2nd Time Alone With My Father-In-Law

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My father-in-law Mitch and I had tried to act like nothing ever happened between us. It was hard for me to forget how wonderful his tongue felt. It was even harder to forget the taste of his cum.

Curt seemed to be pulling further away from me, sex had become to feel like a dirty task for me. He wanted it less and less, he didn’t bother with any foreplay anymore. He would jump on me, and he was done a couple of minutes later. It did not seem to bother Curt that I was not achieving an orgasm any longer.

What Curt did not know is I was masturbating almost daily, sometimes several times a day. I could not stop thinking about his father. I constantly thought about Mitch eating my pussy.

I wanted to know what it felt like feeling Mitch inside me, the pussy he makes so wet, the pussy he set on fire two months ago, the fire still burned within me.

Mitch came down early Saturday morning, he expected Curt to be home. Instead it was just me, fresh out of the shower and a towel wrapped around me. I told Mitch Curt was gone when I woke up. I told Mitch he was welcome to stay and wait for Curt.

I stood in front of Mitch and let my towel drop, his eyes about popped out of his head.

“Ang, Curt may be home any second.” Mitch said to me.

I climbed in his lap right there in the kitchen chair. I told him I missed his tongue, and I told him I have thought about him nonstop since we was together. I kissed Mitch, he did not pull away. I whispered in his ear and told him I wanted him to make love to me.

“I have missed you too Angie, please get down before Curt walks in the door.” Mitch said as he looked nervous.

I got off of Mitch, I went and got dressed and joined again at the kitchen table. I asked how Rose was doing, and we made small talk.

Curt came in through the door, he grabbed a beer out of the fridge.

“Drinking kind of early eh son?” Mitch asked Curt.

Yea Dad, I have a lot on my mind lately. I heard Mitch tell Curt if he needed to talk, he was there. They went outside and headed to the garage.

I was still turned on by sitting in Mitch’s lap, I was feeling pretty brave. I undressed, got naked and climbed in my bed. I pulled a vibe from my nightstand, and spread my legs, and started sliding it in. Inch by inch imagining it was Mitch’s cock. I palmed my breast with one hand and fucked myself silly with that toy cock. My orgasm hit and I rode the waves, calling Mitch’s name out loud.

Another weekend came and gone, every day seeing Mitch and pretending nothing happened. I was craving my father-in-laws cock. I could not help but think to myself, was Mitch craving my pussy?

Thursday Mitch stopped by and asked me what my plans for Saturday was, I told him nothing.

“Think you could get away for a night?” Mitch asked me.

I asked what he had in mind, and he smiled such a huge smile.

“Want to meet me in a hotel Saturday?”

Hell yes was my answer. I told him I would think of something and for him to call me with the hotel and time.

Friday evening Curt was home and being more talkative than usual, he slapped at my bottom which that always means he was feeling horny. Not now, I had to wait only one more day until I would be with Mitch.

I went to bed before Curt, hoping he would come in and see me sleeping. Instead he came in and surprised me, he climbed between my legs, he decided to wake this way. Normally I would never complain about Curt waking me this way.

As Curt ate my pussy, I closed my eyes and imagined it was his father’s tongue I was feeling. I grabbed a hold of Curt’s head and had a death grip on it, I fucked Curt’s mouth with all I had, he would not soon forget eating my pussy that night anytime soon.

When I finally let go of Curt’s head, he raised up and climbed on top of me, he slid his cock in me, I was thinking about his father sliding inside me. Less than 24 hours I would be experiencing that feeling. Curt was feeling frisky, he made me orgasm twice that night before he unloaded inside me.

Curt pendik escort rolled over, he was snoring seconds later. I showered and tried to decide what I would pick out to wear for Mitch tomorrow night.

I told Curt that the girls from work was going out and I would probably end up spending the night at my friends Susan house. Curt had no clue what was about to happen.

Mitch called and gave me the information, I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I pampered myself all day and could not wait to be in Mitch’s arms.

I packed my overnight bag, and headed out the door and drove to the Hotel. I had an hour’s drive until I would be finally face to face with Mitch.

I arrived at the hotel, I went straight to the elevator, hoping I would not see anyone I knew. The coast was clear.

I knocked on the door and Mitch opened up the door and pulled me in and into his arms. We just stood there hugging.

“Have any problem getting away Ang?” Mitch asked.

I told him know and we sat down on the sofa in the room. I looked over to see the bed that Mitch and I would soon be in.

Mitch seemed a little nervous, he was a like a school boy who soon would be losing his virginity.

I went to the bathroom to change into something a little more comfortable, I came out in a white teddy, white bra underneath and matching panties and stockings.

