Sweet as Sugar Ch. 01

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Thank You to Literotica and its audience for indulging me in expressing this fantasy erotica. This is a continuation of the Babydoll series in a new direction. I have been asked by many to continue that series, but that series had run its course. So we continue with the same characters, but a new modern storyline.

For any new viewers, you can start here and then read the original story Babydoll later as a prequel. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental.


December 31st, 4pm, I had finally wrapped up my work for the day. Another New Year’s Eve, time to head home for the annual New Year’s Eve celebration, the tradition we had continued annually for as long as I could remember.

Because I had worked all day, I was absolved of any household chores or duties to get ready for the party. As a family, we could afford to have a cleaning lady come once a week and on other special occasions to make sure the house was tidy and today was no exception. The inside and outside of the house were pretty much kept immaculate at all times.

I headed to the liquor store on the way home and picked up some extra booze for the festivities. It would help my stepfather Joe play bartender when everyone arrived. Over the years, I continued to make sure he was welcomed in our house, even though he and my mother had divorced long ago. He was still a friend and family and he loved to show off his ability to make the most exquisite cocktails.

I love my wife Jill and through the years have focused a ton of energy on our marriage, but someone else has always had my heart. My sister Ashley and I had always had a history and we had chemistry together.

She owns my soul and now that we were grown-up adults, I only desired her more. She had moved away for a decade, but now she was back and her presence could never be denied. She was so caring, loving, and even nurturing towards me, especially when the others weren’t around. We would occasionally sneak a knowing hug and a kiss when we had the chance, but we made sure to keep it all under wraps. We had missed one another, but the past six months had rekindled all that had been lost, even if we weren’t really intimate.

We had promised one another that we would find a way to be together, but it was a promise that hadn’t been fulfilled. Ashley had moved back to town from San Diego. As a matter of fact, Jill, my wife, had volunteered to go to San Diego with her and help her settle her issues there and make the arrangements to come back here. I was apprehensive about that in the beginning but found a way to settle my mind around the idea.

Ashley had moved in with my mother and grandparents at their place.

She had been home since right after Labor Day. She had a part-time job and was working that into becoming a full-time job. She seemed to be happy and was building confidence as she headed into middle age.

Anyway, after a ten minute stop at the liquor store, I was back on the road headed to the house around 4:20pm. A few minutes later I was pulling into the driveway. I pulled into the garage, grabbed the packages of booze, and headed out of the garage and into the kitchen. Jill’s car wasn’t in the garage. It was obvious that no one was home as I entered the house.

After arranging the packages of liquor I had bought, I mixed myself a Gin and Tonic and headed upstairs where I planned to take a shower and change into something more comfortable. As I rounded the corner and headed up the stairs, I was a little taken aback by my sister’s sudden presence from nowhere, “Ash, where did you come from? You startled me.”

(Ashley) — “Oh. I’m sorry. Jill came and got me to help her get ready for tonight.”

(Jim) — “Oh OK… where is she?”

(Ashley) — “She said she had some errands to run. She left about 15-20 minutes ago.”

(Jim) — “Everything ready?”

Ashley smiled, “Yep. Jill’s sure outdone herself getting everything ready. She wanted me to help, but there really wasn’t much to do. She came by and picked me up before lunch and brought me over. She said she was heading to the store, then to Big Daddy and Gramm’s to take the kids and sitter some dinner. She said she’d be back in a couple of hours.”

“What about the kids?” I wondered aloud.

“Well JJ wanted to stay home and Paige is over there with them.” Like I said, Ashley and JJ had lived with Big, Gramm’s and Mama since she had moved back home. She continued as she moved past me, “Well, I’m sure you need to get ready. I was just heading down to the kitchen. Do you need anything?”

“You…” I trailed off while giving her a smile and a serious stare.

She twisted her head in a convoluted fashion, smiling, “Jimmy…”

“Well ok… I can’t help it. I’m going to go take a shower. I thought you might join me.”

“Yeah, well you know. That just wouldn’t be appropriate. would it?” she started to the kitchen, then turned as ataşehir escort bayan if she were going to say something, then repeated the contorted expression. I could read her body language. It was saying that I needed to shut up because some things don’t need to be said in certain moments.

