A First Time to Remember Ch. 01

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(Thanks to “larryinseattle” for his willingness to edit even some of my earliest attempts at writing)


Steven sat at the bar watching the mirror mounted on the wall behind it as questions swirled through his mind. Would he recognize her? What would she think of him and what he’d done with his life? Would she actually go through with what they had planned? What about his father? Would it matter to him that they wanted to be together or would he go off in one of his tirades and … and what? What could he do? They were both adults and had been attracted to each other since the first day he had brought her home.

Slowly he drifted back to that time in his life. He had been 13 when it all began. His mother had been diagnosed with cancer and he saw her fight the disease every day while his dad became more and more distant, frequently taking business trips that would last days or even weeks just so he wouldn’t have to see his mom slowly withering away. She had finally lost the battle when he was 16 but that didn’t seem to matter to his dad, in fact, he became even more distant spending months at a time in Europe on his business trips. That was when he had become ‘father’ rather than dad. Then, two weeks before his 17th birthday, his father returned home with Cassandra, introducing her to everyone as his new wife. One look at the two of them and everyone said that his father was going through a ‘mid-life crisis’ and had gotten himself a ‘trophy wife’.

His father had been 40 years old and was everything that the stereotype of a “businessman” was supposed to be. He had developed a sizable stomach, his hair had thinned with just the beginning of gray showing around the temples, his eyes were constantly searching for next victim for his business dealings, and worst of all, he had built emotional walls around himself so that no one could get near him. Only business seemed to mean anything to him.

Cassandra, on the other hand was totally opposite. At 23 years old, she was 17 years younger than his father making her only 6 years older than Steven. She was 5-foot 5-inches tall but looked taller because of the high-heels she constantly wore. Her hair was so blonde it almost looked white and her skin was the color of cream while her eyes were hazel with flecks of gold. The most prominent feature though was her figure which measured 34FF-25-36.

From the moment he’d seen her, he hadn’t been able take his eyes off of her, especially her bust, a fact that was only too evident when his father introduced her and he failed to reply because he was too busy trying to decide if her bust was natural or not. It was only when he’d heard her laugh and had looked up that he’d realized he’d been caught staring. His face had instantly began to redden but instead of getting angry, Cassandra just said, “First of all, yes, they are real and second, don’t be too embarrassed I get that response from most of the men I meet.” Then, without another word, she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck to give him their first hug. At that moment, he realized that another difference between her and his father was that she was just naturally a very caring, loving person.

For the next year and a half, she’d became the subject of almost every fantasy and sex-dream he had. The fact that his bedroom was right next to their room didn’t help as he routinely heard words like “fuck”, “pussy”, and “cum” filter through the wall when they were having sex. Add to that the sound of the headboard rhythmically banging against the wall, it was no wonder that he spent many nights with his hand wrapped around his cock imagining he was the one making love to her.

When he turned 18, his father informed him that he was sending him to Europe to complete his education at a very prestigious university. That had been the last time he’d seen or heard from his father. Not so with Cassandra as she wrote to him weekly and called several times each month to check on how he was doing. After graduation, he’d stayed in Europe where he and a classmate had started their own computer software company specializing in accounting.

Now, ten years after leaving, he was back home, not so much because of his father but because of Cassandra. Their relationship had gone through a multitude of changes throughout the years as they shared everything going on. They had shared joys and frustrations, exhilaration and sadness, plans for the future and changes in those plans. No subject was off limits … except one. Steven had never been able to talk to Cassandra about sex, not that he hadn’t had several lovers in the past but for fear that she’d realize how he felt about her. That had changed about six months ago when Cassandra had begun to share the frustrations she was feeling because of the lack of sex in his father’s and her marriage. She said that it had been “pretty good” when they were first married but that now she was lucky if his father showed any interest in her at all.

“My father’s a fool … if you were mine I’d make love to you every chance I had,” he’d sarıyer escort replied before thinking about what he was saying.

The silence that had followed seemed to last forever until she’d replied in a voice so soft that he’d barely heard her, “Then come back home and prove it.”

Unsure he’d heard correctly he’d, “What did you say?”

To which she simply replied, “Come home.”