“Forgive me for staring, it’s been so long.” Mitch tried to say to me. I hushed his words with a kiss. I loved kissing Mitch, his smell, everything about him was so intoxicating. I was about to get drunk on his scent.

It was not long until Mitch had me naked, we were kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off as fast as we could.

Mitch scooped me up and carried Me to the bed, kissing me as he laid me down. He kissed his way down my to my breast, he licked and sucked at my hard nipples.

His fingers felt magical as they walked slowly down to my dripping pussy. Mitch spread my legs with his hands and he wasted no time sliding a finger inside me. I was so wet for Mitch.

He lay there kissing me as he fingered fucked my pussy. The sloshing sounds and our moaning mixing together. Mitch added another finger inside me. I loved what my father-in-law was doing to me.

Mitch pulled a finger from my pussy and traced it across my lips. I wanted him inside me, his cock was all I have thought about for several months. Just minutes away from getting what I wanted.

Mitch was hard as a rock, his cock stood straight up. His went down to taste me, I loved when his tongue was inside me. The fire he starts inside me is second to none.

Mitch slid back up to kiss me and he looked into each other’s eyes, nothing else needed to be said. He knew my answer, yes I was ready.

I parted my legs for Mitch to crawl on top of me. Mitch’s cock went in slowly, inch after inch. I laid there gasping as I felt his cock going inside me. Mitch was moaning as well.

Mitch’s cock felt so amazingly good, felt like his cock was made to be inside me. We were finally making love to each other and nothing has ever felt so right to me. But nothing has ever been so wrong as what we was doing.

Mitch’s cock was larger than his sons cock. Mitch was balls deep inside me. He started picking up his pace, he lifted my ass with his hands, I was screaming for Mitch to fuck me, and he did.

I could feel my orgasm building, I knew it was going to be a stronger Orgasm then 24 hours ago when his son Curt was inside of me.

Mitch was grunting with each thrust, I had my hands on his ass pushing him down, deeper inside me. Mitch was saying things, but I had trouble making out everything he was trying to say.

“Mitch asked, should I pull out?”

I shook my head, unable to answer with a word. When Mitch heard me say harder, Mitch went harder He never took his eyes off me other than to close his eyes briefly and his head would throw back.

I am sure anyone in the room next to us had to hear us. I did kartal escort not care, I was so lost in what Mitch and I were doing, nothing else mattered.

“You ready baby, you ready for my cum, here it cums.” Mitch was growling as he said those words to me.

Yes baby, give it to me, cum with me Mitch. I was screaming to him.

My nails raking down his back and across his ass.

“Oh baby, fuck, fuck, fuck.” Mitch screamed.

I’m cumming I yelled, Mitch unleashed his first spurt of his thick white cum inside me.

Mitch and I cumming together at the same time.

That was the hardest I have ever cum in my life. We lay with Mitch still inside me trying to catch our breath.

I could feel his soft cock slipping out of me.

“Join me in the shower?” Mitch asked.

Mitch ran of water and we climbed in letting the warm water hit us. We soaped each other up and washed off the dirty sweat from each other’s bodies.

We dried off and got back in bed and ordered room service. As we waited we laid quietly, arms about each other. I never wanted this to end. I loved being locked away in his strong arms.

Dinner came we ate, we talked about how we felt bad for Rose and Curt, but we needed one another.

“You make me feel alive Angie.”

Truth is Mitch made me feel things I had never felt with his son.

We ended up napping for several hours and I woke to feeling Mitch climbing back in bed beside me. Mitch had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever saw before.

I started to slowly stroke Mitch’s cock, I wanted more, I needed more of him inside me. I wanted to take advantage of every second we had together.

Mitch begun getting hard again, I turned sideways in the bed, and I licked every inch of his cock, I laughed out loud as I was teasing Mitch’s cock.

I opened my mouth and sucked his cock. He was so hard once again.

“You know what my cock needs baby” he said to me.

Yes I did, and I was eager to give it to him. Mitch’s hand started pushing my head away.

“Baby you’re gonna make me cum again.”

Mitch turned me around, he spread my legs, and he started to licking my pussy again. Mitch knew what he was doing, I thought about Rose, and how lucky she was to have Mitch as a lover all these years.

Mitch had me moaning in no time. His tongue flickering against my clit, he was fucking my pussy with his tongue.

Mitch slid further down in bed, I felt his mouth giving me butterfly kisses on my ass cheeks.

Mitch’s tongue ran down my butt crack, his hands parted my ass cheeks and Mitch began to rim my ass. It felt amazing, good grief, did this man know how to pleasure a woman.

His tongue was sliding in and out of my ass, he spat on his pinky finger and for the very first time, I felt a finger against my anus.

