A Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

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Hayden Winters

Part 1 of this story left off with Alexis in Mark’s house. Alexis had a major crush on Mark but she was engaged. If it weren’t for her fiancé, she would have pursued a relationship with him. After meeting up on the street one evening, they were kidnapped and taken to a van, injured, then suddenly released. Mark convinced Alexis that they could not go to the police so they went to Mark’s home. Alexis was trying to keep her mind from wandering into dangerous territory as she attended to his wounded shoulder.




“I have a confession to make”

Mark looked a little nervous. “I know you’re engaged, but I’ve always had a little crush on you”

Alexis felt like she would faint from anxiety. She wanted to hear those words yet it was scary that he actually said them!! “Oh, ummmm, thanks”

“How stupid!” she thought “Thanks?!?”

Mark looked sheepish. “Look Alexis, I’m sorry if I’m crossing the line. I probably shouldn’t have said anything”

“Mark, I think I’ve got your shoulder in good shape, at least for now. Would you mind if I took a shower here? I need to get this blood on my chest washed off before I head home”

“No problem Alexis, anything you need, again, I’m sorry”

A few minutes later Alexis was in Mark’s shower stall, carefully washing the blood off her chest. Her wound was already clotted, and thankfully hurt very little. Nonetheless her mind wandered to illicit thoughts of Mark. She started slowly soaping her breasts, lingering near her nipples as she closed her eyes and pictured him in the stall with her. Soon enough she was stroking her pussy lips, which were engorged from arousal.

Mark was in his bedroom. His mind racing between the naked woman in the shower and the men who kidnapped them. He thought he heard moaning from istanbul escort the bathroom. Concerned that she might be hurt, he knocked on the bathroom door. No response. Worried that she might be passed out in the shower, he opened the door and peeked in. Alexis was still in the shower stall, he could see her naked silhouette through the fogged glass doors. She WAS moaning! But it was obviously not from pain! “Let’s do a little test” he thought and closed the door.

Alexis dried off after her shower, and stared at her naked body in the mirror. She was in good shape, her large breasts still perk, mostly thanks to wearing bras 24/7. Her stomach was flat but soft. Her thighs were muscular and her ass was round but small. She caressed her pussy which was trimmed very low so that her outer lips were plump and visible. She wrapped the towel around herself and headed to Mark’s bedroom to see if he had a t-shirt she could borrow. Mark was on his bed with his eyes closed, wearing only a towel. There was a noticeable bulge in the crotch area and she tried not to stare. He stirred a little and turned his body slightly, his towel falling to the side. “Oh my God!” she thought as she stared at his erect penis which was completely exposed. She couldn’t move.

“So how do you like the view?” Mark asked, his eyes open as he grinned at Alexis. Suddenly he was on his feet and started to slowly advance toward her.

“Mark, I don’t think this is a good idea”

“Why not Alexis? You’re obviously attracted to me, I’ve known this for a long time. Nobody will ever know what happens tonight so don’t fight it”

Alexis backed up until her back was against the wall. Mark pinned her lightly, both of them towel-clad, his penis still hard and pressing into her pelvis. He planted a light kiss on her avcılar escort lips at first, then ran his tongue across them until she parted hers, and he dove in. The kiss seemed to last forever, with their tongues dancing to a rhythm as old as time. He pulled away “I promise you, you won’t do anything that you don’t want to do tonight, and very soon, you’ll be begging me to fuck you”

Her eyes widened as he planted his lips on her neck. She moaned and closed her eyes as he gently fondled her breasts through the fold in her towel. Soon the towel was on the floor and he was suckling each breast, stealing glances at her face. It was obvious from her expression that she was loving every minute of it. He lowered himself and kissed her belly. Then he picked her up with her legs wrapped around him and walked her to his bed where he lay her down gently. He kissed her pubic mound softly, ran his tongue down the slit of her lips and slowly made his way to her clitoris.

That’s when Alexis lost it. Mark played with her clit, flicking it and sucking on it until it grew hard. He then shoved his tongue inside her pussy and sent her body bucking with pleasure. She felt the orgasm building, and didn’t care to fight it anymore. With him tongue-fucking her, she had a massive orgasm, with her pussy contracting violently as he rubbed her clit with his finger.

“Do you want me to fuck you now?” he whispered in her ear as he hovered above her.

“No, we can’t!” even as she said it, she felt her resolve weakening. She looked at his body. His towel had long fallen away and she just wanted to lick his entire frame. She sat up and pushed him to the side. Getting on her knees, she pushed him onto his back. She wanted to wipe the smug look off his face. She climbed over him, her breasts dangling just above his chest. She lowered herself şirinevler escort slowly and let her nipples drag across his torso. She dropped light kisses all over his chest, stopping to give a quick flick to his nipples, which were rock hard. They weren’t the only ones, his penis was so hard the veins were popping. She slowly kissed down to his groin, letting her breath touch his penis but not her lips. He was breathing hard with his eyes closed. Alexis moved down and kissed his inner thighs. She then kissed his scrotum, lightly, he gasped. She took his balls into her mouth and rolled them around. The musky taste of his skin was making her even more wet.

Mark was in heaven. He had a very naked Alexis straddling him and teasing his swollen member. He watched her licking his balls, her damp hair tickling his thighs, her beautiful breasts in full view. She looked up at him with dreamy eyes as she slowly licked her way up his shaft. She started flicking his frenulum with her tongue as his penis throbbed. Suddenly her mouth descended on his head. Her mouth was hot and wet and he felt her tongue alternating between swirling around the rim and sucking hard on his shaft. She kept this up for at least five min and he was doing everything in his power to prevent himself from exploding in her mouth. He sat up and gently pulled her face up. He led her upward until they were face to face and started kissing her. While their lips where still locked he rolled himself on top of her.

“Alexis, I want to be inside of you”

“Fuck me!” she whispered.

He smiled and guided his penis to her pussy. Pushing at her slowly, he felt a little resistance but she was very wet so he was soon inside her tight vagina and stroking her slowly. He was so close to cumming, then he felt her muscles contracting as she had another orgasm. He leaned forward to kiss her lips just before he exploded inside her, pumping every drop of semen inside.

A short while later, they both emerged, fully clothed, from the house. They walked to his car, not noticing the SUV parked several houses down. John, Alexis’s fiancé, sat still, his hands clenched tightly on the steering wheel.

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