A Dream?

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The sun is shining, there are soft white clouds in the sky and a gentle breeze is blowing as I walk through a field of yellow and purple flowers, savoring the beautiful day. I discover a clearing and decide to lay down and rest.

As I close my eyes, I imagine my lover’s hands caressing my body, starting with my forehead, moving down to my cheeks and then tracing the outline of my lips. My hands begin to imitate what my mind is experiencing. As I feel his hands continue to move about my body, going from my chin and neck to my breasts. Our fingers circle the edge of my areolas and spiral toward my nipples gently squeezing them and making them hard.

My breathing becomes deeper as our hands move down over my belly and lightly brush my mound. Our roaming fingers trace back up to the top of my dress and unbutton it, pulling it back and exposing my body. As we undo the last button our hands move to my inner thighs and slowly move toward my pussy. The moistness between my legs growing. Lightly touching my clit as it esenyurt escort begins to reach out craving to be touched.

My legs part slightly and our hands move to my moist pussy. As the fingers find their way deep inside I let out a soft moan. Slowly continuing to stroke my clit while our fingers explore deep inside. My legs spread wider as I feel the heat of his breath against my pussy. Taking my clit into his mouth, sucking it in deep and biting it hard. Moaning louder from the ecstasy of the feeling.

My hands moving to his head, holding his tongue deep against me. Moving my hips against his face as the tingling sensation begins. I can hear the wet sounds of his mouth as he delves deeper in to my clit. Feeling the vibration of his moans against me. Knowing that he is enjoying this as much as I am. His head moves further down and his tongue penetrates deep inside me.

I feel the breeze caress my naked body sending a slight chill over my pussy. My eyes wanting to open but avrupa yakası escort not wanting to let go of this wonderful dream. I clamp my thighs tight to his head holding him close to me. His face moving furiously as his tongue probes further and further inside. My moans becoming louder and more uncontrollable. I feel my juices begin to flow as he catches them with his mouth. Sucking them from me and drinking them in. I surrender to him completely and explode for him. Orgasmic spasms overtake me and I shudder with each thrust of his tongue. My back arches, toes curl and head leans back in to the soft grass as I relinquish control. My mind wrapping around and embracing my dream with such intensity that it feels real.

He slowly moves up and I feel the weight of his body pressing against me. The heat of his breath and wetness of his kiss on my mouth. He has my legs over his shoulders and I can feel the head of his cock begin to slowly enter my anadolu yakası escort hot wet pussy. As he moves deeper inside, I feel my lips open to his long hard cock. As he fills me completely and begins to fuck me slow and rough.

My hips lifting upwards meeting his as he forcefully moves inside me. He expertly moves in and out of me rubbing against my clit. The tingling begins and I start to move my hips faster to him. The desire and yearning building as he starts to fuck me harder and harder. Feeling his cock hit the back of my pussy and then pulling away from it quickly. His mouth is on my breast sucking in my nipple as my hand is massaging the other one. I moan louder and louder as I feel his hard cock begin to throb inside me. His balls beginning to tighten and I know he is going to fill me with his thick sperm.

He places each of his hands to the side of me as he arches his back and rams deeper. His muscles tighten as do mine and together we begin to erupt, our volcanic juices mixing together, my pussy is steaming from the heat. With a final thrust he shoots what is left and withdraws from me leaving a trail down my inner thigh. As I slowly start to wake my hands moving over my body down to my thigh I feel the warmness of his cum. I shake my head in disbelief as I bring my finger to my mouth and taste him. Wondering if this was truly a dream?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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