A Burglar in my Back Passage

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My father brought me a gift to celebrate six months since I moved in; he’d turned up early on Saturday morning at my flat, he was so used to me going out running at the crack of dawn that he turned up at nine o’clock expecting me to have already finished my run. What he couldn’t have known was that I’d been to London the night before with Mark and I’d climbed the front of a ten story block of flats, using their balconies and the lightening conductor to get in to the penthouse suit and relieve the owner of the flat of his takings from the races on Saturday. I didn’t even know the guy’s name; all I knew was that he was an on-track bookmaker who kind of played down his profits in his dealings with the tax man, which is why he couldn’t put his cash bag in the overnight safe at his local bank.

The man was so arrogant or sure of himself that he didn’t even bother locking the doors from his bedroom onto his balcony and I didn’t just find that days takings, I found a stash of cash that would have choked a whole herd of elephants, he must have been holding back money for the best part of a year, it was well worth a fingernail breaking one hundred and thirty foot climb up a vertical wall.

I got in home at eight o’clock so I’d only been home an hour when my dad woke me up. I was in bed naked, it was a good thing that I was alone and Mark had to drop me off and run so he could get rid of the stolen car before the streets warmed up too much, I dread to think what my father’s reaction would be to finding me in bed with a man who was older than he was. I rushed to find something to cover myself up with and the only thing I could find in my bedroom was my emergency nighty under my pillow, I’d never actually worn it before so didn’t know how good or bad a job it would do as a cover-up device so that I could answer my front door to my father.

I’d had to be quick at covering up because my bedroom was in a loft conversion and I had to run down two flights of stairs to get to the front door. My dad was talking to the man who lived across the road from me, just my luck that my father knew one of my neighbours. When I opened my front door my father blinked twice and stepped back in surprise, I looked from my father’s face to my neighbour’s face, my neighbour was almost licking his lips, “Well Mr. Porter, I’d better let you get on with your…erm…business, Nice to meet you face to face miss.”

As my neighbour headed off down my front path towards his house my father pointed down to his car, “Got you a little housewarming present in my car; it’s only a few scatter cushions…” I jumped off of my front door step and ran to my father’s car to see what he’d brought me, “…hey, you’re not dressed to be out on the street, come back here and get some clothes on!”

I suddenly realised that I could have just made a big mistake. The wind snatched at my nighty, a sudden and unpredicted zephyr lifted the bottom hem of my nighty threatening to embarrass my father, I skidded to a barefoot stop on my path, grabbed at the bottom of my nighty and shouted at my dad to catch the front door. I was too late, my house was very well insulated, the wind would never have closed my front door but for the fact that I had opened the Velux window in my en suite bathroom to let the steam from my shower escape when I got home from ‘work’ and because of the rush to get to the front door I’d forgotten the first order of security, ‘Close and lock every door and window!’

I watched in disbelief as the door closed slowly before my father could get to it. My dad thought it would be okay, it was after all a mortise lock but as he turned the handle and the door didn’t open he looked first surprised and then shocked, “The lock is high security, it needs a key to open it!”

My father asked me if the landlord or one of my neighbours would have a key, “That wouldn’t be very safe or secure for me now would it?”

If I could think of a reason to send my father away for half an hour I’d be back in my house in a flash but I couldn’t let him see me shinny up a drainpipe or pick my high security door lock so I’d have to play the helpless teenager for a little while. “We need to call in a locksmith!” was my father’s considered opinion.

My father did a quick reconnoitre around my flat, “No windows open.”

“Well, there is one open but it’s the Velux window in my bathroom.”

My dad bulked at that information, “I don’t think I could get up on the roof darling!”

“Probably wouldn’t do much good, the window only opens two inches and the security latch kicks in, your hands would be too fat to reach in and release it.”

The guy across the road came out again, “Have you got a problem miss?”

“The door closed and now I’m locked out!”

“Well, I’ve got a ladder if you have a window left open.”

My dad stepped in, “There’s one open but it’s up on the roof, I don’t think I could get to it though.”

“Can I borrow your ladder please Mr…”

“Col, Colin really love but just call me Col, hang on a minute and I’ll fetch it, should be okay, I use it to do paint my gutters.”

My father looked worried, bakırköy escort “You can’t go up there darling, you have no shoes on and totally inappropriately dressed.”

