A Cry for Love

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18, and all are fictional. Not based on anyone living or dead.


“What did you do?!” Jenna cried out when she saw her daughter walk through the front door. “What did you do to your hair?”

“What? I needed a change,” Sam said, shrugging her shoulders.

“B-but…but this is…how could you…?” Jenna stammered.

She rushed over and took her daughter Samantha’s head in her hands. She let her finger run over where once Sam’s long, gorgeous black hair grew. Now there was nothing but a light stubble. Her head was now completely shaven bald. As if the piercings through her eyebrow and her tongue weren’t bad enough!

“What were you thinking? Are you out of your mind? You’ve gone too far this time!” Jenna said. “And where have you been the last two days? I’ve been worried sick. Why didn’t you call me so I knew where you were?”

“What’s the big deal?” Sam scoffed. “I’m eighteen. I can do what it want.”

“Sweetheart, that’s not the point. What about your appearance? What will people think?” Jenna said, trying to reason with her.

“Fuck what people think. This is what I want,” Sam snapped, pushing herself past her mother.

Jenna grabbed her daughter’s arm. Before Sam could squirm away, Jenna embraced her and held her tight. Her hand stroked her daughter’s now bare head, trying to soothe her.

“What’s going on with you these days? Why are you so angry? So…resentful?” Jenna asked.

“God, Mom! Just leave me alone,” Sam snapped.

She wriggled herself free from her mother’s hug, running up the stairs and into her room, slamming the door shut. Without a second of hesitation, she locked the door. Her mother stood outside her room, knocking to be let in.

“Please Sam, open up,” Jenna pleaded.

“Go away! Leave me alone,” Sam snapped back.

Jenna hesitated, but gave in to Sam’s need for solitude and walked away. With her back to the door, Sam listened to the sound her mother’s footsteps. She sighed. She hated herself for talking to her mother like that. She could still feel the sensation of Jenna’s arms around her. That warm embrace. That loving touch. Her mother loved her very much. And she loved her back. So much more than any daughter ever loved their mother.

Sam couldn’t take it anymore. In an instant she stripped down until she was buck naked. On the opposite side of the room was her large mirror, in which she could see her entire body reflected back at her. She spread her legs, revealing her glistening, hairless pussy. It now matched her completely shaven head. Without a second thought, she pressed her fingers against her womanhood and began circling her fingers over it. She shivered in delight as she rubbed them over her clit, increasing her pace every so often. It wasn’t long before she was furiously rubbing herself, unable to stop even when her fluids began to spatter onto the floor. Once more, she imagined her mother’s embrace. And with that, she came, spraying a stream right across her room, nearly hitting her mirror. Her body shook as she convulsed, as it did with each orgasm that ended in her ejaculating. Sam gasped for air. He pussy tingled as it calmed down. Her floor and her legs were soaked with her juices. She loved it.

She sat there on the floor, panting from the most intense orgasm yet. After calming down, she crawled into bed and curled up into a ball. Sometimes she wished she could just enjoy the afterglow like anyone else. But it was that moment of awkward shame that passed over her with each orgasm that weighed heavy on her heart. The shame over whom she imagined whenever she pleasured herself. The person she loved and wanted more than any other, but who she could never have. Her own mother.


Sam couldn’t pin down when she first fell in love with her mother. To her, it felt like she loved Jenna since she was a child. Since her father died when she was only three years old, it had always been just the two of them. As Samantha blossomed into a young woman, her love for her mother changed as well. It became more fiery and intense. More passionate. More lustful.

The first time she realized her sexual desire for her mother was three years ago, when Jenna began dating Allen. He seemed nice enough, and tried to be “mom’s cool boyfriend” in front of the fifteen-year old Sam. But she wasn’t buying into it. Sam became increasingly jealous, feeling he didn’t deserve her mother. She began to act out halkalı escort at school. The slightest provocation would lead to fights and slamming doors.

