A Family Celebration Ch. 02

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“I’m so glad we were able to get away and spend some time together, Yvonne. But god the stores are as busy as they were before Christmas….. I’m starving.. Where would you like to eat lunch?”

“Oh Alice I don’t really care. Any place where we can get a glass of wine.” She said with a smile.

“Yes Mom, I could use a drink after this morning…. How about this new place?”

Alice asked for a booth in the corner as she did not want their conversation overheard. After the waiter brought their wine Alice began.

“Mom… oh…err..”

“What is it dear?” Yvonne queried.

“Well it’s not easy to talk about…. but…. Scott and I aren’t doing so well in the sex department. I know we have been married for over twenty-two years but it…”

Alice paused and checked out her mother-in-law’s reaction. Yvonne was on the edge of her seat, egger to hear the rest. “Go on dear.”

“We just don’t fuck as much as we used to and when we do it’s just not as good. We are both upset about it…… I read somewhere that getting involved with another couple can sometimes help…. What do you think?…. How do you and Ed handle it…. Or haven’t you had the problem?”

“Oh no dear we have gone through the same thing…. And…”

“What Mom… what… we really need your help. What did you do?”

“Now you can’t tell anyone… but you know our friends the Jackson’s?”

“The Black… aha African-American couple?”

“Yes,well they were having difficulties too and we began to talk and ….”

“Yes… yes … go on.”

“We switched… or do you call it swapped…. partners…. And it seemed to help both of our marriages… Now you mustn’t tell anyone. But I would advise you to try to find another couple and…”

“Do you still … get together with them?”

“Oh yes it has become a regular thing at least once a month and each time we seem to be the better for it.”

“Is it true what they say?… I mean about size and sex?”

“Well Josh is hung like a horse and your father-in-law sure loves eating that big black hair pie.” Yvonne said with a smile.

“Gee Mom.. You and Ed… who would have thought?…. But I don’t know any couples we would feel comfortable with… or trust. Here let me order you another glass of wine.”

As Yvonne sipped her second drink Alice continued. “Gosh.. We really need help and…. Oh no… I…”

“What halkalı escort is it dear? What were you going to say?”

“Oh it’s a crazy idea … but… what about you and Ed helping us out?… Oh I shouldn’t have….”

“Oh my … now that’s….. I don’t know. ….Well I know Ed would be all for it. He has told me on more than one occasion how much he would like to.. ‘jump your bones’… ‘get a piece of your ass’ …. Things like that…. I guess you must feel similar about him… or you would not have suggested it…. But Scotty, …. he is my son and besides I’m a fat old lady… he wouldn’t be interested in me.”

“Oh I’m not so sure about that … You know all little boys want to fuck their mother.”

“And fathers or father-in-laws all want to fuck their daughters.” Yvonne quickly added with a sly smile.

They both laughed. Yvonne nodded her head as she blushed and felt a tingle between her legs…. ‘Hmm her handsome son Scotty,’ she thought to herself

The wine was taking its toll as they continued to giggled over Alice’s ‘mother fucking’ comment and Yvonne’s response.. Alice didn’t think it was the time to tell her mother-in-law just how much her husband wanted to fuck his mother.

Yvonne got a pensive look on her face and then smiled…. Alice noticed her erect nipples pressing against her blouse as her mother-in-law began to speak.

“I guess it could be the wine.. But if you think Scotty would be interested in this old hag…. Well I…god I’m getting wet just thinking about it… When or how would we do this?”

Alice smiled to herself. Her plan had worked. “What about New Years Eve? Kelly is going to be at an overnight party at a friends house. We will have the whole house to ourselves.”

Yvonne nodded approval as she asked, “How will we get it going? Should I say something to Ed?”

“Oh…. You could warm him up a little by bringing up his past comments about ‘doing me’ ….. or something like that. Just leave the rest to me.”

“I have an idea,” Alice said, “Why don’t we go back to the store that had those slutty dresses and each get an outfit for New Years Eve? There was a sexy cocktail dress I liked and … remember that killer lacy see-though number with the scoop neckline? … you and your tits would look hot in that.”

Yvonne şişli escort laughed and nodded approval. Alice was proud of how she manipulated things so far. She was sure she could handle the rest.


“Wow what a day. We sure spent some money,” Alice said laughing. “ Everybody seems to be out, Why don’t we try on our new sexy dresses.”

They went into the Master Bedroom and began to undress. Alice was struck by how freely Yvonne pulled off her clothes.

