Son Loves His Mom Ch. 01

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This story is full of emotion and I have tried to make it as close to reality as possible. It is my first story in and all comment are welcomed. The sex and fucking comes rather gradually but still comes and I will post more of this story if I get a good rating. I just want to know whether I write good or not. It also has incest content in it and I would recommend those who don’t want such things not to read it. Thank you.


I never knew that one act of could have had such high impact upon my life. It was the reason that turned my fantasies into reality. Weather the outcome was a good one or a bad one I am not telling you. You just have to figure it out.

I was 18 and I lived with my mom and dad in our big house. My father was gone away half of the year for his work because of which my mom and I were the only ones. Dad was able to provide us everything from money to lifestyle but he was so busy that he never gave us company. My room was upstairs and I always knew when someone was approaching or sneaking to my room. It was one of the reasons why I was never caught masturbating or watching porn. My usual fantasy was forbidden love because of which there was a separate database of incest in my computer. Mom didn’t knew much about computer to see hidden files and so I was in no trouble at all.

It was one such fateful day that Friday morning when I was getting ready to go to school. I have been watching many incest videos of mother and son last few weeks which aroused me to a totally new level every time I watched them. It was this morning that I really saw my mother. She was wearing a green top with a cream skirt which nearly touched her knees (of course she wouldn’t wear a miniskirt in front of me).her breasts were nearly 35D and were not hanging. Her stomach was flat enough with her hips nearly 33. With a surprise I concluded that she was of figure 35D-28-33. Her height was 5’7″ nearly two inches smaller than me. She was a model for me and right now was making breakfast for me. When she was finished she turned towards me to serve and noticed me gawking at her. I shut my mouth then with embarrassment.

She smiled at me with amusement “john what are you thinking?”

I shook my head “nothing mom I was just thinking that…”

She was serving me breakfast “thinking what.” She interrupted nonchalantly.

I look down at my plate and answered “you are looking ss..Sexy today.” I heard a great laughter and I looked up to see mom laughing her mouth out at me. I glared at her and started eating.

Finally her laughter subsided and she said softly “I am sorry honey but you should have seen your face. It was so red, I thought it was going to explode. I guess your hormones are raging on though I admit I do look sexy.”

“I guess you are right.”I tried to subdue the matter.

“I am always right. It is at this age that you will start seeing girls and all those things. I guess I’ll have to give you a sex talk early soon.” Now it was her turn to blush.

I looked in her eyes and said “you don’t have to. I already know about it Protection and blah blah.”

“And who was the one who gave you the lecture.” She asked me with a serious tone.

“Dad, mom who else could give me lectures. He was the one who saw me with Abby.”

She glared at me now making me squirm “you have a girlfriend and you didn’t even tell me about it. How dare you?”

“Don’t be angry mom. She isn’t my girlfriend anymore and I just had sex with her and with all the protection in mind.” I shifted my gaze away from her face to her breasts. I let my eyes linger over there for a few minutes and then started eating.

“You mean you are a playboy or something fucking around girls huh. I expected better from you. And why didn’t you tell me.”

“No mom I didn’t mean that. I mean I did have sex with girls but it never seemed to go further much. I promise you’ll be the first to know if I have a girlfriend. I knew it would embarrass you. I am sorry.”

“Good now eat your breakfast before you get late.” The rest of the breakfast went without further discussion. My gaze flickered to mom’s breasts again and again. When I had finished the breakfast my cock was full hard like stone. I hugged my mom awkwardly and my cock hardened even more at her touch. Finally she kissed me at cheek and I went to school with a throbbing hard cock. I came home from school to find that mom had gone shopping. I went to my room and started to ease the monster in my pants.

I’d like you to know that me and my mother had quite a good relationship. She knew every secret of mine (I can’t say vice versa) and has guided me in every way. She never complained to anyone and kept the house clean and made me food every day. She loved to cook for me and I liked to eat everything she made even if it was disaster though disaster usually didn’t happen. She was a fun loving mom and we both were content with our lives. Our relationship was mofos porno quite good and she was the best and only mom I knew.