This only increased after she turned eighteen, that night she listened in on Jenna and Allen having sex. With her ear against the door, she touched herself, imagining it was her that caused those moans of pleasure coming from Jenna. She dreamt of caressing her mother’s bosom, letting her lips graze over her hardened nipples. Feeling her body rock against her own, as their fingers would glide over each other’s pussies. When she heard her mother orgasm, it was too much for her. Her own pussy was on fire. Her body twitched and she felt her own orgasm stirring in her loins.

If she hadn’t gotten up and bolted into the bathroom, she would’ve made quite the mess in that hallway. To her shock, her orgasm led to a stream of liquid squirting from her pussy. She almost panicked. Was she dying? But the intense pleasure took control over her senses. She dropped down onto the tiled bathroom floor, writhing in delight. Oh, how she wanted her mother. To hold her, to love her and to fuck her. But she knew she never would.


In the weeks before Sam’s dramatic hair style change, a number of things threw their lives into disarray. Jenna and Allen broke up after being together for three years, which, while it pleased Sam to no end, tore Jenna up. It wasn’t so much that she missed Allen. She just missed being loved and comforted whenever she was lonely. The break-up caused even more tension between mother and daughter, as Sam wanted nothing more to comfort her mother, but feared that she couldn’t control her desires and that she might cross a line she never dared to cross.

After the break-up, Sam noticed her mother was now entertaining herself in a different way. From time to time she’d hear soft moans from within her bedroom. On one occasion, after making sure Jenna wasn’t home, she snuck into her mother’s room and went through her things, finding exactly what she’d expected to find. A long, glass dildo, hidden in her closet. It was a glorious find. Not that Sam had much use for cocks, mind you. But holding is close, she could still smell her mother’s aroma lingering on the toy. Unable to resist her strongest urges, Sam pressed her tongue against the glass item. She lapped up her mother’s fluids that stuck to it, and the taste was beyond anything she could’ve imagined. She dropped her pants right there and then and began stroking herself, imagining it was her mother’s pussy she licked and not the remnants on a fake cock. She wanted that juicy cunt. By God, she needed it. Without it, she’d go mad. She could feel herself getting close to cumming, so she bolted into the bathroom and held the dildo between her legs. Once again, she violently squirted liquid from her pussy, this time right onto her mother’s toy. Within seconds, she coated the entire thing with her fluids. The next time Jenna played with this, her daughters cum would be inside her. If this was the only way a part of her could enter her beloved, then so be it. But that did nothing to push away the shame Sam felt over what she did.

After her incident with the dildo, tensions rose even further. They argued, viciously and often. One such argument led Samantha to grab her clothes, stuff them in a bag, and run off to a friend’s house. While her mother was worried sick about her, Sam spend three days smoking pot, cracking jokes with her friend Kim, and gripe about her mom’s stupid ex-boyfriend. It was here she decided to shave her head and pussy bald. Why she did, she still didn’t know. But it felt good to do it.


Sam couldn’t sleep. Her mother kept popping up in her mind each time she neared a state of dreaming. Thoughts of luscious fingers that caressed her body and penetrated her keep rousing her awake. Thirsty, she got up, cover herself in a robe and walked down to the bathroom. Grabbing a glass of water, she walked back to her room, when she noticed her mother’s door wasn’t fully closed. She told herself to just keep moving along. But it was as if she was controlled by an invisible force, goading her into slowly pushing the door open. She peered her head around the corner.

There she laid. Her mother, Jenna, in all her amazing, gorgeous, splendor. That beautiful hair. Those legs that were to die for. She was naked, her large breasts moving slowly up and down with every breath she took. Near her hand was that dildo of hers. Sam şişli escort moved closer. She froze instantly when Jenna turned in her sleep, moving her right leg aside. Sam was given an eyeful of her mother’s bush. She could see Jenna’s vagina clearly. She moved closer, not remembering when she undid her robe as it fell to the ground. As naked as her mother now, she slowly crept onto the bed, her head moving closer and closer to her mother’s pussy. She could smell the strong aroma coming from her. It drove her wild. Slightly trembling, she stuck out her tongue and gently pressed it against Jenna’s clit.

