The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 08

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Kristanna jumped to consciousness with a gasp. Her sleep had been anything but calm. Tortured souls, flashbacks of a thousand stories, lives from centuries ago flooding her mind. Hellish landscapes, unbound pain turning into endless pleasure. Tortured souls undergoing years of madness, only to become the torturers themselves, tormenting new souls as they arrived. Other souls seemed to simply relive their worst nightmares until they were broken.

A confusing mix of feelings bombarded Kristanna’s mind. As she breathed heavily, the demoness was glad that she couldn’t recall most of the details from her twisted dreams. Yet, the remnants of all the extreme scenes lingered in her mind, echoing in her subconscious.

She looked around to see wooden walls, rakes, shovels, and haystacks. Was this a barn? The bed creaked underneath her as she sat up. At least the sheets were clean, whoever brought her here seemed to care enough for that. Considering her early childhood, Kristanna knew how bad neglect could get.

The demoness could see the sunlight breaking through the small gaps between each wooden plank that made up walls. The darker tone and the angle of the light suggested a sunrise or sunset. The birds were chirping, very agitated on the trees outside. Kristanna could smell the clean air from the countryside, “How did I end up at a farm?”

Taking a moment to examine herself, Kristanna saw her breasts were covered by a big flannel shirt, it had likely belonged to a big man if it could fit her tits. It wrapped rather tightly around her huge breasts but was otherwise loose and unfitting. She pulled the sheets off of her legs, her lower body was fully naked, allowing her to confirm her cock and balls had reverted to their regular size, but not small by any means. However, there were no signs of the Sigil of Lilith on her ballsack now.

Kristanna felt her entire body sore, muscles recovering from exhaustion. Her head was spinning with a pulsating pain worse than any hangover. And yet she couldn’t shake away the constant state of alert from her nightmares, occasionally having small flashbacks of hellish tentacles as it violated an endless number of unknown faces. She tried to push those thoughts away, but the effort was taking her entire focus. Gritting her teeth with a grunt the demoness shook her head as if physically trying to shout it all out.

A sudden feeling of urgency hit Kristanna as she remembered where she had been and what had happened before waking up at this barn. She lifted the shirt and checked her shredded abdomen confirming the stab wound wasn’t there anymore, “At least that problem is solved,” she thought out loud with a sigh of relief.

The memories from the tentacle creature in the basement were there but somehow they didn’t feel real, more like a horrible nightmare. Orgoroth, the Pit Lord, had pushed Kristanna’s body to uncharted waters. Slowly it all came back to her. The extreme sensations, feeling completely powerless and restrained. It all sent a shiver up her spine, she barely knew how she had lived through that.

The last thing she remembered was collapsing in a pool of her cum in the basement. Her fist clenched in anger as she recalled who had put her in that position in the first place. Samantha had trapped her and then Helen had left her to die with that creature.

Her thoughts were interrupted as steps approached from the distance. Kristanna stood up ready to fight. The bed sat at an elevated wooden deck at the barn, closer to the roof. The steps came from the ground floor, whoever was approaching was now walking up the wooden stairs towards her.

At last, Helen came into view, but before the witch could even say anything she felt an invisible force wrap around her neck, arms, and legs. Helen was lifted in the air, restrained by the powerful telekinetic grip from the demoness. She hovered in place, choking helplessly and trying her best to reason her way out.

“P-please, c-calm down! I’m not your enemy!” Helen struggled to speak with partially closed airways. The demoness spat out in anger, “Are you sure? You and your fucking sister showed me your “friendship” by leaving me to die in a basement with a fucking pit lord!”

“But I-I came back for you! I fought my sister! I dragged you to safety! P=please, don’t kill me!”

Helen almost cried, begging for her life. She wasn’t fighting back or resisting, guilt washed over her expression. Hearing the girl about to cry suddenly hit Kristanna. She realized her aggressiveness, the anger building up inside wasn’t all hers. Those nightmares and the stress were taking the best out of her.

That thought was reinforced as she looked to the side and saw her reflection in a standing mirror. A black amazon demoness with molten horns and eyes, the swaying spaded tail swinging behind her and the colossal set of cock and balls hanging from her crotch. The helpless redhead was hovering in front of her. Kristanna had never seen herself like this, never this angry.

