Sister/Brother Always/Forever Ch. 01

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I hope everyone enjoys my very first submission to Literotica! This story will be dealing with elements of incest, fantasy, consensual fun, and outdoor activity. Sexual activity is only performed by characters 18 years of age and older. If you enjoy reading this and/or want to read the next chapters, please feel free to give the story a 5 rating and leave comments! If you wish you can also send me longer messages either by instant feedback or through the “Contact” portion of my profile page where I give more information on my writing interests in my biography. Enjoy!

Chapter One

He had to get up on his tiptoes to be able to see the crying newborn in the wooden crib. He knew his mother was in bed and exhausted, and his father was looking after her. After hours of being told that he had to wait, Daemon could not wait any more to see his new sister and snuck into her nursery. At 3 years of age, he was barely able to get his chin above the wooden side. He looked down, and his eyes met hers. Almost immediately, the crying died down until after a small silence, she started cooing at him. Time seemed to stop; at the moment, he knew that this person was going to change the rest of his life. “I luv you” Daemon said to his sister. She smiled at him …..


With a jerk he sat up in bed. His breath was jagged, sweat pouring off his skin. He covered his face with his hands, and it took several minutes for his breathing and heart rate to calm down to a more normal rate. After a few minutes, he looked to his left. Thankfully, the woman laying naked next to him still appeared to be asleep, her light snoring the only sound competing with his slightly-heavy breathing.

“Good,” Alex thought, “I do not want to have to deal with explaining to her that a dream I use to have frequently as a child suddenly showed up again out of nowhere.”

He tried to remember what her name was, but after a few minutes he gave up. When he had started up a conversation with her at the gym after seeing her for the first time, she seemed engaging and interesting. She talked about how much she had enjoyed his latest CD, as well as something interesting that had happened to her at a recent modeling gig she did at a national car convention. He had invited her back to his place for drinks, which she agreed to rather eagerly. On the plus side, she turned out to be flexible enough to where Alex could try things that most women were not flexible enough to handle. However, if he could not even remember her name after sleeping with her, it was unlikely that she was the one that would fill up the missing part of his soul he had been aware of his whole life.

Alex moved the covers aside and stood up, walking to the window of his condominium. He looked down at the view of the city, letting the cool air soothe his bare, sweaty body as he took in the sight of nightlife at 3:00 a.m. He leaned his forehead against the cool glass. “After all these years, why did that dream come back?”


“Well look who is awake, the so-called ‘Prince of Alternative music’, Alexander Cross himself! Working on your dark and moody look for later tonight, I see.”

Alex winced and turned around, putting his electric violin on top of the grand piano. The past few weeks of touring with his band had run him a bit ragged. Add to that a rough night from a lack of sleep, and Alex was feeling a bit grouchy. Hearing Chris announce his entrance so energetically was not going to improve his headache, and it did not do any favors to Alex that Christ enjoyed throwing around that silly nickname that had seemed to stick with the media after it was used in Vogue interview. However, best friends are best friends, and Chris seemed to be the only person that consistently had Alex’s back going all the way back to their freshmen year of college. Thankfully Sarah (or was it Kristy? April??) had left earlier that morning saying that he should call her soon, or else Chris would have found new material to tease Alex. Chris walked out of the elevator and into Alex’s condo holding two coffee cups.

“Is there any particular reason why you felt like coming here without calling me first? I could have changed my code to the elevator before you got here,” Alex pretended to grumble.

Chris laughed. “Oh come on, giving you the gift of my awesome presence the morning before one of your concerts is tradition! And oh look, here is the also-traditional pre-concert Starbucks morning latte!” Chris handed Alex one of the venti-sized Starbucks cup.

Amused, Alex shook his head. No matter what mood Alex was in, Chris was the one person who seemingly without effort managed to make Alex laugh.

