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“I have been a therapist for over twenty years,” explained Dr. Valerie Nelson, “and, more than anything else, there are two very simple things that make a relationship work: open, honest communication and great sex. If you lack either or both of these qualities, sooner or later, your relationship is destined to fail.”

John and Nikki looked at each other with a certain degree of trepidation. Earlier, Dr. Nelson took each one of them aside and asked some very personal questions about their sex life. While she promised not to divulge any of the details to the other, they both knew the therapist had to address those issues she discovered as problematic in the rocky marriage.

“I have been seeing you for about two months, now, and we have made some wonderful progress on all other areas. By your requests, I saved the topic of sex for last. I know you two feel very uneasy about discussing these things with me, but if we do not address the problems you both — yes, both of you had problems in this area — have privately discussed with me, all your work up until now will be wasted.”

The couple squeezed each others’ hands and squirmed uneasily in their chair.

“At 25 years of age, you two are still a very young couple. The last seven years of marriage have been rocky, from what you have told me, and we have taken care of all the minor issues. What I have discovered, however, is that your sex lives suck. Both of you find sex bland and unexciting. I personally know couples who have been married for well over forty years who still have amazing sex on a regular basis and, contrary to what the pornography industry wants you to believe, it has more to do with letting go of your inhibitions and letting your imaginations take over than it does with having oversized breasts, rear-ends, or penises.” Dr. Nelson smiled a little and allowed the couple to digest what she had just said for a moment before continuing.

Neither John nor Nikki were an unattractive couple. At six-foot-two, John was a large man who once possessed an athletic body. While the finely-chiseled physique he’d possessed in high school had given way to laziness and beer, there was still enough of his old self in him that many women found him attractive.

Nikki was by far the fairer of the two. She had lost none of her doll-like features and, having had no children yet, she managed to keep her grippable hips and thick, cross-country thighs in shape through regular exercise. Her waist had widened a few inches in the intervening years, but she could still pull off a bikini if she needed to. Her breasts were on the smaller side — just the right size for her husband to cup one in a hand — but that had always been precisely the way John liked them. She had long legs for her height, but still only reached a paltry five-foot-two, a fact John endlessly teased her about.

John cleared his throat a bit and cast a suspicious glance at his wife before speaking. “I never said there was a problem with the size of my… ahh…”

“No, of course not,” responded Dr. Nelson quickly. “That’s not at all what I meant. What I am going to do now is take each of you aside again and give you detailed instructions. Tonight, you will follow these instructions to the letter. If you value your marriage, you will do precisely as I instruct and we will meet again tomorrow afternoon at our usual hour to see how things went.”

“What if,” Nikki asked hesitantly, “one of us doesn’t like what’s happening?”

The therapist smiled in response. “From what you have each told me already, I doubt anything of the sort will come to pass, but if it does, all you both have to remember is one word: strawberries.”

“Strawberries?” asked John, clearly confused how fruit had anything to do with sex.

“Yes. You will use ‘strawberries’ as your safe word. Should either of you cross a line that the other is absolutely uncomfortable with, the utterance of the word ‘strawberries’ means, for all intents and purposes, ‘Stop!'”

John’s confusion was compounded by the need for a safe word. “Why couldn’t we just say ‘stop,’ instead?”

Dr. Nelson offered an impish smile in response. “Because,” she explained softly in a conspiratorial tone, “if either of you say ‘stop’ your partner will know you don’t actually mean ‘stop,’ no matter how much you scream and cry the word.”

Nikki was growing more uncertain about this part of their therapy the more she heard. “Why would either of us be screaming or crying?” she asked plaintively.

Dr. Nelson shook her head and stood up from her chair as she pointed an open palm toward her door. “If one of you will step outside of my office, I will explain what I must. Just remember that the safe word is ‘strawberries’ and each of you must do precisely as I instruct.”

The drive back to their home seemed to take forever. John and Nikki were both deep in thought about what Dr. Nelson had told them. She had also given them explicit instructions not to share with one another what güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she had said. Curiosity over what the therapist told each of them privately tugged incessantly at their tongues, almost causing them to ask each other numerous times, but in the end, their desire to do as Dr. Nelson instructed won over.

