She Was No Longer A Child

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Big Tits

She was so tired of being treated like a child! At eighteen, she felt and looked like a real woman. Staring at herself in the mirror, she observed her face; slender and smooth with big brown eyes set just far enough apart. A petite nose sat, just right, above her full, pouty lips. Long and slender, her neck swept into her muscular shoulders.

She reached up and slowly slid her bra strap off, first one shoulder, then the other. Peeling the satiny material down little by little, she exposed her larger than average breasts to her examining gaze. As the material reluctantly released her plumpness, she watched in fascination while her nipples swelled in the sudden coolness of the room. Gently, she reached out her fingertip and traced little circles around the burgeoning buds. Instantly she felt a tightness grip her insides. She widened the circles and added fingers to her effort. The tightness increased. A soft moan escaped her lips. Suddenly she clutched her breasts and squeezed, massaging them.

Letting her hands slip, she traced her way down her youthful stomach and felt the hard ridges of her abs. All those sit-ups and wind sprints at basketball were paying off. She slid quickly out of her sweats taking her underwear with them. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she felt power and strength in her body, a vitality that made her glow with confidence. She knew she was beautiful; had felt the stares of men and women alike wherever she went. She liked the feeling it gave her.

Quickly she move to her door and peaked through it into the hallway. Dad wasn’t home from work yet. Silently she slipped out the door and padded barefoot to his bedroom. He had left everything exactly like it was when her mom had died in the car accident 4 years earlier. She liked to come into his room and root through her stuff while he was at work. That was how she had found mom’s little secret in the nightstand drawer by the bed.

She went for this now, lying down in his bed. Already she could feel herself getting slick. The soft rubber hummed quietly as she twisted the knob on the end. She gently slid it down her check, rubbing it across her lips. Her little pink tongue darted out and licked the end, tasting the saltiness still found there. She imagined what the real thing would be like to kiss. Drawing it down her body, bagros porno she squeezed it between her breasts, feeling it work. She circled her nipples, again, this time letting the vibrations stimulate them to fullness. She felt an ache in her loins. She let the machine slide down her body until it rested on the downy fluff of her pubes. The rumble coursed through her bones. Her tongue licked her lips, wetting them. She slid the artificial member between her legs, rubbing it up and down her wetness. Not waiting any longer, she pushed it into her tight opening. It resisted. She pushed harder, her longing and need forcing it into her youth. It slipped in. She paused, adjusting, and then pushed again. It slid reluctantly into her, a little at a time. When it was about a third of the way in, she started to orgasm, clamping down on the instrument of pleasure. The vibrations filled her and she cried out. Her breasts bounced around as she shook. She pushed harder. And harder. Again and again. Drawing it out and shoving it back in. Again and again. Her pussy vibrated and clamped hard on the dildo and her hands grew slick with her wetness. She started to scream as rubber dick filled her little pussy. A thin sheen of perspiration covered her body, and she carefully slipped her mothers best friend back into its hiding place and padded off to her shower; more content, but still hungry.

Pete could not believe what he had just seen and heard. He was standing in his bathroom, the door slightly ajar, when a noise attracted his attention. He caught a glimpse of Donna coming into his room naked. He watched her through the crack in the door, go to his wife’s nightstand and pull out her vibrating cock. In stunned silence, he watched his daughter masturbate in his bed. Her big tits topped by hard red nipples jiggling as she thrust the dildo in and out of her sopping pussy. Her eyes squeezed shut and thick lips slightly parted; her little tongue darting in and out of her mouth accompanied by little screams and moans. She worked herself over like a pro, the hard shaft a blur in her busy little fingers. A last couple of frenzied thrusts brought her round hips up off the bed, spasming her stomach muscles; her chest and neck turning bright red and her mouth opening in a silent scream. She laid quietly for a minute bangbus porno or two before pulling the cock out of herself with a wet sploop.

As she left the room, Pete leaned heavily against the door frame. He was suddenly aware of his own throbbing need. Turning around, he went back into his bathroom, an image of a hard working little cunt sucking on a big rubber cock fresh in his mind. He released his member, little used these days for anything other than bladder relief, and marveled at its size. It was harder than he ever remembered it being, veins sticking out in purple splendor, filling it with his life and soul. He reached out his hand and felt it. It was warm and firm, emanating a real strength of manhood. He reached out with his other hand and cupped his balls. They were swollen and tender, hanging heavy with unspent seed. It had been too long. Gently he massaged the head, spreading the pre-cum over his purple helmet. The sensation was incredible. He tickled himself right under the slit on the little fleshy part. Slowly, he slid his hand up and down the thick shaft, moving the foreskin with him. The image of Donna’s swollen pussy lips engulfing the fuck stick raced through his mind as his balls lifted in his hand rushing a gallon of sticky cum into his pistoning hand and all over the toilet and wall. He quickly cleaned up the mess, wondering if he should say something to his daughter. He had never been good at talking about sex, even with his wife let along his young daughter. He had enlisted the aid of his sister to explain her monthly cycle. That had been a stressful time. He chuckled to himself, thinking about how moody she had been and how much he had missed his wife. Now he had another problem.

The hot water trickled down Donna’s back and the steam warmed her throughout. She let it work over the muscles on her back and then turned around and let it cascade over her breasts. She lathered them up real good, cleaning all the creases, lifting them in turn. She moved her hands down south where the memory of effort and delight was still fresh. Her fingers explored the folds under the auspices of cleaning. They bumped her hard clit sending a thrill up and down her spine. Her youth encouraged her to manipulate this pleasure center to its logical conclusion.

Her father was beurette tour porno in the kitchen making supper when she finished and dressed in a thin t-shirt and shorts. She snuck up behind him in the kitchen and gave him a big hug from behind, wrapping her arms around his strong chest and pressing herself into his back. His musky cologne filled her nostrils and comforted her. He had been a rock of stability for her since her mom had died; listening to her, encouraging her, and holding her when her grief overwhelmed her. She felt a deep love and respect for him.

“What’s for dinner?” she asked squeezing him in her embrace.

“Beef stroganoff” he replied turning in her embrace to hug her back. He leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead as she pressed against him again. “How was your day at school?” he asked.

She felt his warmth and strength in their embrace. “Alright, I guess.” she murmured. Suddenly she felt something hard pressing into her stomach. Abruptly, he pushed her away and turned back to the stove.

“Dinners in half-an-hour.” He said gruffly. “Why don’t you get a head start on your homework?”

“Oh, daddy.” She giggled. “I got that done at school.”

“I don’t know why they call it ‘homework’ if all the kids do it at school.” Pete said glibly. “You’d think they’d just call it schoolwork.”

“Don’t be silly, daddy.” Donna slid her hands under Pete’s arms and tickled him.

“Hey!” he exclaimed.

He dropped his wooden spoon and whirled around snaking his hands into her sides tickling her in return. He was just a little stronger, but she was quick. They tussled back and forth until he caught her up in his arms carrying her quickly into the adjoining family room and dropping her on the couch. He tried to pin her arms and tickle her properly, but she squirmed around too much. His hands suddenly came into contact with her breasts and he found himself fondling them. The sensations of the full young breasts brought an instant heat to his face and cock. He quickly got up and headed back to the kitchen, but not before his daughter saw the look of intense hunger in his face.

She lay on the couch for awhile after he left thinking about him. He was a handsome man, tall and muscular; in good shape for a man of his age. Dark and sexy, he seemed somehow mysterious at times, puzzling to her young mind. She thought again of the “something” she had felt in their struggle. Expert though she was with a vibrating dildo, she was still unchallenged by real manhood. The feeling of his hardness intrigued her. A plan began to form in her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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