A Climactic Buffet

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Charles and Charlene cut a wide swath through the crowd as they were ushered into the restaurant. They were formidable people with a classic beauty that few can truly appreciate today.

Once a ninety-pound weakling with a single sports jacket and a perfectly groomed mullet, Charles now stood six feet tall and weighed three hundred forty pounds. His shaved head was decorated with a dragon that curled up near his left ear and then stretched down his neck.

While his waist was large, his biceps bulged through his shirt and his chest was massive. His thighs stretched his pants, nearly splitting the seams. It was obvious he spent hours in the gym.

Though not as large as Charles, Charlene was a Rubenesque beauty on steroids, with an odd mix of soft voluptuous curves and rock hard muscles. Her breasts were barely restrained in her super-sized sports bra and warm-up jacket, while her short dress exposed her large, sculpted thighs and calves. Long blond hair fell straight onto her shoulders, rolling a bit down her back.

As the couple moved past the buffet tables toward their booth, the restaurant manager began to sweat as he felt his profit margin get smaller and smaller with each of the couple’s thunderous steps. Determined to maintain his dignity and the integrity of his buffet, he stormed back into the kitchen and directed his crew to double their normal output.

Charles approached the buffet first, grabbing a single plate he moved to the salad bar. He dabbed kocaeli escort a light sprinkling of lettuce, spinach leaves and other fixings onto his plate and then moved on to the meat, fish and vegetables. He added a piece of chicken, a slice of fish and some steamed broccoli to his plate and then returned to his seat.

Charlene followed placing slightly smaller portions on her plate and then returned quickly to their booth. The couple ate very slowly, quietly talking and taking long pauses between bites of food.

They had been seated in a dark, back corner of the dining area in a booth in the hopes the distance to the buffet and the struggle to get in and out of the booth might reduce the number of trips they made to the food. Of course, this was the perfect setting for the couple as their conversation and actions became more and more intimate.

Without touching the salad yet, Charlene had eaten the chicken, fish and vegetables while Charles had finished his plate. Instead of heading back to the buffet table, he kicked off his sandals, leaned back in the booth, reached his foot under the table and slid it between Charlene’s legs. Spreading her legs wider, she leaned back, scooting her ass forward on the bench giving him complete access to her pussy.

Charles slid his big toe down her slit, dipping it into cunt. He pushed it slowly, letting her lips open to him and her opening moisten his toe in her wetness. Moving the toe in and out of her, he made sure it kocaeli escort bayan was well lubricated before sliding it up to her clit. Finding the tiny nub, he rolled his toe over it as he watched her face respond to the pleasure.

As he continued toeing her clit, she started to raise and drop her hips, grinding herself against his foot. She now gripped the table firmly and Charles watched the muscles in her forearms and biceps bulge with the strain. He could feel her trembling in the vibrations of the table and knew she was getting close. Yes, yes he watched as she closed her eyes and raised her hips, hovering above the bench as she came.

Charles quickly ran his toe back down her slit and dipped it inside her. He could feel the faint pulsations that quaked within her. In a moment she relaxed, lowering herself back onto the bench.

Once she regained her composure, she slid her plate over next to him and then moved from her bench over to his. She reached down and opened Charles’ pants and eased his cock out. Though not nearly as grotesque as the rest of the man, his cock was still larger than any other man Charlene had been with.

She wanted to take him in her mouth, but, as dark as it was at their booth, a blowjob would be far too obvious, so she used her hands on him. It did take both hands to do this cock justice and she worked them magnificently. First they moved in unison, then she began to vary her stroke, twisting the top kocaeli escort hand out over the head, while moving the lower hand up and down, letting her fingers reach down to his balls as the bottom of her stroke.

The strength of her grip did incredible things to Charlie as his cock twitched and flopped in her hands and he had to hold the table just to keep her from pulling him onto the floor. When she stroked him in unison, he could match her strokes by thrusting his hips upward, but when she changed what she was doing, all he could do was sit and let the sensation overwhelm him.

Just as Charles was about to come, Charlene switched to using just one hand on him as she grabbed her plate and held it down between his legs. Just as he was about to spurt, she pointed his cock to her plate and carefully hosed his cum onto her salad. He continued to come, spurting several more times. She carefully caught every drop and then as his cock softened, she milked out the last few drops.

Leaving Charles to return his, now softening, cock back to his pants, Charlene moved back to her spot across the table from him. Sliding the plate back in front of her, she took several bites of the salad and then held a forkful up to Charles, who sheepishly took the bite. Smiling, she finished the salad and then waved to the waiter.

After paying for their single plate of food, the couple stood up and headed back through the restaurant. There was a general ruckus that took them a minute or so to get around.

Apparently several dozen trays of food were being pushed out to an already full buffet as the manager watched Charles and Charlene leave. He then went into the bar and ordered a scotch on the rocks, he then whined, “Make that a double please.”

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