“I use to laugh a lot in the past, didn’t I,” Alex thought. Looking back at his childhood, regardless of being an only child and occasionally wishing for a sibling that never came, his parents had given him a happy and stable childhood. Alex began taking violin, piano, and guitar lessons when female agent porno he was very young, and as a teen became an active swimmer like his parents as well as found an enjoyment in the martial art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Around 8th grade is when the girls really started to notice him. Though it became clear that possibly Alex might eventually surpass his 6’2″ father in terms of height, what really made the girls go wild were the silver hair strands that hung down in front of the left side of Alex’s face. This feature was magnified with the contrast against his otherwise black hair. When it first appeared at age 13, Alex’s parents asked him repeatedly which of his friends had partially dyed his hair, to which Alex replied that no one did and that he could not explain what was happening. After his parents dyed those strands black to match the rest of his hair, within two days the same front strands turned silver again. After Alex denied doing anything to change it back, his parents chalked it up to being his first rebellious streak. Even at 25 years of age, the silver streak refused to go away.

Life remained normal until that one night, that one telephone call that changed everything. Chris had walked into the dorm room right as his then-college roommate Alex was getting the call from the police that Alex’s parents were in a car accident caused by a drunk driver hitting their car, and they had died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. That is when Alex changed from an extroverted person to an introverted person, able to charm a room but almost never letting anyone in enough to where they could emotionally hurt him.

“I owe Chris a lot,” Alex thought. “If he had not been there with me that night, who knows what I would have done to myself.”

“So, you feel good for tonight’s show?” asked Chris. “I seriously cannot thank you enough for doing this. My girlfriend was so nervous thinking that no one would show up to the first big art showing at her new gallery, the only thing I could think of that would calm her down was to remind her that I was best friends with a supporter of the arts as well as the hottest up-and-coming musician on the charts, Alexander Cross!”

“Interesting,” Alex said, “that was quite the selfless act you did for her, convincing me to play at her art show for the sole reason that you wanted to support her on this big day. I suppose that you are getting nothing out of it?”

Chris started to turn a little red. “Well …. I would not say that, exactly …..”

Alex barely kept in a laugh. Chris’s blonde hair and the shape he kept himself in from all the marathons he ran and trained for made sure that Chris never lacked for female attention. In fact, one of the similarities Chris and his girlfriend Claire had were that in public settings, both were natural social butterflies. Yet, somehow in private situations Chris always seemed to lack the self-confidence to initiate his relationships beyond kissing and fooling around. Alex had a sneaking suspicion that as sexually shy as Chris was, as well as apparently Claire based on some private conversations Chris had with him, it would not surprise him if Chris’s kinky reward for getting Alex to perform live was to get to keep the light on during sex with Claire.

Alex sighed. “All right, all right, I have been given the ritual latte from Castle Starbucks, now this prince needs a quick nap before I start getting ready for tonight.”

Chris walked into the elevator as he wished Alex luck, then the elevator door closed. Alex sighed while walking to the bedroom.


Daemon ran as fast as his light armor and his athletic 13-year old body would allow him. He had started to worry when he could not find his sister into an hour of playing hide-and-seek she had initiated. However, to suddenly hear her scream in terror shook him to the core. Because she was wearing a regular dress today, if she came across any problems she would not have her personal light armor or weapons to protect herself. He ran, not caring at the branches that snapped at his cheeks or as his lungs began to burn. He ignored when his silver hair would sometimes nearly intrude into his field of vision. His sister was in danger, nothing else mattered. Another scream and he knew she was not far, probably just over that hill.

“Please let me get to Serenity in time!” he thought frantically.

He got to the top of a hill and saw his sister, her blue dress obviously ripped from running and falling down. He could not tell if that was small amounts of blood on her arms if it was just mud. She was about 40 yards away from Daemon with her back to a tall tree as large boar stared at her agitatedly from a few feet away. Daemon unsheathed his sword from his back and acted on instinct, running at top speed while yelling at the boar. The boar, startled from hearing the yell, turned and began charging at him.

Daemon was not sure if he was hearing sounds female fake taxi porno of the wind roaring past his ears or Serenity shouting at him, but all his being was focused on this creature that had was going to further hurt the most special person in his life: his sister.

