Sera Ch. 33

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As luck would have it, we met the Kutchers quite literally by accident. They bashed the front fender of Stevie’s car as they were backing their Suburban out of the adjacent space at a roadside restaurant in Kamloops. We’d just sat down beside the window, hadn’t even ordered yet, when we saw it happen. Stevie swore and we went outside just in time to catch them as they were obviously about to leave. Seeing us walking quickly towards the scene, the driver correctly surmised us to be the owners of the car he’d hit, knew it was too late to run and stopped. Both he and his wife got out to deal with us, their three kids also exiting their new SUV to spectate.

I didn’t mind the male head of the family and his son (and one of his daughters) ogling me, nor did Stevie, and I didn’t care that his wife and two daughters were checking him out any more than he did. What pissed me off was how the father condescendingly offered us fifty Dollars to cover the damage. I knew Stevie didn’t know much about cars, but I sure as hell did and I loved how he let me handle the situation.

“That won’t even cover the paint,” I pointed out.

“Paint?” the guy laughed, looking pointedly at the faded gray sedan.

Ignoring that, I informed, “GM doesn’t even make fenders for that car anymore, and it’s gonna cost more than fifty Dollars to fix this one.”

Impatiently, he got another twenty-five out of his wallet, and I said, “More than that.”

Now irritated, he got another fifty Dollar bill out and I replied, “A lot more than that.”

His lips compressed in anger at me now, sucking in his slight pot gut as he squared his shoulders to bring himself up to his full height of well over six feet to intimidate us. He actually wasn’t that bad looking in his dark blue rugby style pants and tan polo shirt, just a little out of shape and somewhat balding.

“Gimmie a break, kid,” he almost sneered. “It’s just an old car. You’d look long and hard before you found anybody who’d give you five hundred for it, and it’s not like you’re gonna get it fixed. You’re just gonna use the money to go get drunk and stoned anyway, right? Am I right?”

“Oh, for god’s sakes, dear,” his wife complained without even the courtesy of looking at us, “just give them a couple hundred so we can leave?” she suggested. “We’ve got to check into the hotel by eight.”

She actually looked pretty good in her tight blue jeans and white, sleeveless blouse. Her boobies were almost as big as Auntie Peggy’s and her round hips matched them well at her approximately five-ten height. Her hair was a dark brown, possibly died to cover gray, but her long tresses looked good. I guessed them to be in their mid to late forties, both of them having led a privileged, upper middle class life to look as good as they did at that age.

Her husband looked at her and she almost glared expectantly back at him. When he looked back to us, his face held both impatience and irritation bordering on anger. Anybody would think that we were the ones who hit their vehicle as he opened his mouth to speak again, only to be interrupted by Stevie as he turned and addressed me with a sly smile.

“Can you imagine if the misery sisters were here right now?”

I broke out laughing. I couldn’t help it, but this didn’t serve to bring the guy down in the slightest as Stevie laughed with me. But that was more than a joke. It was a decision. When we stopped, we both removed our sunglasses. Of course, this had the immediate effect of making him look me in the eyes, and I had him as fast as I’d had Auntie Peggy less than five hours before.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Jim,” he replied in a level tone.

“What’s your wife’s name?”

“Arlene,” he replied.”


“Kayla, Leanne and Colin.”

“Jim, what are you doing?” Arlene demanded, “Don’t answer their questions, who we are is none of their god-damned concern!”

“Don’t you know who we are?” Stevie asked her as I idly wondered how big her husband’s cock was.

“Yeah,” she snapped, walking right up to him, now with a total loss of patience, “You’re a couple of local losers who don’t know when to take the money and ru…”

“Calm down, Arlene,” Stevie said with a smile.

“I’ll calm down,” she affirmed, though still with attitude.

Now their kids were coming forward, no longer looking down their noses at us from behind their parents, but looking at their backs with concern as they could sense that something was suddenly amiss with them. The tallest, assumedly oldest girl, looked a lot like her mother with long, dark brown hair. She had a deep suntan and, in her early twenties, her body was also much like her mother’s, curvy but slimmer. Wearing tight cutoff jeans that stopped halfway to her knees and a black halter top with little spaghetti straps, she looked good and I could easily see her hanging out with someone like my old so-called friend from school, Janice Kerwin.