As her husband drove home, Nikki stared out the passenger side window, hiding the redness that came to her cheeks every time she thought about what the doctor said. Similarly, John was terrified of what might happen tonight. On one hand, it was exciting, but he could not help but think of what his wife might say if everything didn’t go as planned. What if Nikki said “strawberries” mere moments after they had begun? He glanced at his wife briefly before taking a deep breath and pulling into their driveway. One thing was certain in both their minds: tonight would either make or break their marriage.

Later that night, at precisely 10 o’clock, Nikki stood up from where they’d been sitting watching television in the living room. “I’m supposed to go… change.” Without looking up at her, John gave her a nod. He was too intent on what their therapist had asked him to do. As his wife retreated up the stairs, he felt a stir of anxious anticipation in his pants. They hadn’t even begun and he was already getting turned on. He closed his eyes and took a deep, steadying breath. John loved his wife dearly and, despite all their arguments, he knew she was the one he intended to spend the rest of his life with.

John and Nikki were high school sweethearts. They were the homecoming king and queen and both held great promise for their respective futures. As is the case with many such couples, however, life handed them one sour lemon after another. Neither of them had ever been the studious type nor did they have any desire to go to college. John worked in construction for a home-building company that was doing quite well for itself in spite of the nation’s slump in real estate sales. After three years on the job, he was promoted to a supervisory position and felt confident the owner and a very close friend of his would soon grant him another promotion.

Nikki, on the other hand, was something of a homebody. Despite her popularity in high school, she had few real friends and spent most of her days cleaning, exercising, or visiting her sister and two nephews while the men were at work. She never thought of herself as the sort to settle down in one place for long and the slow advancements of her husband’s career rarely exceeded the growing pile of bills. They barely made enough to call themselves middleclass citizens and the frequent financial disappointments she faced caused Nikki a great deal of frustration. She performed the odd job helping her sister with the kids for a bit of added income, but with a lack of real work experience and frequent emotional outbursts, Nikki had trouble holding on to a steady job for long.

Over the years, their marriage became the casualty of forgotten dreams and frequent disappointments. They started seeing Dr. Nelson two months earlier after the dreaded D-word started being tossed around during almost every argument. Neither of them wanted a divorce, but the way their lives had grown stagnant with one another, they saw no other choice. Dr. Nelson was recommended by Nikki’s sister and soon enough, many of the smaller problems the couple faced were taken care of. The biggest problem of all, however, loomed quietly over them both and they were too sensitive of each others’ feelings to say it out loud. Their sex life had become dull and boring. Neither of them looked forward to sex anymore as it had become just another routine in their everyday lives of stagnant repetition.

Tonight, however, would be different. Nikki repeated those words to herself as she fit her fishnet stocking-covered feet into her black heels. At Dr. Nelson’s instruction, she had pieced together parts of various outfits to create what was, quite possibly, the sluttiest-looking ensemble she could manage out of her wardrobe. The fishnet stockings climbed up her legs, greatly accentuating her thick thighs. A garter could barely be seen as it disappeared up her mini-skirt.

At the therapist’s insistence, Nikki had cut several inches from the end of the skirt, making her feel as though she wore nothing beyond her waist. The black-and-white plaid skirt included a gold-chain belt that hung loosely at her wide hips. She had not worn the skirt once since she bought it after finding that its criss-crossing lines design made her hips appear larger than they were. A tight-fitting white blouse was buttoned up only halfway, showing off a bit of cleavage from the tops of her black bra. Nikki would never wear a black bra beneath a white blouse under normal circumstances, but she had to admit, there was something sexy about the way it looked on her.

As she examined herself in the mirror, the young woman noticed that the way her top güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was buttoned made it appear as though her breasts would spill free of the restrictive clothing at any moment. She wore a very light application of makeup, with light blush upon her cheeks, thin lines of black eyeliner and mascara, and what she usually referred to as her “slut-red” lipstick. Her hair was pulled back into braided pigtails with tiny white bows at the ends. Nikki bit her lip as she looked at herself, wondering what her husband might think of her dressed like this. She took a deep breath to calm herself as she remembered what Dr. Nelson told her. “Strawberries,” she whispered quietly to herself, before turning for the door and calling down to her husband.

