him.

“So,” Julie said, worming onto Justin’s lap and beşiktaş escort playing with his lengthening hair, “did you get it?”

“Yeah. He gave me some papers, too.”

“I think he’s got the hots for you. Did he flirt some more?”

“Well, kinda, I guess. He stood real close and his girlfriend was right there. I think he was wearing perfume today. And he bleached his hair almost white.”

“Blondes have more fun. Maybe we should try it.”

“Lucy’s hair is purple, and I think her nipples are pierced.”

Julie wiggled her tush. “You’re getting hard again.”

He laughed. “With your tight little ass pushing against it, how could it do anything else?”

“Am I sexier than they are?”

“Humm. Not sure.”

She slapped his shoulder and pouted teasingly. “Bastard.”


“So let’s get stoned. I wanna see what it’s like. Then, I’ll show you what I got today. You’ll fucking freak.”

After their first few gagging tries, they decided marijuana was even better than whiskey. Less raw, more sensual. Sharing a joint was intimate, especially when Julie took a deep hit and exhaled, via lip lock, straight into Justin’s mouth.

“We’re wicked. You know that, don’t you?” he murmured.

“Umm,” she purred. “Who knew wicked was so wonderful. Oh! Speaking of wicked!” She leapt off the sofa and headed for her bedroom.

“Where you going?”

“Roll another joint and mix us a drink. I’ll be right back.”

Justin had enough time to do both, and fifteen minutes more. “Hey,” he called, “what’s taking so long?”

“Close your eyes,” she yelled.

Dutifully, he obeyed. He heard her tiptoeing across the old carpet.

“Okay, little brother. Gaze upon wickedness.”

He was speechless. His sweet little sister didn’t look sweet anymore. “Holy shit,” he managed to whisper, somewhat hoarsely. She was wrapped, more or less, in a sequined red minidress with a plunging neckline. Her legs were clad in fishnet hose, her feet sporting perilous black stiletto heels. Her long brown hair framed a face he’d never seen before – mascaraed lashes, shadowed lids, lips to match her dress.

“You like?” she asked a little uncertainly.

“I fucking love! Where’d you get it?”

She broke into a wide grin. “Goodwill and Walgreen’s.” The smile faltered. “I didn’t do a very good job with the makeup.”

“You look great! Hot! Nasty!”

“Really? I was afraid you’d think I looked like a clown.”

“Get that sweet ass over here, Bozo, and have a drink and smoke.”

Her walk in the heels was awkward, but the admiration in her brother’s eyes made her feel incredible. She marveled at the red stain her lips left on the joint and the rim of her glass. She preened beneath Justin’s rapt gaze. “I could get used to this,” she said before feeding him more smoke straight from her lungs.

“So could I,” he panted.

She giggled. “I was right. You look great wearing my lipstick. No! Don’t wipe it off.”

He licked his lips, savoring the candy flavor. “Okay – if you’ll sit on my lap and give me some more.”

“Gladly, you pervert.” The whisper of her hose was intoxicating as she settled herself, calves tucked under her, atop her brother on the couch.

“I can see your panties,” he moaned as she pulled hard on the weed.

Their lips ground together far longer than was necessary just to exchange smoke. She rubbed her fiery core against the molten heat of his jean-clad erection until they both climaxed explosively. Their kisses became tender and soft as they caught their breath.

“Yeah,” he whispered into her ear. “I could really get used to this.”

Justin heard the clack of her high heels on the cracked linoleum of the kitchen floor. He closed the front door against the afternoon June sunshine and watched Julie pose in the kitchen archway. He devoured the sight of her bare legs beneath the tight black skirt and the cotton blouse thin enough to reveal her black bra. She’d straightened her mid-back length hair, and had arranged wisps to fall in front of her shoulders, framing her heart-shaped face. Her rich lips shone dark blue, her eyelids were done in a glittery charcoal, and dark eyes were framed by wide black liner.

A hand tipped with long black nails rested on one hip. The other held a glass half filled with amber fluid and ice. “Come and get it, baby,” she purred.

He smiled and dropped his book bag to the floor. “Which – you or the drink?”

Her grin dispelled her jaded sex-kitten look. “Both, you idiot.”

He closed the distance between them, picked her up, and squeezed her close. She hurriedly set the glass on the table. Her mouth attacked his. He could taste the lipstick and whiskey and marijuana on her breath. She groaned into him as he squeezed her ass and moved her hips against his.

Tearing her lips away from his, she stared him in the eyes, her lids drooping. “Make me come, fucker.” She locked her ankles around his waist, forcing him to support her weight. “Rub your long fat cock against my slimy cunt and make beylikdüzü escort me cum.” She leaned away and hung from his neck, eyes still holding his as she rolled her hips. “Yeah, dry fuck your slutty little sister, J. Make this whore cum.”