“Mom…?” she asked as Arlene amatör porno stared with slack jaw at my gorgeous Stevie. “What are you looking at? What’s going on?”

Stopping abreast of her mother, she saw where her gaze rested and, naturally, she looked to see why my cousin held her mother’s attention so completely. She found out within two seconds.

“What’s your name?” Stevie almost demanded.


In like fashion, we influenced the other two junior Kutchers and briefly questioned them. Kayla was indeed the oldest at twenty-one. Leanne, her younger sister at age nineteen, was a few inches shorter than Kayla, slimmer, but with the same D-cup boobies, and short blonde hair, certainly dyed and probably so that she could stand out from her sibling. She wore a light, mid-thigh length, faded blue denim skirt, the kind that would stick straight out if she were to spin. It complimented her body as well as her snug, white tank top did. The denim vest and round shades (not dark enough to save her from me) added to her ‘little bad girl’ look.

Colin was eighteen, also tall and with dark brown hair like Kayla’s, but styled like that little moron, Justin Bieber’s. He was dressed much the same way with faded, baggy jeans and a white T-shirt. He’d been looking at my body the whole time and I could tell he was a total pervert. In my opinion, it was his only redeeming quality and would totally work against him.

“From here on,” I started, “You five are going to be a lot nicer to us. Do you understand?”

They nodded, also verbally affirming their understanding as a retired couple walked by, looking with nosy interest at the scene but not stopping.

“And you’re going to do whatever we tell you no matter how you feel about it, and answer all of our questions with utter truth.”

They all nodded at these instructions of mine before Stevie fine-tuned them.

“In the meantime, and apart from treating us with respect, you’ll all just go on as you always do.”

Again, they all nodded and voiced their agreements to these terms, but simply stood there afterward, staring at us even though they weren’t so far under our influence as to make them vegetables.

“Well…?” he prodded. … “Go on as you always do!”

They snapped out of it all at once and Jim politely asked us how much money we wanted to cover the damage, Arlene assuring us that his cheques were good and, if we didn’t trust them, they could take one of their credit cards into the restaurant and use its ATM to get whatever amount we wanted.

I giggled aloud, the Kutchers, of course, not getting what I found so funny as Stevie shook his head at them with a smile. He took out his wallet and removed his platinum card, the same as mine, and waved it at them as he let them know how little we really cared about that.

“Jim, we could buy and sell you and your family in a heartbeat. It’s not the money, it’s…”

“It’s the principal of the thing,” I finished, totally excited and still not used to influencing people like this, or all the filthy possibilities it contained.

Both Jim and Arlene seemed at a loss.

“Yeah,” my cousin affirmed, “looks are so deceiving, huh? Where are you headed?

“Toronto,” they all replied at once.

“That figures,” Stevie commented. “Now just the girls… Where are you stopping for the night?”

To my giggling delight, Arlene, Kayla and Leanne replied in perfect Harmony, “Hampton Inn.”

“And now the boys,” Stevie directed, “Here in Kamloops?”

As the girls did, Colin and his father answered with a harmonious, “Yes,” to which my Stevie only had one word in reply.


The Kutchers had originally reserved two adjoining rooms, each one with two queen size beds. The plan was that Jim and Colin would have one, each with his own bed, while Arlene and the girls would have the other room, Arlene in one bed while the girls shared the other. Of course, that plan was over the moment Jim hit the Caprice, that second room now for Stevie and I to sleep in once we were done with the family of five, now all in one room with us.

Jim and Arlene lay on one of the queen size beds in the nicely appointed room, watching Gordon Ramsey verbally destroying somebody on television while their children occupied the other bed. Stevie and I sat across a little round table from each other, eating the pizza we’d told Jim to have delivered since his carelessness preempted our meal at the restaurant. Shooting horny smiles of excitement at each other, we could barely wait long enough to finish our meal before commencing family playtime.

Kayla, Leanne and Colin were a bit put out that they had to watch television with their parents instead of occupying themselves with their smartphones, (I hate smartphones, the way everybody’s faces are always glued to them, and I didn’t like the idea that they could be taking pictures of us or texting people on the sly) but they were compliant nonetheless, especially anal porno since we’d also had Jim deliver a rather large amount of alcohol which all seven of us were sharing. The younger Kutchers liked this and, without their smartphones, they were really more bored than anything. That would change.

