The Maid

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She was bent over the arm of the sofa, her head buried in the cushion, her arm stretched underneath and her fingers rubbing her clit madly as he stood behind her, ramming his hard cock into her slippery wet pussy.

“Oh yes, don’t stop” she cried as he pushed every inch deep inside her.

In their mad throws of fucking, neither of them noticed the soft knock on the door or the housekeeping maid’s entrance.

As soon as she saw them, she was rooted to the spot. The tall handsome well-built man thrusting hard against his wife’s round ass. Instantly her pussy was tingling and she felt a flood of warm wetness between her legs. It had been so long since a man was inside her. The sight of him thrusting into his wife reminded her of the feeling of a hard cock filling her insides. Transfixed, she didn’t even realize her hand was up under her dress and inside her panties, rubbing her clit in rhythm with his cock pushing inside his wife’s pussy.

He happened to look up and saw her. A brief moment of shock soon disappeared as he saw her excitement and somehow he just knew the reason why. Putting his finger up to his lips to indicate for her to be quiet, he grabbed his wife’s hips and drove himself deep inside her, all the while, his eyes locked on the maids, smiling at her, the sight of the bulge of her hand rubbing inside her panties driving him on.

“Oh yes, that’s it, Fuck me!! ” his wife cried out, her ass and legs quivering and going stiff as she started to cum.

Looking at the maid, he pulled out of his wife. She came, biting her free hand to stop from moaning as she watched him squirt hard think strands of cum all over his wife’s back.

On shaking legs, she pulled open the door and almost fell out of room 365.

Although riddled with guilt, she was not done. The pussy between her legs was demanding more. Desperately, she pushed her room service cart to the staff toilet, threw open the door and locked herself inside. Tearing down her wert panties, she threw herself back onto the toilet, thrusting two fingers hard up inside herself. Gasping with urgency and the memories of the man in room 365, she fucked her cunt hard and fast until she was jerking and almost sliding off the toilet, her tummy twitching in convulsions.

Slowly coming down from her orgasm, she slid her fingers out from between her legs illegal bahis and put them to her mouth, they tasted good and the smell was intoxicating. She could see how it made men crazy, wanting to lick and sniff at her when she was younger. Bury their face between her legs and suck the wetness from her.

Back in room 365, they sat out on the balcony appreciating the wonderful sea views and enjoying a long cool drink after a nice satisfying fuck.

“So” she said “How did you like performing for your little maid”

“You saw?” he asked apprehensively.

“Of course I saw her. Why the fuck do you think I came so hard” she said, taking a sip of her drink so matter of factually.

He sat there stunned and increasingly aroused. The shy staid wife he thought he had married wasn’t all she seemed

“Be a good love and stick this on the door” she said, smiling wickedly, passing him a ‘PLEASE MAKE UP THE ROOM’ sign.

Back at home after a long day, the maid stripped off her heavy shoes and dirty uniform and clad only in bra and panties, fell onto her couch. Flipping on the television, she stared at the screen but it was no more than moving pictures as she couldn’t get her encounter in room 365 out of her mind, or the intense feelings of arousal that stirred in her and were stirring in her again right now.

Without realizing it, her hand was already inside her panties and her fingers were gently gliding across the tips of her inner lips slowly arousing her dampening pussy. Laying back on the couch and slowly rubbing her wet slit, she imagined being back at the door to 365 and opening it.

They were there in exactly the same position, him fucking her from behind just as before. This time though, they both looked up smiling at her as she stood in the doorway. With his cock buried deep inside his wife, he summoned her over to them. She crossed the room and as she stood beside them, he slid his hand up under her dress and down inside her panties. Still fucking his wife, he started to rub her now wet pussy, his fingers stroking between her swollen labia and throbbing clit. She moaned and arched forward, one of her hands now inside her blouse, squeezing a rock hard nipple. He hooked his fingers up inside her as he thrust hard against his wife’s behind, forcing his fingers and his cock in to each of them as hard illegal bahis siteleri as he could.