That had been less than 48 hours ago. Now, he found himself sitting in the bar of the best hotel in the area. He’d arrived early and ordered a drink which was still sitting in front of him, untouched, as he reminisced about the past. Suddenly he sensed a change in the atmosphere of the room and looked up at the mirror. What he saw took his breath away.

Cassandra entered the bar dressed in an off-the-shoulder, emerald-green dress, and a black shawl draped over her shoulders which partially hid her breasts while also drawing even more attention to them. Of course, the low-hanging pearl necklace might have helped a little. The dress stopped just below the knees, revealing stockings and a pair of black high-heels which toned and accented her gorgeous legs. Though a petite woman, she carried herself with all the confidence of a mature woman who understood her sensual powers over men.

The room seemed to grow even quieter as he watched her in the mirror, moving with the slow, sensuous grace of a cat stalking its prey. She looked radiant with the lights reflecting off her blonde hair and her eyes seemed to sparkle when she saw him looking at her.

Turning in his seat, he found himself looking directly into those eyes and was lost for words before finally saying “Hello.”

A look of concern and surprise crossed her face which was quickly replaced by an impish smile. “Is that all you have to say after so long?” she asked, a slight European accent still apparent. “How about we try it my way?” she quizzed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and stepped between his legs. “Hello, lover,” she whispered as she leaned in for their first kiss.

Everything seemed to stop as he felt the velvety touch of her lips against his. Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer until he felt her body pressing against his. The kiss started out slow and tender but quickly increased as the passion they had been holding inside began to boil to the surface.

Feeling his cock begin to react to the closeness of her body, he gently broke their kiss and pushed her away. “I definitely like your way better, but if we don’t stop I’m not going to be responsible for what happens next,” he teased.

Leaning forward until her lips were directly against his ear, she’d replied in a whisper that only he could hear, “In that case, we better go up to your room because I’ve been thinking about this all day long and right now I’m so wet that my juices are about to start running down my leg.”

He could barely believe what he’d just heard but stood and offered her his arm before leaving the bar and heading for the elevator. Any concern he might have had about her reaction to seeing him quickly evaporated when she slid her arm through his and smiled saying “Lead the way, darling.”

At 28 years old, he was 6-feet tall and weighed in at just over 190 pounds; gone was the chubby little body that had followed her around the house, to be replaced by the body of a man. His hair was thick and dark brown, a gift from his mother’s side of the family, while his eyes were a deep blue. He worked out several times a week and though he didn’t have a weight-lifters body, he was toned and his muscles rippled when he moved, something that wasn’t missed by Cassandra as she walked with her arm linked in his.

As soon as the elevator door closed, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his lips back down to hers once again. Her tongue slid between his lips and the two were quickly locked in a passionate kiss as their hands began to travel over each other’s bodies. When the elevator door opened, they were still wrapped in each other’s arms, the only difference now being the prominent bulge in the front of his pants.

Releasing each other, she looked down at the bulge before lightly stroking it. “I hope that’s for me,” she teased before exiting the elevator.

Nodding his head, as he took her by the arm, they headed down the hallway to his room.

Once there, he reached into his jacket pocket, removed the keycard and slid it into the lock. Just as they heard the gentle ‘click’ of the door lock, she reached around to the front of his pants, massaging the growing hardness. The sensation was more than he had ever believed possible. Fumbling to pull the keycard back out of the lock he felt her move forward pressing herself against his back.

Then, standing on tip-toes she purred, seductively into his ear, “I definitely like what I feel and I have just the place for you to put it.” Then glancing up and down the hallway to make sure no one saw them, esenyurt escort she side-stepped and slid between him and the doorway. Quickly raising her right leg, she wrapped it around him and pulled him close as her dress fell open from a hidden slit to expose the top of her stockings.

He could feel the heat emanating from her as she pulled him closer and whispered in his ear, “Feel how hot and wet I am? Put your hand between my legs. I’m not wearing any panties. I put a pair on when I started to get dressed to meet you but decided they’d just get in the way so I took them off. Just feel how wet I am for you,” she murmured as she took his hand and moved it between them.

