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I have just gotten out of my evening shower when I hear the doorbell ring. Cinching my robe at the waist, and wrapping a towel turban-style around my wet hair, I go to see who has decided to show up so unexpectedly. I have to laugh when I open the door and see you standing there. In one hand, you’re holding a few flowers that still have some dirt clinging to their few remaining roots, and in the other, two or three of those individually wrapped chocolate truffles found near the checkout lines in supermarkets; on your face, a smile that has never failed to make my heart pound.

I take the flowers and chocolates from you, move to let you in and past me, and then shut the door. Just as I am turning the lock, I find myself pressed to the door, pinned there by your weight. The flowers and chocolates drop to the floor, forgotten, and my hands move up to brace myself. Your mouth is hot on the sensitive flesh of my neck, your hands gripping my hips tightly, your crotch rubbing insistently against my ass, your arousal evident.

After a moment, you pull away slightly and turn me in the circle of your arms, so that my back is now against the door. I raise my eyes to look up into yours, and feel my breath catch in the back of my throat. I expect to see a fair amount of lust there and the fire of desire burning in your eyes, but this…there’s a tenderness there that reaches out and shakes me to the core.

Your hands slip into the fold of my robe, parting it, your fingertips playing over the skin just under my breasts as you lean in towards me. I close my eyes in anticipation of your kiss…just as your lips touch mine, your thumbs move over the silk bra covering my already hardening nipples. I moan against your mouth, opening mine to you, pressing my breasts into your hands, asking for more. As your tongue slips into my mouth to explore, your hands move from my breasts around and down to my ass, cupping it, pulling me up and against your crotch. My hands are on your shoulders, clenching and unclenching, before moving up along your neck and to the back of your head, pulling you closer. It’s as though I’m starving, and you my only source of sustenance – I can’t get enough of you.

Your hands move back to my robe, pulling it off my body. You let it slip to the floor, and crush me to you again. Your mouth, hot and wet, claims mine once more, and then moves from there down my cheek and along my neck, your teeth barely scraping the flesh, making me shiver with desire. You nuzzle my skin, making me want to laugh and moan all at once. Your mouth moves lower, skimming the skin exposed above my bra, tormenting me. My breathing is harsh and heavy, my mind focused on you and the emotions you are stirring within me. Nothing matters outside of your mouth on my skin, driving me crazy.

Your hands have wandered again, around to my back, pulling me forward as your mouth closes over one silk-clad nipple, forcing a low whimper from my throat. Your tongue flicks out illegal bahis at the hard nub, over and over, swirling around it through the material of my bra, until I’m shaking in your arms. As you turn your head to lavish the same attention on the other nipple, I feel you unhook my bra and slide the straps down my shoulders. You pull away, and I open my eyes as much as I am able, too drunk with desire to focus straight.

You finish removing my bra and send it to join my robe on the floor. I’m left in only my silk panties, and I can feel the heat in your gaze as it moves over my body. Your eyes lock on mine as you lean forward once again and capture one of my now exposed nipples in your mouth. I can feel your eyes still watching me, but I can’t help but close mine again as you suck each of my hard, aching nipples into your mouth in turn.

You keep up the sweet torture for what seems like hours before your mouth moves lower to nuzzle the skin under my breasts, making my stomach clench and my knees go weak. Your hands, which have been caressing my waist all the while, move to my hips, and your fingers slip into the waistband of my panties, slowly tugging them down. My eyes open, and I struggle to focus on you. Someone here has way too many clothes on, and it’s most definitely not me.

Deciding that this is a problem that should be fixed immediately, I reach for your shirt, and mimicking your earlier actions, lift it up and over your head over your head, throwing it to the floor. Looking up into your face, I see that you’re silently laughing at me, and I growl in response, pushing you away from me and up against the wall opposite the door. You’re laughing out loud now, actually shaking with it, but it fades as I trail kisses down the side of your neck to your chest, scraping my nails lightly over the skin of your abdomen, relishing in the contractions of your muscles under the skin. When I reach the waistband of your jeans, I unfasten them and slowly undo the zipper, pushing them down your hips, letting them puddle at your feet.

I step away from you, reaching up to remove the towel from my head, shaking my still wet hair out. I run my fingers through my hair, keeping my eyes on yours. I let my hands move from my head and down the sides of my body, slowly, caressing myself…You take a step forward…and stumble. It’s my turn to laugh – you’ve forgotten your jeans are still pooled above your shoes. Mumbling something under your breath, you kick off your shoes and step out the jeans, leaning against the wall so you can remove your socks.

By this time, I’ve started down the hallway to my bedroom. I’m still laughing – I can’t help it. I keep seeing you try to come after me, so intent, and then stumbling…I turn to see you catching up with me just as I make it in the door of my room. I shriek at the look on your face, and try to make it around the bed before you can grab a hold of me, but in vain. You pull me to you, cupping my ass in your illegal bahis siteleri hands, squeezing and kneading it, grinding your crotch into mine, just two thin layers of fabric separating our flesh.

