Sandy Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Sandy introduces new world to Amber new world

For all of you who read my first story let me say thank you. I appreciated your comments. On the note of why they’d need a babysitter at 18 and 19 my original thought was for future chapters, maybe not in the traditional sense, just a parent’s watchful eye from afar for no wild parties. As for use of CAPS, it was me experimenting in my own writing style. I urge you to read the first chapter if you have not already done so.

For the next few weeks after JJ’s initial fucking of Sandy he was floating on Cloud 9. The scattered old high school girls who’d run into him from time to time noted he seemed more confident, even cuter, and maybe even a little bit of a glow. Sandy continued her studies at grad school and Amber became more and more curious as to what was going on between her brother and the boarder downstairs. She knew they were having sex, she’s not an idiot, but she was curious and defensive as all sisters can be when new women come into their family.

Several Friday and Saturday nights Amber would be home. She had no boyfriend of her own. Most of the guys in her school seemed to be either be farmers, complete idiots, already with other girls, or just guys she wasn’t interested in being with at all. At all. She’d turn down guys a lot, she gave them props on having confidence, but they weren’t her type. Her last boyfriend had to move to NYC. It was this Virginia Jackrabbit that gave her the graduation from girl to woman. Amber wanted to confront her brother, but felt it would go no where. However, not one to give up until exhausting every avenue she simply waited on a Friday night in her room. There were muffled sounds coming from downstairs, but little else.

JJ was in the middle of a “card lesson” and tonight it was “The Silent Lover.” Sandy had not put a gag in JJ’s mouth, nor a ball, but simply commanded that aside from moans when she moaned he was to remain silent, just breath. It was an exercise in being more of a listener, learning to be receptive to body language, and how to read internal excitement. JJ loved it! He felt any instruction with his sexy teacher was worth it. Who cares not being able to talk when you had Sandy to do the talking for you? Finally at the end of an intense session that saw Sandy riding her rabbit to the end on top of him she moaned, singling he could, and he let spew his load. Sandy got out a cumrag, cleaned the two of them off, JJ went to the bathroom, and received his peck on the cheek and smack on the ass as a traditional goodnight. He set out to go to his room, still reeking of sex.

Amber intercepted him in the hallway. “JJ, what the hell is going on downstairs with you and Sandy?”

JJ feeling no reason to give up his life’s details and acting a tad smug said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Cut the crap JJ, I know you’re fucking her,” Amber replied a little put off.

“And whatever gives you that idea?” JJ asked as he stepped closer to Amber. Outright done in spite he stepped close enough to kiss her to allow the post sex odor to be all the stronger.

“You reek of sex! I can smell her on you!” Amber almost snapped as she stepped back, feeling a tad bit lightheaded and flush.

“Am I turning you on Amber? You seem a little flush, maybe you need to get some relief, I could send you downstairs,” JJ said with a huge laugh.

“No! Why would I need to go downstairs?” Amber asked genuinely confused.

“Why? So Sandy can give you the sex you clearly want now since you can’t get it from me,” JJ laughed again as he opened the door to his room.

Amber felt a flash of anger, yet a little playfulness at the same time. She wondered: Smack him in the ass or kick his ass into the room. She had to get one shot in tonight. She waited until JJ has half in his room and said in a sly tone, “Pig” and slapped his ass. “Mmmm…just like Sandy does it,” JJ laughed as the door closed. Amber’s next thought it best left out of this story. No need for excessive cursing.

Amber decided to go downstairs to find out what was going on between the two of them. She felt a moment’s wonder as to why she cared and that it was none of her business. However, something was drawing her. Something on an instinctive level she was seeking out. She reached the door to the apartment and knocked.

Sandy, still naked, assumed it was JJ coming back for more and opened the door with her eyes closed all ready to deliver her line, “You forget something loverboy? Lesson is over for tonight, class resumes either tomorrow or next—”

Sandy heard no response and ankara escort opened her eyes to see Amber with her arms crossed standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face.