“I’ll be careful up there.”

Col brought his ladder around and between then they propped it against my wall, unfortunately it fell a few inches short of the gutter so had to rest against the wall instead of the gutter, I’d have to work hard to get past the bargeboards and gutter.

“There’s no way you can use that ladder, you’ll kill yourself trying to get up on the roof with a short ladder.”

“Well I’ll try, I won’t take any risks, if it isn’t safe I’ll come back down.”

I started to climb the ladder barefoot, the rungs were painful as hell under my feet, by the time I was half way up I was regretting starting out, I looked down, my dad was holding the ladder, one foot on the bottom rung to stop it slipping. I saw him look up and then look away quickly; Col wasn’t so shy though, he was taking a good long look up my nighty. I saw my father look up again, he saw that I was looking down at him and he blushed, “Come back down, it’s too dangerous.”

“I was just checking, I’m more than half way up, it’ll hurt more to come down than carry on up.”

I was careful to make sure that I walked the rest of the way up on the balls of my feet rather than the instep or toes but it was still painful. When my head was level with the gutter I just leaned out and carried on pushing with my legs, I managed to heave myself over the gutter but in the process I ripped my nighty and strained the muscles in my sides, ‘Mental note to self, find exercises that will strengthen my sides, I really should be able to do this in my profession!”

I slid my hand into the Velux window; fortunately I had installed it so I knew exactly how the safety latch worked, I found it with my fingertips and tried to close the window enough to free the safety latch, I had to use all of my weight to crush my arm enough for the catch to release, it hurt like hell but I was in and able to drop down into my bathroom. I didn’t bother changing, my dad and Col had after all seen my naked body as I climbed the ladder.

My father was very prissy about seeing my naked body and told me that I should have put more clothes on before coming down to let him in. I thanked Col for his help as he walked passed my front door, “Come over sometime for a drink Colin, when you’re free.”

I limped and hobbled up the stairs in front of my father, “Is there anything I can do for you Victoria darling?”

“You can make me a hot coffee and bring it up to my en suite bathroom, I need paracetamol as well, I’ve strained all the muscles in my sides and buttocks, if I give you some money will you pop to the corner shop and pick me some up please?”

I gave my father my front door key and tried to give him the money for the paracetamol but he wouldn’t take it, he put the kettle on to make my coffee before he went to the shop for me. I was laying in a bath full of steaming hot water by the time my dad got back from the shop, I heard him fussing around in my kitchen as he made the coffee, he came up to my bedroom, knocked on my bathroom door, “I’ve got your coffee and paracetamol out here Vicky!”

“The doors unlocked, bring them in for me please.”

My dad was really uncomfortable when he came in, he put my coffee on the side of the bath and popped two pills from the blister pack, he had his back to me as he handed me the pills, “I’d better be getting off darling…erm…your mother might need…something!”

“Come on dad, calm down, it wasn’t that long ago when you used to bath me!”

“That was when you were a little girl, when you started to develop your mother thought that it was inappropriate for me to be in the bathroom on my own with you, especially when you were old enough to bathe yourself!”

“What about dad, did you think it was inappropriate as well?”

“It was starting to make me uncomfortable.”

“Like outside when you saw I was naked under my nighty, you looked uncomfortable then, perhaps I should let you go so mum can help you relax.”

My father blushed; she wouldn’t be much help, wrong…”

“Wrong time of the month eh? But then you usually have an alternative during those weeks don’t you?”

My father’s blush intensified and he got suddenly flustered, he was spluttering a little trying to find some words to say.

“Don’t worry dad, nudity is just nudity, bodies are just bodies and we all have sex, it proves we’re human.”

My dad closed the lid down over the toilet seat and sat looking in my direction but not at me, “Am I that ugly dad, that ugly that you can’t look at me?”

“No, you’re beautiful, just like your mother was at your age when I fell in love with her, it’s just not right for me to look…”

I butted in on him, “Look, I’m comfortable with my nudity, I don’t mind if you see me in the nude and I always liked seeing you in those unguarded moments when you forgot I was home and you ran for the bathroom after sex with my mum.”

My dad looked beşiktaş escort at me and then he smiled, “You’re even more beautiful than your mother now that I open my eyes!”

