Sara and I Ch. 03

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First off let me apologize for taking so long to complete this folks. I have been through a lot since submitting the second installment. Computer trouble, being out of work…all manner of calamity. But many of you have evidently loved my humble first efforts. So this one is for you. This story is only beginning. This one doesn’t have the sex some of you have been waiting for. But it really sets up the mood.

Tara took a deep breath in the stillness of the bedroom and spoke. “You two do need to talk. This has gone on for far too long without resolution. It’s become like a cancer.” The lovely brunet stood and came over to hold my sister, who was trembling as she held my face, staring into my eyes. I just knelt there crying. I had no thoughts.

Tara wrapped her arms around Sara and as if this were a sign, she blinked and dropped her hands. She sniffed and smiled at me reassuringly. I smiled back at her as she took both of my hands and led me over to the bed. We sat facing each other, with Tara cuddling Sara from behind, for support and comfort.

Sara began. “Baby if you had any idea how long I have ached for you. I was in junior high when I first noticed you looking at me. Till that point you had always been my little baby boy. Tagging along and wanting to be held. Hugging me and being so sweet. But as I began to mature you started to change…”

I frowned in confusion. “How did I change? I noticed you were pretty all along.” Sara hesitated but Tara gave her a squeeze.

“Matt you started staring at my ass all the time. Trying to touch me and spying on me in the shower a lot. At first it wasn’t anything big. It was annoying. But I understood. Then about the time I entered High School you began to do more.”

I waited while Sara just looked at me. Tara poked her in the side. Sara glared at ankara escort her friend but she did continue speaking. I listened with growing embarrassment.

“I would find my bras and panties missing. They would turn up later with cum stains in them. Yours, because I was still a virgin until I turned sixteen. I tried to ignore these signs. I loved you and I knew you were a growing boy surrounded by women. Bound to be curious. Dad…isn’t the best person to talk to.”

I flushed all shades of red and ducked my head. “OH God! I’m so sorry Sara I never knew you-I didn’t mean to-I just…” My sister gripped my hands and made me look at her. Her eyes sparkled and shined. “No baby! It wasn’t that. The truth is, I liked finding your little messages of love and desire. They made me feel sexy.”

This I could not believe and told her so. Sara smiled and laughed. I thought she was laughing at me until I saw she was blushing. Tara smirked and poked her again. Sara poked her back and said; “I’m telling this story not you!”

Sara turned back to me still smiling. “I was always a horny little thing. I was a sensualist. My first orgasm I had when I was nine. And my first sexual experience I had when I was fifteen. With another girl. For the next year me and a group of girlfriends fucked and sucked each others brains out every chance we got. And I grew in my desires and the way I looked at the world changed. That’s when you started cuming in my panties.”

At this point I was just fascinated so I sat still and listened as she spoke. Her words flowed around me painting a picture and explaining many things I’d wondered at over the years. This was my education.

“I found it disgusting at first. Crusty white yellow stains all over my nice undies. But after I started fucking my friends I really didn’t find escort ankara it so nasty anymore. The thought that I was so sexy my darling little bro had to jack off into the crotch of my panties turned me on. I never said anything. In fact a couple of times I found myself smelling your fresh loads and masturbating. I came a lot with your scent filling my head.”

“Then when you were fourteen you drilled the hole to my bathroom. I wasn’t a virgin anymore and was getting sex from my boyfriend and my girlfriends on a regular basis. I put on shows for you Matt. I would strip and touch myself and I made it sexy for you because…I liked you wanting me.”

This last blew my mind. She had known? How the hell had she known about the hole!? And she liked that I wanted her…

“One day I was so horny because I broke up with my boyfriend and all the girls had to work. It was during the summer I had to go to summer school remember? Anyway, I was going to take a shower and had a clean pair of panties laying out. I took my shower and found them gone when I got out. Then after I got dressed without them, they came back. They were flooded with your hot creamy spunk. They smelled so good baby…”

Sara slowly let her hand drift down to rub at her crotch. Her hips gently moving. She was licking her lips again, trying to find more of my taste in her mouth as her eyes glazed over. Her nostrils flared as if trying to find my scent.

“I don’t know what made me do it at first. Maybe just a horny curiosity. R maybe I am just a complete perv. I licked up a bit of your cum. And from that moemtn on I swear I was hooked. That day I buried my face in your load and I licked and sucked as much of it out of the fabric as I could. I came all over myself. Then I put the panties on and wore them for you Matt. Without even telling ankara escort bayan you.”

Her fingers were crooked now digging into her pussy as she rubbed back and forth. Her nipples were so hard they looked like they hurt. I was fully erect by this time, sitting there naked in front of her.

“From that day on I went out of my way to have your cum. I left bras and panties out for you, put on shows to get you hot…I tasted you and I wore pay panties with your hot fresh loads in them. I would pull the spermy gusset as far between my lips as I could, trying to get your cum inside me. Oh God Matt I wanted your cum in me so bad…Nobody ever knew that I would cum while sitting in class just because a whiff of your scent would drift up from between my legs.”

Sara came right then and there, while I watched, just from thinking about my cum. And I almost came again seeing it. Smelling her. Hearing her. Sara was laying there a sweaty mess being held by a silent Tara. She was relaxed and breathing slowly. Her words now were whispers. She was beautiful.

“I wanted you from then on Matt. I always loved you but now I wanted you too. You were the best man I ever had in my life. The only one who was always there for me. I hid my lust for fear of hurting you. I never knew if you wanted me as much. Enough to do anything about it. There were so many times I saw how horny and lonely you were. I just wanted to take you in the bedroom in front of everybody and fuck you to sleep.”

It took me a while to get my breathing under control enough to speak. “I would have made love to you a long time ago if I ever thought you wanted me back. But I don’t know. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you or anyone else. Sara..I-I don’t know if I can watch you marry someone else after we made love. Knowing I could never have you again. Ever. Baby once could never be enough once we started.”

I was crying again and so was she. Her arms opened up and I fell into her embrace. She held me and whispered in my ear that she understood. We fell asleep like that.

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