3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 03

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home
Chapter Three: Alexander, Joanna, Katherine, and Candice

Summer 2000

“Thanks for coming with me.” Alex grinned over at his cousin Joanna as they drove through Candy and Kitty’s upper class suburban neighborhood.

“You know I always got your back.” Jo smiled at him.

Alex looked at the houses which were nice but Alex cold never live somewhere like this; so close to your neighbors and having to pay so much money to live there and then have to follow so many rules and regulations. Alex’s house may have been a little old; having housed several generations, but its value was more than any of these houses because it sat on the lake.

“Must say your sister is a little spitfire now.” Alex joked. She was mature for her age but always a little timid but now she seemed more outgoing and spontaneous.

“Probably from hanging around Kitty too much.” Jo laughed. His cousin Kitty had always been the wild child of the group. Alex could still remember going to the fair every year as kids, and little braced face Kitty would drag him from one ride to the next. The higher and the faster the better. She was the same today. Alex could remember last summer when a bunch of his class mates had gone to the quarry and while a bunch of the football players were daring each other to jump, she was yelling Geronimo. She loved to dance and party which often got her the reputation as the bad twin.

“I think Izzy has rubbed off on her more than the other way around.” Alex grinned. She had mellowed some in recent years and grown close with her sister and mom again as well as the rest of the family.

“Nervous about seeing Candy?” Jo teased.

“Little bit.” Alex smiled having no idea what to expect really. His cousin Candice was a lot like Abbey being a very sweet and outgoing person. She was the typical girl next door with just a bit of granola girl thrown in, liking to eat healthy foods, do yoga and meditate. She was also the most cool headed of them all, though she would stand her ground if pushed. She had helped him through the darkest time of his life when his dad had died. Alex had turned to her since he had to be strong for his mom and little sister and Jo blamed herself for his dad dying at the time and he didn’t want to remind her of it. Of course when Candy had broken up with her high school sweetheart Alex had been there in return and they ended up dating.

It had been a very short but memorable relationship but she had ended it, her excuse had been that she deserved someone better who was afraid to let other people know. Candy hadn’t been comfortable with any public display of affection when they were out in public since they were cousins worried about what people would say. She had always been the good twin and dating Alex was about the most adventurous thing she had every done. Despite that she had loved him very deeply and hadn’t dated anyone in the year since they had broken up so Alex and she had become fuck buddies as Jo called it. They still did things as friends and had sex but she refused to commit to a serious relationship again since he was only home for short periods at a time and wanted him to date and whatnot when off at college.

They pulled up to the house along the curb, parking in the shade. Alex was glad to see all three cars in the driveway which meant everybody was home. It was one of the nicer houses though a little smaller. Since Aunt Margaret was a Real Estate Agent it was no surprise she had found a nice place so fast after the divorce. They walked up to the door and Alex knocked as he grinned at Jo who now was fidgeting a little.

“Told you to pee before we left the house.” He grinned as she flipped him off but quickly put her hand down when the door opened. Aunt Margaret stood in the doorway and smiled warmly at both of them.

“Well, isn’t this a surprise.” Aunt Maggie said with a warm smile. She was dressed in a tight white skirt and matching white sleeveless blouse that hugged her body. Her blonde hair pulled back into a bun and white pearls around her neck. Her legs clad in either a pair of pantyhose or stockings. Aunt Maggie always liked to dress nice, even if just working in her garden. She was just a little shorter than his mom and had nice large breasts, but she had really wide hips and a big ass, though very nice. Even Jay Lo would say she had a nice big ass. Her daughters always joked that if she had a theme song it would be baby got back though she would always tell them to wait twenty years and see if they still thought it was funny.

“Hey Miss Taylor.” Jo said first.

“Joanna look at you. It’s so good to see you. I swear you get lovelier every time I see you.” She said and hugged Joanna. Though Aunt Maggie often times could come off a little to prim and proper it was easy to see where Candy got her social grace from. He wouldn’t say he was close to Aunt Maggie as a kid but always liked her and she was never afraid to spoil Alex a little, being the only boy in the family.

“Sorry to be rude izmir escort bayan but can I use your bathroom.” Jo said when Aunt Maggie released her.

“Right through there dear.” Aunt Maggie said stepping aside as Jo took off her shoes and made a little dash for it, Alex shaking his head.