As the gap closed to about 5 yards apart, with a final scream of pure rage Daemon leaped in the air, twisting his body in a way that allowed him to come downwards thrusting the sword tip through the boar’s head and exited through the boar’s throat. At the last moment Daemon realized he had slightly misjudged his jump as his head was going to come straight down on one of the boar’s tusks. Daemon moved his head to the right. There was a sharp pain on his to the side of his forehead, and then the world went black.


Daemon sulked as he sat by the tree. His 10-year old sister had ripped a scrap of her dress off and after dipping it in a nearby stream was using it to wipe the mud and slight amount of blood off of his face. “I cannot believe that boar injured me.” He grimaced as he spoke. “The last time an animal that size injured me, I was on my very first hunt with Father and his hunting party. When we get back, you have to tell Father that I fought off three lions in order to save you.”

Serenity giggled, “You know as well as I do that there are no lions for miles around. Mother will never believe it, and Father will punish us for such an obvious lie. Plus, they say it is high treason to lie to the King.”

Daemon sighed. As much as he hated to admit it, his sister was right. It would not look good if the Prince and Princess were caught telling an obvious lie to their father, the King.

Daemon lightly brushed her hand away and stood up. Once upright his head began to ache, causing him to hiss in pain and stagger back a step.

Instinctively, Serenity threw her arms around him and began crying. “You got hurt protecting me, and it is my fault! I just wanted us to play longer so I hid further than we agreed, and then the boar saw me and I did not have my bow or any of my daggers with me to kill it. I was so scared!”

Daemon put his arms around her, letting her cry for a minute before placing a hand under her chin and moving her head up to look at him. “I am okay. It is just a scratch, it will heal. Besides, I would endure twice as much as long as it meant keeping you safe.”

Serenity’s eyes glazed a bit. She reached up to hold his head and began rubbing her nose against his nose.

Daemon smiled. As a child Daemon once asked his father why people kissed. The King, understanding his son’s 4 year old speech well enough to make out the question, had smiled and replied, “That is what you do when you love someone with all your heart.” That night, Daemon had snuck in to see his 1 year old baby sister. Moving a chair up to the cradle, he climbed on the chair and looked down. There was his sister smiling at him, her purple eyes meeting his. “I luv you,” he said, and after leaning down as far as he could, the best he could reach was to have his nose brushing against her nose.

That soon began their private sign of affection to each other. Beginning when Serenity was 4 years old, whenever there was thunder and lightning at night she would run into Daemon’s chamber in a state of panic. After moving aside the sheets, she would curl in a ball against him and shook uncontrollably. Daemon would simply hold her as long as it took until the shaking began to subside. Once she was moderately calm, she would rub her nose against his and then fall asleep, her head resting comfortably against his chest. Thankfully, she always woke up early enough to be back in her own bed before anyone else was the wiser.

“I love you, Serenity.” Damon whispered, meaning it with all his heart.

Serenity smiled back. “I love you too. Thanks for being my hero.”

Daemon pulled his head back a bit to look at his sister, and his feeling of relief at her being okay turned into something different, something more primal. For the first time ever, he had been faced with the prospect of going through life without his beautiful, amazing sister, and the thought made him nauseous. Death did not deserve her; she belonged to him and no one else. Without thinking his arms brought her body against his, and he leaned his lips towards hers …..


Alex’s eyes snapped open. “What was that?? I never dreamt this part before!”

Later that evening Alex waited in the makeshift green room as it was almost time for him to perform. When he had arrived earlier, Claire had thanked him profusely for helping out, to the point that Alex started to get a little embarrassed.

“This means so much to me that you helped me out!” Claire said. “I thought only a few people were going to see this art show for my gallery’s opening night, but now that you are doing a rare solo performance I had to turn people away! That fuck in traffic is after selling fifty more tickets than I had originally planned!”

Alex grinned. “I am glad I can help. All Chris talks about now is both you and how awesome your gallery is. Now that I am here, I can see he was not exaggerating.”