With that, she continued on and I headed up to the Master bedroom.

—- (in the Shower) —

I knew Jill wouldn’t be home for a while. She was always running out at the last minute worried about some small detail. The party wouldn’t officially start until 7pm. I knew her routine. She’d be back about 6pm and then she would be up here getting ready. I would be the one to greet any early guests like my mother and grandparents.

I didn’t smoke a lot these days, but on special occasions, I’d partake. So I grabbed my weed from my special location and rolled a nice one.

Craving the buzz, I fired it up and took a couple drags before snuffing it out. I took my time undressing before heading to the master bathroom to shower.

I turned on the mostly hot water and waited a few seconds before stepping in. I enjoyed the shower, lathering up my aroused rod and just daydreaming about life. I thought about the past, present, and future as the water cascaded from head to toe and down the drain. I had that familiar natural high as my libido roared thinking about my life. I couldn’t get sex off my mind.

Getting out of the shower, I dried myself off and wrapped the big, soft towel around my waist. My cock was so sensitive, I had a good woody thinking about fucking. My bone really wanted to be in something warm and sticky.

I entered my room and the walk-in closet, where I found my go-to faded Levi’s. Like I do when I feel a bit frisky, I went without any underwear. I threw on a t-shirt, sweater, and slipped into my slip-on shoes. My cock felt liberated without any boundaries. Free as a bird in my sexual enlightenment, I felt confident and self-assured about who I was. I was a badass.


I left the bedroom and was headed downstairs when suddenly I noticed the guestroom door open and Ash appeared in a terry cloth robe. She looked to see me there and smiled saying, “Good, since you’re here could you do me a favor and get me another glass of wine.” She reached her glass out for me to take.

“OK, be right back.” I headed to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Ash was like Mama, I knew she preferred white wine and apparently, that is what she was drinking. I grabbed the bottle of Chardonnay and poured her a glass full and made my way back up to her room.

The door to Ashley’s room was open as I walked up. Sitting in front of her vanity table, she was applying the final touches to her make-up. I stood there for a moment taking note of her gazing at her reflection in the mirror. I couldn’t really read her emotional state. At 32 years old, she was beautiful. She had to know it. Over the years, her hair color had transformed to light auburn and her blue eyes were still as captivating as ever.

I noticed her appear to sigh as I knocked on the door to announce my presence. She looked in my direction, before motioning me to come in. Swiveling towards me on her stool, she reached out for her wine. Of course, she looked gorgeous, as the cleavage peeked out from her loose-fitting robe. “Thank You,” she chimed.

My buzz had kicked in and the scenery had me focusing a bit too much on the alluring loveliness before me, but I finally spoke, “God you’re beautiful.”

She took a sip of her wine, before placing it on her dresser and standing to walk over to her dress. “What do you think of my dress?”

“Have you worn that before?”

She shook her head no, but I felt like I’d seen it before. “Well, it looks very nice.” I couldn’t place my finger on it, but I knew I had seen that dress somewhere before. I knew she’d need more time to get ready. “Well, If that’s all you need, I’m gonna head downstairs and get things set up.”

I turned and headed to the door when I heard her call, “Jimmy.”

Upon turning around, I caught the sight of a goddess. The sash of her robe was open and I saw her in all her glory. She looked stunning. Her breasts hung lovingly with their silver dollar aureoles, her belly was taut with only the slightest pooch of a mature woman, and she had the tiniest little manicured landing strip above her pussy.

In that split second, she smiled and enjoyed my gaze at her, while leaving her robe open. She blushed from her exposure, walking toward me and saying, “Can I have a hug?”

No words were necessary. She opened her arms and embraced me fully. a thin piece of denim was all that separated my cock from her pussy. My cock was now fully stimulated. She always knew how to cause my arousal. Her headlights pushed into my chest with the nubbins of her nipples standing out like pencil erasers. She said nothing as she leaned in for a kiss and I obliged. She had escort kadıköy me all stirred up causing my excited breath to become erratic.

“I so want to take you right here,” I admitted as my hands roamed her sides.

