Show , Tell Ch. 11

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Now Todd wasn’t the first guy I’d heard of that wouldn’t go down on his wife or girlfriend, but he was the first to put his lack of interest in such blunt terms.

His loss!

That being the case, his words also defined why she’d, “jumped,” or, “twitched,” both times that I’d touched her anus.

Her gain!

That following Friday was a half day at the elementary school, a, “Teacher’s Professional Day,” which would be used to explain a “New Math” program to the faculty. Since Elle, had completed that same, “New Math,” at a symposium the previous summer, she was exempt from the review and, called me at work once again, “suggesting,” that we might spend the day together.

I immediately thought…, “Kat!”

We met at an out of the way strip mall, where I found her dressed in the familiar, “Pilgrim,” fashion and we had a pleasant drive into the city, me learning more about her relationships with her family. As an only child, she’d looked forward to having, “in-laws,” brothers-in-law and sisters-in-laws that would provide her with an extra support system. What she found was a family wreck, Todd’s brother’s and sister as screwed up by their parents as he was, their wives and husband finding themselves in the same situation she inhabited. Only the, afore mentioned, sister-in-law Tammy was a friend.

Wanting to know more about the dynamic between her and her husband, I asked, “And how often does Todd drag your daughter…, its Kim right, into family discussions?”

“Yes it’s Kim, and he really doesn’t have to drag her anymore. If she’s around when he starts on me, she’ll join in without any prompting. Even when we’re out without him, she’ll make a comment about him not wanting me to do something. It’s like having two of him around.”

“So why do you allow it?”

Deep sigh…, “I’d rather let her spout off and ignore her than confront her and then hear about it from him. She’s still in that bratty stage right now and I’m hoping that she’ll emerge a little more mature and understanding.”

I thought the same thing…, about her mother!

“What’s this?” as I parked next to the store.

“Something to do,” I answered, not sure how she’d react to what she’d find once inside?

Kat was surprised to see me…, us, and I took her cocked head smile and offered hand as a sign of approval.

Today her hair was purple, with streaks of orange. Again, the tattoos and piercing looked to all being in the same places.

I introduced Kat as my, “fashion co-coordinator.”

Elle introduced herself as my lover.

They were immediately enchanted with the other, Elle gushing over Kat’s, “flair and allure,” Kat not believing Elle’s age, given her figure and beauty.

My job was over.

Standing next to the counter, I watched as the two of them perused the merchandise, Elle with a million questions and in awe of the many types of, “self satisfaction,” apparatus, the library of books and periodicals that explained the use of those tools and the clothing, instruments and library explaining the many pleasures of the, “fetish,” world.

But what they both really wanted to do was, “play dress up!”

While they browsed the clothing and lingerie, I wandered through the vibrator and dildo selection, looking for a little something that might tickle her….

I was also listening to their conversation, Kat’s taste and Elle’s lack there of causing a dialog that went like this…,

Kat: “Do you like dresses or skirts?”

Elle: “I don’t know.”

Kat: “How about mini dresses?”

Elle: “Yes.”

Kat: “Strapless? Cowl? Tank?

Elle: “Okay.”

Kat: “Do you shop for your own clothes?

Elle: “Of course.”

Kat: “Do you see anything you like?”

Elle: “I like everything!”

I found a dildo that vibrated and oscillated, with a lot of assorted size bumps all over the top 30% of the phallus.

Kat carried something into the dressing room with Elle where there was much whispering and giggling. When Elle came out…, there was much swallowing and, “HOLY SHIT!” remarks from me.

Kat had selected a red mini dress and then accessorized it with thigh high black vinyl boots!

The dress clung to Elle like a second skin, the front tying behind her neck and cut in a, “V,” that almost reached her bellybutton. Backless, the dress dipped low enough to show the top of her ass and was short enough to show the bottom of her cheeks. Add in the boots and there was no doubt as to her intent if she were to wear it out for an evening.

“Holy Shit!” I said for the tenth time.

“You like?” Elle asked, as she pirouetted in front of the full length, 3way mirror, to the right of the dressing rooms, her smile matched only by Kat’s.

“I love it! But where would you wear it?”

Turning and giving me a, “Are you kidding?” look… before turning back to the mirror, where she shrugged and said, “Anywhere I want.”

