A Load for the Road Ch. 02

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“What the hell happened to you? Looks like you were rode hard and put away wet!”

Vicki reached her hand towards the billowing tumbleweed atop my head. I flinched as I thought about telling her not to touch my mangled hair…still saturated in sin…but that would only raise her suspicion further! I bit my lip and squinted my eyes while Vicki freely fondled my hair full of forbidden fun. She twirled my blonde strands around her finger.

“Oh my my my… did Little Miss Prude finally get laid last night?!”

I giggled and blushed as I quickly recalled the lascivious morning behind closed doors and gaping holes. My parents and I really redefined the good ol’ saying “breakfast in bed.” My pussy was still spurting man-milk, my asshole gurgled with goo, and my frazzled hair was full of Mommy’s juices…aaaand now Vicki’s curious fingertips.

Fuck. I am such a dirty girl.

I considered confessing to Vicki—she was my best friend after all! And best friends tell each other everything, right? Right! And Vicki—who’s almost 19—has ALWAYS had a HUGE crush on my parents. For good reason too; Mommy was so beautiful like a Barbie doll, and Daddy was so buff and brawny and handsome. Grrrrooowwl!

And…and…I couldn’t resist their parental charm either! Oh fiddlesticks Vicki, should I tell you my secret? I want to! I wiggled in my seat as a tingle formed between my thighs. Oh how I wanna gush all about the forbidden flavors…I wanna splurge about how bad Baby Girl was this morning—aaaahhHHH! My pussy just spasmed in delight at the thought!

“Uhhh hello, Space Cadet?”

I shook myself into awareness. “Huuum?”

“You’re such an airhead! What the fuck is wrong with your hair—and your head?!?!”

“Thhhhaaaa the hot water stopped working,” I finally sputtered—obviously unbelievable—and quickly felt the need to further the lie with: “Iiiiiii was taking a shower. And I couldn’t wash out the conditioner.”

“Hmmmm,” Vicky smirked, removing her hand and pressing her fingertips against her nose. She took a deep whiff, unaware of the scents of incest, and loudly hummed: “Hmm…it doesn’t smell like conditioner. It smells…kinda…musky?”

“It’s recycled bamboo conditioner,” I quickly confirmed.


“Aaaand the towel might have been a little stinky.”

“Yeah okay.”

“Really Vicki!” Really, I wanted to tell Vicki…but decided to switch subjects instead. “Did you get the booze? I could really use a drink right now.”

“It’s not even 9 in the morning…” Vicki laughed, pointing to the exit up ahead. “But yes…you lush…we are heading to Jim’s right now.”

“Who’s Jim?”

Vicki smirked with a mischievous grin. “He’s my sister’s boyfriend. Jim has had a HUGE crush on me for like, EVER. Aaaaand he’s got a bunch of booze that he’s gonna give us!”

“For free?”

Vicki shrugged her shoulders animatedly. “Well, kinda…it’s more of a trade…”

I giggled. “…fooooor what?!”

Vicki grabbed her chest and squeezed both breasts. “I’m gonna show him these puppies!”

“Bow-wow Vicki, you are such a slut!” I couldn’t help but giggle at my own obvious pun—while blushing at my own hypocrisy. I was…am…the biggest slut here. Dirty thoughts flooded my mind as I reminisced the naughty things I did with Mommy and Daddy beneath their bed sheets…oooh I was being so bad Vicki…so bad…but it felt sooo good…so good…I was so thirsty, Vicki…mmmm…lapping up Mommy’s cunt juices while Daddy claimed my innocence and wrecked my untouched insides…

Whooopsies! My little cunt just splurted with delight! All brought forth from the thought of Mommy riding my face while Daddy unleaded his load deep inside little ol’ me…

“We’re here!”


Within a second of hearing the parking brake click, I was airborne out of the convertible and leapt towards Jim’s front door, hopeful and eager to leave my impure thoughts back inside the locked car. Vicki followed my lead and approached the door, knocking one…two…three times beneath the brass-plated digits that shone 8008.

Rrrruusssrruusssle rruusssllleee…

Movement stirred from within. Groans. Mumbles. Two coughs. Then one more knock resulted in the click of a deadbolt and the whoosh of an opening door, revealing a boxer-clad Jim and his protruding boner beneath.

Tehehe, Vicki and I couldn’t help but giggle! Vicki playfully covered my eyes and laughed:

“Don’t look! He’s pitching a tent! And it’s… it’s… in-tents!”

Jim grumbled his amusement (or lack thereof) and quickly placed his hands atop his eager manhood. He finally managed to mumble: “What time is it?”

“Nine!” the two of us chimed eagerly.

Jim shook his head. “…in the morning?”