“I know Jimmy,” she confirmed the mutuality of the moment as our lips again found one another. She pulled back staring in my eyes, “I have something to tell you,”

‘Again with secrets,’ the fleeting thought entered my mind.’ “Yes, what is it?” I asked.

“Not here. Not now. This isn’t the proper place,” she contorted her head as though she wanted to continue.

“It’s just always so frustrating,” staring seriously into her soul, “to love you so much and have to pretend.”

I turned without saying a word, left her room and went back to mine so that I could calm down. Seeing Ashley nude sure made me nervous. Our chemistry was overwhelming. Her female charm always drew me in and my attraction to her caused me to act in ways that I normally wouldn’t. I don’t know how to explain it, but seeing her naked almost made me fearful. My attraction towards her had always been over the top. I sensed time rushing by. Jill would be home soon and others would be arriving shortly for the evening’s festivities.

I was laying, propped up on the pillows of the bed, taking a catnap trying to relax before the long night began when Jill had awoken me from my stupor as she entered the room at 6:05pm. She seemed hurried, and she apologized for being late and asked if I had gotten the things we needed from the liquor store. I told her I had as she quickly excused herself to get ready.

I headed downstairs and mixed myself an Old Fashioned Cocktail, then went about making sure that everything was set up in the basement. Not long after, I heard the doorbell and headed upstairs. I opened the door to discover my grandparents, Mama, and Joe. I had set it up for a Limousine to deliver them to the party.

Big now used a cane and his gate was that of an elderly man. His mind was still sharp, nearing the age of 80, but his physical nature certainly wasn’t what it had been and his age showed.

Mama helped me get everyone inside, as we took coats and hung them on the coat rack. Joe and the chauffeur had some bags and Joe was ready to head downstairs and man what was once his personal bar. I helped Big make his way to the great room in the basement. Big and Gramms didn’t get out as much these days unless someone helped them. I got Big situated in one of the big comfortable chairs and brought him and Gramms drinks. We had done some minor redecorating over the years, but the layout was virtually the same as it had been years earlier. With everyone settled, I continued with preparations for the arrival of others.

We sat around making small talk as I awaited other guests to arrive. Jill and Ashley were presumably upstairs getting ready, so my mother and I greeted people at the door and took coats. Mama enjoyed this role because she was inviting people into what was really still her house and there was still the tradition of the evening. This annual party was something she had created and it had been going on for nearly 20 years.

Finally at around 7pm, with the party starting to crank up, the girls came down. Of course, they were a sight to behold. Jill was wearing a brown corduroy tunic dress with straps and a long-sleeved black shirt underneath. Ash’s ensemble had me reminiscing for some reason. I had seen the outfit before, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. There was a frilly pirate blouse, which really accentuated her cleavage, a knee-length black skirt, and I took note of her sheer dark stockings.

They both looked wonderful, but once again Jill was doing the girl next door, while Ash was going for the movie starlet look. Jill was dressed comfortably, but I could really tell that Ash had put an all-out effort into her appearance. Of course, that is the way she had been raised by my mother. Ashley had teased her golden locks up, parted slightly to the side. and ends falling down her back. This perfectly accentuated her facial features. In the low light of the room, her smooth complexion made her look as if she hadn’t aged the past 10 years. She looked to be in her mid 20’s.

Jilly looked cute in her schoolgirl meme. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She never wore much make-up and this night was no different.

The house had filled up by 8pm. There were about 50 adults and no children. The music was playing quite loud with a heavy bass tone. I could feel the pulse as I walked the floor. The familiar faces were either people from our jobs, the neighborhood, or long-time friends of the family. Everyone was talking and catching up on what they had done in the past year.

As usual, people were everywhere. They were inside and outside of the house. A few smokers hung outside around the pool, which had the surrounding area lit with candles. There were people in the great room, upstairs, and on the middle floor bostancı escort in the den.

Everyone who was planning to attend had pretty much arrived. As host, I tried to be sociable and attend to peoples’ needs by hanging coats up, getting drinks, and if Joe needed more booze, then I’d go upstairs and get it. I was constantly on the move, but I was enjoying it.