“John! Come up here, please!” Nikki eased the bedroom door shut and turned the bedroom light off, leaving her spotlighted in the golden glow of the bathroom light. She heard the creak of the fifth step up the stairs and took another deep, steadying breath. The anticipation made her heart throb and she felt the heat of her body seeping down to pool between her legs.

When John opened the door, his eyes took in the sexy vixen displayed before him. Nikki felt the intensity of his gaze as it slowly traveled down her body clear to her small feet encased in black heels. John silently repeated the words of their therapist and his mind stumbled for a moment to recall their safe word. He kept it foremost in his thoughts in consideration of his wife’s feelings. If he was going to do this, he had to keep an ear out for the moment he crossed a line with her. If Nikki ever lost respect for him in the bedroom, their marriage would surely fail.

He licked his dry lips and spoke in a whisper. “Do you still remember the safe word?”

Nikki nodded and looked down at herself. “Do I look… umm… Do you like it?”

John’s expression darkened suddenly and he walked over to her. There was something frightening, almost predatory, in the way he was looking at her body.

“You’re dressed like a slut, Nikki.”

Nikki’s eyes widened and tears stung at her eyes. “No… that’s what Dr. Nelson told me to-“

“Did I ask you to speak?” her husband responded in a menacing tone.

Nikki tried to swallow past the growing lump in her throat and she shook her head. By the tone in his voice and the look in his eyes, she knew he was being quite serious. This was no game to him.

John walked around her, examining her closely and taking in every minute detail. Nikki felt his hot breath at the side of her neck as he pressed himself up behind her. “She told you to dress like a slut, did she? Were you also told to act like one?”

A tear finally welled over and rolled down her cheek to her chin. She shook her head again in response.

John grabbed a hold of one of Nikki’s pigtails and tugged it down, pulling her to her knees. Her chest heaved with each breath as her knees fell to the carpeted floor. He walked around to face her and caught her wiping another tear away before it trailed down her other cheek. John reminded himself of the safe word and was about to say something about her tears when she reached up and began undoing his pants. His erection became far more apparent the moment his pants were tugged down his legs. Boxer shorts offered little cover for the throbbing member haphazardly hidden underneath. These, too, were tugged down and John watched while Nikki licked her soft lips to moisten them and pressed a kiss against the enlarged tip.

Just as John let out a soft sigh, he watched, amazed, as Nikki proceeded to slide almost the full length between her lips. With a hand still on her head, Nikki could feel a tremor pass through him as she pressed her face forward, letting the large member press in against the back of her throat. Her eyes turned up to watch his expression as she tried various little things with her tongue. She lightly tapped at the tip, tasting the bit of fluid that leaked free and ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft. Each of these motions tore a soft groan from her husband’s throat. She had pleasured him orally on various occasions before, but she’d never quite gotten the hang of the right movements or rhythm. Her teeth always seemed to scrape at him, or the angle was wrong and she would pull away, gagging.

Apparently, John wasn’t about to let the same thing happen. He held her face firmly in his hands, slapping hers away when she made an attempt to hold at the base of his member. Suddenly, she felt him press in against her, forcing his way past her gag reflex and into her throat. Just as quickly, he pulled free and her eyes widened as she coughed. Before she had a chance to recover, she found her mouth stuffed again. John slapped a rising hand away when she raised it to brace herself on his thigh and took another deliberate thrust into her throat.

Nikki’s eyes widened and teared up as she desperately tried to hold back the coughing and choking güvenilir bahis şirketleri while he pleasured himself with her mouth. Little by little, she found how to angle her shoulders and neck to fit him as comfortably as possible, but he took care of most of the motions. She groaned, causing the throaty sound to come out shakily while he tugged repeatedly at her head. John pulled free and she gasped for air and coughed. Saliva dripped down off her chin as she looked up at him.