“Alex, it’s so good to see you again sweetheart.” She said as she wrapped her arms and hugged him tight.

“Hello Aunt Maggie.” He said hugging her back but after a second slid his hand down and pinched her nice firm ass.

“Ah Alex I swear you haven’t changed any.” She said jumping back as she smiled and gave him a playful push. It had become a little game of theirs for lack of a better word.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Alex grinned as she let him inside and he took off his own shoes. It was one of her rules. She was a bit of a germaphobe but it came from Katherine having really bad asthma as a kid. The girls knew well enough as well to make sure all of their friends took off their shoes or they would have to clean up the mess.

“A bit of both.” She grinned and closed the door. They had grown pretty close over the last few years during his teen years, especially when she had gotten cancer a few years back. Alex being sixteen at the time had started taking the girls to see their mom every day after school and then taking them home afterwards while she was in the hospital. Luckily she had come out of it okay in the long run though it was what had led to Uncle Edward to cheat on her. Alex couldn’t really blame Kitty for doing everything and anything she could just to piss him off.

“You’re working today?” He said as she walked past him into the living room.

“Just for a bit, I have to go look at one of my properties.” She said as she sat on the couch and crossed her legs. She had started buying and flipping houses on the side. She handled the buying and selling and knowing all the tricks was able to make a better profit then most contractors while she had a contractor who handled the renovation. “I did have a spa date later for me and the girls to try and get all pretty before you kids got here but y’all went and left early.” She grabbed her purse and dug through it looking for something.

“You always look pretty Aunt Maggie.” Alex grinned as he sat down across from her.

“Still trying to butter me up? You know you shouldn’t flirt with older women Alex, they might get the wrong idea.” She looked up at him and smiled warmly.

“So when I visit grandma, no flirting gotcha.” Alex grinned.

“Oh Alex, how I missed you.” She smiled shaking her head and went back to digging through her purse uncrossing her legs for a second and flashing Alex an up skirt view. Yep it was stockings Alex thought as he noticed the garter straps and what looked like white lace panties, though she crossed her legs again so he only got a quick glimpse.

“I know you didn’t come to see me though; the girls are in the exercise room.” She looked up at him and smiled though he was still looking at his legs. Alex couldn’t help but wonder if she had done it on purpose or not. His Aunt had her flirty side; it was always very subtle but very noticeable.

“Okay. I will see you later right?” Alex smiled as he stood up.

“Yes sweet heart, Now go see the girls, I will check on y’all before I leave.” She said as he leaned down and gave her kiss on the cheek.

Alex headed down the hallway, catching the scent of scented candles and soft music which he knew was Candy’s doing. Alex found both girls in the exercise room where Candy and Kitty were doing Yoga. Both dressed in workout clothes, their bodies were sweaty. Alex grinned as he watched them as they both were in the downward dog position or something like that with their nice asses up in the air. Candy was dressed in a pair of white and pink exercise short shorts, the ass cheeks of her round apple bottom ass peeking out the bottoms. And a small sports bra that hugged her full firm grapefruit sized tits.

Kitty wore a pair of skin tight pink yoga pants that were a little on the sheer side a blue leotard over the top that hugged her body tightly. Her ass which was slightly bigger, more bubble butt like his sisters, had mostly swallowed the leotard strap that ran between her legs. Her breasts stretched at the fabric of the front. Alex stood there in the doorway tying to remember why he ever fucking went off to college, considering the day he was having. They moved forward as Candy said something and then slid along the ground and both arched their back as they came up and stuck their nice full breasts out. Granted they were nowhere as big as his sisters but they could make most girls envious. They held the position with their tits out and asses clinched. Alex felt a hand touch his shoulder as Jo came up beside him snapping him back into reality as she rested her arm on him and enjoyed the show.

“Have I ever told you how much I enjoy seeing your family?” She teased, though unlike his sisters Alex could agree with her openly izmir escort about his cousins as he nodded.

“Enjoying the show.” Kitty grinned looking back over her shoulder at them.

“Alex, Jo.” Candy popped up and ran over and jumped into Alex. All five foot three of her.

“Hey Candy.” Alex kissed her forehead. Typically she had to be standing on her tip toes for them to kiss unless he bent down.

“Sorry I am all hot and sweaty.” Candy said as she backed up.