“Here, help me with this Alice, It won’t look very good showing through this lace top.”

Alice unhooked her mother-in-law’s bra and reached back undoing her own.. “ Mom you have such great tits…. Oh I shouldn’t…”

“Nonsense… a women loves to hear such things.. Especially a women as old as me… You‘re not looking so bad yourself with your … what 40 D‘s?”

The two women looked at each other and it struck them… They were admiring each others breast and it was turning them on. Alice reached out. “May I?” She stroked Yvonne’s soft full boobs. He thick brown nipples immediately became rigid.

Yvonne moaned as she slid the palm of her hand over Alice’s erect pink nipples.

Silently they the embraced, tit against tit and kissed. Not a motherly kiss but a long wet tongue kiss. Yvonne brushed her mother-in-law’s hair back.

“Oh Mom… that was so.. so.. Ah… Have you ever been with a women?”

Yvonne nodded and asked, “have you?”

“In college… once… my roommate and I…. But I love to fuck men too,” She added hastily. Alice felt like a little girl confessing to her mother.

Reaching forward, Alice loosened her mother-in-law’s skirt and slid it to the floor. Taking in Yvonne’s full, voluptuous body, Alice pulled her panties down and knelling before her kissed the graying bushy mound between her legs.

Yvonne laid back on the bed. Spreading her legs she pressed her daughter-in-laws head against her wet pussy. She felt Alice’s warm tongue part her labial lips and dance inside her cunt. Alice’s hands reached up rubbing and kneading her giant boobs.

“Ohhh.. Ohhh.. Yes… Oh yes…” She cried out as her lover’s tongue flicked her clit.. Over and over and over… breathless she hardly got out the words, “ Oh god girl… lick Mommy’s cunt….Ohh… you’re making me cum…. Ohh Oh sarıyer escort Yeeeeesss”

Alice looked up between her legs. Her mother-in-law’s juices dripping from her smiling face.

“It’s my turn to please you now honey,” Yvonne said as she pulled Alice’s thong to the floor.

“But first you must obey me.. You MUST DO what I say!”

Alice nodded…. She had never been submissive to a women before… but was getting turned on to Yvonne’s dominance.

“Rub your titties… that’s it now squeeze them together…. Yes… pinch your pretty pink nipples till they hurt… good… look how long and thick they’ve grown…. Now lick them.. Run your tongue around your aureoles…. Yes now suck the nipples.. Suck them hard and deep till you feel it in your pussy.”

Alice’s cunny was sopping wet. She began to reach down to finger herself.

“No.. not yet.. Don’t touch that pussy till I tell you…. You’re my slut…. You’re Momma’s little slut…. Bitch…. Now.. Now… slide your fingers down over your belly.. Circle your navel… now down to that trimmed pussy of yours… just graze the lips.. No… No don‘t go in…”

Alice’s body was tingling with anticipation…

“NOW!” Shouted Yvonne. Alice’s fingers dove into her hot, wet slit. She felt the silky soft folds of her cunt and began violently rubbing her swollen clit.

“STOP!” Cried Yvonne. Oh god she thought she was going to explode… She had to.. She had… “Take both hands and hold your cunt lips open for me.”

Alice complied. Yvonne leaned and took her daughter-in-law’s clit between her lips… now teeth and sucked.

“Oh shit… Oh god…. Oh fuck… Oh Mom…. I’m cumming…”

“NO STOP!” Yvonne ordered… but it was too late.

Yvonne next positioned her daughter-in-law across the bed on her stomach. Holding her hips she pulled her to a kneeling position. She slapped her fleshy ass cheek with an open hand leaving a red imprint and sting to Alicee’s bottom. Yvonne smacked the other cheek with the same result.

She kissd her pink buttocks and ran her tongue up and down her butt crack causing Alice to shiver with delight. Yvonne’s tongue slid between her legs to Alice’s dripping pussy. Flicking in and out Yvonne drove her charge crazy.

“Oh Mom…. Ohh … Oh Mom.. Yes ….oh yes… lick it Mom… suck my clit oH.. Ohh..”

Alice was in ecstasy as her husband’s mother fingered her pussy licking and kissing her cunny. Alice’s sopping pussy throbbed as she climaxed on her mother-in-law’s mouth for a second time.

They laid on the bed stroking and kissing when they heard a car pull in the driveway. Quickly dressing they vowed this would not be their last time together.

(Chapter 3 begins with New Years Eve)

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