Suddenly, his wife moved forward, releasing his cock from her. She slid onto the couch and onto her back facing them.

“I want to watch you do her” she said, her hand between her legs rubbing hard at her whole pussy.

He turned and faced the maid, his now drenched fingers still massaging het clit and dripping opening. Reaching up with his spare hand, he pulled hers from inside her bra and replaced it with his own. She groaned as he kneaded and squeezed her nipple, waves of pleasure coursing straight down between her open legs. Slowly he started to back her towards the other sofa. Frantically, she clawed at her blouse and bra, desperate to be rid of them and to feel his mouth on her heaving breasts. Reaching the sofa, he forced her down on to it, her maids dress up around her waist and her legs wide open with soaked wet panties stretched tight between them.

Kneeling in front of her, he reached up and took hold of her panties. Eager to be rid of them, she raised her bottom off the couch and he slid them off her. She watched him bend forward between her open legs and almost stopped breathing when she felt his warm breath on her pussy. Shaking with excitement she ached for his tongue. The first touch sent a shockwave through her as he gave her one long lick right up the length of her dripping snatch. Groaning, she pushed her legs wide as he lapped at her, over and over, his tongue relentless on her throbbing swollen clit, pushing her to the point of no return. Suddenly, her whole body stiffened, her legs stretched out straight as she came hard against his mouth with a gasp.

Before she could even stop quivering from her orgasm, he was upon her, pushing his hard rampant cock against her slippery wet lips. She felt herself stretched wide as he forced the massive swollen head into her.

“Yes, go on, fuck her!” his wife yelled out, her own legs wide open, driving three fingers into herself. The sight of him fucking another woman had her inflamed with arousal and breathing hard she manically rammed her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Spurned on at the sight of his wife desperately masturbating herself, he looked the maid in the eyes and rammed hard into her, burying every inch of his hard cock deep in canlı bahis siteleri her body. She yelped with pain and pleasure at the same time as she felt him brutally fill her completely.

“Oh yes, fuck me” she pleaded looking up at him, wanting to feel his hard cock sliding in her.

He needed no second invitation, fuck her he would and he started thrusting into her, deep as he could. He wanted to hurt her with it, hear her cry out as he drove his hard rigid cock into her tight wet pussy. Her hands around his back, she drove her hips up to meet his hard grunting thrusts, wanting him deep inside her. He started thrusting faster, harder as his excitement grew, hers growing with him. Behind them they heard his wife moan with pleasure. Gasping now, he drove into her desperately. Her whole body quivered and she was suddenly cumming, bucking wildly beneath him. Shaking himself, he tore his cock from inside her and pulling hard on his rigid shaft stared to squirt ribbons of cum over her. Behind them, his wife groaned with pleasure at the sight of his cock cumming so hard.

Before she could even catch her breath, the wife was upon her.

“My turn” she said, climbing onto the couch, one leg each side of her. He looked on, stunned at what his wife had turned into, but so aroused as he watched her place her pussy onto the maids face. He stroked his spent cock as he watched his wife grind her pussy back and forth over the maids mouth, wishing he was hard again.

Shocked, the maid lay under his wife’s pussy. She had never been with a woman before but there was something quite arousing about the smell and feel of another pussy to taste and lick. She extended her tongue and as the wife ground back and forth, she licked deep between her lips and over her clit.

Aroused from watching them fuck, the wife was close to cumming herself. She squeezed her nipples she rode the maids mouth, her excitement growing with every lick. When the maids tongue delved into her opening she came instantly, bucking hard against the maids face.

“Oh Fuck!”, the maid cried out, squirming on the couch in front of her television, her fingers buried deep inside herself as she came inside her drenched panties. Panting, she lay there, trying to get her breathing back, slowly waking from her revere, back to her living room.

The next day it was business as usual, beds to make and rooms to clean. Until, she came to room 365. Her heart stopped and her hands started to shake. There on the door handle was a sign


She was almost too excited to open the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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