I was masturbating in my room but I was unable to cum satisfactorily. It was as if something was missing. An idea struck in my mind. Readers beware it was a perverse one but you know the condition in which I was struggling. So I headed for my mom’s room. I opened her drawers and quickly found her collection but they were all clean. So I went near the bed and found the laundry basket. I searches frantically and I finally found one set. I took the panties and the smell disarmed me. My cock was instantly hard. The panty was soaked with them. I started stroking my cock imagining mom in them the thin piece of cloth rubbing her ass and pussy making her hot. I cummed like I had never before. The streak of never ending cum fell on the floor. I quickly put her panties back and was going to search for a wash cloth when an idea hit my mind. I opened the drawer of fresh panties. I took the white pair and cleaned the floor with them and darted from the room after putting them back.

It was evening when mom returned. She had a habit of showing new dresses to me after wearing them and I had a usual habit of ignoring her dress and replying without any observation. But today wasn’t anything usual. I watched her in every piece of cloth seeing her in every dress. Finally when it was over she kissed me on the head ‘you are such a sweet boy.’she was practically glowing with happiness( oyu know what i mean).

She started making food. In the mean time I was hard as hell from the show. I realized then that I wanted to fuck my mother. I did not know what to do so I did what my instinct told me. I went to her and asked lightly “mom can I help you today.”

She looked at me with shock and then smiled at me” sure John, you needn’t ask for doing such a nice thing.”

She made the food while I used every opportunity to brush her ass or body while bringing her items. She remained unaware of my touches and my confidence boosted even more. I started touching her more subtly letting my hand linger more on her. After sometime I started noticing her stiffness whenever I touched her and so I abruptly stopped touching her. The dinner was ready and I ate without giving any thought to food. After dinner we both watched a movie cuddled in the sofa. It was a daily habit but for the first time I was aware of my mom and me sitting together like couples. Her thigh was on mine and she was snuggled close to me. Her left breast was touching my chests nearly. The story was romantic and sad too and I comforted my mother as best as I could. The whole time I watched my mother I could see how much beautiful she looked and I developed a strange jealousy towards my father. The movie ended and we finally stood up. I was going to walk to my room when she grasped my hand.

“John I feel very proud to see what a gentleman you have grown into. You have been very good to me today son. I love you.” She said with one of her sweetest smiles she could have given me. She kissed me on the lips and I went to bed with a heavy heart after saying her I love you too mom. I was feeling very guilty for what I did today. Mom was feeling good about today when her son acted so perversely. She trusted me too much and I was such pervert I couldn’t help thinking.


The next few I did my best to be a good boy. I even stopped watching porn and spent most of the time rather helping mom in work. It took a great amount of strength but I finally stopped looking at her breasts. I started spending time with her which I usually used to watch porn. We talked even more and for the first time I found that mom was the best friend I had made. she was funny, intelligent, and had me laughing most of the day. It was Sunday and both mom and I had planned to stay home. I had just freshened up and was watching TV when mom entered my room with jeans and a top on her. She sat beside me and we both watched the TV. I knew she wanted to talk about something because the show I was watching usually bored her. After some time she took a deep sigh and coughed to get my attention.

“What is it mom? Tell me. I can’t wait here till tomorrow.”I grinned at her.

She smiled back at me “john I think the garden needs cleaning. I have been neglecting it for a long time and I think I am going to clean it today. I was just hoping if you could help me. It is such a big one I don’t think I can do it myself, you know what I mean…”

I put my finger on her lips “of course mom I will help. It would be fun to work with you.”

“Oh john you are such a darling. I guess we should start so that I could give you a nice dinner tonight.”

I kissed her on the cheeks “you don’t have to” and with that I darted to my room. I changed to my jeans and put on a shirt and went to the garden. Mom was already there and was plucking out weeds. I started to work naughty america porno without another word. It took nearly one and a half hour for both of us to work on it but we were able to clean the garden. It was really a great amount of labour and I started to wonder how my mom did such things on her own. I and my father had both asked her if she needed some servants but she had refused countless times. I guess this work was what kept her in shape. She rarely got sick and was still fit at best. When finally the work was over my mom approached me with a smile “you did such a great job today darling. I am sorry if I made you work too much.”

