A Grind And Then Some Ch. 04-05

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“Nikki can I ask you a favor?” asked Mr. Burns.

“What’s up?” asked Nikki as the rest of the class filed out of the room.

“Could you drop by tomorrow down at the band camp since the fact that we are short of staff for the spring camp?” asked Mr. Burns.

“Sure, do you need me to bring some of my friends?’ asked Nikki.

“Yeah if you can, we would be glad to pay you, also are these friends seniors?” asked Mr. Burns.

“Why yes Mr. Burns, of course they are” said Nikki beginning to exit the class.

“See you tomorrow, do you know where it is?” asked Mr. Burns.

“Yup, up their by Bronco Lake right?” asked Nikki stopping at the door.

“Indeed, see you tomorrow bye” said Mr. Burns sitting down.

“Bye” said Nikki exiting into the hall way.

The locker room was just across the hallway from the choir room and so Nikki walked into it. Making her way through the maze of lockers Nikki made to the back of the locker room and opened her locker. Reaching down she began to undue the buttons of her blouse exposing her double D’s encased in a red bra. Soon the blouse was fully open and Nikki slipped the blouse off her slim frame. Hooking her fingers under the waist band of her short plaid skirt and slid it down her toned legs bending over at her waist. As her skirt reached her ankles she stepped out of it and placed it in he locker. Reaching under the clothing she’d just thrown in the locker Nikki pulled out a pair of red short shorts, a superman t-shirt, and a pair of tennis shoes. Stepping into the red short shorts and she slid them up her legs until the waist band rest just below her belly button. Pulling her shirt on making it a belly shirt Nikki closed her locker with a loud bang. Sam rounded around the lockers in pajama pants with batman symbols on it and a bat man tank top.

“Hello sexy” said Sam slapping Nikki’s ass causing Nikki to moan.

“Easy there hot stuff save the energy” said Nikki locking up her locker. “Listen, babe just wait in shower room, me and Tom have a little situation to straighten out” said Nikki walking past Sam swaying her hips very seductively.

As Sam slid into the shower room Nikki opened Tom’s office door and locked it behind her. Tom’s had his back to her so Nikki smiled as she reached out and covered his eyes with her hands. Tom jumped slightly, but remained still as Nikki removed her hands revealing a cloth that covered Tom’s eyes.

“Who is it?” asked Tom as he was spun around in his chair facing Nikki blind folded.

Nikki placed her index finger to his lips shushing him as she turned her back to him and sat down on his crotch. Tom slightly moaned as his semi hard cock was pressed firmly against an ass he had felt before and with out warning Nikki began to grind her ass into his crotch sending chills up both their backs. Tom’s hand slid up Nikki’s side until coming to a rest atop her ample breast and began to massage them through the thin material of her shirt. She firmly began to push her ass down on his stiff cock causing both of them to moan.

“You know Nikki I think its time for you to get some pleasure” said Tom taking off the blind fold.

“Oh really, well what you waiting for” said Nikki standing up and turning to face Tom.

Tom dropped down to his knees and hooked his fingers under the waistband of her short shorts. He peeled her skin tight short shorts down along with her thong and pulled it off her completely throwing them over near the door. Nikki coed as Tom slid his hands up her left leg and down her right and back up her right. Rubbing his right hand over her lips he felt the wetness that began to leak from her. Lifting her leg over his shoulder Tom dove and began to eat Nikki causing her to moan.

“Yeah Tom that it, OHHH” moaned Nikki as Tom began to fuck her with his tongue slipping in and out in quick movements sending chills through her body.

