A Day at the Office

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So, I’m Josh, 6′ 2″ tall and I work as a project manager at a midsized firm on the east coast. At this point in my career, when this incident happened, I was a total burnout. I was a high school superstar in football, destined for a full scholarship my senior year when I blew my knee out in the next to last game of the season. It was a devastating event, but I persevered and went on to college graduating with a degree in business. A few months after graduation I landed this job and life was still okay. I met a beautiful lady and a year later we were married.

Fast forward 4 years, and this is when it happened. The job I was so excited to have has turned into a 12 hour a day grind, and the wife decided that I was emotionally unavailable and moved on to find her true soul mate. So here I am working late on the last day before the Christmas holidays. The boss insisted that I had to at least make an appearance at the Christmas party downstairs in the lobby, but I had to finish a ton of paperwork before I could quit for the day, and the last thing I wanted to do was mix and mingle. I got on the elevator with the intention of moving thru the party saying hello to everyone, then chop down a couple of stiff free drinks and rush home to relax and spend another in a long string of nights on the sofa wondering where it all went wrong.

So I mingle thru the crowd that had already been at it pretty hard for a couple of hours, which made it even harder to tolerate because they are all letting it all hang out. I made it over to the corner where the free bar was and I mixed myself a good strong drink. I had downed the first one and was fixing another when Amanda walks up. She is the bosses wife, and she is a stone cold fox. She looks like she just stepped out of the pages on cosmopolitan magazine. I had met her a couple of times before briefly but she always came across as a pompous little high bred bitch if you want to know the truth of it. Nonetheless she was a hammer, and that was without a doubt. She was wearing a white silk top, with a former fitting black skirt with black stockings.

Flirting with this woman was the last thing I was going to do for a number of reasons, foremost of which was that she was my bosses wife. I was really not in the mood for company, or small talk and I just wanted to finish off my second drink and leave. I was still behind the bar, having just finished mixing my second drink when she sat on one of the bar stools and asked me if I would fix her a drink. I said of course, and asked her what she wanted. She said “just pour me a glass of that tequila and put a couple of pieces of ice in it.”. That got my attention, and I began to think this may get interesting. I looked at her and asked if everything was okay. She said everything was just great, and asked if I had seen her husband. I said no, that I hadn’t , which was a lie, because when I was making my way thru the party I had seen him with the receptionist. It looked like one of those conversations where he was telling her how great her tits looked, and she was smiling asking him if he wanted to get a better look. I cannot say for certain that was the case, but knowing him, I was not far off.

As I looked at Amanda, I began kocaeli escort to soften my position a bit. For the first time, I could see that she was just trying to make it one day to the next, just like everyone else. I asked her if she wanted to talk. She said that she just wanted to sit, and drink. That was it, she had me hook, line and, sinker. I was in. This woman was in the same place in her life as I was. She sat quietly on the stool while I stood across from her making small talk with her just trying to get her to open up a little, I was honestly still not flirting. I could just feel her pain, and I knew first hand what that felt like. We were going into the holidays, and I wanted to give her the opportunity to unburden herself in some small way. I wanted to let her know that some people really do care. She had been staring down in her drink for some time, and I had leaned in pretty close so I could talk softly to her in her ear. I was doing this simply for affect to get her to open up, but while I was in close, I got drawn in to that beautiful, bountiful cleavage that was showing with just a trace of fine lace on her satin bra. I got lost in that most erotic sight when I realized that she had looked up at me and caught me red handed. I begged her apologies, and she asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her I thought she was beautiful, and that if I were her husband, I wouldn’t let her out of my sight. She hesitated for a moment, then said that the panties matched. She then asked me if I wanted to see them. I looked hard into her eyes. I was looking for the trap, but with the liquor going to my head, I told her I would love to. She never broke eye contact and never cracked a smile, then asked me if I had an office. I told her to follow me.

We got on to the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed I had to know if this was real. I put my arms around her delicate waist and pulled her in close and began to kiss her. Again, I was shocked, her kiss was smoldering, and hungry, and before I knew it the elevator doors were opening on my floor. I broke away from her as the doors opened just in case someone was standing is sight. The coast was clear and we walked to my office. Once inside, we were wrapped together. She felt amazing, I kissed her lips, then down to her neck and around to her ear lobe as I inhaled her perfume. I began kneading her full, large breasts. We were both breathing heavy when she sat down in the chair behind her and unbuckled my slacks and let them fall to the floor, she quickly pulled down my boxers and gasped at the sight of my cock. She backed up for a moment, looked up at me smiling, and said, “oh my, you, my dear, have a very nice cock”. I smiled, and said “I know”.