“No mom it feels great to spend some time with you.”

“I think I am going to spend some time at pool to wash out the heat. Care to join me.” She asked me.

“Of course mom. I’d love to. I rushed back to my room to change. I came back to pool and started to swim. The swimming did relax me and I was suddenly so exhausted that I went to corner and sat over there. I was feeling good to know how much i had helped mom today. It felt good to relax like this after a busy day of work. Suddenly I heard footstep behind me and I saw that mom was sneaking behind me with a grin on her mouth and I knew that she was going to push me into the pool. But we were both a bit late. Me from stopping her and her for catching me totally unguarded. I caught hold of her hand just after she had pushed me and the momentum pulled us both into the water with mom on top. We both came out of water and started laughing like idiots. After sometime she splashed the water at my face and I gawked at her. She had never ever played with me like this. She started swimming away and I started chasing her. Finally I caught her at the corner and she was giggling like anything.

I caught her hands with mine and caged her at corner, the challenge evident in the air. It was then that I realized what she was wearing. She had blue swimsuit which was a bit smaller than usual but still decent enough. We were totally wet. Her hair looked wild as if she was death goddess who could kill men by just her wild looks. We were both still for few minutes our bodies were entwined with each other and I looked at her eye with a longing I had never felt before. I don’t know what came in my mind but I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I kissed her than with everything I had. Her eyes flew wide open. My hard cock was pressed against her body and her breasts were pressed to me. She was shocked the first two seconds but slowly she regained herself and instead of moving away she started kissing me back, our tongues swirling furiously dancing in each other mouth. It went for nearly two minutes and then we pulled apart gasping. I was burning from within and it was that moment that reality hit me hard. I loved my mom but like a lover and it nearly took my breath away. The lust i had felt had transformed into a more dangerous emotion.I shifted my gaze and saw that mom was rushing away frantically, tears glistening down her cheeks. I heard the door bang.

I came out of the pool and went to my bed. I was feeling guilty, sad, and heartbroken and was angry like hell. After an hour I heard a tap on my door and I opened it to find mom standing there red eyed.

“I am sorry John. I shouldn’t have kissed you back but I couldn’t help it. I am such a whore that I kissed my own son. I am feeling so low fantasizing sex with you. I mean you are young and you really are good but it doesn’t gives me power to kiss you. How could I have kissed you and after that I lay in bed thinking about myself when I should have comforted you. I am so so sorry.”

“Mom don’t be ridiculous. You are as clean as anything. It was me who was a pervert. I was the one who went to your room and sniffed your panties and I had cummed in them. You are clean mom. It’s me who is disaster.”

She looked at me now confused. Now it was my turn to tell the story. So I told her about the things I did and went through. Her face went from red to pale and after sometime she stared at me back.

“You still make me feel proud. It feels good to see how much you tried to change yourself and it is that thing that counts.” She paused and we wereboth in deep thoughts

“C’mon I think it’s time I give you dinner. I have kept you hungry long enough”. She started walking away and I retired to my room. I went downstairs after some time and saw she had made pasta for me in her own style. The one she makes on my birthday for me. I don’t know how but that recipe is the killer recipe for me. The taste feels so good as if everything is melting in mouth. I went to sit at the table and to my dismay found only one plate. She served me quietly and then moved away.

She looked at me from the corner gesturing me to eat and I sat still.

I looked at her intently and finally spoke my thoughts “mom come here and eat with me. I know you won’t eat today if I don’t force you public agent porno to eat now. But I ask you. If you don’t eat than I am not eating too. It wasn’t entirely your fault and if you can forgive me than forgive yourself. I can’t sit here and eat like this.”