As Tom ate Nikki out Nikki was sliding her hands across her chest feeling the protruding nipples through her shirt. Nikki bit her lip as she pinched her nipples and as Tom dug his fingers in her ass bringing her close to her orgasm. Tom felt it coming and pulled away rising up to the moaning Nikki. Leaning in Tom locked into a French kiss with Nikki battling her tongue allowing her to taste her self and with approval Nikki moan once again as Tom pressed her crotch against his leg. Breaking the kiss Nikki dropped to her knees eye level with the bulge of Tom and she ran her hands over his head causing him to moan. Sliding her hands up to the waistband Nikki untied the stings tightening the waistband of his tack pants to his waist and yanked them to find him commando. Nikki smiled as she cupped his balls and leaned down licking the underside of his head. Tom lost the feeling in his knees and fell back into the chair as Nikki downed his cock taking him deep into his throat causing him to grunt as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. As Nikki bobbed her head up and bakırköy escort down Tom was meeting every down movement with a thrust into her mouth and a moan from Nikki vibrated around his cock causing Tom to feel his balls to tighten. Sensing that approaching orgasm Nikki pulled off his cock and Tom looked her deep in the eyes with lust. Tom stood up from the chair once again and locked into a kiss with Nikki pushing her against the door. Breaking the kiss Nikki grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pealed it off revealing her red laced bra that contained her double D’s. Tom unclipped the front of her bra and it fell free letting the gravity defying tits to stand out from her chest. Leaning down Tom licked her right nipple and blew cool air onto it causing it extend fully from her breast. Tom moved over to her left nipple and also licked it and blew cool air causing the same effect as the right and Nikki to squirm against the door. Bending at the knees Tom lifted up Nikki and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Looking into Nikki’s eyes Tom reached and guided his dick at her opening. Once again looking at Nikki he got a nod from her and with a thrust deep into her she gasp. Slowly Tom began to thrust in and out of Nikki causing her tits to bounce up and down.

“OH GOD!!!!! YES TOM HARDER!!!!” moaned Nikki as she was bounced up and down on his cock.

Tom groaned under the pressure her walls were clamped like a vice grip on his cock. Her ass smacked against the wall repeatedly really giving her pleasure and with one final moan Nikki’s juices began to flow over top Tom’s cock. With ease Tom walked back and sat down in the computer chair with Nikki still on top. With her legs dangling Nikki grabbed onto the back of the chair and began to bounce on top of his cock. Tom latched onto Nikki’s right nipple as she worked his cock like a joystick going back and forth, side to side and around in circles. Tom bit hard on Nikki’s nipple and Nikki pounded harder on Tom’s dick.

“YES!!!!! YOU FEEL SO HUGE!!!!! I WANT MORE!!!!” Moaned Nikki as sweat began to pour down her face.

“Nikki….. Do you…. Think I can…. Get some ass…?” asked Tom breathless as he grabbed onto her ass very hard.

With a nod from Nikki Tom lifted her up and placed her on her feet. Turning around Nikki bent over placing her hands against the desk as Tom used some of her juices to lube up her ass and his cock. Aiming his cock he jammed his cock deep into her ass and began to thrust deep strokes into her ass. Tom felt it coming and began to go thrust fast and hard as his muscles clenched. Nikki had her right hand buried deep inside of her self forcing four fingers inside and she was moaning every hard thrust Tom had to offer. As her ass rippled with waves and his balls slapped against her fucking fingers was driving Tom crazy. As he felt it approaching Tom pulled back till his head was just in and rammed deep into her coating her ass with his climax which triggered Nikki’s orgasm as she erupted all over her hands and the floor. Tom continued thrusting into her ass until he completely was drained. With the last thrust both collapsed onto the floor and felt their eye’s heavily closing.

Mean while in the shower room Sam was standing there waiting when the doors to the locker room opened and closed. Looking at the frame in stepped Dustin and a smirk crept across both Sam’s and Dustin’s face as Dustin approached Sam.

“Well hello Sam” said Dustin admiring her outfit that fit snuggly against her skin.

“Hello, I guess your hear for some fun shower time” said Sam running a hand over her body as stood there.

“How’s your grind?” asked Dustin leaning to his left trying to get the ass of Sam’s in his view.

“I don’t know wanna test it?” asked Sam turning around swaying her ass side to side.

Grabbing hold of her hips Dustin thrusted into her ass and got a gasp from Sam who followed it up with a moan. Grinding more of her ass into Dustin’s crotch Sam began to fell more pressure from the growing member of Dustin. He began to thrust more of his semi hard cock into the ass of Sam’s feeling the cheek’s of Sam’s separating and allowing his head to enter into her slightly.

“OH GOD!!!! DUSTIN…. THAT IT’S BABY!!!” Moaned Sam as her hands braced her self against the wall.

“Wanna feel me in you baby?” asked Dustin thrusting his cock more into her ass.

“YES!!!” Moaned Sam after feeling his cock thrusted deeper into her ass.

With little movement Dustin undid his jeans and allowed his pants to fall revealing his cock straining against his boxer shorts. Sam untied the string to her pajama pants and slid them down her legs bending over at the waist. Dustin got an eyeful of her commando. As Sam struggled to step out her pajama pants and with quickness Dustin shoved his boxers down and thrusted his 9 inches and ½ cock deep into Sam’s ass. Sam moaned as Dustin bottom out inside of her ass. He pulled back beşiktaş escort and slammed back into her causing her tit’s to jump inside her tank top.