“Amber! Excuse me, I am sorry! I didn’t know it was you,” Sandy said as she rushed to put on a T-shirt. Sandy invited Amber in and motioned her to sit down at the card table.

“So what brings you downstairs at such a late hour?” asked Sandy as she sat down.

“What is going on between you and my brother?” Amber flat out asked.

Sandy stood up half out of respect and the other half out of confrontation. She knew what it was like when a woman gets between a brother and sister. As she got closer to Amber she noticed that her eyes glossed over a little and she again turned flush.

“Are you okay Amber? You look a little flush,” Sandy only half asked, she knew the truth.

“Why does everyone keep on asking me that?” Amber asked incredulously.

“Sweetie, I can see you are flush. That’s why I asked. Who else asked?” Sandy said already knowing the answer

“JJ did. I saw him leave your room, reeking of sex, and he wouldn’t tell me a thing,”

Amber responded

“Why would he? Are you jealous of me?” Sandy asked.

“No!” Amber snapped

“Are you jealous of him?” Sandy asked and stood with her hand on Amber’s shoulder, just like she did during JJ’s first card lesson.

“I… I … uhh…what are you…,” Amber stumbled with words as Sandy’s hand started to massage her shoulder.

Sandy stepped behind the chair and massaged both shoulders, keyed into the effect it was having, and quickly seizing upon its positive effect like any skilled lover. She massaged more and asked exactly what Amber was trying to say.

“Ahhh..that feels so nice. It is weird, JJ told me to come down her, said you could help me,”Amber purred if not moaned

That caught Sandy off guard, but she realized it was probably an off the cuff remark by him. Amber inhaled deeply, the sweet aroma of Sandy filled her nostrils, her senses were on fire, and the massage felt so nice. Suddenly it stopped. Amber looked back, sad, and feeling incomplete. She looked back as to ask why it stopped and to plead for more.

Sandy then sat on her bed and motioned Amber to come sit by her. Amber wasn’t sure if she should. Sandy came back up and stood by her, asking what was wrong, and then after standing closer to her asked her to come to the bed. This time Amber followed.

Sandy started massaging Amber’s shoulders again and then spoke. “You have a secret you’re not telling me,” Sandy said.

“What are you talking about?” Amber asked back.

“You are very aroused right now, but you’re confused as to why, and yet you know why deep down,” Sandy said back.

“What makes you say all that?”

“It’s the scent, the smell of sex. You keep on getting dizzy whenever you’re close to me. You smell a mixture of both your brother and my sexual excitement. You’re getting flush and you’re enjoying this massage. You are enjoying it a lot, but you don’t know why. I am not a doctor, but I’m going to guess two things: The first is that you’re attracted to your brother. Don’t say a word! (Amber was about to speak). The second is that you’re attracted to me because you’ve had an experience with a girl when you were younger, but done little since then.”

Amber felt her stomach heave. Was this woman clairvoyant? Her throat strained a little. The part about her brother she wasn’t too sure about, but the second part was dead on.

“How.. How could you know uh..any….*swallows* any of th-that?” Amber asked short on breath and a little close to tears. She felt Amber’s hands go flat on her shoulders and reach down to the top of her breasts.

“The truth? I winged the first one, since all sisters are attracted to their brothers. They are the first man they see other than daddy and we all know mommy gets daddy. The second one.. the second one you just told me by your reaction. Don’t worry, it doesn’t show,” Amber said soothingly.

Amber relaxed. The massage started again. Suddenly Amber got a hold of herself. She shouldn’t be here, telling Sandy any of this, and she should leave. She got up to leave and Sandy simply asked her what was wrong.

“N–N–Nothing. I just don’t think I should be here,”Amber said.

Sandy stood up, took off her shirt, and was now naked again. She got close to Amber, kissed her neck, and then asked, “Are you sure you want to leave?”

The kiss made Amber inhale quickly out of sheer surprise, once again her nostrils filled with the sexual aroma and this time off escort ankara of Sandy’s bare skin. Amber, in a dream-like state, got back on the bed. Sandy came back and simply asked Amber to tell her about that first time. Amber agreed, but only if she could sit behind Sandy this time. Sandy, confused, agreed.

