Savannah Becomes a Boy Toy Ch. 02

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It had been a few weeks since my brother had sex with me. He kept telling me how exciting it is now that I am an adult and we could have sex with each other when ever now that he has violated me. I told him that it is only exciting for him and that it was a one time deal.

My brother would say things like “Savannah, it wasn’t that big of a deal and now that you’ve fucked me what’s the difference if we do it again?”

I told him “No, I didn’t fuck you, you fucked me. It wasn’t worth it as I still lost my boyfriend over some stupid tramp and the rumor is out there that we had sex, how’d that happen?”

I woke up one morning and headed for the bathroom to shower. I checked for my parents and found that they were gone for work already. I started to panic as my brother and I hadn’t been alone since he first had sex with me. I figured I would shower quickly and head off to my college classes. I turned on the water and was soaping czech experiment porno myself up as the water ran over the front of my little body. I suddenly felt a pair of hands slide up my hips to my stomach and then down running over the top of my pussy. I knew who it was and told him to stop.

Without a word I felt him press up against me pressing his already stiff cock into my ass. He began to kiss my neck as he pulled my hips back having me place my hands on the wall. I felt his dick sweep past my pussy’s opening as his hands slid up my sides wrapping around grabbing my breasts. I told him to stop and tried to turn my hips as he attempted to slide himself inside of me. He began working my nipples with handful of soap making them stand off my chest. I begged him to stop and he still didn’t say a word and pushed harder against my mound.

I felt the head of his cock start to push open my slit. czech first porno video The water mixed with my pussy juices which only made it easier as he was able to get completely inside of me with the third push. He began to slide himself in and out of me as I started to moan from being so full of his cock. I still couldn’t look at him because just the thought of my brother having sex with me grossed me out. However, I couldn’t help myself and I started to shove back forcing him as deep as he could go inside of me. He reached down and slid two of his fingers inside of me as well and this little body of mine struggled to handle it all. I started to feel my clit swell and I told him to stop as I shouldn’t be coming. He would slow his pace and the he would speed up keeping my pussy guessing when that hot cock would be pounded back inside of me.

I started to cry out louder and louder now telling him not czech game porno to stop. I began to cum so hard he had to wrap his arms around my waist to keep me on my feet as my legs went limp. As I got my breath I told him to please hurry up and finish and not to cum inside of me.

He told me, “Sorry Savannah, all you’re pushing back into me, feeling your pussy spasm and having to hold you up I couldn’t help but cum. If I would’ve pulled out to cum I would have had to let you fall on the shower floor hurting yourself.” I told him but you’re still fucking me and he told me I know but I might as well keep fucking you until I am limp as I already came inside that sweet little hole of yours.

He pulled out and then teased my asshole with his girth before leaving the shower. I knew I was going to be late for classes so I cleaned up quickly. When I was leaving I told him we have to stop as it is wrong and I certainly can’t get pregnant cause that would be hard to explain. He asked if I like his sticky semen inside of me. I told him no cause I couldn’t get it all out of me and I feel it dripping onto my underwear from time to time. He told me that he had to do it just one more time. I told him he could masturbate while looking at me but no more sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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