I felt his finger massaging my anus, it felt so good. He slowly slid his finger inside my ass. I have never had anything inside my ass before.

I could feel Mitch’s hand feeling in the bed for something, suddenly it dawned on me he must have had this planned and he was searching for the lube.

I was right, I heard the lid open, I was nervous and curious at the same time.

“You ok babe” Mitch asked.

I said yes and let myself go, truth is his finger started feeling good inside me. I was ready for the next move.

Mitch was soon going to be inside the place Curt had never been before. Curt tried our early marriage years but he gave up. When I tried to get Curt to fuck me in the ass years later, it was him who seemed uninterested.

I think Mitch could tell I have never been this far before was ass play.

“Are you sure baby?”

I answered yes. I was on my knees anxious, nervous and scared to death waiting to feel Mitch slide in my ass.

Mitch slowly slide the tip of his cock inside me, he kissed my shoulders as if to relax me. He held in place for a short time.

He went in a little deeper, he stayed in place again. A maltepe escort little deeper and he stayed in place again.

Mitch leaned forward to kiss my neck as he slid in further.

“You alright baby?” Mitch asked.

I nodded my head yes. Mitch slid his hand around me and started rubbing my clit.

“I’m going in deeper and I am going to start to move while inside. If you need to stop just say the word.” Mitch said so softly to me.”

The pain started to be replaced by pleasure. I was backing into Mitch. His finger circling my clit, his thrusts a little harder and deeper each time.

“Fuck baby yo feel fucking amazing.” Mitch cried out.

Fuck me Mitch, fuck my ass baby, I was shocked those words were coming out of my mouth.

It’s your ass Mitch no one has ever been back there before baby.

Mitch fucked me harder.

“Oh my ass eh?” Mitch asked.

Yes baby it’s your ass, now show me how much you like fucking it Mitch.

Mitch was fucking my ass with all he had to give me. I was falling forward and he would grab my hips and pull me back up.

You’re going to make me cum Mitch I cried.

“You going to cum for Daddy baby?” Mitch asked.

Not sure where that came from but I nodded yes.

“You gonna cum for me baby? You like me being in your ass don’t ya baby?”

God yes I love it Mitch I said.

Mitch grunted, and I felt him slide his cock out of my ass, he finished shooting his cum on my ass.

Mitch still had his finger massaging my clit, I bucked and started cumming.

Mitch rolled in bed beside me, he kissed the top of my back.

“Baby that was so amazing, you were a trooper.” Mitch said to me.

I got up and went to the bathroom cleaned up and came back to lay beside my father-in-law. Mitch was so easy when he needed to be, and he was hard when I needed him to go hard.

I laid there thinking about Curt and Rose, I thought they would kill us if they knew we fucked, but how would they feel if they knew Mitch had fucked me in the ass?

The next thing I knew it was morning. We showered together and ended up back in bed soon as we left the shower. Mitch and I were in a 69, I cum soon after.

“Get on your knees baby” Mitch said to me.

I did as my lover, my father-in-law asked me. To be honest, I would do anything he asked me to do.

I got on my knees, and Mitch slid his cock into me. Any position Mitch and I were in felt amazing.

I think Mitch wanted to give me the fucking I would not soon forget.

The sounds of our moans, the sounds of our bodies slapping together was so arousing to me.

Mitch fucked me harder than I ever been fucked that morning in the hotel room. He was like a wild animal.

“You ready for my cum baby?” Mitch asked.

Wait baby, cum in my mouth please I asked Mitch. Mitch flipped me around, and straddled my face, he shoved his cock in my mouth.

“Take my cum baby.” Mitch told me.

I took every drop of my father-in-law gave me. I was surprised how much cum Mitch still had to give me.

I jumped up and did what I had always wanted to with Curt, my fantasy was to share his cum with him.

I kissed my father-in-law with a mouth full of his cum. Mitch was too a trooper in that hotel room.

We both felt sad because our time together was ending. But we both still had plenty of reason to smile.

We dressed and packed and Mitch walked me to my car, it was a brave thing to do, someone could have went by that knew Mitch or i.

We kissed and I could feel a tingle inside my pussy. My father-in-law had a way of making me wet.

“I had an amazing time with you Angie.” Mitch said to me.

I smiled and drove off. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Curt and Rose.

I got home and Curt acted like everything was fine. I pretended like things were normal. I hoped Rose was just as pleasant to Mitch as Curt was to me.

Before bed that evening, Curt kissed me for bed, something he had not done in a while. I guess being apart for a night makes you miss someone.

Mitch would come down like nothing ever happened. I continued masturbating and thinking about all the things my father-in-law did in that hotel room.

Thankfully that was not the last time my father-in-law, fucked his son’s wife silly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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