Sometimes You Need It a Bit Rough

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Riding in my truck to meet up with you I got to thinking that up until today I had gone rather easy on you. Perhaps ‘gentle’ was the right word. But you’d always struck me as the type with a bit of a wild side to her. Someone who might like things a bit rougher… a bit more forceful.

I arrived at our little cabin on the lake before you and spent some time getting things ready and cleaning the place up. I also folded out the couch and got it ready for later. Although we had done this several times before there was still a bit of nervousness on my part. This would be a new experience for us and I always worry about things like that.

When you arrived you let yourself right in. You seemed more comfortable around me than you had in the past. We exchanged greetings and you came over to give me a big hug. I was wearing a new cologne and when you were close to me I could tell by the way you took in a deep breath that you approved. It was nice to have you back in my arms. To anyone else maybe our hug would have been too long but to us it just seemed right. I found my hands wandering a bit before they settled on the small of your back. Finally we let go of each other and our eyes met. It was as if we could both see the excitement in each other for what was about to happen.

You walked over to the bed while I admired the view. Your long thin legs were a favorite sight for me. You sat down on the bed and took off your coat. You then laid back and landed softly on the bed, legs still dangling off.

“So, how’s things been?” I asked. Making small talk as if we didn’t speak everyday.

“Not too bad, but I certainly glad that I’m here.” you replied. “It’s always nice to be able to escape life, even for a few hours”

I replied “I know what you mean. This week has been too much. And it’s been a while since I saw you” With that, I made my way over to the bed also and laid down next to you.

“Come here” I said. I raised my arm and you rolled over so you were cuddling against my side. This was a bit different from our past meetings where we were usually naked and exhausted by the time we got to cuddling. Your head rested on my chest and my hand laid just above your hip.

We talked about our lives and the everyday occurrences that stressed us out. Ironically, we were both there, partially, to work through our stress. To, ‘fuck through’ our stress. Back and forth we went, sharing laughter and a few more empathetic moments. I shifted the placement of my hand a bit further down your body until it was resting on your hips. Your curves were so sexy, I thought to myself.

Unexpectedly you also moved your hand a bit. Down to the crotch of my jeans. You traced one finger up the shaft of my semi hard penis.

I let out a quiet moan. “Mmmmm”. Your finger retraced it’s steps and my cock twitched a bit as it did. It was getting more and more hard as you toyed with it, straining against the material containing it but you continued to tease me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the journey you were taking me on. Soon I could feel you fiddling with my belt. Then came the button on my pants, then the zipper. My shaft was still contained by my box briefs. The tip of my penis was just outside the elastic material. You gave my underwear a little tug and I instinctively knew to raise pendik escort my hips and you slid my jeans and underwear down around my thighs. My cock sprang free but you soon corralled it with your hand.

Confidently, you shifted your whole body until your head rested gently on my stomach. My rod was still firmly in your hands. You seemed to be looking it over, admiring the tool that had left you so sore last time we met and that would surely be used to my advantage later on.

I felt you lower it towards you mouth and then there it was, the all encompassing warmth of your lips as you placed the head of my cock in your mouth. You weren’t hurried and you took your time running your tongue around the entire head several times. I was in heaven. Reaching down I found your shoulders and rubbed them a bit too quickly in my over stimulated state. From your shoulders I reached for your hair and left my fingers sift through it. You kept tonguing the tip of my dick. After a bit I selfishly but gently pushed on the back of your head so more of my cock entered your mouth. It was around this time that I noticed your hand, now free had found its way into your pants where you were softly rubbing your clit. I wanted more…

Perhaps I had grown comfortable with our sexual trists, perhaps I was emboldened by the fact that my cock was in your mouth, but I stopped playing with your hair.

I uttered “We should get these clothes off you.”

And just like that, you dropped my poor cock from your mouth and sat up. You started with your shirt and in short order your bra was coming off. I was hurriedly taking my pants off as well and my shirt was off in an instant. When you were finally done stripping off your clothes you laid right back down on me and placed my still hard cock back between your lips.

“Hey, no fair” I protested.

You stopped but didn’t let go of my dick, still in your mouth. It was as if you were waiting for me to tell you what to do.

“I want to taste you” I added.

You still didn’t reply but you did let my cock free from your mouth. Before I knew it you swung your leg over me and your pussy was now hovering over my mouth. You also grabbed the comforter and covered us both in it. It was dark under there but I could still see a little. I reached up and grabbed both your hips and pulled you towards me. You settled your body against mine. Your breasts firmly placed stomach as you grabbed my cock again and placed it back in your waiting mouth.

I loved the smell of your pussy and soon you had lowered yourself enough so that my tongue could reach your clit. I brought you even closer, pulling you down. My tongue ran up and down your slit which was when you released my cock from your mouth and ran your tongue up and down the shaft. Tasting the pre-cum at the tip and then down to my balls. Deliberately I teased you. Running my tongue to either side of your clit then around it in circles. Your legs are above my shoulders and I reach around them with my long arms and pull your vaginal lips apart. My tongue find it’s way to your opening and I tongue you there for a bit. Before long I notice that you’d stopped what you’re doing on your end although you’re still holding my dick in your mouth. I press you down onto my tongue even harder and do my best maltepe escort on your clit. You start to shudder a bit as your orgasm takes hold. I release you a bit but my warm breath still falls on your pussy.

When you regain control of your senses you roll off me and onto your back.