Kristanna let go of her grip on Helen, the redhead witch etlik escort fell on her knees, recovering her breath. Staring down at her, the demoness used all of her willpower to try and calm down. Kristanna took deep breaths, focused on the noise of the birds outside, pushing away the visions from the tortured souls. But she needed to focus on something else or they would eventually come back. “Why did you leave me to die and then came back to help me?” She asked the witch.

Helen coughed a couple more times, finally regaining enough air to speak, “Because… I realized I made a terrible mistake by leaving you there. I think we have a lot in common. Since that night at the park, when you discovered your abilities and we trained together. I saw who you are, your excitement, your drive. I know you’re not evil!”

“There is no such thing as evil, I’m not a child anymore! Stop trying to kiss my ass! You and your sister used me. She took my blood for something and now she is gone! You can stop playing your stupid mind games, I won’t fall for it this time. I bet you came back just to check if I was dead, and now you’re playing some sort of sick game by keeping me here, aren’t you?” Kristanna screamed at the witch.

Helen shook her head insisting on her point, “This is no game! I’m telling you the truth! I helped you because you’re not just a demon! You never asked to be born a Cambion, just like I never asked to be a witch! We’re both doing the best we can with what we have in this crazy world of demons and witches. For a long time, I’ve wanted nothing more than having some freedom. I cursed being a witch, all the secrets and the hidden life we lead. But you’re not like that, you are free! You don’t seem to mind being who you are, and somehow you make it your strength. What Samantha did to you wasn’t fair, she is wrong about you. She can’t see what I see, she is… lost.”

There was raw truth in Helen’s tone, that much couldn’t be denied. Kristanna gritted her teeth, thinking of the witches’ betrayal still caused her eyes to burn bright with a thirst for vengeance. She took a moment to look down at Helen, her cute black dress, the choker on her perfectly pale neck, those beautiful red locks of hair flowing behind her under the sunset light. She was certainly easy on the eyes and begging on her knees before her. Maybe she could give her a chance. Maybe she could direct that anger at Samantha, the one who had trapped her and summoned the demon.

Slowly Kristanna centered herself, “You may be telling the truth now, Helen. But I still can’t trust you. I saw Samantha’s influence over you, the way you just went along with her wishes when she trapped me. You didn’t stand up for your beliefs in time. Because of you and your sister, I thought I was dead. Do you know how that feels? To suddenly realize your life is coming to an end? Then be forced to dwell in that thought for hours upon hours! Tortured, not knowing if the next… orgasm is the last. Just waiting for it to happen and being denied! I gave up hope… I even wanted it… that creature made me wanna die…”

Helen shed a couple of tears at that brutal, honest statement from the demoness. She had always seen Kristanna as a dangerous predator. A powerful demoness with no obvious vulnerabilities, never as a victim. But after hearing the agony she had put her through, Helen was drowning in shame and guilt, she couldn’t even look up at Kristanna. Staring at the floor she mustered the strength to respond, “I’m sorry… I am so, so sorry… I can’t imagine how it felt… but you have to believe me! I’m on your side now! I hid you from both the Celestial Rise and my sister! While you slept, I placed warding spells all over this property to mask our presence! You can begin anew here. What more do I have to do to prove you can trust me?”

As the redhead spoke she approached Kristanna, walking on her knees. Hesitantly she placed both hands on each side of Kristanna’s cock. There was an uncomfortable silence. Helen looked at the cock throbbing, she gulped in fear. She then looked up to Kristanna, who stared her down, waiting to see what she was about to do.

The demoness didn’t even flinch. Helen began to slowly open her mouth, stick her tongue out, and approach Kristanna’s glans. She licked the tip of the black foreskin, tasting the partially dried precum. Helen began kissing Kristanna’s foreskin, getting drunk in the scent and taste of her demonic fluids. Her delicate palms started to stroke the length of Kristanna’s black shaft.

The action was suddenly interrupted as Kristanna turned her hips to the side, yanking her cock away from Helen and taking a step back, “No”, she said coldly. Helen felt humiliated, still a bit lightheaded from the arousal that came from tasting the demoness’ precum. The witch was confused, almost breaking into tears as Kristanna continued with a stern voice, “That’s what you think of me, huh? I’m a sex demon so you can just suck my cock and I’ll be happy? No, witch! You haven’t earned my cock! Just like you haven’t etlik escort bayan earned my trust!”