“Anywhere, like to dinner? Or…, anywhere, as…, in the bedroom?”

“Yes!” walking ataşehir escort bayan over and wrapping her arms around my neck, the boots making her only half a head shorter than me, “Are you asking me out to dinner…, and then into your bedroom?”

“Maybe,” I answered, looking at Kat for some help.

“It’s overkill for the bedroom,” Kat offered, answering my plea, “and will get you thrown out of almost all of the restaurants in town. Let’s look at something else for dinner and the bedroom.”

When Elle went back into the dressing room, I told Kat to put the dress and boots aside. “I would have anyway,” she told me, “the look on your face said it all.”

Elle picked out two more items and brought them into the dressing room to be modeled. The first was a goofy pink piece of lingerie that looked like something a child might, but probably wouldn’t, wear for a dance recital. Kat looked at me and I shrugged, both of us realizing the truth of our mutual assessment of Elle’s complete lack of style

Last was a corset of some type, which she wore out of the dressing room, while wearing nothing else, unable to figure out how to tie it…?

Having it on backwards might have had something to do with that!

We ended up with the red dress, boots and the dildo that Elle had no idea about. Kat threw in a couple of batteries and extended warm embraces for all, eliciting a promise that we’d be back, as Elle and I departed.

“That was fun,” a smiling Elle said, adding a hug as I held her door open.

“It was,” I agreed, “and what did you think of Kat?”

“She’s amazing! Really pretty and so confident. Did you know she models?”

“No I didn’t. Did she tell you that?”

“Yes, when we were in the dressing room and I told her how much I liked her tattoos, piercing and her hair. She told me she models for the company that makes one of her lines of fetish clothing and also the guy who owns the tattoo parlor when she goes. She asked me if I’d like a tattoo and I said, “No, because I hate needles,” and then she asked if I had children and if I’d let Kim or TJ get a piercing and a tattoo. I told her I would…, but my husband would never allow it!”

That led to more talk about her home life and Todd’s control, it seemed to me, over every facet of their lives. We discussed that as I drove to a little Mexican Cantina, where I was surprised again when she told me that Taco Bell was the only Mexican that she’d ever eaten. She loved the ambiance of the restaurant, the chips and salsa, the enchiladas, and especially the margaritas. After two of those, she was feeling a little tipsy!

Besides the good food and drink, there was another reason I chose this particular establishment. It was very close to a small motel that I’d seen advertised in the same weekly where I’d found “2HOT4U.” Their ad boasted of, “Mirrored Ceilings and Free XXX Videos in Every Room!”

Not that I thought we’d need the stimulation, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out how much she was into erotic behavior.

Since I’d already made a reservation…, “Clark Kent,” more than happy to pay $40 for a one night stay, Elle’s, “What’s this?” as we drove into the motel, easily parried with, “Thought I’d let you model the red dress again.”

I paid in cash, signed the registration card and when the Indian gentleman at the desk asked for an ID…, I told him I’d left my wallet in my car. He smiled and handed me the room key.

Inside the tiny room, she was so awestruck by the mirrors on the ceiling and the queen sized bed that took of 80% of the available floor space she never saw me take the dildo and batteries out of the bag before handing it to her. With her going into the bathroom to change, I was able to put it together and slip it under a pillow.

When she came out it was me that was surprised!

Somehow, she and Kat had managed to sneak a sexy little piece of lingerie, I guessed, into her pocketbook. The black, “Babydoll,” was sheer, with a, “Fleur de lis,” design that covered none of my favorite parts! The top barely fell to the top of her hips, tying in the middle. The bottom was a g-string, covering next to nothing.

Her smile said it all…, and I said nothing as I grabbed her and we fell sideways onto the bed. We kissed and touched for a long time, Elle taking her time undressing me while I touched her some more. Once I was naked, I rolled onto my back bringing her with me so we were nose to nose.

Her ass looked great in the mirror!

“Sneaky little thing aren’t you,” I said, kissing that nose.

“Kat thought you’d like it and I never even tried it on,” she told me, “do you really like it?”

“I like it on you. What did you think of the store?”

“It was…, something that I’ve never experienced, something I never knew existed or expected,” she said. “I mean…, I always thought that Victoria’s Secret was the ultimate in sexy…, but, boy was I wrong!”