She smiled at me sadly and then after some time sat at the table. I started eating. It was so silent that it felt as if no one was there. We both were unable to talk to each other. After the dinner was over I went to sink and washed my plate and the other items thinking she’d forgive me and the situation will turn to normal. But the opposite happened. I heard a shattering sound and turned back with surprise. Mom had thrown her plate at the wall making a mess and She was glaring at me.

“What do you think you are doing? Are you pampering me and making making me feel like a bitch who can’t take care of you and me. Do you think I can’t do these things myself? you think I am a whore who will get touched by this and start fucking you like a dog”

The anger which I was feeling came rushing back. I guess I could not withstand my mother calling herself whore and bitch. So I rushed at her. She stood there shell shocked to move away. I grabbed her in my arms and crashed her on the wall. Without any further delay I kissed her furiously pinning her to the wall. She struggled in my arms but after sometime stopped and stood there limp with tears coming out of her eyes. I kissed her more forcefully and suddenly she kissed back entering my mouth. I kissed her for a long time. I shoved my hands inside her top thus making her realize what was happening. She started pulling away but I held her tight. She punched me at chest frantically but I continued.

“John stop we cannot do this. I am your mother for god’s sake. You can’t fuck you own mother. This is incest. We should not do this. Think about your father. It will destroy our perfect family.”

“Mom I can’t stop now. If it were just lust I could have stopped but I love you and I don’t think I can stop myself mom.”I started kissing her on her neck softly. She started sobbing harder. I kissed every part of her neck and bit her hard. She stopped sobbing and gasped. I tore open her top and bra. Her breast looked so beautiful I couldn’t describe anything compared to them. Her nipples were small and pink giving her feminine touch. I tilted my head up to see mom staring at me red eyed. I sucked her breast licking both of them and heard her moan. I lifted her and put her on top of platform. I started kissing her breasts and pressed her breasts hard. She cried hard. I started sucking them harder. Her nipples started hardening and I bit them both making mom shriek with pleasure. I took my other hand and shoved it inside her jeans rubbing her clit. She moaned and I kissed her hard and she responded back with force I could barely withstand. She started moaning and saying dirty word in my ear and then nibbled one of them.

“you are such a naughty motherfucker playing with your mother and leaving love bites all over her body giving her pleasure your father was unable to give. Ahhh….” I bit her hard on the neck again. She licked my ear and then bit it with such force it was as if she was taking away all her frustration on it. I kissed her frantically making her tremble and then whispered in her ear “mom I love you and I am going to make you come hard for me and you will be screaming my name.”

She gasped and I slipped down her skirt and panties. I was surprised to see that my mom had trimmed hairs and there was just a patch above her clit. Her pussy had pink lip with her. I kissed her between her thighs softly, biting and licking her skin everywhere. My mom was groaning biting her lip to stiffle her moans. She grasped my head from back and pulled it towards her pussy. her wet pussy sent fire within me but I controlled myself. I kissed it softly and she groaned like mad trying to force my tongue inside her but I remained still and didn’t move my tongue a bit. She was begging me now her scent driving me wild.

“Oh john lick my pussy, make me come, eat my pussy, make your mom scream c’mon you motherfucker. Ahh…”

I licked the lips of her pussy slowly just touching it with my tongue and felt her whole body tremble. I licked it softly just like that for next few minutes. She was slowly adjusting and then I slipped my tongue inside her pussy roughly making her shriek with ecstasy. she pushed my head even harder. She started moving and grinding her pussy by my mouth as I sucked and licked it frantically. Then I put my middle finger inside her forcefully and she cried.

“Aaaahh… yes make me cum. C’mon baby I want to come, you are driving me wild. Stop teasing me uhmmm……… fuck me with your mouth aahhhhh…”

I shoved my other finger inside and she started groaning. She was near her orgasm and I started licking her clit while fingering her pussy. her pussy was tightening around my fingers and it was then then that i shoved the finger of my other hand inside her ass. I heard her gasp and she caged my head with her legs. Her pussy tightened and she sent waves after waves of orgasm and I sucked it hard to take as much of it as possible. She nearly dropped right over me and I caught her in my arms and took her to her bed.

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