“It’s okay. I like you that way.” Alex teased poking her nose playfully.

“Alex, behave.” Candy said as she squished her face up and smiled that cute way she did.

“Okay, none of that until mom leaves.” Kitty teased as she came up. Alex had noticed she had lost the pink streak she normally kept in her hair and her nose ring but still had the tongue ring, as well two new ones he could make out under her leotard as her hard nipples pressed against the thin fabric.

“Hey Jo.” Candy leaned in and gave Jo a peck on the cheek.

“Hey Candy.” Jo smiled and kissed her back.

“Putting on a little weight there.” Kitty said poking Alex’s side as she hugged him.

“Oh you’re one to talk.” Alex gave her ass a smack.

“Ah Alex.” Kitty gave him a quick playful jab to the gut. Kitty and Alex were like a dysfunctional brother and sister picking and teasing at each other, but always had each other’s backs if someone else tried to mess with them or had something bad to say. Not to mention the occasional prank on each other. Even when they didn’t want each other’s help the other was usually there, even if it meant pissing the other off. While Candy was the one you went to if you needed a shoulder to cry on, Kitty was the one more likely to pick you up and give you a kick in the ass when you needed it.

“How is my Cherry Pie?” Kitty winked at Jo who blushed a little referring to Jo’s red haired pussy. She gave Jo a warm hug which last a little longer then probably either of them meant it to. But Alex knew Kitty had been Jo’s first and you never forget your first, Jo and Kitty where both strong willed people so Alex would imagine that in a long term relationship they might have broken up anyways. Most likely fighting over who should wear the strap on.

“Knock knock.” Aunt Maggie said sticking her head in the door.

“Hey mom.” Candy smiled. “Need something.”

“I am heading out; you kids try not to burn the house down.” She looked at her girls; Alex wished that had been a figure of speech but the fire department had been called on at least one occasion for a grease fire.

“We won’t.” Kitty said sounding a little guilty in her voice.

“And if you two do anything, please use protection.” Aunt Maggie looked at Alex and Candy.

“We will.” Candy blushed slightly. Both of them could still remember when Aunt Maggie had walked in on them when she was giving him a blowjob.

“You mean like a safe word. Mines Pineapple. It’s easy to say through the ball gag.” Kitty joked; Alex and Candy held back their laughs though Jo made a little noise.

“Well if that is what you’re into, as long as I don’t have any grandkids.” Aunt Maggie shook her head at Kitty. She had given up trying to control her daughters now that they were eighteen and would be leaving soon. Aunt Maggie gave Jo and Alex and goodbye kiss and told them how nice it was to see them and headed out.

“I am going to get some water, anybody else thirsty.” Candy smiled trying to be the gracious host.

“Nah I am good.” Alex smiled.

“Jo?” Candy looked over at her.

“No but I will come with you.” Jo shrugged.

“Good Alex can keep me company, come help me stretch.” Kitty grabbed his wrist and dragged him along, obviously she either wanted to talk or give Jo and Candy some time to talk.

“Okay.” Candy smiled and gave Alex a quick kiss on the cheek before she and Jo left for the kitchen.

Spring 1999

“Come in.” Alex heard a knock at his door while he finished bandaging his knuckles. He felt better today. Freshly shaved and showered. He had had taken two of Kitty’s pain pills for his sore body and crashed and woke up feeling refreshed. Candy walked in and smiled at him.

“Abbey is in the bath; so how are you doing?” Candy smiled warmly pushing the door partially closed. Candy had spent the last two nights with Abbey since she had gotten out of the hospital. She hadn’t said much though Candy had stayed by her side. Though cousins they may have well been sisters Alex sometimes thought. Plus Nicky was on her way home and would be there during the funeral and planned to stay afterwards, if anyone could get through to Abbey it was her big sister.

Candy was the heart of their little group growing up. She was the one who looked after Kitty when she had blown out her knee, her mom when she had gotten cancer, even Alex when he broke his arm playing football. She handled her grief by helping others like the other women of the family. Aunt Maggie had taken over arranging everything for the funeral escort izmir while Aunt Liz took care of Alex’s mom.

“Good.” Alex said, that was a lie but better then yesterday or the day before.

“She got you good.” Candy said as she lifted his chin looking at his busted lip. “I am sorry about Kitty hitting you.”