Without a word, John lifted her up onto her feet and spun her around. Nikki felt a strong hand shove her face forward against the bed. As she braced herself on the blanket with her hands, she felt her skirt raised and heard a tearing sound as John tore her black, lacey panties in two. They slid down her thighs, catching on the garter and her fishnet stockings.

The thought of berating him for ruining a perfectly good pair of underwear crossed her mind for only a moment until she felt the thickened tip of his manhood slide across her exposed slit. She was soaking wet! She cried out and her hands clenched at the blanket beneath her when she felt him thrust inside her. He felt enormous, causing her inner walls to grip needily at him.

John groaned and grabbed at her hips, pulling almost entirely free of her before impaling her again. Nikki cried out and clawed at the blanket before pressing herself back against him. Hands reached around her and yanked at her blouse, sending a couple buttons flying. At this point, she no longer cared about keeping her clothes intact.

“Fuck!” she screamed when he drove himself into her again and pulled down on her bra, exposing her breasts without removing the undergarment. Hands kneaded and pawed at her small breasts while John’s hips began pounding against her rear with savage need. Nikki felt him bite at her neck and shoulders, and then pinch both her nipples painfully between his fingers.

“Ow! Wait… don’t…!” she stammered between thrusts. Ignoring her pleas, John only squeezed harder at her breasts, drawing another loud, pained gasp from the woman beneath him.

“Fuuck!” she half-moaned, half-screamed. Something about the way he was man-handling and abusing her body sent tiny tremors of pleasure through her body. “Don’t… bite… pinching…” she tried to say between ragged gasps for air.

The way he held her and ravaged her from behind told her he wasn’t about to listen. His hands grabbed at her body, frustratingly yanking her blouse aside wherever his palms did not touch bare flesh. Every time he thrust into her, he hit a spot that made her knees almost buckle beneath her.

“No…! No! Don’t… stop!” she cried desperately as the sensations intensified enough to make her dizzy and light-headed. This was an entirely different experience for her.

John seemed lost in his own need for the moment and had no intention of stopping. He pounded into her like the pistons of a well-oiled machine set to overdrive. Her foot tried to gain purchase against the carpet, but the slick soles of her heels caused her to keep slipping. When she tried to push back or lift her body, a hand shoved her back down. The slight tremors of pleasure quickly turned into minute eruptions, then grew into sudden, mind-numbing waves of raw pleasure.

The screams John’s efforts tore from Nikki’s lips sent him into a frenzy. His strokes came at a quicker and more forceful pace, causing the entire bed to bang loudly against the wall. What started as one orgasm for Nikki, soon became a series of intense explosions inside her body, each one more intense than the one preceding it with only a few seconds’ respite in between.

Finally, she felt John grab at her hips again and his fingers dug painfully into her flesh as he cried out. She felt the spasmic throbs of his cock inside her as he came. Waves of intense pleasure pulsated through his body and were expelled inside his wife. Nikki experienced one final, smaller orgasm when she felt her husband climax.

John slowly opened his eyes and realized he had been laying against his wife, lost in a blissful delirium for a few minutes while his body recovered. They both panted and were covered in sweat from their exertion and Nikki finally made the effort to shakily pull free of his grasp to climb up two feet higher on the bed, letting the ends of her legs dangle off the end.

John moved up beside her and collapsed, still trying to recover from what had just happened.

“Wow,” whispered Nikki at no one in particular.

“Mm,” responded her loquacious husband.

After several more minutes of trying to catch her breath, Nikki turned around to face her husband with newfound appreciation for the man she’d married.

“Since we are done with the surprise, will you tell me what in the world Dr. Nelson told you?”

John smiled as he peered into his wife’s eyes. “She told me to let go of my inhibitions and do whatever came to mind, no matter what it was. She said that so long as you did not say the safe word, I was to do anything I desired with your body without a care for how you may or may not feel about it.”

Nikki’s smile widened and she burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” John asked with a hint of annoyance creeping into his voice. “What did she tell you?”

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