“Yes!” Vicki confirmed, forcing her hands against his freshly-shaven chest as she directed us off his welcome mat and into his welcoming apartment.

Jim was pushed upon the black pleather barstools alongside the open kitchen. Black canlı bahis matte appliances lined pearl-white countertops with tile trekking up the walls. Oh, it was defiantly “old-school,” but kinda had this cool modern/retro look going on, too! My surveying stare suddenly stopped as I gawked upon the corner kitchen pantry. Its tall white doors were spread wide open, fully exposed and revealing row after row of half-empty bottles full of bad decisions.

Knowing that I was heavily eyeing the hard liquor, Vicki shattered the silence and declared, “We’ve come to claim our booze!”

“Shit Vicki,” Jim yawned, reaching his arms above his head into a full stretch that…oh my…accentuated his young muscular figure with protruding pecs and defined abs. “When you said you were coming at 9…I thought you meant 9 pm…ugghh.”

“Uh, hello!” I cried, waving my hands at my polkadotted sundress and nodding over towards Vicki’s tank-top attire. “We’re on our way to the beach! We wouldn’t be dressing like THIS at night!”

Jim looked me up and down as he gently grabbed his crotch and fondled himself. “Well…you can’t dress like THAT at my place!”

“Whaaaa? But…but…this is my cutest dress…”

“Take it off,” Jim growled, grabbing his dick much harder this time since he caught me staring at it all starry eyed-I was impressed! Vicki, on the other hand, looked pissed. Jim smirked: “The deal has changed; if you little girls want your candy, I will need to see both your titties. Or see you ladies make-out. It’s the Dyke’s choice.”

Vicki snarled. “Jim! What the fuck, dude?”

“Just think of this as… A Tale of Two Titties.”

I whined through pouting lips: “Jim…that’s sooo not—”

“Take it or leave it, Buttercup,” Jim retorted as he leaned his back against the bar and slowly opened himself to us, arms and legs spread wide while flexing his chiseled chest.

A taut tingle preluded the twinge of fear as a rush of warmth swooned over me. For some strange reason…I felt like I was doing something…”wrong”…for looking at Jim like that…only an hour after looking at Mommy and Daddy like THAT…

A wave of guilt devoured me. My head was awash with conflicting thoughts: is it wrong for me to expose myself in front of another man? And, oh god, is it wrong to kiss another woman? I covered myself coyly and shook my head in an apparent refusal.

“She’s a total prude, dude,” Vicki hissed as she wrapped her fingers around the bottom of her tank top and wriggled it upwards. I intently watched the cotton fabric roll up towards her tiny chest. Oh my; Vicki’s tummy was so tiny and tight and her hip bones protruded around her pierced bellybutton. It was the same neon-pink barbell that I bought her on her 18th birthday! Hooray! A few frisky freckles were seasoned and splattered on that perfect tummy of hers—it reminded me of my mom’s firm figure…which caused my pussy to spasm again!

Jim grunted forcefully as Vicki slipped her shirt over her tits. A perfect little pair of A-cup breasts plopped in place. Her light pink nipples looked like two little gumdrops—oh my! They looked different that my own nipples (and Mommy’s, too!) and I couldn’t help but feel the hard headlights forming beneath my hands as I continued to cover myself in shame. Jim got up from his seat and approached Vicki, towering over her against her tiny teenage frame. Wow—he had to have been at least 6 feet tall! Jim raised his eager hands and placed them upon Vicki’s breasts. She breathed heavily. Rapidly. Intently. He squeezed her chest softly. So soft. So pliable. Her boobies gave way to his grip as he purred and fondled Vicki with his fingertips before leaning down to lightly lick my best friend’s gummy yummy suckers.


“Ummm, um-HEM!” I coughed loudly, causing Jim to cease his loquacious lapping. “Aren’t you…aren’t you dating Vicki’s sister?”

Jim raised himself up and tweaked Vicki’s nipples. Giggles erupted from Vicki’s throat as he raised a finger to her lips and whispered, “Shhhhhhhh.”

“Oh my god; you are SUCH a baby!” Vicki snapped at me as she wiggled her tank top back down her tummy. “It’s not like we’re fucking or anything. God, you really are Little Miss Prude.”

“Prude!” Jim bellowed, waving me over. “Your friend held up her end of the bargain. So now… if you want that booze”-he started smacking his lips loudly-“then you gotta kiss your lesbian lover.”

I was taken aback as I took a step forward. I hesitated. I…I couldn’t do it…I couldn’t stop picturing Mommy and Daddy and what had just transpired…but at the same time, I couldn’t stop the warmth of arousal from brewing and building within my groins—OOOOH GOD!