“I’m sorry… I don’t know how else to show you that you can trust me.” Helen responded, wrapping her arms around her torso, sobbing quietly and in shame. “Trust takes time,” Kristanna stated, maintaining her distant voice tone, “I have a lot to figure out, there are people who want me dead. I have to learn how to defend myself, control my powers. I need to know more about my lineage and the demon world as well as the Celestial Rise. And if you claim to be on my side then you will help me, and you will do exactly as I say. Only then, maybe I’ll let you touch my cock again.”

“Ok… I understand. This is my dad’s farmhouse, by the way. I promise they won’t find you here, not even Samantha knows of this place. There are no neighbors and my father… passed away.”

Kristanna looked around and saw a mug filled with water by a wooden box next to the bed. The box was an improvised nightstand, the water seemed to have been left there for her. The demoness grabbed the mug and chugged the water quickly, an easy feat as she was thirsty and hungry. She lifted her shirt and wrapped her hand around the base of her cock, then began to stroke it slowly.

The veins under the skin of Kristanna’s black cock bulged with blood as it pulsated, growing harder by the second. She moaned softly, feeling the usual excessive flow of precum starting to emerge from the slit within seconds. Kristanna positioned the empty mug under her cock as it started to ooze dollops of transparent precum inside.

After just a couple of minutes of gentle stroking and milking, the mug was overflowing with the thick nectar. Kristanna raised the full mug and offered it to Helen. The redhead was confused, she hesitantly raised a trembling hand to grab the mug from the demoness, “This is what it will take for me to trust you. You will drink this now and every time I offer it to you. Every. Last. Drop.”

Helen grabbed the mug, the smell alone was delicious enough to cause her to close her eyes and feel shivers running up her spine. She had just licked a bit of it from Kristanna’s cock, now there was a full mug of that warm fluid right in front of her. Reason kept telling her that this was disgusting, that this was the path to being enslaved by the Cambion. But her visceral needs wanted nothing more than to drown in that mug.

Holding it with both hands, Helen reluctantly placed the edge of the mug to her lips and began to drink. The viscous liquid was hard to swallow, it got stuck in her throat. She choked at first, it was warm and thick, but the witch persisted, making loud gulping noises. As she managed to drink more of the precum, she lost her inhibition and started to hungrily chug it down.

The precum coated Helen’s nose and face, some of it dripped down from her chin, escaping through the corners of her mouth. She gorged on it, she was almost lifting the mug in the air and letting it drip all over her face as she all but bathed in that warm, delicious slime. She shoved her face inside the mug, licking the sides and trying to reach the bottom with her tongue, making shameless slurping noises.

Kristanna grabbed the mug and pulled it by force. Helen coughed a couple of times, the thick slime bubbled out of her clogged nose. She rubbed her forearm across her mouth trying to remove some of the excesses and gain some composure. But it was pointless, she looked like a gooey mess of a woman. Nevertheless, this had to have been the most delicious liquid she had ever tasted, her entire being burned with desire for more, lustful in ways she didn’t imagine possible.

Even as a witch, with a trained will and an exceptional ability to focus, Helen was having trouble controlling her desire to just furiously slap and rub her pussy right there and then. She wanted nothing more than to shove an entire fist up her cunt. But she managed to muster enough strength to contain those impulses, even though her nipples were visibly hard under the black dress and her breathing accelerated.

“How long have I slept?” Kristanna asked, placing the mug by the nightstand as if nothing had happened. Helen took a few seconds to break out of her trance, notice the question and formulate an answer, her voice breathy and loaded with pleasure “Ummm… about ten hours, I think. I brought you here in the morning, and now it’s almost evening. Ahhh… this place is roughly one hour away from North Jefferson. I took my dad’s old truck and drove us here. Your bag is over there.”

Following the direction that Helen pointed to, Kristanna could see the bag that Margaret had prepared for her. It was soaked in white slime, mostly dried now but still visible. Kristanna moved to it and opened the bag, the contents inside were dry. The bag was resistant enough to preserve her clothes, her phone, the few stacks of money Margaret had put inside.

Kristanna turned to face Helen once more, “Good start, maybe you will turn out to be a strong ally, after all,” escort etlik Helen nodded back but didn’t say anything. She held her hands together, fighting an internal battle not to jump on Kristanna’s cock nor to slide the hand under the dress and beat her cunt like there was no tomorrow.

