Waiting For You… With Anticipation

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I sit and I wait for you to arrive in what will be our room for the night. The anticipation of your arrival is killing me. When will you be here? What will our night be like?

The sun shines through the shear drapes as I sit and wait. I sigh and wait, trying to ignore the silence as I feel butterflies fill my stomach…

I lay back on the cozy comforter on top of the made bed with my hands resting behind my head. My full breasts try to break free of the lace that binds them as my cleavage opens up to reveal a warm, soft, smooth place in between. I look down and take in each breast’s appearance separately. Both of my nipples are erect, nearing the edge of the lace, each one on the very verge of slipping out. My hardened nipples are almost free. I look father down my body as I lay back flat. Peeking out from under my short lace skirt is the tops of my thighs also adorned in lace. I begin to feel a growing warmth between my legs as my thighs gently rub against each other in their silky stockings. My high heeled shoes are shiny and sexy. It makes me giggle out loud, when I think of the surprised look you will get on your face when you arrive and I open the door. I picked this outfit especially for you, I hope that you will like it…

I relax back and try to mentally push away the agonizing anticipation. When will you be here? I close my eyes and try to pass the time. I do a mental check list in my head: rum (check), ice (check), condoms (check), slick lubricant (check), perfume lightly applied (check), lipstick… It doesnt help, thoughts of you are invading my mind, all I can think is: When will you get here??!!??!!

I begin to daydream of what our night will be like to pass the time and to ward off my nervousness…

Our bodies are close as we lay together. Your head is resting on my shoulder. I watch you as you slip your finger tips under my lace bra. You begin to firmly squeeze and knead at my breast farthest from you. I watch you, as you watch your hand searching over my chest. My nipples are erect under the lace bra and I ache for them to be be between your wet lips. Unknowingly to you, your breath internet casino is gently blowing over the nipple closest to you, keeping it hard, and causing it to reach upwards for the warmth of your mouth through the lace.

My leg is slid in between your strong manly thighs. I feel your cock harden. As I take in the site of you playing with my tit, I move my leg slightly against you, feeling your dick inside of your underwear rub against my thigh. Your hand moves to the opposite side of my chest and you give my other breast the much needed attention it craves.

I gently pull myself away and you roll onto your back. I look over you, from head to toe, while I gently and softly glide my red nails along your chest and torso. Your cock is trying against your underwear to break free and stand straight up at attention. I kneel beside you and watch your dick closely, gently blowing heat on it. I watch it twitch under your white cotton. I move my hand to the shaft and I close my fingers around your cock through your underwear. I almost do not want to bare it just yet – but I want to make you agonize over me letting it out. My eyes tempt you to tell me what you wish for but you lay there, watching me play. You have such serious silence.

You fit perfectly in my hand. I laugh to myself, I think I just might want it free faster then you do….

I sit there tracing your balls and stiff cock through your briefs until I can wait no longer. I pull the elastic band down and hear you moan a sigh of relief. Perhaps you did want it out more then I did? I take your underwear completely off and kneel back to look at all of you.

Almost picturesque. The appearance of your male strength, your flexed but relaxed muscles in your athletic arms and legs, tussled but sexy thick hair on the top of your head, the manly hair on your chest and down your belly to your gorgeous stiff cock. This entire site heightens my senses and I sharply inhale, trying to slow myself down from what I really want.

I take your dick into my hand and grasp it gently but firmly. It throbs. I lift it up away from your body and then, ever canlı poker oyna so gently, I start moving my hand up and down. Sliding my palm over the head and a long stroke down while tighten my grasp to the base of your cock. Already your precum is leaking out. Unconsciously you move your hips upwards. I can barely hear you as you make the slightest moan. I tighten my grip on your cock as you begin to slowly fuck my fist. I watch as the slippery head disappears into the circle of my hand, then reappears again. I reluctantly take my hand away.

I giggle at the next trick I have planned for you. I stand up in front of you and allow you to gaze at me. My titties have just about come over the top of my lace bra, almost in a mind of their own to be bare and free. My skirt has risen so high that you can see my bare lips through my silky lace panties. I reach behind my back and undo the bra clasp, allowing my tits to slightly drop in their fullness as my nipples immediately stand out towards you. I turn and raise one high heeled foot and place it on the coffee table. You watch my profile as my hands go to my thigh just above the knees as smooth my stocking out. I turn away from you and lift my skirt. You see my lace panties have given me a bit of a wedge. I take my thumbs and slide them inside the lacey waist of my panties. Slowly, with you behind me, I pull them down, over my round ass. I bend over and to give you a better view of my bared bottom. Once my moist panties have fallen completely to the floor, I step out of them and turn back to you. I am left wearing only a lacey garter and tight skirt. I bend down and pick up my panties. I see you watching the hem of my skirt as I stand there. I know, that standing before you, my skirt slightly askew and pushed up, that you can just see my shaved bare wet lips.

I go to you. I kneel again in front of you and take your cock back in my hand. I flutter my lacey panties on your cock, letting you feel the cool silky lace as it slides gently over you. I take my panties and wrap them gently but slightly tight around the base of your cock. Allowing you to feel the damp poker oyna lace binding your cock into complete hardness. Then lowering my head, my wet tongue slips out and licks the tip of your cock, tasting your precum.

I want more of it! I truly love it. Taking the tip into my mouth. I draw on it, sucking slowly. I hear you deepen your breath, your head rising off the bed where you lay. Your eyes are on me and you watch me so seriously.

In one movement, I take your entire cock into my mouth. My tongue slides along the shaft to the tightened lace at the base of your cock. I love your cock in my mouth! Your hands move down, entangling in my hair, holding me down on your cock. “Baby, yeah… ” you say, “I like it when you do that!” I continue sucking up and down the length of your cock, tightening my lips around it, while I grasp the binding on the base of your cock. You hold my hair tightly in your hands.

I look up, youre in pure heaven. You watch me as my full lips glide with ease over you, making your cock disappear into my ready mouth. I use my tongue on the underside of the shaft. Soon one hand holds tightly to my panties around the base of your cock while my hand twists around your cock each time I move up and down the shaft. Slow and sure, not to rush! I am fucking you with my mouth! I stop thinking of everything in the world but you there before me, the wonderful way you taste, the sexy way you smell and my pussy involuntarily begins to twitch out of jealousy of my mouth filled with your cock.

I feel your balls tighten. I see your body stiffen and push against my face as I look up adoringly at you while I move sensually over your cock with my hand and mouth. You know I want it. You know that I have to have it. I need it, maybe more then you do, I want you to do it. I want to swallow every bit of you.

Then I feel the first shot. As I look at you, your hips are jerking upward, meeting my slick wet lips. I lovingly wait for you as you shoot and fill my mouth with your cum. I swallow the mouthful of salty warm cum you have given me. I pull away from your cock gently. I slowly release the biding I have made and lick your cock, getting every bit of your taste clean. You stroke my hair and tell me “I love it when you do that!”

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door, and as I satnd up, I feel the wetness between my thighs… youre here!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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