Amber said, “I want you to be able to close your eyes and imagine it.” Sandy responded, “You’re a woman after my own heart. Tell me the story, I’ll imagine it.”

Amber recounted her experience, “I was 13 and playing softball on our school team. I went over to Tiffany’s house after practice. She and I played right and left field. When we got her house her mother was on her way out to the A&P and told us there was food and drinks in the fridge for us and said she’s be back in an hour. We went upstairs, still in our uniforms, and took two Cokes. I sat on her bed and she sat behind me and started massaging my shoulders. I told her it felt nice. She and I drank and were becoming a mixture of relaxed and a little sugar high, and very sweaty. She continued massaging and then slowly pulled me back until my head was in her lap and she was sitting Indian Style. I smiled up at her and she back at me. She then lowered her head and kissed me. I was so shocked, but for whatever reason I just kissed back. Suddenly we were really kissing. I guess the heat, the sweat, and feeling so safe in her arms after that massage made me really hot. I continued having fun times with Tiffany for a few years until I guess I grew out of it and then got into her brother.”

“Why aren’t you with the brother anymore?” Sandy asked.

“He moved to New York. I lost Tiffany, Marc, and the two people I was ever really sexually aroused by,” Amber replied sadly.

“I could be your new sister,” Sandy

Amber then pulled back Sandy into her lap and in the way Tiffany did leaned down to kiss Amber. They kissed and now Amber felt more bold and kissed her neck and felt the flush feeling getting more intense, her legs were starting to go rubbery, and she felt a moisture between her legs as the heat from her core was getting hotter and hotter. Amber stripped off her clothing, dropping her T-shirt and sweat pants by the foot of the bed.

Together now were two ladies, both with the same colored hair, very close bodies, and the wrapped around each other skin to skin. The smell grew as Amber could smell Sandy’s aroma grow and she now could even make out her own scene faintly, but surely aroused. Sandy told Amber she too would now have her lessons and Amber readily agreed to learning even if it mean sometimes should could not talk or see. Upon agreement Sandy got up, went to her drawers, and brought out the strap-on dildo and put it on. Now Sandy stood before Amber looking like she had a big dick ready for action.

Sandy got on the bed and knelt in front of Amber. “Suck it,” cooed Sandy.

“Why? You can’t feel it,” Amber asked confused.

“Trust me I can, besides you’ll need to learn it now for later,” Sandy answered

Amber proceeded to suck and Sandy instructed her, even simulated moans, and moved her head up and down. In lurid detail she described the best techniques of licking under the shaft, how to breath, and more. The lesson continued and suddenly Amber felt the shaft expand and seemingly come alive. Sandy, with her hand behind her back, squeezed a bulb. The dildo held a small area to store liquids to be pumped through allowing the user to better simulate an orgasm. Amber, with great shock, felt repeated HOT JETS of a salty and yet sweet liquid hit the roof of her mouth and splash around her mouth. She was about to pull back when Sandy’s other hand came around her neck. Sandy said,

“Amber, surely you’d not disappoint your lover and pull off me. Let me finish, it is a great way to honor a guy, show him how hot you are, and besides…I’ll return the favor.”

Amber swallowed the sweet and salty liquid. When it stopped flowing she raised her head off and asked what it was. Sandy explained it was her juices, in the compartment, kept warm by her body heat. Amber asked if it was like a man’s cum. Sandy said it was similar, but she could arrange to get some and have try it if she wanted. Amber was surely curious and remarked she’d LOVE to try it.

Sandy then moved Amber onto her back and started a long and sensors devouring of her folds. Amber felt sensations she’d never felt, not even when she’d caress her own chest or finger herself. Sandy breathed warm air in her inner thighs, kissed each sides, licked from the tip of her rosebud to her naval, bathed the folds with her tongue, and ankara escort bayan sucked and sucked on her clit making Amber bite her lower lip, breath hard, hold Sandy’s head there as it felt TOO GOOD. Finally Amber about about to scream from a powerful orgasm when Sandy rushed up to kiss her. Amber tasted her own juices on Sandy’s tongue and shockingly kissed back, suddenly she felt as if her softball practice escapade had been updated for the present date. Both ladies kissed hard as Amber’s climax rocked her body. Sandy moved Amber’s head onto her chest and stroked her long blond hair while she rested.