You reach up, grabbing handfuls of my hair, holding my head in place as your mouth latches on to mine, devouring me. I’m in ecstasy, whimpering now with desire. My hands reach for your boxers, pushing them down your hips and to the floor, and I press my silk-clad crotch against your hard, throbbing crock, rubbing up and down along its length. You groan, and your hold on my hair loosens, moving down the sides of my face, down my arms, to my hips, reaching for my panties, practically ripping them from my body.

Now it’s flesh to flesh, nothing separating us, and I want you in me so badly…You pull away from me, your lips finally leaving mine…your head dips down, to my chest, and your mouth opens up to take one aching nipple into your mouth, one hand moving to cup the other breast, rolling the nipple between your fingertips, while your other hand moves to my hip, squeezing the flesh. I spread my legs slightly, hoping that you’ll take the hint and touch me there, relieve some of the tension I’m feeling. It’s a foolish hope, as your hand moves to caress every bit of my stomach, hips, and upper thighs, but stays away from that very wet junction between my legs.

Your mouth moves from my breasts and down my belly…I tense up, knees locking in anticipation of your mouth on me….I can feel your breath on the skin of my pussy…hot…very hot…A moment passes, and when nothing happens, I open my eyes to look down at you. You’re looking up, smiling…damn…I want to kick you. Thinking what a great idea that is, I’m actually preparing to do so when your thumb brushes over my clit. I decide to save the kick for later, and press myself forward, asking for more of the touching. You slowly stand, and give me a gentle push towards the bed.

I crawl onto the bed on my hands and knees, moving up to the head of the bed, and reach for the top of the covers, preparing to pull them back. I feel the bed shift – you’ve moved onto it and behind me, and I almost lose it when your hand reaches in between my legs from behind to cup my wetness. The other hand moves to my back, slowly pushing me forward, so that my weight is resting on my elbows. Your hands move to my inner thighs, spreading my legs further, exposing me to your hungry eyes.

Your hands move back to my hips now, one hand caressing my ass, the other reaching in between my legs again, stroking my dripping slit. I let out a low moan, pressing my face into the sheets. One of your fingers slip in, and then out, and back in, this time with two fingers. I push back into your hand, but you’re taking your time, slowly moving in and out, frustrating me like only you can.

I raise my head when I feel your hands leave me, but before I can protest, I sense the bed moving as you drop down onto your back, canlı bahis siteleri pulling me back and onto your face. It’s all I can do not to scream out when I feel your mouth on my clit, sucking, nibbling, driving me crazy. As your mouth works over my clit, flicking your tongue out at it and swirling around and over the highly sensitive nub, you insert two fingers into my slit again, thrusting in and out, building up a rhythm that matches the sucking and flicking of your torturous mouth.

I’m on the verge of cumming when you move out from under me, and before I can even blink, I feel your hands grab my hips, bracing as you thrust into me, hard, fast, to the hilt. I hear the groan tear from your lips, and hear my own as you slowly pull out again. You’re leaning over me, your chest against my back, pulling out, thrusting in…your hands move forward to cup my breasts, squeezing them in sync with your thrusts. I push back into you as you thrust in, reaching down between my legs, finding and rubbing my clit as you pull out.

The pace quickens, and I feel myself approach that edge again, and just as I’m about to go over, you pull out completely and roll me over on my back. You sit back on your heels, and grabbing my legs, pull them around your waist. When you move forward, my legs slide up a bit, and I lock my ankles together behind your back. You lean forward, your mouth claiming mine, your tongue thrusting into my mouth as your hard cock thrusts into my dripping pussy. Your hands move to mine, our fingers entwining…you move our joined hands up above my head and to the sides, holding them there. You start thrusting again, hard and fast, your mouth still on mine. The pressure builds, both of us in a frenzy now…My mouth tears from yours, and I cry out as my orgasm hits me…

My eyes are closed, my head thrown back…you’re still thrusting, and I feel the tension building up again, faster this time…I’m pushing up to meet your thrusts, mindless with desire and the need for further release. As my second climax hits me, I arch up into you as much as I’m able, held mostly in place by the weight of your lower body covering mine, and your hands still holding mine to the bed.

You release my hands, yours moving down to cup my breasts, squeezing and kneading them…you pull out just as you go over the edge, creamy cum shooting out of your cock and onto my belly. My hands go down to my stomach, spreading your seed over my skin as you milk the last of your cum onto me. I feel your eyes on me, relishing in the contrast of your thick white semen on my dark skin. I unlock my ankles, letting my legs slide down along your body, totally overwhelmed by the force of my multiple orgasms.

I’m contemplating sleep, but just as I’m about to close my eyes, you grab my hands and pull me up and off the bed, tugging me into the bathroom. Leaning against the wall, I watch as you turn on the water and adjust the temperature. You come back to me, dragging me into the shower with you. My back is up against the wall of the shower stall, your mouth on mine, and the water is soothing, coursing over our bodies. I feel your cock stirring against my belly, and I smile against your mouth…this is going to be a long night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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