“Interested in going back?”

“I’d love to,” rolling escort kadıöy off me and looking at herself in the mirror.

Then she rolled onto her right side and started to play with my chest hair, while casually asking, “Did you know that she touched me?”


“What do you mean…, she touched you? Kat touched you where?”

“In the dressing room.”

It took me a full minute to stop laughing.

“Let’s start again,” once I’d regained my composure. “What do you mean…, she touched you? Did she touch your body?”

Now realizing why I’d been laughing, she started to laugh. Then we were both laughing.

It took another minute to stop, but then we’d start again.

Once the giggles had subsided, she finally answered. “When I was putting on the red dress…, I’d taken off all my clothes because it would have looked stupid with my old white bra and granny panties, and Kat was standing next to me and I wasn’t sure how to put the dress on, so she held it up and then told me where to put my arms through and slipped it over my head. Then she tied it so it would fit…, but then she said, “It’s too tight.” While she was retying it, she told me, “You want the front to be a little bit loose when you wear this because it won’t just be him that’s looking at you and you’ll want to have the other men wondering, just like he will…, “Is that top loose enough so she’ll expose herself?” Once she retied it, she turned me and then reached inside the top and touched…, no, she was playing with my tits so they would be in position to fall out if I turned my shoulders…,”

Wondering if she might have misinterpreted Kat’s intentions, I asked, “You sure she wasn’t just, “adjusting,” your breasts to get the maximum exposure, without having you fall out of the top?”

Looking into my eyes, a slight smile on her lips, “I might have…, except, then she turned me around and put her hands under the dress and started to play with the back…, and my ass! I guess because I didn’t stop her, she finally picked the back hem up and gave me a kiss on my right butt cheek, saying, “It looks perfect.”

“What did you say?”

“I said, “Thank you,” and then we went out to show the dress to you.”

“But…, even though you think she intentionally touched you…, or you’re sure she was intentionally touching you…, you like her and you’re willing to go back there?”

Once again looking at me in the mirror, she rolled her eyes and said, “Yes… I like her and I want to go back. She touched me…, she didn’t molest me. And it felt like…, she liked it…, and to be honest…, I liked it too.”

Would, “SHOCKED,” be too strong a word to describe how I felt about that statement? Probably not, because, “surprised,” wouldn’t cut it!

“You liked it,” I deadpanned, “because…?” as I rolled her back on top of me.

“I liked it because she meant to do it. She did it because…, I think she found me attractive and she was flirting with me. And I liked it because it was sexy and I wasn’t expecting it, so it felt even more sexy. Does that even make sense?”

It did to me.

Kissing her once again on he lips, I played with her ass while she tried to stick her tongue down my throat. Then I flipped over, with her now on her back. As I slid down her and started to lick and suck on her twat with the g-string still on, she was squirming and rocking her hips, her hands on the back of my head, her cries growing louder as I slipped my tongue around the edge of the g-string and into her pussy.

But the friction of material and tongue quickly turned annoying, so I knelt up and pulled the flimsy garment off her, taking a moment to finally look at the slit between her legs. It was my first opportunity to observe it up close and personal and it looked very small, the labia invisible because the vulva was so tight. Or maybe because her pubic hair had grown so thick!

At that point, it didn’t matter because I was totally into licking, sucking and fingering her pussy. Now knowing how she’d never had anyone paying any attention to this delicacy, my focus was entirely on pleasuring her, by any and all means available.

And I also planned to devote the same attention to her asshole, once I’d finished with her cunt! (I use these synonyms because these are the words she came to use when describing her body parts. I took it as yet another sign of her evolving independence, or was it a rebellion?)

With her thighs wrapped tightly around my ears, I was deaf to her verbal encouragement, but not to the feel of hands holding the back of my head, or the thrusting of her hips, or ever tightening grip of those thighs! If she had a favorite place, a spot that she REALLY wanted me to pleasure…, she had yet to point it out. It seemed that, no matter where my tongue, lips, teeth or fingers wandered, THAT became her NEW favorite place for me to concentrate my efforts. And as she rose to her climax, she lifted her hips,

her body stiffening until maltepe escort she posed with only the tips of her elbows and the edge of her heels on the bed, her cries now audible even to the deaf!