“It’s okay I deserved it.” Alex shrugged.

“Maybe but she still shouldn’t have hit you.” Candy smirked and twitched her cute little upturn nose the way she always did.

“So what has you so down teddy bear, I mean besides the funeral.” She said sitting beside him and hugged up to him as she put her arm around his back. Teddy bear was a nickname the girls gave him sometimes for being a big softy. That and Candy and Abbey used to beg him to win them one every time they went to the fair as kids.

“It’s just…” Alex said fiddling with the buttons of his shirt trying to find the words. “I don’t know if Abbey told you but me and dad where fighting, I was thinking about joining the army and he didn’t want me to…” Alex took a breath trying not to bring back his emotions. “I just wanted… There was a new baby on the way and I just thought it would help mom and dad financially.”

“I just wish my last words hadn’t been us arguing. That I had told him I loved him more.” Alex shrugged feeling her hug him tighter as she put her hand on his shoulder.

“You were arguing because you wanted to follow in your dad’s footsteps while he didn’t want to see you end up in a body bag, you may have been arguing but it was just because you two did love each other very much.” She said softly. “And you may not have said it but he knew you loved him Alex.” She rubbed his back softly. “With every pat on the back, or when he called you boy and you called him old man, or when he say I am proud of you boy. He knew Alex.” Alex felt tears run down his cheek.

“But Kitty was right about one thing. We need you. Me, Abbey, Izzy, even Kitty and Jo as tough as they are, need you. We all look up to you quite figuratively and literally.” She said and squeezed him tight. Alex was the oldest and the only boy of the six of them so he felt protective of them. “But if you need us to lean on some of us are short enough.” Alex felt a little laugh escape his lips.

“I remember when mom was in the hospital and we found out that the cancer she got was genetic and one day we might have to go through it, me and Kitty where frightened of dying ourselves one day. Your dad told us something.” She reached up and touched his face and looked at him in the eyes. “Everyone is going to die but not everyone is going to live. You can sit on your ass waiting to die or you can live and enjoy what time you are given. I think my sister took those words to heart a little too much.” Candy shrugged. “But he had a point and Uncle Frank lived his life.”

“Now is your turn, are you going to sit on your ass, or enjoy living.” Candy smiled at him warmly.

“Thanks Candy.” Alex smiled.

“Just so were clear if you say sit on your ass, I will let Kitty hit you again.” She said showing a little bit of sass. Alex chuckled a little.

“If you need anything all you need to do is ask.” Candy put her hand on Alex’s.

“Okay.” Alex nodded.

“I mean it Alex. If you need someone to talk to you can call me anytime.” Candy said as she stood up and kissed Alex on the forehead the way he often did to her short self when he wanted to show her affection.

“I will.” Alex smiled. Kitty knocked letting herself in.

“Hey sis, I am going to go see how Abbey is coming along, you two try not to kill each other.” Candy smiled at Kitty. Alex could tell from the look on Kitty’s face Candy had given her more than a few choice words. Though they both had the same goal they had totally different ways of dealing with things. Though Candy could be just as playful and curious as her sister at times she was a very soft and sweet person but had the same strong will as her sister.

“How’s the lip.” Kitty grinned at Alex as she shut the door behind her sister.

“Still hurts a little but I have had worst.” Alex shrugged as he fiddled with his tie; she may have decked him pretty good but knew if she really wanted to hurt him she wouldn’t have punched him. Despite her height she could have easily have kicked that high and knocked him on his ass.

“I have something for that.” Kitty pulled a small flask out of her purse as she walked toward the bed. Yep the sisters had totally different methods Alex grinned.

Spring 1999

“Thanks again for taking me home.” Candy smiled. She and Kitty usually drove to school together but Kat had taken the car after school to karate practice so Alex said he would drive Candy home. He had dropped Abbey off at the house first since she had a ton of homework ‘in her words.’

“Sure no problem.” Alex grinned.

“You’re not still thinking about my sister are you?” Candy grinned over at him.

“Maybe a little. Pretty much everything, Kitty, Emily, Charlotte, Jessica.” Alex shrugged.

“Jessica?” Candy looked at him puzzled.

“Yeah Jessica Rabbit. I had the biggest thing for her.” Alex teased, though he had a thing for red heads way before that. She gave him a playful push.

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