“COME ON!!!! GIVE IT TO ME FAST AND HARD!!!!” Moaned Sam reaching down and began to finger her self.

With a grunt Dustin began to rapidly slam in and out of Sam’s ass sending her forward against the wall. As he acted as a jackhammer Dustin spun around till his back was braced against the wall and Sam’s was pistoling in and out of her snatch bringing her close to her orgasm. Sensing this as he also was on the urge on doing so Dustin pulled out causing Sam to groan.

“Easy doll, how about we try some doggy style” said Dusting grasping Sam’s tit’s through her tank top causing her nipples to protrude through her tank top.

“Ok” said Sam moaning as Dustin tweaked one of her nipples.

Getting down her hands and knees Sam looked deep into Dustin’s eyes with lust as he got onto his knees. Smacking her right ass cheek and left cheek causing Sam to moan a little as Dustin lined his cock up with her pussy. With one quick thrust of his cock Dustin was buried deep inside of Sam causing her to moan. Sam’s walls gripped hard onto the invading member working him inside of her. Soon Dustin was pushing a little harder in quicker strokes inside of her causing some extreme pleasure to her. Sam had her tank top up over tips along with her bra as Dustin mauled at her tit, tweaking both nipples. Sam pushed against each thrust of Dustin causing him to bottom out inside of her causing both to moan. With warning Sam stood up and pushed Dustin down till he was lying back with his stiff member was pointing directly up. Pealing her tank top and bra off completely Sam got onto her knees positioning his cock right under her. Biting her lip Sam impaled his cock and began to bounce up and down on his cock rapidly causing her tits to flop up and down. Sweat poured out her body creating a shine that made Sam look so sexy. Her hair wildly hangs about bouncing along with her tits. Both soon were on the urge to their orgasm. Without warning Dustin turned over till he was on top and Sam was on her back. Leaning down he captured her right nipple and began to bit it lightly causing Sam to squirm. Pulling back he grabbed his cock and jammed it into her causing her arch her back just as he bottomed out in her. With all his might Dustin began to drill her feeling the approaching orgasm. Sam was on fire; her whole body was reacting to this sensation causing her to thrash about under the assault. As she clenched her teeth Sam pulled Dustin and kissed him moaning. As they lingered in their kiss Dusting felt his balls tingling as he pounded into her. Grunting Dustin broke the kiss as he stared into Sam’s eyes.

“OH god I’m about to cum” said Dustin thrusting some more into Sam who’s tits bounced freely about on her chest.

“OH GOD!!!! YES…YES…YES….COME IN ME I’M SO CLOSE!!!!!” Moaned Sam as she arching her back again.

Without wasting time Dustin placed both of his hands on each side of her and began to thrust hard fast strokes in her. As she moaned her insides gave off signals of approach as Dustin jackhammered her bringing him self closer to his orgasm. Finally he pulled back till his head remained inside of her and thrust deep and hard into her sending both over the edge. As Sam was rocked with her climax she nearly broke her back from how far she’d arched her back. Dustin kept pumping into her sending his seed into her. Their juices made a pool on the floor as they commed down from their sexual bliss. Knowing that class had already started Dustin rose weakly as Sam stood on her knees and quickly both slid their clothes back on. Standing on her tippy toes Sam kissed Dustin on his lips.

“See you later hunk” said Sam walking by and with a quick slap of his hands across her ass Sam moaned.

Walking out of the shower room she ran into Nikki who was adjusting her short shorts. Smiling they walked out to free time that was already underway. Dustin walked slowly out to find Tom tying his track pants strings.

“Thank god for gym” said Dustin walking out to the gym.

“Yeah, thank god” said Tom walking out also.

As Nikki, Sam and Dustin joined in with free time Tom bumped into the gorgeous student teacher, Beth. Beth was a mere 5’6, 38 D’s, long bright red hair, slender skin with some tan, a athletic body with defying legs that looked like perfect holders. She wore an explicit outfit today; a black Adidas wind jacket half way zipped showing of her tits encased in a white tank top, a pair of black track pants and running shoes.

“Hi Tom what took you guys so long?” asked Beth checking off that Nikki, Sam and Dustin where here.

“Some thing came up and we had to talk about their grades” said Tom making up an excuse.

“What? But they’re our best students” said Beth pointing out the obvious.

“Yeah I know, I was just talking to them beylikdüzü escort about how they were the best and informed them about the rewards ceremony that’s coming up remember” said Tom putting things together just right.