“My turn?” I ask coyly.

“You can do whatever you want.” you manage to get out.

I move over and position myself between your legs, holding them up in my hands. You still have your eyes closes and you’re catching your breath. You look so sexy, so vulnerable laying there. I reach down and position my dick between your legs. It’s still wet with your saliva, not that it needs to be cause your pussy is practically dripping wet. I put the tip in your hole and the slide up until I’m completely inside you. Your mouth quietly opens and I can tell you’re satisfied being filled so completely. My left hand is still holding onto your leg under your knee and I push your nimble body until your spread a bit more. My right hand starts at your hip then works its way to your left breast. Pinching your nipple ever so gently. The look on your face tells me you’re enjoying yourself.

Our pace is still somewhat slow. I’m taking my time. Withdrawing my cock almost completely out of you before inserting it all the way back inside. I look down at our union. The way your pussy is stretched around me is almost enough to make me cum but I still have other ideas. From your breasts my hand wanders up your body even further, to your lips where I playfully run one finger over them. Then back down to your neck. At first I just caress you but then slowly I put a bit more pressure. My large hands fit firmly around your neck. Choking you just a bit. Nothing that will leave a mark but once again your lips part and I can tell you’re enjoying this treatment. I’ve got one hand firmly on your neck now and my other hand has slid from your knee to your thigh to your hip. The firm grasp I have on your hip counters any movement when I slam into you but you take it all in stride. You’re enjoying your pounding.

I release my hold on your neck and slow down my thrusts. Again, I take in your beauty. There are so many things I want to do to you.

“I want to fuck you from behind” I say with surprising authority.

You open your eyes and look at me. It’s the sort of glance that lets me know you’re happy to do what’s asked of you. You get up and flip over. I get behind you and use my legs to spread yours out even a little further.

Just the way I want you, I think to myself. I grab my cock and in one motion I slide firmly inside you as deeply as my cock will go. You seem to have been expecting a slower, more sensual insertion. At least that’s what I gathered from the quiet, soft “aahhhh” you let slip from your lips. Both of my hands grab you by the hips and when the tip of my penis retreats to the edge of falling out I firmly place it back in you. I pound your body over and over again. I want you to think about our time here later tonight and for your pussy to miss how it was used by me.

My left hand remains on your hip and I reach for your hair. I grab up what would be a pony tail and pull your head back a bit. My thrusts shorten a bit and I notice you’re ass is also pushing back at me. Meeting kartal escort me at each thrust. You’re enjoying being ridden. Ridden like an animal. Fucked like an animal.

After a few minutes of grinding into you and my balls slapping against your clit I let go over your hair and your hips. My cock is the only thing keeping us together.

“Where do you want it?” I ask?

Somewhat confused you reply “Want what?” You are desperately trying to catch your breath cause you know something more is coming.

“Where do you want my cum?” I say matter-of-factly. “In your ass? In your mouth? In your pussy? It’s going in you somewhere”

Perhaps you hadn’t expected to be given a choice, perhaps you were just excited about the idea of being filled, but you gasped as you said “Fill my pussy. Fill YOUR pussy with your sticky warm cum.”

“Alright” I said “Why don’t you lay down. On your stomach”. I added.

You leaned forward and my cock sprang from your pussy and soon you were laying on your stomach. Hands beside you. Face buried in the covers and off to one side. I straddled you with my dick landing close to your ‘key hole’. One hand gently spread your ass check and the other guided my rod into your still sopping wet pussy. I pushed and pushed until I was in as deep as I could go. The weight of my body on yours, you couldn’t escape even if you wanted do. Not that you would, not in a million years you thought to yourself.

I slowly rode you back and forth. My cock wasn’t nearly pulled out as we had done before but it was being pushed deeper into you than we had gone all day. I sat up and gave you an unexpected spank on the ass. Not hard enough to leave a mark but it certainly got your attention. I could feel you tense for a second and your pussy grabbed my cock a bit harder.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked but all I got from you now was an “Mmmm”

I spanked you again and began to pick up the pace. I leaned forward and brought both your arms up and pinned them to the bed. You were mine, to do with as I pleased.

“Tell me you want this load I have for you. Tell me what I should do with it”. I managed to get out over my heavy breathing.

“Ahhh.” You let out. Momentary unable to speak.

“In YOUR pussy. Please… Shoot your load in me”. You let out.

That was a satisfactory answer I thought. I’d let you have my hot cum. I kept your left hand pinned and grabbed you again by the back of the neck. You were mine. Mine to fill, mine to caress, mine to fondle. I forced my cock into you one last time and then you felt me stop. Followed by a warm sensation at the bottom the hole I had just punished. I kept my cock in you until I was satisfied that I had drained every last drop from my balls. I let your arm go and released my grip on your hair. We were both still catching our breath. I gave you one last firm spank and withdrew my cock and fell backwards onto the bed.

You drew yourself up onto all fours. “Stop” I said hurriedly. But you continued to move.

“Huh?” you replied but finally stopped.

“Just let me take in the sights.” I replied.

Your pussy, red and swollen, was exposed between your legs. I had spotted a small white dab of cum which over the next couple of seconds got bigger and finally rolled out and down over your clit. It then cascaded down the inside of your thigh.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” I finally let out. “Come over here.” And you did as you were told. Semen stuck to your thighs and all. We cuddled and drifted off to sleep under the covers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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