He backed her against the wall, felt her tits crush against his chest and her lips did the same to his mouth. Less that a minute later, she broke the kiss and screamed her release.

“That didn’t take long,” he panted. “What the hell had you so ready.”

She delayed answering long enough for a lingering kiss while she lowered her legs to the floor. “Fuck I needed that. I was watching makeup tutorials on U-tube and got sucked in by all the TV and TS chicks doing transformations.”


“Now, honey, please?” she cooed playfully. “No more, ‘maybe next time.’ It’ll be so hot. You’ll love it. I’ll make it worth your while. Promise.”

He swallowed. “Well, okay, I guess.”

“You will?” He felt her trembling against him. “Really?”

“You know that I can’t say no to you.”

She bumped him with her pelvis and favored him with a wicked smile. “Not for long, anyway. Besides, we both know you want this as bad as I do. At least your cock does.”

He pulled away, grinning sheepishly. “Can I least have a drink and joint first?”

She squealed and clapped her hands. “I’ll go get everything ready.” She started to scamper from the kitchen, then pivoted and kissed him again. “Justin, I love you.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” He swatted her tight ass. “Now go away and let me get wasted enough to go through with this.”

She smirked, wiggled exaggeratedly away, and blew him as kiss before vanishing around the corner.

The first thing he noticed when she came back a few minutes later was that her bra was gone. His jaw gaped and his eyes took in his first glorious view, only partially blocked by the thin cotton blouse, of her naked tits. Her swollen nipples dented it as if trying to split the fabric. “Jesus fuck!” he breathed.

She shivered under his searing gaze. Wetting freshly re-painted lips, she whispered, “You don’t think they’re too little?”

“God, no,” he groaned. “They’re absolutely perfect.”

“I think maybe the birth control pills have made them a little bigger already. I wish I had a real rack.”

“God, J, you’d look like a total fuck bunny.”

Her voice was soft and low. “Just for you, J. I want to be your total wet dream.”

His eyes were wide, his voice as soft. “You already are, baby.”

She broke the gaze. “Don’t make me cry. I couldn’t afford water proof mascara,”

He noticed, finally, that she’d brought a small piece of luggage with her. She placed it on the kitchen table, flipped its top, and exposed the wide array of makeup she’d gathered over the last months. “Slide your chair away from the table, hon.”

He did. Both of them were highly aware of the thick bulge tenting his cut off jeans. Julie nudged his legs together and straddled his lap, facing him.

“Oh my God!” she half moaned, half exclaimed. “My fucking God!” Her hips were bumping feverishly against his swollen dick, her eyes raking his face, devouring it. “You’re so fucking hot, Justin!”

“Let me see,” he whispered, trying to dislodge her.

She wrapped her ankles around the chair rungs and ground against him even harder, eyes wide, head flung back, as her pussy flooded her white thong panties. She grunted, “Dirty fucking sluts. Pair of nasty whores. Cumming. Fuck. Cumming real good.”

Justin, his cock as hard as steel, held his sister as she cooed and cuddled and recovered from her orgasm. Finally, he held her at arm’s length and smiled into her hooded eyes. “Now can I look?”

Stroking his cheek tenderly, she grinned back and disentangled herself from his lap. Taking his hand, she led him to her bedroom and the fully mirrored closet doors.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he whimpered, stunned by the anomaly of his image. A shocked girl was staring back at him. A girl in jeans and tee shirt, without breasts, granted – but an incredibly sexy girl nonetheless. Her blue eyes were huge, bordered with heavy black eyeliner and thick, long black lashes, framed by charcoal shadow. Her skin was pale, her high cheekbones blooming with blush. Her rich red mouth glistened in an oval of happy surprise. Her haircut was boyish, like her clothes, but she’d still turn heads. Unconsciously, Justin’s right hand rubbed his swollen crotch.

“Take it out,” came a moan from behind him. He tore his eyes from the mirror, saw Julie spread lewdly on the bed, both hands crammed into her tiny panties and working feverishly. “Jack off for the pretty sluts, baby. Show them how much they turn you on.”

Julie’s gaze leapt back and forth, from the gorgeous, thick cock she’d never before seen, to the gorgeous tranny eagerly pumping the shaft. Her orgasm came simultaneously with Justin’s eruption, and her ejaculation was nearly as voluminous as his.

They lay side by side on Julie’s bed, legs spread wide, staring at the mirrors, panting. Julie’s right calf was thrown over Justin’s left. Her cunt was a naked, gaping inflamed wound, leaking cum, his cock a swollen purple log. Their matching black minidresses were tugged above their waists, their identical red mouths parted in lust, their heavily made up eyes locked upon one another’s reflected mages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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