Once finished with the pizza, we looked at each other with apprehension, me trying not to giggle.

“So, how do we start?” I asked.

After a moment’s thought, he replied, “A lingerie show?”

“Uhhh… great idea,” I said, “but what are the chances any of them actually packed any lingerie?”

“Well, you brought plenty,” he grinned. “They could borrow some of yours, but why not ask them just the same?”

“Um… Arlene, Kayla, Leanne… did any of you pack any lingerie, or really sexy sleepwear?”

The entire family was taken aback at my question, but Sera couldn’t help noticing how it had also struck a spark of excitement in Colin.

To my unexpected delight, Arlene reported with a curious frown, “I did,” while Kayla and Leanne only stared at me, both with expressions of wonder at my reason for asking.

“Oh…” I replied, looking from Arlene to her daughters as I suppressed a horny giggle. I was so excited I could barely think. “In that case, Arlene, you grab your luggage and go in the next room to change into something more comfortable. A lot more comfortable. Kayla and Leanne, go with her while I go down to the parking lot to my car. You two can borrow some of my lingerie for the night.”

As they were influenced to obedience, the three of them only hesitated a moment before moving, however Arlene complained with a single word as she got off the bed, glancing fretfully at Colin. “But…”

“I don’t think Colin will mind seeing you in lingerie,” I assured with the giggle I could no longer hold back as I got out of my chair.

“What about Dad?” Leanne worriedly asked as Jim looked at us with silent emphasis to her question written in his concerned features.

“You’re dad’s gonna have a good time,” Stevie replied.

“Yeah,” I affirmed with a great big smile. “We’re all gonna have a good time. A really good time.”

As Kayla and Leanne were getting off the bed, Arlene stopped at the adjoining door, looking back at us with great concern over this to ask, “How… comfortable… do we have to get?”

“Arlene,” Stevie explained, “this is a family lingerie show. Wear the most revealing outfit you can while making sure everything is covered. If it helps, Kitten will be your fashion guide; she’s gonna be in the show, too.”

Almost to the door, my head whipped around at him, mouth open as I drew in a breath of horny surprise.

“You’ll enjoy it,” he predicted as his eyes ran up and down my body. “And so will I.”

There was no question that I’d enjoy it, mostly due to the heightened apprehension it produced within me and, all the way down to the lobby in the elevator, I couldn’t wipe that great big smile from my face, my horny climbing the walls of the small compartment as I again wondered how big Jim’s cock was.

By the time we were ready, all four of us were feeling pretty good, but I was the only one who was happy about what we were doing. Arlene and her daughters were more nervously resigned, though barely drunk enough to relax just a bit.

Jim and Colin were also feeling pretty good, my cousin creating a ‘guy’s night out’ atmosphere that, along with the booze, somewhat settled Jim’s sense of wrongness about the whole affair. Colin really didn’t need any booze for that, but his inclusion where that was concerned helped with the male atmosphere so, despite that they’d all stripped to their underwear, as per my orders, they were slightly relaxed too.

So, after all five of them received some fun instructions regarding how certain anatomical parts should be referred to, the show began. I was the first one to emerge from the adjoining room in order to get the guys started on some guilt free viewing content. It definitely made me more nervous, but it was the kind of nervous I’d experienced when I danced, the kind that only excited me and made my shows all the better.

I came out to an audience of Jim sitting/lying up against the headboard of one bed, legs stretched out before him with Colin and Stevie sitting the same way on the other. All three held a bottle of something or other in their hands, the television tuned to one of those satellite music channels, this one playing a sort of club music that wasn’t too fast but still had the right bass beat. Stevie’s eyes lit up when he saw me. Jim’s expression of mixed apprehension evaporated as quickly as Colin’s did.

I’d decided on my old schoolgirl uniform ’cause I know I do it so well. The red plaid skirt was only long enough to hide the crotch of my skimpy, white cotton panties, so thin that shaved miffy was almost visible through them. I skipped into the room with a schoolgirl’s giggle, my long blonde ponytail flopping, boobies anal breakers porno bouncing pleasurably in the white lace demi-bra. I’d left my red button-up sweater with its school crest unbuttoned just far enough so that it couldn’t quite cover the tops of the cups. Best of all was the red garter straps connected to the white stockings. The red garter belt wasn’t visible underneath the sweater, but rode way above my skirt. I love garter belts because I know how young I look and how indecently and excitingly wrong they look on me.