“We will talk more, but I have to make some phone calls first”, Kristanna said as she picked up her phone. Helen stood up, “I’ll leave you to it…” she said as she practically ran out of the barn.

The witch never felt such urgency to get inside. Following the path outside the barn, she was led back to the main house on the farm. Up and through the porch, racing across the living room, Helen went straight into her bedroom. When the door closed behind her the black dress was already on the floor. She hastily looked through her things in a drawer, a clicking noise was followed by some buzzing.

Helen pulled her panties to the side and practically stabbed herself in the crotch with the purple vibrator, moaning in both pleasure and relief to finally be able to satisfy her unquenchable lust. Never before she had been this rough, mistreated her pussy in such a raw way. Then again, never before she had been this wet, soaking through her panties as she walked. Helen sat back on her bed, legs spread up in the air as she continuously jerked the vibrator in and out of her drooling pussy, her other hand pinched her nipple, squeezed her breast in hunger and despair to feel everything at the same time.

She tried to contain her moans, but she couldn’t. Grunting like a wild animal, Helen shoved that vibrator as fast as she could, then ground it against her clit for a while before shoving it in again. The muscles on her arm and shoulder started burning from the effort, but she couldn’t help herself, increasing the speed of her stroking, every muscle in her body tensing up and spasming uncontrollably.

Barely thirty seconds later Helen was already cumming. Her entire body convulsed, and still, Helen couldn’t stop shoving that dildo in and out of her cunt. It was like her hand moved on its own, and no matter how much she spasmed, her body found a way to keep jerking that vibrating dildo deep into her pussy.

Helen’s other hand left her nipple and pulled on her ass cheeks, reaching between them. Fingers immediately launched into her asshole. She shoved two of them in and pulled to the side like a hook, stretching her asshole open. She then flexed her muscles causing her asshole to “blink”, squeezing the fingers while her pussy squeezed around the dildo.

Helen came one more time, not even a minute after her first orgasm. It was like one lead to the other. Her moans turned into cries of pure ecstasy, the sensations coursing through her being were at a completely new level, multiple orgasms were unknown to her until now. She felt like a prisoner of her desires, unable to stop abusing her pussy.

From the barn, Kristanna could hear Helen’s distant moans coming from the house, she smiled to herself holding the phone against her ear, “Margaret? It’s me. Yes, I’m fine and healed, are you and Vanessa safe? That’s great to hear. Listen, a lot has happened. I’ll be away for a few days, we all need to lay low, stay out of North Jefferson. But I have some things I want you to do in the meantime.”



Margaret leaned back at her pool chair, almost lying down. She wore sunglasses and nothing else, sunbathing by the poolside of her friend’s farmhouse. The businesswoman laughed as she talked on her phone, “Oh, Captain! There is no need for you to thank me! My donation is just a small token of gratitude for the amazing work of your police force when responding to the robbery at my house. Vanessa was at risk! And you know there is nothing more important to a mother than the safety of her child.”

She nodded and smiled, listening to the Captain’s response for a few seconds before she once again spoke, “Of course, I know you are. And please keep all of this very discrete, I don’t want to turn my donation into some popularity contest. You know I wouldn’t do this to show off, my days in politics ended with the death of my late husband. My only goal is for the North Jefferson police department to have the best equipment and resources to continue doing an amazing job of protecting us all… Just remember to do that small little favor I asked… Yes, yes I am sure you will. You too. Send a hug to Melanie and little Jacob for me! Have a nice day!”

Margaret hung up with a sigh, the fake smile instantly disappeared from her lips. She shifted around on the chair, leaning back and making sure all of her body would be properly exposed to the sun. But before she could even get comfortable Vanessa’s familiar voice called from inside the house, “Moooom!”

Margaret rolled her eyes, “I already told you we will have some fun in the evening, dear!” The frustration was evident in her voice. She enjoyed being with her daughter, but Vanessa could be relentless in her appetite. People in their early twenties just seemed to function on some sort of overdrive! Everything had to be now! She could swear sometimes Vanessa seemed to have more stamina than Kristanna herself. But Margaret needed time to relax, take a break, enjoy some of the calm from the countryside.

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