The taste was beyond anything she could have dreamed of. Jenna’s pussy was sweet. Sweeter than any sugary snack or fresh fruit. It was like a great wine, or as much as Samantha assumed a great wine would taste like. She began to lap it more, circling her tongue over her mother’s vagina. The place I came from, Sam thought to herself with a chuckle. No sweeter place was there on earth.

Sam’s took up the pace. She liked her mother faster and more intensely. She even sucked on her clit a few times. Jenna moved a bit.

“Hmmmnn,” she moaned.

Sam prayed she wouldn’t wake up and find her like this. She kept going, bobbing her face against the wet mount and sucking on her lips. She felt her mother mover her hips along. To her shock, Jenna took her hand and placed it on her head. She couldn’t stop though. Her mother was close to cumming. She couldn’t-

“Sam!” Jenna gasped. “What are you doing?”

Samantha looked up, straight into her mother’s eyes. For a moment she sat there, frozen like a deer in headlights. When she tried to jump off the bed, Jenna grabbed her by the wrist.

“Let go!” she yelped.

“Sam, wait! Wait!”

Mother and daughter struggled, as Jenna pulled Sam back on the bed. She wrapped her arms around her beloved daughter, despite her protests and her struggling. But as she gripped tighter, Sam began to calm down. Her mother’s hair fell on her face. The smell of it was soothing. She knew there was no use to try and deny it now. She’d gone down on her mother.

“What were you doing? Why-,” Jenna began.

“Because I love you, okay!” Sam snapped. “I’m in love with you.”

Sam curled herself up in a ball. She sobbed heavily, hiding her face from her mother. Months, if not years worth of emotion came flooding out. Through her sobs, she declared her love for Jenna and how it evolved into a sexual desire. How she wanted her for years. How she hated it when she dated Allen. How she even snuck into her room and licked her dildo clean, just to be close to her. She knew it was wrong, but not giving in was a far worse torture than anything in the world.

“Do you have any idea what it’s like? To want to love someone…make love to someone who’s around you all day? Every day? It’s a nightmare.”

“Sam, baby. I…I don’t know if we ever could. It’s wrong. It’s…it’s incest.”

Once again, she hid her face from her mother, crying deeply. Jenna couldn’t help but cry as well. No parent can stand to see their child such agony. Not a one.

“Sam, honey,” Jenna said, stroking her finger over Sam’s bald head. “I had no idea. I’m so, so sorry.”

“You think I’m a freak, don’t you?”

“No honey. Of course I don’t. You’re my daughter. I love you. I’d do any-,” Jenna stopped herself.

She knew she would do anything for her daughter. Anything. But does that include…this? She looked at her baby, whose beautiful eyes looked back up at her. She knew the answer. Yes, anything, including making love to her.

“Spread your legs,” she whispered.


Without another word spoken, Jenna spread her daughter’s legs. She could see, even in the darkness of the room, that Sam’s pussy was glistening wet. Jenna had never been with a woman in her life. But this was for Sam. For her, nothing was impossible.

“Ah!” Sam gasped.

Jenna pressed her lips against Sam’s pussy. Her tongue swirled over her lips and clit. She could feel her daughter clench up as she liked her most intimate parts. Sam gripped Jenna’s hair in her fingers, pushing her head further against her crotch. Her toes curled as Jenna inserter her tongue inside her body. It was delightful. It was everything she dreamed of. Her mother pleasured her like a goddess.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “Keep going…”

Jenna did as she was told, and a little more as an extra. sarıyer escort She took her index and middle fingers, and began rubbing her daughter along with the movements of her tongue. It didn’t take long for her fingers to find their way deep into Sam’s soaking wet pussy. It was then Jenna felt something inside her daughter’s vagina. Something that surprised her. An intact hymen.

“Sam, honey,” she said, raising her head from her daughters crotch. “Are you a virgin?”