Claire blushed and glanced at Chris who was standing next to her. “He is a pretty smooth talker, I will admit. Anyway, I will let you get ready.” She looked pointedly at Chris. “I am expecting my arm candy to join me in a few minutes!” Claire leaned over and whispered something in Chris’s ear, then walked away towards the crowd.

Chris whistled. “That is a woman that I am not going to let get out of my sight, especially when dressed like that.”

Though Claire was not Alex’s “type”, Alex could still appreciate why Chris and so many men chased after her. Claire had gone with the classic little black dress with black heels, accenting it with an ivory white belt as well as an ivory clutch purse. Add to that her long, curled brunette hair and Claire really did look amazing.

Chris leaned in towards Alex. “Don’t tell her I told you, but she said she is going to really spice things up tonight as a reward and keep her socks on later tonight, and only her socks!” Chris went walking after Claire, a big smile plastered on his face.

Alex could not fight the urge; he face palmed himself and sighed.

It was two minutes before he was to go onstage. Alex was warmed up and his electric violin was ready to go. A professional quality amplifier system was ready on the stage.

He decided to give a quick check in the mirror. His black Armani suit looked impeccable on him as it had been professionally altered to fit his 6’4″ physique exactly. His dark red, silk shirt had been neatly pressed, and his black Brooks Brothers tie matched his suit perfectly. The silver tie bar seemed to accent his silver hair streak even more, with his black leather shoes rounding out his look.

Looking at his hair, he noticed that his strands of silver hair were again trying to cover up his left, purple eye. He tried to tuck it behind an ear, but a few seconds later it came back out as it always seemed to want to do. Oh well.

Alex suddenly heard Claire saying into a microphone “And here he is, the one and only Alexander Cross!!!” Alex came out to the cheering and clapping of the crowd.

Once on stage Alex reached behind him to turn on his wireless pickup receiver attached to his back pocket and waited until there was silence in room. Only then did he begin to play. It was not a piece from his latest CD, or any of his CDs; in fact, no one in the crowd recognized it at all. Alex closed his eyes as he treated the crowd to the first performance of a solo piece he had been slowly working on for years. It sounded both as sad as a lullaby and as moving as a movie theme, and everyone in the crowd watched in stilled silence as they took the music in. After a minute the music shifted, becoming more uplifting and hopeful.

As he played Alex was able to subtly look at the people nearest the stage. There were several rich couples there, as well as a blonde woman seemingly all by herself. She was wearing a strapless red dress with a black belt and black stiletto heels. Alex chuckled to himself as if on cue she “unknowingly” moved her chest forward to where he could see the ample breasts nearly bursting out of the tight dress. He moved into the last part of the piece, where the two themes seemed to intertwine into a new theme, majestic and full of energy. Alex threw all his energy into his performance as it reached towards a glorious ending.

When the piece ended, there was a silence, followed by a rousing applause and cheering. Alex smiled and bowed to the crowd.

“Thank you,” Alex said into the nearby microphone. “Enjoy the rest of the party everyone; I love you all always and forever.”

Alex glanced at the blonde as the crowd continued to enthusiastically clap. The woman smiled and moved an index finger slightly into her mouth, sucking on it. Amused, Alex happened to look over the woman’s right shoulder … and saw a pair of purple eyes in the darkness staring back at him in shock. Alex could not move and his heart seemed to skip several beats. He managed to force himself to do a quick additional bow, but when he straightened up to walk off the stage the purple eyes were gone.


Lately, Daemon and Serenity had gone to the woods often to practice new archery techniques away from the always critical eye of the Master At Arms. Serenity enjoyed practicing archery as she seemed to have a natural talent for it. However, they both enjoyed practicing hand-to-hand combat skills the most. Lately Daemon made more of an effort to beat his sister using grappling and wrestling techniques. When she won, she would brag about her victories all day until he could barely stand it. However, when he would win a wrestling match, the reward he made for himself was to get to hold her down and gloat a bit over his victory, and after rubbing noses with her he would give her a quick kiss. He knew that he should not be taking advantage of her like this, but he it felt so right and exciting. Plus, she never did complain once.

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