As things settled down, I was able to chill and settle into the party. I milled about with the guests but constantly caught myself taking notice of Ashley mingling with everyone. It was hard not to ogle her. She was the definition of sexy as a full-fledged woman — heavy on the whoa. Her look was now a combination of herself and my mother in her thirties. The difference was that Ash had lighter colored hair. My mother’s hair had always had a darker reddish tint and Ash’s face looked a lot more like Gramms’ than my mother’s.

I had learned a lot about life over the past ten years. I had learned to live without Ash, but now she had come back into my everyday life and it wasn’t something that I really could settle my mind about.

After making one of the customary trips to restock the party materials, I saw Ash in front of the stereo in the open space that had been set up as a makeshift area for people to dance. She was going through the music compilations before apparently settling on some selections and appearing satisfied. She looked around, before spotting me, and began to approach.

“Come on! Let’s dance!…” she said as she sharply grinned. Then she put her hands together in front of her and began to move and shake her hips and shoulders in time with the music. I remember my mother dancing in this manner in my past life. She raised her hands and snapped her fingers in time with the tune. I tried not to look too awkward and moved while trying not to fixate on her too much.

I was spellbound for a moment. Ash was definitely the definition of hot in her saucy ensemble. When the next song, a slow number, came on, Ash moved in and we embraced. As we swayed to the tempo, I was aroused by her scent and the feel of her body against mine. Her soft linen shirt accentuated the suppleness of her large breasts, while the frilly black skirt highlighted the curvature of her waist.

I was beginning to feel that familiar stirring in my loin. With my cock burrowing into her belly, I knew that she knew what she did to me, and she wasn’t letting go. We were now mature adults. We wouldn’t want to be exposed, but between the two of us, we had nothing to hide. The swollen protuberance against her soft belly, as we swayed, gave the coziness of a soft dry fuck.

She gave a telling look into my eyes as she leaned in close and sighed, “New Year’s is our special time. Isn’t it? You know, “Auld Lang Syne.”

Her words made me anxious because they brought me back to our current reality. I was so nervous that I could hardly speak. I felt apprehensive. When I was younger, this stimulation might have had me shooting a load. I knew we had to get away from this crowd. I stammered, “Ash, I kn-now what y-you mean.”

Ash leaned back in, “Let’s get some air.”

Jill was nowhere to be seen, ‘thank god’ I thought, as Ash and I separated. She headed upstairs as I took my time following. We retrieved our coats, then made our way outside on a cold evening. The cool, crisp air was as good as a cold shower. It helped me recompose myself.

It was nearly 9pm. The party had cranked up inside and there was no one outside with us. Ash motioned to me, “Follow me.”

“Where we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” she started walking in a definite direction. We headed out the gate of the fence and into the woods under the starlit sky to the grassy knoll where we had sought privacy long before. It was obvious when I spotted it, “Let’s check out the telescope,” she motioned.

‘Wow. I haven’t had that thing out in forever,’ I thought to myself. I was even more blown away when she reached into her pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a blunt. “Whaaaa…” I laughed aloud.

“I know. Riiiight.” she chuckled as she pulled it to her lips and fired it up to get it started. She took a long draw, like a pro, before handing it to me. I followed her lead savoring the flavor. As I said, I didn’t partake in too much of this these days. It didn’t take long for that familiar rush to take hold. The good buzz was followed by Ash pushing up into me and gave me a sweet little peck on the lips.

She was wearing a beautiful plaid winter coat that had a faux fur collar. She had a way of making me concentrate fully on her. I followed as she leaned down and peered through the scope. She seemed in awe as she said, “It sure is a beautiful night.”

Looking at the form of her bent over I retorted, “You make the world a special place Ash.”

She straightened up and looked at me with a light-hearted smile, “You make me tingle inside Jimmy.” She snickered, “I hope no one was paying attention to our dancing. It was getting too hot in there..”

I shook my head, “I know what you mean.”

“Yeah,” she laughed, “But who can really blame us.”

(Jimmy) — “You gotta good buzz?”

She gave me a wink, then a ‘Who Me?’ look. “Hell Yeah. I’ve had one all day.”

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