A Desk and Uniforms Pt. 01

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From that video game: Red Alert 3


Walking out of the shower, the Eva looked at herself in the mirror naked. She grinned at the sight that met her. She licked her lips and reached for a towel; slowly drying herself.

I do look good, she thought. Few would disagree with would her immensely full yet firm breasts, shapely legs, long, dirty blond locks and electric blue eyes. She proceeded to dress in her uniform – a blue skirt that cut around the middle of her thighs, a fitting jacket and a matching blouse that she ensured showed ample cleavage. Before this though, she slipped on a white lacy boyskort and a push up bra. She made sure her underwear was pulled up as high and tight as they could go – the slight pressure made her grin with pleasure.

She arrived at the office early as usual, and the place was quiet and empty. And as usual, Lissette was waiting in her office for her. She too was dressed in the same uniform.

‘Oh!’ she sighed, quickly lunging for Eva. ‘I’ve been waiting forever for you!’

Eva giggled and kissed Lissette deeply. Lissette, wasting no time, began to rub herself on Eva’s thigh. ‘Ohh…’ Lissette sighed.

‘You’re horny today!’ exclaimed Eva. She indulged her lover, slipping a hand up her short skirt for her bottom. She could feel that Lissette’s underwear was already moist.

‘I really need you today’ breathed Lissette. She unbuttoned Eva urgently. She was fiery with her desire for sex and Eva was getting turned on just looking at her: red headed with escort izmit lily white skin; smaller in frame than herself, she looked elegant and willowy. But certainly not at that very moment as Lissette began to hump Eva’s thigh with increasing intensity. She discarded Eva’s blazer and with her blouse unbuttoned, Lissette ravaged her large breasts with her lips.

Eva allowed herself to be backed against a wall and in turn began to undress Lissette. She made quick work of her top and revealed white lingerie similar to her own. Her bra pushed her B-cup breasts so that they looked firm and juicy. Eva unbuckled her skirt and could see Lissette’s panties were now so wet that they were see-through. Lissette had found Eva’s nipple, eliciting a deep moan from the blonde.

‘You need to come Lis, quickly.’ Eva decided. She pushed Lissette firmly on the desk and spread the smaller girl’s legs wide. She forced herself on Lissette, grinding their pussies against each other. “OHH!” moaned Lissette. She gripped her legs around Eva’s thighs and began to hump back with force.

Eva’s eyes rolled back as the friction grew. She made each grind longer and harder, so that pleasure was shooting with increasing intensity through her. Quickly, she reached her hand for the telephone and dialled three numbers. Lissette began to cry out freely now: ‘Oh Evey!! Yes! Oh yes!!’ Her hands reached for her own breasts, frantically rubbing her nipples.

‘Hello..oh!’ shouted Eva into the receiver. ‘Kev? We need you here Kev! Lis really needs you!’ With that she slammed izmit darıca escort the phone back, and continued humping Lis on the table. ‘Yes! Ohhhh! YES! Harder! Harder!’ Lissette screamed. “Like that! Yes! Oh like that baby!’ She was loving being fucked on their favourite wooden desk – firm and sturdy. It’s cool surface was a pleasant contrast to her body’s heat.

The door suddenly burst open – Kevin was here. He wasted no time stripping and getting down to business. He moved behind Eva who said ‘No, Lis needs you Kev…not me, Lis.’ Kevin smiled.

‘She can wait…’ he said playfully. With that he pulled down Eva’s boyskorts and plunged himself into her sopping vagina from the back. ‘OHHHH!!!’ moaned Eva. She stopped humping Lissette and arched her back, standing on her tiptoes as Kevin eased out of her before returning with force. ‘OHHHHHHHHH! AHHHH!!!’ screamed the blonde. Kevin began to fuck her mercilessly, cupping Eva’s huge breasts as they fucked standing. They were so very firm, and bouncing in the lace as Eva bounce up and down, and up and down.

Lissette, with no attention on her, began to cry out in frustration. She began to finger herself but Kevin yelled out ‘No! No! You hear me, Lis! No!’

She immediately retracted her fingers and began to whimper, rubbing her breasts frantically instead. Kevin could see how wet and gooey her pussy was now – and he knew she was incredibly tight…

Eva was moaning incomprehensibly now – back arched, eyes rolled backwards and her hands reached behind izmit rus escort her around Kevin’s hips who was unrelenting in bringing her to orgasm. ‘OHH! OHHH! I’m…I’m COMING!! OHH!!! YES! YES! AEE! AHHH! OHH!” she cried as she came. Kevin, brutal on her g-spot, felt her pussy spasm strongly and he grunted as he prevented himself from orgasming too.

Lissette was close to tears at this point. Her legs were spread, her hands gripping the edge of the desk tightly. Kevin quickly moved to her and ran his hands up her legs. He pulled down her panties and held her still. Eva, still recovering from her orgasm, moved on the opposite side of the desk to kiss Lissette. Kevin pulled Lissette closer to him and slowly moved himself into her.

She sighed and pushed her hips forward to have him deeper. “Yes! Oh Yeah!” she moaned. Eva began to caress her back and licking her neck, down to her spine and back again. “Oh yes! Yes! Yes Yes! AHhhh!” she screamed as Kevin increased his pace. Her pussy was slick and tight and Lissette’s moans had him on the edge. Eva unclipped her bra, and pulled her shoulders backwards so that Lissette’s bouncing breasts were pushed towards Kevin. He began increasing his pace furiously. Lissette gripped the desk as tight as she could as she felt him coming. Burst after burst exploded in her and Eva quickly rubbed Lissette’s clitoris causing her to explode to. “Oh!!! OH OH! OH!” she cried. She looked in shock and she her orgasm came in bursts.


As their orgasms died down, Lissette pulled Eva onto the desk with her. Kevin grinned and said a goodbye before quickly getting dressed and darting out the door. ‘It’s going to be a fun day Eva…’ Lissette sighed as she began cupping Eva’s breasts again.


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