Sam said nothing. She looked away shyly, letting out a giggle.

“I wanted you to be my first. Always did,” she laughed.

Jenna laughed. “I can do this without breaking it, if you want.”

Sam sighed in relief. “I’d love that. I was afraid it was gonna hurt.”

Jenna smiled, and lowered herself down again. She sucked on her daughter’s clit, causing Sam to shiver in delight. Jenna’s tongue, lips and fingers explored every part of her daughter’s body, caressing her breasts, ears, and mouth. This went on for nearly fifteen minutes, when Samantha began to convulse.

“Oh, shit,” she gasped. “I’m cumming!”

To Jenna’s shock, a thick stream of fluid came squiring out of her daughter’s pussy, right onto her. Her chest, face and hair was covered in it. She sat there, not knowing what to say. Sam gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“Sorry, mom,” she said. “That happens sometimes…when I cum.”

Jenna looked down at her child, naked, still trembling and covered in a woman’s ejaculation. She couldn’t help but smile at this adorable sight. She laid down and held her daughter close.

“You’re amazing,” she whispered. “I want to see you cum again. As much as you can.”

“Mom, how about I finish what I started? You didn’t cum yet,” Sam said.

Jenna thought about it. Then the spark of an idea ignited.

“Lay down and spread you legs,” Jenna said.

Her daughter did as commanded, laying on her back. Jenna then placed herself on top of her child, with her head over Sam’s pussy, and her own soaking wet vagina above her daughter’s head. With some embarrassed chuckling, mother and child continued on.

Lowering her hips, Jenna pressed her pussy against Sam’s mouth. She rocked herself back and forth, allowing Sam to open her mouth and let her mother caress herself against her tongue. Jenna lowered herself further, spreading Sam’s pussy with her finger and stroking it her her tongue. Both women held onto this embrace, caressing with gentle tongues each other to levels of great pleasure. It came as quite the shock when Jenna suddenly felt something sliding against her asshole.

“Sam!” she gasped.

“I want you, mom. I want to lick and kiss and fuck all of you,” Sam mumbled, before sticking her tongue back up her mother’s ass.

The two continued, eventually breaking their hold and moving onto other positions. Daughter licked mother’s pussy. Mother rimmed her child’s rosebud. It went on for and hour. It was then, locked in an embrace, both digging their fingers deep into each other’s pussies, that they felt their orgasms brewing.

“Oh, mom! Don’t stop.”

“Baby, cum for me. Cum!”

“I’m gonna cum, mommy,” Sam gasped.

“Cum for me. Cum on me, baby!” Jenna grunted.

Climax! Both women shuddered as their bodies gave way to the most intense orgasm of their lives. Sam began to spray again, leaking it all over her mother. She dropped down, her body still convulsing as her mother held her tight.

“I love you, mom,” she said between gasps.

“I love you, my baby girl,” Jenna replied, kissing her child.

They were soaked with sweat and Sam’s cum. They were drained and exhausted. And they could not have been any happier.


The next morning, Sam felt the rays of the sun stinging her eyes. She sat up, groaning. This wasn’t her bed. It was when she saw he nude mother opening the curtains that she remembered everything.

“Morning, sleepy head,” Jenna said with a smile.

“Morning, mom.”

Jenna sat down, giver her daughter a quick kiss on her hairless head. To Sam’s surprise, she presented her with a tray. Butter, jam, bread and an orange.

“Breakfast in bed. You need to eat,” she said. “I read up on your…squirting thing. You need to eat enough if you keep doing that.”

Sam smiled, and took a bite out of the bread. She munched on it, looking at her gorgeous mother. She’d succeeded. Her mother was hers now. For all time. She then realized something.

“Hey mom, what are you eating?”

Jenna smiled. Her hand went under the sheets. She pressed her fingers against Sam’s pussy, which was still very moist.

“I have a good idea of what I’ll be eating,” Jenna said with a smile.

Sam smiled. She couldn’t be happier. It was perfect.


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