He was surprised when he heard her say she wasn’t wearing panties but not nearly as surprised as what he found when his hand reached its destination. He knew that she shaved her pussy from their earlier talks. What surprised him was the feel of the warm, slickness of her aroused pussy when his finger slid across her distended clit and nestled between her lust-swollen nether lips.

“That’s it, sweetie. Play with my pussy. Aaaarrgghhhhhh … that’s it … oohhhhhhh. It’s been years since I’ve gone anywhere without wearing panties. Your father always said that ‘good wives’ didn’t do such things but tonight I’m not his ‘good wife’. Tonight I’m a woman with needs … needs that haven’t been satisfied in quite awhile and just the idea that those needs are going to be satisfied by my own step-son have made me feel like a … hmmmmm … what’s that word? A trollop, no … a whore, no, that’s not it either …,” she hissed in his ear. “Now I remember … a slut … a sexy little slut … better yet, your sexy little slut. Ohhhhhmigod … that feels to good. Now I want you to slip your finger inside me … just like that … yesssssss … now, finger-fuck me … right now … right here in the hallway. I want to try all kinds of wicked and wonderful things with you tonight,” she continued as she shifted her hips to rub them against fingers.

Already covered by the pussy juices that were coating the outside of her womanhood, his finger slid into her waiting pussy as if it had a mind of its own, going deeper and deeper until his palm was cupping her pussy lips and clit. He knew that they could get in trouble, with the hotel or even the police, if anyone came into the hallway and saw them but he didn’t care at the moment. Leaning forward, he began to kiss her passionately as he slid his finger in and out of her. She responded by lifting her right leg even higher to give him better access while wrapping her leg around behind him, pulling him closer. Somewhere in his lust-fogged mind he felt her hand fumbling with the buckle on his belt and knew that they had better get into his room … NOW. He broke their kiss while simultaneously pulling his finger from her pussy. He removed the keycard and pushed the door open.

Using her arms, she pulled herself up and wrapped her left leg around his waist, locking it with the right leg, as he grabbed her ass and carried her into the room, all the while continuing to nuzzle and kiss his neck.

Once in the room, he pressed her against the wall as he felt his pants fall down around his ankles. Released from its confines, his cock poked up through the waist band of his boxer-briefs. Lust overwhelmed him as he fondled the cheeks of her ass, kneading them like fresh bread dough, while kissing the nape of her neck. He felt Cassandra shift in his arms and push his suit jacket off his arms. Instinctively, he moved to allow her access to the buttons of his shirt which opened and was pushed down until the jacket and shirt were bunched at his elbows.

“Hold on, lover. I’ve been dreaming about this for weeks,” she whispered as she slid first one arm and then the other from the strap of her dress to reveal her breasts to him. “Here you go, darling. I know you’ve wanted to see them since the day I came home with your father and now they’re yours. You can do anything you want to them. Kiss them, lick them, nibble on my nipples, … later I’ll even let you fuck them and cum all over them if you want … it doesn’t matter,” she coaxed as she pulled his head to her breast.

Instantly, he buried his head in her cleavage, kissing and licking her flesh. The desire to possess his step-mother directed his every move as he began to gently bite the flesh of her breasts and suck on it leaving a trail of small love bruises afterwards. At the same time, his right hand moved slowly across her ass until he felt a finger brush against the base of her aroused pussy. Her response was immediate as he felt her tighten her hold on him and her hips began to move in small circles against his finger.

“Ohhhhhhhh, that’s it, lover. Suck on my tits. Bite them. Ohhhhh … I can’t remember the last time I had a hickey from a man making love to me. Play with my pussy. Mmmmmmm, so good. I feel so wicked knowing we’re doing this but at the same time I’m getting so turned on. I’ve been fantasizing about this ever avrupa yakası escort since you agreed to come home. Ohhhhhhh … Can you feel my pussy juices flowing and coating the lips? That’s because of you,” she sighed as she loosened her legs and slid down his body until her breasts were flattened against his chest and she felt the head of his cock pressing against her waiting pussy.

The feel of his cock brushing against her pussy sent a jolt through his body and he was amazed when he felt himself harden and lengthen even more. Releasing his grip, he let her slide lower until the tip of his cock was pushing into her waiting sex cave.