Finished, she collapsed onto the bed, all of her limbs rubbery, her breaths coming in ever lengthening gulps.

But there would be no rest for the wicked!

Kneeling up between her legs, I moved backwards until I slipped off the bed, pulling her legs with me. Now kneeling on the floor at the edge of the bed, I flipped her over onto her stomach and placed her legs on my shoulders, her crotch in my face, her asshole in front of my nose, her perineum and still quivering pussy in front of my mouth and tongue.

I immediately pushed my tongue back into her cunt, this new angle giving me access to places I hadn’t previously explored. Her simultaneous deeply guttural moan rewarded me and encouraged further exploration, my tongue now pushed so far into her vagina, my nose was pressed against her asshole.

That elicited a now expected twitch, but this time I ignored her response, pressing my tongue deeper inside her and my nose harder against the tightly closed orifice, her response another twitch, this one more a jump, with louder moans and cries of pleasure, her left hand reaching around and pushing on the back of my head, her attempt at getting me even deeper inside.

That was not what I wanted.

Now I was ready to explore the inside of her anus, my tongue slipping slowly out of her pussy, licking and tickling her perineum, which caused her to jump once more, a cry that sounded like a giggle, before I licked her asshole and began to forced my tongue inside.

Her cry this time was one of complete euphoria, her legs parting and then rising, until she was kneeling on the edge of the bed, this invitation opening her entire crotch to my quest for conquering her nether regions!

I was more than happy to accept this invitation.

Now I inserted my right index finger, followed quickly by the middle finger, into her pussy, pressing on and diddling her clit, while I pulled the skin on the inside of her left butt cheek with my left hand, giving my tongue added room to tunnel into her anus.

This time, her jumps and twitches weren’t caused by the surprise at my touch, but rather the unexpected pleasure of the invasion, her instinctive response to rock her hips back, enabling further entry.

She got what she wanted, but not what she expected!

With both the index and middle fingers of my right hand still in her cunt, I touched her asshole with my right thumb, my tongue still inside, getting a deep groan as a reward. With my saliva and her secretions lubricating her entire crotch, I had no trouble pushing the thumb inside her, until it too was buried, the thumb and fingers now inside her two adjoining openings, my forefinger and thumb touching each other through the membrane that separated them.

Her reaction to this onslaught seemed to be a complete suspension of time and place and a complete surrender to outright bliss.

Then I took my left index finger, added it to my thumb in her asshole and pushd my right ring finger into her cunt with the other two fingers, her cry of pleasure so loud and long I half expected to hear someone pound on the walls!

I continued to digitally double penetration fuck her until she was completely and utterly finished, her collapse sideways on the bed all of the proof needed.

I didn’t know which of us was happier?

Getting off my knees, I climbed onto the bed and pulled her up with me until my head was on the pillow, her head on my chest.

I was now ready to fuck her with my cock, STD’s be damned…!

But in that moment, her breathing slowing, her body relaxing from,…, an unknown number of orgasms, wrapped in each others arms…, we fell asleep!

God only knows how long we might have slept had the maintenance crew not shown up, leaf blowers howling outside our door!

We were up and out the door, fully dressed and looking as, “normal,” as possible, five minutes later.

The short drive back to drop her off was filled with her, “trying,” but failing, to convey her feelings for what had just taken place.

“I…?” “That…?” “What…?” “How…?” “My…?”

Questions started but unable to be finished. Her vagina…, shit…, her whole body still trying to recover from the rigors of our lovemaking!

Then, as she leaned over to kiss me goodbye, a realization!

“Baby…, I never even touched you! How could…!”

“Next time,” I said, pressing my right index finger against her lips, “you can take care of me.”

Taking my finger and placing it between her lips, she sucked on it for a few seconds, her eyes flaring when she realized it was still covered with the combination of my saliva and her vaginal and anal secretions, which caused her to now suck on all ten of my fingers, before opening the door and saying, “I’ll be taking care of you every next time…, forever and ever.”

As I drove away…, I remembered the dildo!

“Clark Kent,” called the motel and the manager told me he’d add it to the collection and give it to me the next time I stopped there.

And I promised that there would be a, “next time.”

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