We both gave each other sloppy grins, I focused on his eyes, “Now that you’ve got over your shyness, do you think you could get a little braver and help me out a little after my bath?”

“What do you need?”

“I need you to go to my little gymnasium, find the bottle of Tiger Balm, set my exercise bench at three foot high and cover it with a towel for me, I need my back and sides massaging for me if you have half an hour to spare.”

My dad looked very, very unsure, he didn’t want to move, I could see the worry in his eyes, “Come on dad, if you don’t do it I’ll have to pay for someone to come out and massage my back for me, it’ll cost a fortune and you never know what kind of man is going to turn up!”

That was my father’s ‘hot button motivator’, the moment that I hinted that I might be putting myself in danger he stepped up and headed into what I had described as my spare bedroom when my father helped me move in but had filled with very expensive gym equipment over the months that I had lived there. I got out of the bath and dried myself, wrapped the towel around my body and headed through to my gym.

My dad still looked worried but I lay face down on the padded workbench and wriggled out of the towel I was wrapped in so I was now lying in front of my father totally naked even though he couldn’t really see anything other than my back. He was a bit scared when he started to rub the Tiger balm into my back; it was almost as if he was frightened he was going to break me. I encouraged him to massage the balm deeper into my muscles and after a few minutes he forgot his fears and reservations and got down to the job of massaging my back and sides and as soon as he forgot his hang-ups I realised that he had an erection bulging out the front of his trousers.

He was working his way up over my ribs on my right hand side, leaning across my body, his fingertips brushed over the side of my breast and when he realised it his cock suddenly had a rapid growth sport and pressed into my left side, I looked to my left and my dad realised when had happened and froze for a moment. I looked from his erection up to his face as he jumped away from me.

“I’m sorry dad, you’re all turned on now and it’s mum’s wrong week, will she let you do her the other way if you go home now?”

My dad checked his watch, then he realised what I’d said and his face turned even redder, he mumbled, “She’ll have gone out by now, she’s visiting her sister, your Aunty Cath! She’ll be there all day!”

My dad looked really miserable, “Well, I can give you a hand if you like, you massaged my sore and aching muscles for me, it’s the least I can do for you!”

My dad looked shocked, “No, no, that would be wrong.”

“I got my mobile phone out and pressed one of my pre-programmed numbers, “Hi Kelly, my dad’s up here with a little problem, do you have half an hour to give him a hand please?”

I closed my phone and then I rolled off of the bed, my father’s jaw was just moving up and down, his eyes were out on stalks as he stared at my body, now totally naked in front of him. I walked out of the room, “Can you go and get the door for me please dad?”

I walked past him and up the stairs to my bedroom, I stripped my bed and put a clean bottom sheet on it, I heard a voice at the front door saying “Hi Mr. Porter, nice to meet you!”

I was carrying my dirty bottom sheet and my duvet cover in my arms as I passed Kelly pulling my dad up the stairs from the front door, she said good morning to me but didn’t stop, she just turned the corner and pulled my dad on up to my bedroom.

In the kitchen there was total silence for two minutes and then the faint sounds of heavy breathing from above. I got three beers from the fridge, opened them all and headed up to my bedroom still naked. My dad was well into his stride with Kelly by the time I sat on the edge of the bed, Kelly pushed her upper body up on her elbows and she reached over for her bottle of beer, my dad’s eyes followed Kelly’s hand and when he realised that I was sitting there watching him with my old school friend he almost shit himself, I slapped his bottom, Come on dad, don’t let the family name down, show Kelly a good time!”

I took Kelly’s bottle from her hand after she’d taken a swallow and she wrapped her arms around my father’s neck and she pulled him back into action on her.

I just sat there and drank my beer while my father finished off and hopped off of Kelly’s body pulling the condom she’d given him off as quickly as he could. Kelly pulled her dressing gown back on , kissed my dad and me and then she saw herself out, My dad sat there at my side, still on my bed, his forearm covering his cock and balls, “I’m so embarrassed Vicky, I should have said no, I should have been strong enough to control my urges.”

“Come off it dad, how many men of your age could turn down free sex with a gorgeous eighteen year old girl?”

My beylikdüzü escort dad laughed, “Well, I can’t say that it didn’t do my ego any harm having sex with Kelly, she looks fantastic and she really knows what to do to make a man feel great.”