Jim, as an older man, definitely got that. While Colin’s eyes were all over me, his were trained primarily on my southern regions, and I loved it. It made me feel the way I did when I danced at private parties back before other people started deciding what was best for me. In that moment, looking at Jim’s stunned expression, I felt incredible beyond words to describe. Without even thinking, I started into my old dance routine as though I’d never stopped. Smiling and teasing, flashing and hiding, even Stevie loved it, looking at me as though seeing me for the first time.

At the end of the song, I bent over with my bum pointed at Jim to give my Stevie a nice wet kiss that he gratefully returned. He tried to pull me up on the bed with him, but I slipped away, somehow without my sweater, to stand between his and the other, teasing their testosterone with my body as I noted how hard they all were for me. Stevie’s cock practically called out my name as it strained in the black bikini briefs I’d told him to start wearing for me. Colin’s smallish boxer brief’s had a big, uncomfortable looking tent pole sticking straight up with a shiny wet spot on the green material while Jim’s white briefs appeared to be bursting with cock and balls. I stared at each package in turn, running my finger along the inside of my now visible garter belt and licking my lips at Jim before calling his wife out.

“Ar-le-eeeene!” I sang, teasing the woman who’d called us losers earlier that day. “Come on o-ouuuuut!”

And she did. Her hair was up, makeup done flawlessly like I’d instructed, and she was wearing a baby doll made of see-through black mesh. The low cups that couldn’t quite cover the top of her areolas were solid, electric blue, the tiniest black shoulder straps barely suspending their heavy cargo from almost under her arms. We could see her panties through the black mesh, the smallish front triangle the same satiny blue that held her boobies with a black string waistband. She looked great in her lingerie, her round hips very well complimented by the way it flowed over her body, and Jim was the first to whistle for her.

Her expression of the deer caught in the headlights was taken over by a smile, unsure at first, but more confident as Jim and Stevie voiced their approval and appreciation. Colin, being her son, couldn’t really show any overt, positive reaction, but his eyes said it all. He liked.

“Give us a little dance, Arlene,’ I encouraged, running my eyes all over her juicy curves myself.

“Oh, I…” she began to protest, even as she broke into a few uninspired moves, moving her hips to the beat.

When she turned and the guys saw she was wearing a thong, Jim and Stevie cheered and whistled again, Colin clapping along with them as he freely checked out his mummy’s sexy bum. When she was facing them again, her face was flushed, but her smile was as big as it could get. Unbeknownst to Arlene, one of her thick, erect nipples had made its way out and, happily, Jim never said anything in spite of Colin’s presence.

And then it was Kayla’s turn. I called her out, and out she came, the same ‘deer in the headlights’ expression on her face that her mother wore before her. For her though, the cheering was only from me and Stevie, Jim as hampered by propriety as Colin this time, but they both stared with the same undisguised lust that was in the face of Stevie and I.

In her white lace bustier with garter straps for the matching white lace stockings, she staggered ever so slightly into the room. The strapless number really grabbed the attention, bulging her already ample bust line behind its semi see-through cups. Ending just below her belly button, its short length couldn’t even come close to covering her white lace micro thong, so small that her trimmed, dark pubic bush was exposed.

With her dark hair and complexion, it was the perfect choice but, understandably, she was completely mortified to appear in present company that way. I looked at Jim and Colin, both of them still gawking and speechless, and decided they could be a little more supportive.

“Jimmy, don’t you think Kayla looks nice?”

I seemed to have startled him a little. His eyes snapped to me and he swallowed nervously, his erection straining as he said, “Y-yeah, she looks… gorgeous…”

“Colin?” I expectantly asked.

“She’s hot,” he supplied, nodding with a sincere smile.

“Well, show your appreciation,” I said. “It takes a lot to come out here dressed like that, y’know. Arlene, you too.”

Jim and Colin found it within them to smile self-consciously and clap, Kayla’s father giving her a low whistle as he checked out her southern regions while Arlene told her how beautiful she looked.

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