Spanking Ends in Love

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The walk home from school was the longest that Caroline had ever trudged. She knew she was in deep trouble. Trouble so deep that she would suffer humilation and embarrassment as part of her punishment.

She had been drinking with some friends at school during the lunch break. The bottle of whiskey had been smuggled in by one of the boys and passed around the group. A few swigs and her head spun. At 18 she wasn’t used to drink.

She made it to class but fell asleep and the teacher Mr. Clarke had smelt the whiskey on her breath when he chastised her. The headmaster had given her a dressing down and suspended her. Now on her way home she was nearly wetting herself with fear about what her parents would do. She was certain she was in for some physical punnishment.

This was as bad as her sister getting caught sucking Mel’s pussy last year and then all hell had broken loose. Christ she’d had to watch as Susan had been held across their father’s lap and smacked until she could barely breathe for sobbing. Caroline considered doing a bolt to her boyfriend’s house but then he was up shit creek as well so it would probably only make things worse.

The reception at home was already planned by her mother who had been alerted by the school. Mary had spoken with her husband and they had decided that Caroline would have to be beaten for this latest misbehaviour.

Caroline used her key to unlock the front door and entered to see her mother waiting for her. The shock combined with her fear and the fact that since her drinking escapade she had’nt had time to empty her bladder combined to have her wet herself. As her mother watched in horror her daughter stood shaking and sobbing while her water trickled down her legs onto the tiled floor of the lobby.

“Stay izmir escort bayan there. I’ll go and get a towel. Take your shoes and socks off and everything else that’s wet.”

‘Yes. Mummy I’m sorry. Please I can’t go through what happened to Susie.”

“You should have thought of that before you got yourself sent home.”

Caroline stripped from the waist down and was sent to the shower. She would return to clean up her mess after washing herself off. Then she was sent to her room to await her chastisement that evening.

Caroline was summoned to the livingroom about 7pm. She was dressed in a t-shirt, and track pants. She had also put on some cotton panties. Her hope was that if she were spanked her pants and panties would cushion the blows.

It was a hopeless effort but still she made it. Last year she had witnessed her sisters buttocks and pussy exposed as she was punnished for her ‘perversion’.

“Well Caroline, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Nothing Daddy. I’m very sorry and …..” She broke into sobs.

Her mother walked up behind her and putting her hands in the waistband of her trackpants lowered them and her panties in one go.

“No!” Came the shriek from Caroline.

Her Daddy could see her pussy. At least her mother and Susie were women but no man even her boyfriend had seen the silky blonde haired treasure between her legs.

“Come and lie across my knee.”

As if in a trance she shuffled towards her father and kneeling put herself across his knee. From her vantage point Susie could see her sister’s all and began to juice her own illicit little cotton g-string panties. She had been forced to renounce girls and live like a nun since the incident and this was her first look at a escort izmir pussy in a year. She’d convinced her parents that she really was normal but had confided in Caroline that she couldn’t wait to love another woman.

The blows rained down and Caroline cried out as her bottom reddened. Each buttock shook as her father struck it. In all 30 blows rained down upon her. When it was over despite her knowing that her father could see her sex lips and anything else he cared to look at she couldn’t move. She breathed in huge gulping sobs.

“You’d better take her to her room Susan. Your Mother and I must go to our Church meeting now. We’ll be back in a few hours. Caroline you will stay in your room until Sunday.”

“Yes Daddy” said Susan as she raised her sister to her feet. Kneeling in front of her, her eyes fixed on her cleft she pulled her panties up slowly. As the cotton contacted her bottom Caroline gave another sob and winced.

“Step out of these.” Susan suggested and removed her trackpants from around her ankles.

She took Caroline’s hand and led her back to her room. The parents made ready to leave. On entering her room Caroline threw herself at her bed and lay face down crying into her pillow.

She heard her parents car leave the drive and her door close as Susie left. About thirty seconds later she heard her door open again. A hand touched her waist a moment later.

“Raise your hips sweetie.” Her sister said softly.

As she did her panties were very gently lowered and the glow oof her bottom hit the cool of the air.

“You poor thing. Here, I’ll try and make it better for you.”

Caroline felt a light cool touch and realised that Susie was rubbing cream inot her stinging rear. The pain eased with each gentle stroke. izmir escort As she peered down upon her sister Susie realised that her panties were completely soaked as a result of the things she had seen that evening. Now for the first time in a year she held a round soft female bottom in her hand.

Nobody had ever touched Caroline like this. Through her pain and humiliation she felt an arousal spreadin out from her sister’s touch down to her sex petals and up through her stomach to her breasts.

Susie meantime had been a bit liberal with the cream and warmed by contact with Caroline’s skin it trickled down towards her little pink crinkle and onto her sex. Susie saw and heart in her mouth said

“Here, let me get that.”

A finger traced the line of Susie’s most sexual parts and scooped up the fluid. In the process the finger parted her swelling lips an forced a moan of arousal from her.

Neither sister said a word but Susie began to flex her loins and Caroline prayed that the finger would ‘stray’ again. It did but this time it stayed on her lips as her bottom was lovingly stroked. Caroline bore down. Susie’s finger entered her. There was no way for either to deny what was going on.

Caroline broke the ice.

“Could you do me like you did Mel, without hurting my bottom?”

“Sure Baby. I’d love to if you’re certain.”

“As I’ll ever be.” Caroline replied getting up on her knees with susie’s finger still in her.

“I’ll lie down and you just pop yourself on my mouth” Susie whispered.

Caroline did this facing Susie’s feet. As her sister licked and kissed and sucked her entire underneath from her rear to her aching clit she leant forward and lifting Susie’s skirt put a hand under the little wet panties she wore into her furry treasue and stroked her sister off. All pain was forgotten. Caroline wasn’t sure if she liked girls. She definitely liked boys but she knew from the moment she came, convulsing on Susie’s tongue, she loved her big sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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