“Oh yeah I forgot about the ceremony, so your giving them the rewards ok” said Beth as Tom’s cell phone vibrated.

“Oh crap forgot today was the inventory check” said Tom checking his phone and walked over to the supply closet followed by Beth.

Walking in Tom began to check things off like the number of rackets for tennis and baseballs. Beth curiously closed the door behind and as she did this Nikki and Dustin caught this smiling slightly. Tom had his back to Beth and as he turned to look at the other side of the room inventory he found himself faced to ass of Beth who was checking out some things on the bottom shelf. She squatted down causing her pants to stretch revealing a purple waistband. Tom froze at this sight as he felt his now rejuvenated cock stir in his pants. Beth knew he was staring decided to take it a step closer and leaned forward causing the purple waist band to come in more of a view revealing that it was a pair of panties Beth was wearing. Always he had been hypnotized by Beth’s firm rounded ass as it would sway with each walk she would take. Now Tom stood over her trying to ignore his growing erection and began checking off the golf balls. Once again Beth got this devise grin and with out warning stood up pressing her ass against Tom’s erection. Tom was caught by surprised and accidentally hit the on button on the stereo which admitted the song “Shut Up and Drive” which got Beth to slightly move to. Tom took evasive action and began to push into the movement digging his cock into her ass.

“You know Tom I’ve always been quite attracted to you” said Beth grinding her ass hard into Tom’s growing erection.

“Really” said Tom grunting as his cock pushed into the material of her pants.

“Oh yeah, ever since I came into this school as a student teacher for your gym class I always felt so horny for you” said Beth biting her lips as Tom’s cock edged a little in between her as cheeks.

“Well I’ve been really hypnotized by your ass” said Tom grabbing onto her waist and thrusting some more into her ass as if he were fucking it.

“Well Tom then lets get it over with then” said Beth turning around and facing Tom.

Leaning up Beth locked into a kiss with Tom and with a quick movement her tongue was inside of his mouth. As they French kiss Tom’s hands slid down her back and grabbed hold of her ass causing her to moan. With out hesitation Tom hoisted her up and placed her on a table. Still locked in a kiss Tom ground his crotch into Beth’s causing her to whimper.

“OH!!! We need to get it on before the class gets suspicious” moaned Beth pressing her crotch against Tom’s bulge.

Without being told against Tom leant down and unzipped the wind breaker fully exposing the tank top tucked into the pants. Throwing off the windbreaker Beth pulled her tank top along with her bra revealing her bullet nipples which Tom began to suck on getting a moan of approval from Beth. Reaching down Beth grabbed hold of Tom’s stiff member and moaned as Tom bit down once more on her nipple releasing it. Breathing hard Tom pushed his pants and boxer briefs down as Beth did too.

“I need to get that ass what it needs” said Tom obsessed with getting in her ass.

Spinning her around Tom pushed her purple panties down revealing her tender cheeks. Reaching between her legs Tom inserted his fingers in her pussy feeling the juice she was producing Tom got a hand full and smothered her ass with her juices lubing her up for the intercourse that was about to under go. Grabbing hold of her hips Tom slammed his cock into her ass really hard causing her to moan. Pulling back her pushed back into her hard and repeated it several times. Soon Tom was pounding her ass with tremendous speed launching Beth forward a little causing her breast to rub against the table causing her nipples to send pleasure through her pouring into the rising orgasm. Tom grunted with each thrust into her ass. Reaching forward Tom grabbed a hand full of her hair pulling her head back allowing more access for his penetrating cock. Sweat was forming on their bodies.

“OH YES!!!!! HARDER!!!!!FASTER!!!!!” Moaned Beth

Tom felt his balls once again inflating a little as his cock disappeared fully in her ass. Both were moaning crazily as the edged closer to their orgasm. Beth pushed him of her and turned around facing him with lust breathing hard. Pushing him back Tom fell into a chair as Beth straddled him. Taking a deep breath she sank down on his cock impaling gasping at his size. As soon as she adjusted to his size her walls clamped onto him and with one last breath she began to bounce on his cock feeling her self come closer to her orgasm. Then with one little kiss she began to wildly bounce on his cock like a pogo stick feeling the pleasure that she was feeling. Then with one last bounce he erupted inside of her sending her over the edge with one of her best orgasm. As she bucked a few more times her orgasm subsided as did his too.

“Wow” said Beth winded removing her sticking hair from her face.

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