After Amber awoke from what she assumed was a small nap Sandy was still beside her and told her she would teach more, if Amber would only agree to learn. Amber, still hot inside, readily agreed. Sandy told her to get on all fours and once Amber was in position behind her started licking her folds. She moved up higher to her ass and started licking over it. Amber gasped and jerked forward and giggled.

“Okay, lesson one: Learn to Love your Ass’. Stay there and enjoy what I bestow upon you,” Sandy instructed. Amber agreed.

Sandy started licking up and down her asshole. She rimmed it, gently poked her tongue into a little, and felt Amber relax, heard her moan, and even push back. Sandy purred to herself as she realized she had another quick-learning student on her hands. It must run in the family. She imagined the two of them together, what a show her two prized students could put on for her. Realizing Amber was hot enough not Sandy put both hands on Amber’s ass, spread the cheeks a little, and DROVE her tongue inside the pink hole on Amber’s lovely ass. Amber nearly shrieked.

“Quiet down, my student. You don’t want your brother to hear us! He’ll come in here, push me aside, and take you. You’re already in position,” warned Sandy.

“You really think so? I’d *love* that! I am too hot to care! Besides he has you already,” Amber said in a drunken state of excitement.

“Amber! Be CAREFUL what you wish for, you MAY just get it,” warned Sandy from behind laughing on the inside as a plan continued to unfold in her mind.

Amber didn’t care. She wiggled her ass and begged for more tonguing. After removing her strap-on dildo and putting it aside Sandy decided to really put her excitement to use and got into a 69. She placed Amber on top and started to drill her ass more. Sandy didn’t expected Amber to lick back, just yet, but the great feelings caused Amber to start to inhale deeply the folds of Sandy…after all they were right in front of her. Pulled like a magnet, drawn like a moth to light, and compelled by sheer excitement Amber’s tongue started to explore Sandy’s folds. Sandy was shocked, and kept on tonguing Amber’s ass. Sandy started to do more. She ran her tongue on Amber’s cheeks, fingered her folds, and pushed her tongue as far as she could in Amber’s ass. Finally when Amber’s excitement reached a fever pitch Sandy drove her middle finger deep into Amber’s folds and felt the muscles SQUEEZE her finger as they convulsed.

Sandy now felt it was time. Still on top of her Amber’s body convulsed and she asked her if she’d like to do more. Amber moaned a yes and with that she found herself on her back. Sandy put back on the strap-on and moved between her legs, proceeded to begin to insert the dildo, and put both hands on Amber’s shoulders to massage and pull her close as she started to fuck her like a man. Powerful thrusts to get her going, then JOLTING ones, held inside for a few minutes. She then moved to a one-two-three in sequence followed by a thrusting one deep to hold it inside. She would mix her session with kissing deeply, massaging shoulders, and holding Amber’s head on her shoulder to hear her moans, breathing and more.

Amber felt wave after wave hitting her. She finally felt relaxed and now more confidant dictated to Sandy, “On all fours, I want it like a dog!” Sandy smiled, pulled out her dick, and got Amber to all fours to finish her off. Hands grasped on her ass Sandy again filled her, pulled her hips, and started really going at it with her. Sandy reached around to stifle Amber from screaming as she finished her off with a second burst of her cum from the bulb. Amber fell forward, went limp, and fell asleep while Sandy slept beside her for a few hours.

It was dawn when they both awoke and Sandy ushered Amber, who was still a little dreamy, out of her apartment and went to shower.

Inside the shower Sandy now had her plan hatched. She knows inside the two desires, she knows the two levels of excitement, and she knows how to make her plan cum true.

Join me for my third and final story, cumming soon, where Sandy puts forward her plan to have her two students take their final exam. It will complete a story arc. If there is enough good feedback I could write more.

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