“Well, she’s a professional, she knows exactly what to do to make a man want to come back, Help me with my duvet, I need to put a clean cover on it and it almost killed me struggling to get the dirty one off.”

My bed was soon remade and I was desperately tired, “So, what are you going to do for the rest of the day dad?”

“Not much, go home, get lunch for myself and probably watch the racing on TV.”

My dad had finally gotten over his shyness and was semi happy to be naked in my bedroom with me, “Why don’t you finish your beer and have a nap with me, we can go out for a late lunch together later.”

My dad was very unsure but in the end he tipped the bottle into his mouth and then we both rolled into my bed together and I dragged his body against mine and we just cuddled together and I went to sleep in seconds. When I woke up my dad was wide awake, I had my back to him, his arm was over my side, his hand was on my breast and I could feel his erection against my bottom, I decided not to let him know that I was awake, I just lay there while my dad rubbed his cock against my soft buttocks and gently squeezed my breast. He moved slowly so as not to wake me up and after ten minutes he leaned his head in and kissed the back of my neck, he shivered and I felt warmth spreading over my buttocks, “There’s a box of tissues in the top drawer of the cabinet on your side of the bed dad!”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, were you awake all the time?”

“Not all the time, just for the best bits, I’m just glad that you didn’t want to use the hole back there like you do with mum.”

I waited until my father had cleaned my bum and his own cock and then I turned to face him and I kissed him, “What would you like for lunch dad?”

“What have you got?”

“Nothing, I’m offering to take you out for lunch, what do you fancy?”

We both went for a shower together, my dad seemed to have got over every single worry about us being naked together, he even washed my back, and other places quite happily and as I washed his cock and balls it grew hard again, “Do you need sex again already dad?”

He jumped in rather too quickly, “No, no not at all, if I had sex every time I get hard it’d fall off.”

We went through to my dressing room which was at the side of my en suite bathroom, I had racks and racks of clothes, probably ten times more clothes than I had when I left home and some of my clothes looked very expensive, probably because some of them were.

“I’m a little worried about you Vicky, how the hell can you afford to buy all of this stuff on minimum wage? And then there is the exorbitant rent you must have to pay for this place!”

I chose the dress carefully, in the collar was a price ticket from a charity shop that put the price of the dress at just two pounds, I turned the collar out in front of him, “Things like this, when the dress was new it cost fifty quid, I paid just two pounds at the charity shop, almost everything that looks new came the same way, just like my gym equipment, the exercise bike cost me a kiss and the price of a taxi to move it from the guy who paid a hundred quid for it and wondered why he wasn’t any fitter than he was five years before, I told him that just looking at the thing didn’t count as exercise. I’m living within my means, trust me!”

I let my father chose my dress for our lunch date, he watched me as I dressed, “You not bothering with knickers or a bra?”

I smiled at him, “Dad, I hardly ever wore knickers since I was eight years old and I only ever wear a bra when I’m running.”

“No wonder you didn’t have a bra or knickers on under your nighty.”

“I always sleep naked these days; the nighty I wore earlier was under my pillow, I keep it there in case of an emergency.”

My dad drove us to the restaurant he’d chosen for lunch; on the way there we passed one of the few large independent engineering companies. We were stopped by the traffic lights and my dad looked over at the factory and pulled a face.

“What’s up dad?”

“I’ve got to call in there on Monday and I’m not looking forward to it!”

“You don’t usually visit customers.”

“I know, but Fenton Engineering are very late paying for a half a million pounds worth of steel, they are supposed to pay thirty days after invoice, they’re at sixty days already and their finance manager hasn’t been in all week to talk to me, not in all week but he’s in today.”

“How do you know?”

“The big window on the third floor, he’s talking to the owner, his father, it’s costing my department a thousand pounds a day in interest payments to service the half million pound debt. I should really send in the receivers but then we’d lose most of the outstanding debt, they’d just declare themselves bankrupt and start all over again next week with a different name, probably the Fenton-Williams Engineering Company next time, Frank Fenton wouldn’t be able to start a new company for a couple of years but Peter, his son, because he’s only classed as a manager and not a director he’ll not be covered by the bankruptcy law, he can start up a new company the same day the old one closes down.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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