Meeting Unexpectedly

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Visiting New York on business I find myself snowed in and stuck for several days alone. Being a last minute trip I have no clothing, computer to keep in touch, and am holed up in a very boring rural hotel. The only distraction in walking distance is a small strip mall across the highway.

I walk across the frozen road and begin to explore the small convenience store. Typical candy, soda, coffee. I’m examining the magazine rack as i look up and see something I never dreamed of seeing. Chrissy, one of my best Internet friends, and frequent fantasy girls, is walking toward the store. I had no time to see if I would be near her on this trip, and no net access to ask her now. Yet here she stood.

I looked across the rack as she entered the store. she looked to the cashier and turned toward the store, and her head went on a swivel as she noticed my face staring back at her. We both stood open mouthed and stunned for a few seconds until I said, “Hello Chrissy.”

That broke the spell, she leaped into my arms and immediately slid her tongue into my mouth kissing me deeply and soundly. Her hands wrapped in my hair, I wrapped my hands under her hips to hold her 5 foot frame up on my 6’3 body and maintain our lip lock. It was a hot and passionate kiss. Made more so by the unexpected cebeci escort nature of our meeting.

When our breath ran out she held my face and asked what I was doing there. I quickly explained that I was stuck in a hotel across the street and was killing time and there she was. When I said stuck in a hotel room, her eyes immediately sparkled and darkened as she smiled that wicked smile at me. As she started to giggle softly her lips closed in on mine once again…

10 minutes later we piled into an elevator pulling jackets open, and groping each other heavily. The door slid open and we spilled into the 3rd floor hallway and I directed her toward the end of the hall, room 313. as i slid the card into the door her hands slid along my hard cock and she pulled me inside. I dropped our grocery stash and turned to follow her to the bed.

She stood in the middle of the room. Somehow she had shed her jacket and sweater and her nipples stood crinkled and proud on her chest. she beamed at me, cheeks red with the cold and flushed with excitement as she began to peel her jeans off her round curving hips. As I continued to grow, my dick escaped my boxers and stood straight out reaching for her. She kicked off her boots and her pants reached the floor. cebeci escort bayan She wore no bra, and her panties, already moist sat in the pile of clothing at her feet. She stood and ran her hands up her hips and over her tits, cupping them and pinching the nipples of each as she licked her lips and began to walk toward me.

I could smell her sex already and i could feel the cum begin to drip from my dick as she slid her hands under my shirt and pulled my sweater over my head. she began to kiss my chest as her hands drifted back down to my belt, pulling my pants quickly down and freeing my stiff dick. As mu pants fell so did she, dropping to her knees and slurping my dick into her mouth. Her wet and slow sucking sent shivers up my back. Her nails dug firmly in my hips as she pulled me deep into her mouth, holding me there and swirling her tongue around the rim of my head.

After a very few minutes she had me on the edge of orgasm, and I pulled her away and laid her on the bed. I immediately dove my face between her legs and slid my mouth over her mound. Starting on her right inner thigh, I slid my tongue slowly toward her pussy, along the joint of her leg and across the top of her slit. I could distinctly smell her now, and could taste the escort cebeci sweet saltiness of her dripping pussy. I slid down her left leg and along her thigh sliding my hand along her right leg and grazing her damp lips. Her legs lifted as I drifted lower and across her left cheek and across into her crack. dancing my tongue along the sides of her cheeks until I reached the moist beginnings I had dreamed of so many times.

I followed the moisture across her skin to the opening of her pussy and looped my tongue around her hole, collecting her juices and swallowing them down. flattening my tongue I slid slowly all the way up her slit burying myself in her folded lips and sucking gently on them. Until I reached her clit. I skirted around it for several turns circling it as she moaned and wrapped her hands in my hair. Her hips were pumping off the mattress now into my mouth as I slid two fingers into her soaking wet hole and pressed at the front of her pussy. Her legs wrapped around my head and she began to shudder almost immediately. her juices sprayed my chin as I sucked her clit deep into my mouth and flicked my tongue at the tip relentlessly.

Soon her legs loosened, and her grip released as she came down from her high and she gently rubbed my head as i slowly, delicately cleaned her pussy. She pulled me up her body and slid her tongue along my cheeks and chin cleaning her juices from me and smiled a dreamy satisfied smile at me. I smiled back at her and asked, “How long do we have?”

She smiled bigger and said, “I’m stuck in the snow…could be a while…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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