“Oh god, stop teasing me. I need you so bad,” she murmured as she reached down between them and began to stroke his cock head against her pussy. “Come on, baby. Fuck me with your hard cock. Bury it in my pussy and make me cum. I need to feel you splatter all over inside me. Make me your lover, your slut, your,” she hesitated before continuing, “… baby-mommy. Fuck me nice and hard and deep. Cum deep inside of me and fill me with your baby-making cum. I want to feel you cum in me standing up, with me on top, with you on top and doggie, especially doggie. A couple of years after we got married, your father suddenly started saying that that “doggie” was only for degenerates and perverts yet it has always been the position I’ve loved the most because of how deep and hard my lover can fuck me. That’s what I want to feel tonight. I want to feel you pounding your cock into me and filling me with your cum until it leaks from me. I want to be walking bow-legged before you’re done with me, baby.”

He was almost too far gone to understand what she was saying and offering. The only thing on his mind was fucking her right there and then. “Now, slide that marvelous pussy of yours down on my cock.”

Tightening her legs to maintain her position, she felt him push his boxer-briefs down to fully release his cock. Instinctively, she slid down on his waiting cock as he pushed upwards just barely burying the head inside of her. “Ssssssssssshhhhhhhh,” she hissed. “I had no idea you’re cock was so big.”

Instantly, he stopped and slowly started to pull out of her until she tightened her legs again holding him inside her.

“Noooooooo, don’t stop darling,” she yelled as she reached her hand beneath her and grasped his cock, holding it inside. “I said you were big … not that I wanted you to stop. Put your cock in me. Push it all the way into me and fill me with it. Ohgodddd … stretch my pussy. I want to feel it deeper in me than any other man has even been. I want to feel it stretching me and pressing against the very back of my pussy … and when you cum, I want to feel you pressed against my cervix so you pump your cum into my womb. I want you to knock me up. I want you to get me pregnant with our baby.”

He felt his cock swell even more after hearing her request while feeling the moist, heat radiating from her core. It felt like electricity surging through him as the tip of his cock remained nestled between her pussy lips as he hesitated for a moment. He’d been told by several of his previous lovers that his cock was bigger than most but at the moment it felt larger then it ever had before.

She had also felt his cock swelling in her hand, triggering an even greater desire to have it in her. “Come on, baby. I can feel that cock of yours getting soooo big. Stuff it inside me and stretch me. Don’t worry about anything. I want to feel you stretch me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cock this big inside me but I don’t care. I need to feel it in me … NOW,” she said, kissing him passionately as she lowered herself onto his hard cock. She could feel her pussy being stretched almost to the point of pain, but it was an erotic pain. Every nerve was screaming at the sensation as she lowered herself inch-by-inch onto his cock until she felt the head firmly planted against the back of her pussy.

He also felt himself hit bottom and broke from their kiss. Holding her tightly by the ass, he looked at her, he could see the desire in her eyes as her pussy became used to his size. He had sex with his share of women but none of them had ever reacted as she was. Slowly he lifted her up, trying to withdraw his cock from her only to feel her muscles tighten around his shaft like a vice. “Mmmmm, that feels great. Keep tightening your pussy like that; it feels so damn good. I want to make love to you and fill you just like we’ve talked about. Oh, shit, that feels so good,” he murmured.

He still had her pinned against the wall as he began to slowly slide in and out of her pussy, but she had other ideas as she tightened her hold around his waist and began to piston up and down faster and faster. “Come on, baby. I don’t want to make love this first time. I’m too fucking horny for that. I want you to fuck me good and hard. Bounce my pussy up and down on your shaft. We can be lovers later. Right now I just want you to fill me with your cock and fuck me. Ohhhhhhhh … do it … I need you to fuck me. Pound that wet, slippery hole. Jam your cock in it. Ohhhhgggooodddddd, I need this,” she wailed. “Do you understand what I’m saying, lover? Fuck my like a slut. Fill my pussy with your cock and use me until you pump a load of your baby-making cream inside of me. I want … no … I need to feel your cum filling me. Come on, stud. Fuck me.”

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