Things slowed down at this point and it was as if we were finally where we both needed to be, and now it was time to relax. She grabbed hold of my cock firmly with both hands and began to roll and swirl her wrists as she gently but firmly began to stroke my cock up and down. For a minute or so she seemed content to just look at this , inches away from her mouth, as precum had began oozing out of the head. She would roll the palm of her hand up over and around the head of my cock to spread the slippery goo around kocaeli escort bayan and down my shift. Within a short period of time I was fully lubed and she began to kiss the head of my cock and suck it gently into her pouty lips. This was the most erotic experience of my life. This woman had an air of confidence, and sensuality that was mesmerizing. I told her I wanting to see my cock between those beautiful breasts. She stopped, straightened up, removed her silk blouse, then her bra, and exposed the most beautiful pair of mamilialies I have even seem. Her skin was a pale beautiful ivory color, her breasts were large, and heavy, but beautifully formed, her are areolas were puffy and pink and topped with an extended erect nipple. She grabbed them both, wrapped them around my slippery cock and began stroking my cock while she kissed the head of it each time it appeared up out of those amazing tits. That was it, I couldn’t take any more, I began to cum, shooting stream after stream of hot jism all over her neck, and tits. She smiled up at me and spread it all over her nipples and rubbed them hard, rolling them between her fingers, as she wiggled in her chair. I grabbed her up and pushed her over on to the desk, she submitted, bending down and putting her elbows on the table. I grabbed hold of the bottom hem of her skirt and pulled it up over her ass, and up to her waist. I stopped, struck once again by the sheer beauty of it. She was wearing a black garter belt, with thin silk straps were fastened to a pair of black silk stockings. She was wearing a pair of 3″ black heels, And topped it all off with a pair of fine French cup lace panties. I was stunned. I had never before seen such an exquisite sight. I had to just back away for a moment and capture this image in my mind. I quickly regained my senses and gently removed her delicate panties, she stepped out of them and spread her legs wide as she lowered herself down on the desk. I got down on my knees and buried my face in her beautiful ass. I spun around on the floor and began eating her pussy like a man who had been starved. Her cunt was wide and meaty, her vulva was full and swollen, and her clitoris was hard and pronounced. I slowed myself and began to gently swirl my tongue around the hood that covered her little nubbin. I could feel her legs begin to tremble as I gently maintained a rhythm up, down and around her hard clitoris. With my hands I was firmly kneading her bottom and spreading her ass cheeks to finger the entrance of her womb. Her cunt was fully dilated and her juices were flowing out of her cunt and beginning to run down her leg. She began to moan softly and shudder as I began to feel the spasms ripple thru her womb.

At this point I was fully hard again, I stood up behind her. She turned her head and looked up at me with a look as if to plead for me not to stop now. I took hold of her hips firmly and guided my throbbing member deep into her uterus . She gasped for air and began clawing to the desk top. I pulled her back down onto me and held her there firmly for a moment while she acclimated to the size of my cock. I held my movement until she began gyrating her groin letting me know that we were good. kocaeli escort I began to stock her slowly at first, until I could feel the heat rising, she began moaning as she was pushing back to meet my thrusts. I began to pound her hard as her intensity continued to build and build. I put my thumb in my mouth and wet it with my saliva, I smacked her hard on the ass, then held my palms firmly on her buttocks as I spread her cheeks and maneuvered my wet thumb over her ass hole, her began to squirm as I circled her little sphincter increasing pressure each time I went round until the finger popped in all the way to the first joint.

She was struggling to regain some control of herself, but I would not let her come down. She was having orgasm after orgasm as I pounded her and rolled my finger around in her little butt hole. I asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass. She just kept moaning and nodding her head no. I said well that’s about to change, and I pulled out of her dripping cunt, grabbed my cock, and began lubing up her sweet little ass for a grand entrance. I was putting on an aggressive tone, but at the same time, I was giving her the opportunity to stop this if I was in fact going too far. She made no effort to remove herself from her situation, so I pressed on, gently lubing and pushing against her tight little ass until I felt her relax and the head of my cock slid smoothly into her ass. I paused for a moment while I could feel her ass still trying to clamp shut. I gently rolled the head around in the entrance until I felt her beginning to relax. Once I felt she was ready I slowly pushed my meat deep into her bowel. She began to whimper and moan with a mixture of pleasure, and pain. I continued to pick up the pace as my oozing cock was lubricating her bowel. Before long her was trembling, and I reached around with one hand and began massaging her clitoris while I grabbed one of her heavy breasts with the other. This is when it all began to come together. Her began making these guttural sounds coming deep from within as she began to shake violently and came over and over again. I was over the top and came deep in her bowel for the second and final time.

I was completely spent. I had just had the most earth shattering experience with the most exotic woman I had ever know. I stumbled back against the wall. I slid down to the floor and just sat there in a puddle of euphoria. She fell onto the desk and we were both quiet and motionless for several minutes. Finally she stood up, backed up and plopped down in the chair. She looked at me, then fumbled around in her purse for her cigarettes. She looked at me and asked if it was alright for her to smoke. I told her she could do anything that she wanted, with, to, or around me. She smiled, lit her cigarette and said, ” I needed that”. I looked at her and said, ” me too”. We both grinned and a just sat there looking at this amazing woman. Wondering how such an amazing woman could be left alone at a party. Wondering how I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to experience one of the most intense experiences of my life with such an exotic thing.

A few moments later, she said she needed to catch up with her husband. She commented that he should be finished by now and ready to go home and go to bed. Making me realize that she probably knew exactly what he was up to the whole time. I haven’t seen her since. I do, however, see her husband every day, and there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t wonder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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