Vicki thrust herself towards me, inserting her slippery tongue into my gaping awestruck hole. Vicki’s tongue explored my soft mouth as I squealed in delight over the forbidden flavors swirling in my saliva…that she had just swallowed…unbeknownst to her…

Before I could steady bahis siteleri my thoughts and feelings, Vicki steadied her hands on my prominent hips and lowered herself off my face. My tongue was still lapping mid-air…like licking an invisible lollipop…as my mouth missed the minty flavor of Vicki’s bubblegum breath whirling around inside me…

I opened my eyes and witnessed the tension building in Jim’s boxers below. Vicki leaned towards his ear and whispered audibly, “Get this: she’s STILL a virgin.”

His boner swelled. Hard. I swear I could feel the heat emanating from across the room!

“Care to change that?” Jim growled as he looked me up and down while rubbing his hand over his cotton-clad cock. “Shit, if you let me take your virginity”—he thrust his pelvis hard—”I’d throw so much more at you besides booze. What you want? Coke? Molly? E? How much does that little cunt cost?”

Again a wave of feelings rushed over me. Fuck…oh god yes of COURSE Jim was incredibly handsome…and so young…and toned…oh fuck, he is so sexy…like a 20 year old Brad Pitt…oh fuck fuck fuck FUCK! 90s Brad Pitt was so hot, too…so WHAT THE FUCK?! Why am I overcome with these feelings of shame, embarrassment, and gut-wrenching guilt?!? Was it because I had just lost my virginity to my parents 2 hours ago? And my pussy was begging for more man-meat…oooohhhh and the very thought of Jim taking me, fucking me, trusting himself deep into me…right then and there with Vicki watching enviously in the background…oh my fucking god, it was just too much for me to handle… I… I…

I bit my lip. I stifled my lust. I shook my head and I adamantly insisted:

“It’s NOT going to happen.”

“Aw well, can’t blame a bro for trying,” Jim sighed as he pushed himself off the barstool and headed towards his liquor reservoir. His class ring clinked against half-filled bottles as he ran his hand over his alcoholic arsenal, cockily listing off: “Jack Daniels… Vodka… Southern Comfort… Tequila… Bacardi 151…”

“That one!” both Vicki and I cried in unison. We didn’t care how it tasted—like nail polish remover, yuck! All we cared about was getting drunk…as quickly as possible! And, let’s be real here: a shot or two of 151 is the most efficient way to accomplish our underage mayhem!

Jim handed over the bottle and I eagerly reached for it—but before he let it go from his ironclad grasp, Jim squinted his eyes and growled: “The first one is always free. But when you crawl back here begging for more…I will not be so chivalrous. I am a gentleman, little girl, but I have urges that need to be fulfilled…and unloaded.”

I nodded quickly, my hands grasping tighter around the Bacardi bottle, refusing to make eye contact with him. I tugged hard twice and retrieved our firewater trophy before Vicki and I bid our farewells. Jim ushered us outside into the sunshiny day ablaze with infinite possibilities.

Seatbelts clicked. Radio blared. Engine purred. And off we go!

“Alrighty Vicki! Full speed ahead to sun-bleached sands and gilded sun-worshipers!”

VW Beetles are so stinkin’ adorable and cute and I am so effin’ jealous that Vicki has one…buuuut when it comes to crusing around the freeway in a convertible…it’s a HUGE inconvenience! I’m sweating and sticking to Vicki’s leather seats; the music is blaring but you still can’t hear a damn thing; my dress keeps blowing up and I have to keep holding it down; but removing my hands from my wind-wrecked hair is causing it to tangle-up worse than before…

I decide to duck my head between my little legs, looking up and seeing my puffy pink lady lips and also the picturesque portrait of Vicki in the driver’s seat. Wow—I had never really paid attention to Vicki’s body before now. You see, we had been best friends since the 5th grade, and we’ve been through it all—through the thick and the thin!— and I’ve always viewed Vicki as the sister that I never had. But…after seeing her topless at Jim’s house…and after tasting her sweet sweet lips…I yearned for her perky little breasts and those nibbly gummy-like nipples and her tight toned tummy and shiny belly-button…oh FUCK! I am licking my lips and looking at Vicki like I had looked at Mommy!

I peeked between my legs and noticed my cunt was oozing juices once more. With no panties on to stop the flow, and Daddy’s man-milk all dried-up, my sweet girly cider trickled out of my pussy and down my ticklish taint, pooling up in my cherry asshole as my pelvic muscles clenched and released with readiness.

Fuck—I am getting SO turned on! I couldn’t stop the naughty thoughts from tainting my inner monologue. I started imagining me and Vicki at the beach…sand slipping between our teenage toes…my desirous hands rubbing her from top to bottom in thick white creamy sunscreen…pretending that I’m covering her in my own womanly cream that I might-have combined with the Coppertone…tehehe! Oh Vicki, I want you to share all my love with you…you are bahis şirketleri my best friend…and I would do anything for you…anything, Vicki. And I know my parents enjoyed the taste of my fresh-squeezed juice…I…I…tehehehee…I’m wondering if you would like to taste it for yourself? Just a little lick Vicki…I know you’re going to love it…


Vicki slammed hard on the brakes as my fantasies came to a screeching halt. I toppled over in the seat, smacking the back of my head against the glove compartment before curling into a ball on the floorboard. My head was throbbing hard while I hear my friend scream:


A car had cut Vicki off suddenly as she was exiting the freeway. Grumbling and sobbing in pain, I sat back up and rubbed my head gingerly. “Oww owww!”

“Oh fuck fuck, please tell me you’re okay!” Vicki yelped as she resumed driving, pulling into the Starbucks by the freeway off-ramp. My head was pounding. Throbbing. Emitting so much heat. Bruising, most likely. I rubbed my fingers softly against my scalp—my hair was terribly knotted and matted and smelled quite strong—while Vicki pulled in and parked under a tree in the very last vacant spot.

My whole head throbbed. I resisted the urge to cry despite the tears forming in my eyes. I tried to utter that I was alright—but all that came out was an incoherent babble.

Suddenly, a wave of warmth flooded all over me as Vicky unhooked my seatbelt and brought my head towards her chest, enveloping me in heaving breathing and spearmint sighs. “Shhh, shhh, it’s okay—does it hurt?”

I nodded my head in between her breasts. The sun against her black tank-top was stifled by the warmth exuding from her chest. Now that my face was nestled so close to Vicki’s heart, the pounding in my head seemed to cease as I focused in on her heartbeat and rhythmic soothing breathing. As she continued to coo and console me, warmth much like that of my family’s love began to brew inside me. All over me. My face felt flush and my groins became engulfed in heavy musky moisture and electric tingles. My pussy hole tighten and my thighs flexed involuntarily and…

Fucking fiddlesticks, what is happening to me?!?

Newfound feelings are now arising amongst Vicki’s embrace. These are the same feelings I had felt towards my parents…the same feeling when Mommy nestled me in her own bosom…and even though Vicki had much smaller boobs than my mom, the exact same tingly taunting feelings ensured that I truly wanted this…all of this…even though I wasn’t sure what “this” was.

I lost track of time as quickly as I lost track of my thoughts. I fluttered my eyes and saw Vicki’s smooth skin so close to my face, tickling my lashes against her breasts in unintentional butterfly kisses. Vicki giggled softly—I watched the little moles on her chest bounce ever so slightly. I wanted to kiss that pretty little chest of hers…it was so perfect, so soft, so smooth! And even though Vicki was slightly sweaty, I couldn’t resist the allure of the shimmering beads trickling down her freckled cleavage.

“Eeeee!” Vicki squealed at the surprise of my tongue. I looked up at her with watery eyes, still lapping her saltiness. Her emerald eyes began to sparkle as I slowly licked my way upwards towards her collarbones and up past her neck, savoring the salty sweat and sweet-pea perfume that titillated my taste buds and aroused all senses. As I nuzzled my face softly against her nape, the pain in my brain began to subside…ahhhh…all pain ceased to exist with each warm out breath of my dear friend Vicki…

FUCK—I am getting so turned on! What do I do? Do I make a move? What is Vicki thinking?! Why is she just sitting there? Does she want this? Do I forget about this? Oh gosh I am so torn and conflicted…is it “wrong” to “do this” with Vicki? Would my parents be upset that I am having these feelings towards her?!?

I lightly muzzled Vicki’s bottom lip with the tip of my nose. Her lips parted. I moved my mouth up towards her quivering gasp, feeling her warm breath enter my throat. We inhaled and exhaled in unison, sharing the same air as if we were One.

I’ve never thought about Vicki THIS way…it feels so naughty but it also feels so right…oh how I wish Vicki would fucking do something already!!

Luscious lips suddenly latched onto mine; it was as if Vicki had read my mind! In and out our tongues danced and played, darting to-and-fro between balled-up bubblegum and salivating fantasies. More and more feelings of arousal brewed within my sweat-sopped thighs. My nipples became rock-hard beneath my cotton dress. My privates filled with ever-growing heat. Goosebumps covered my arms and legs. My nostrils inhaled Vicki’s pheromones-overpowering her perfume-as we continued to make out vigorously.

Fuck it—I am making my move!

I lifted myself from my seat and mounted Vicki, my ass wriggling against the steering wheel. I placed my exposed and engorged pussy on Vicki’s thighs before moving my hands to the back of her head and pulling her face to my chest. I tossed around as Vicki buried her face between my ample breasts:


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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