Love Me Tender

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The clock reads 3:00 AM and I am still wide awake. I cannot get used to sleeping alone in this big bed. I lay there letting my thoughts drift towards you my darling. I start to feel warm and tingly inside as if your arms are around me. I miss you terribly and count each moment until we can be together again.

I roll over and decide to get up and turn on my computer. Maybe I can write a few emails or chat with night owls like me and relax. I feel empty as I surf the net. I reach up and wipe a tear from my eye wishing that you were online right now. Earlier that night we were both online. You mentioned that you had company and were unable to talk to me. We agreed to meet again online at 10 p.m.. I chatted awhile then wrote some emails until my eyelids began to droop then decided to lay down for a power-nap.

Oh darling! I could have used your strong arms to tuck me in or should I say fuck me…in! I cursed for sleeping through the time we wanted to chat. I then log into my email to write you and tell you my deepest thoughts.

“My Love,

I am home and miss you terribly. I wish you were sitting on the bed next to me holding me close and kissing me passionately. As we caress, the heat of our desires unfold. Your soft, sensual touch sends waves of electricity to my very soul. You unbutton my blouse and see that I am not wearing a bra. You nibble and kiss me leaving a wet trail of butterfly kisses from my lips to my nipples. You hold me close and whisper in my ear how much you love me and how my beautiful body turns you on.

My skin tingles from your touch. I feel your eyes ogle my large breasts as my succulent nipples beg for your touch. I tell you how much I love to have my nipples sucked and bitten.

You lick your lips and suck one of my nipples into your mouth. You hold my nipple between your teeth, flicking it with your tongue then biting it gently. I moan softly as my hands pull your escort kartal head closer to my bosom.

My fingers caress your cheek then run down the middle of your back as I purr with delight to your magical touch. You lay me down and remove my slacks and underwear. You bring my panties to your nostrils and inhale the intoxicating aroma. You kiss and lick my belly button as you lap down to my wanting pussy.

I spread my legs wide, pulling your head close to my cunt, telling you to eat me. You tease the outer rim of my pussy with your fingers making me shake with anticipation. Then you slide your fingers through my moisture-laden slit and cover your fingers with my nectar. You lick them clean. We kiss and I taste my juices on your lips. You lean over and with trembling fingers spread my labia and run your lips across my clit making me gasp in delight!

I shake with desire and tell you I cannot wait to feel your tongue working its magic on my sensitive clit. I tell you to undress quickly. Your eyes watch me play with my breasts as you remove your clothing. I suck one of my nipples into my mouth and bite it as my index finger slides in and out of my vagina. I bring my glistening digit to my lips and lap at it eagerly. I blow you a kiss then return to my other nipple giving it equal attention.

You take off your shorts then stand before me for a moment letting me admire your sexy body. Your cock stands straight out in front of you, shiny and hard. I spread my legs then run my fingers the length of my cunt and lick them repeatedly. You climb on the bed and grab my fingers eagerly, licking my juices from them. I murmur softly as you move between my legs. You lick your lips in anticipation of tasting my delicious nectar.

You brush your fingers across my mound then pull my labia apart once more. You gasp in awe telling me that you have never seen anyone this wet before. You move downward, maltepe escort kissing my right knee and then my left one. You work slowly upward kissing everything except for my pussy. Your little cat and mouse game drives me nuts moving my sexy motor into high gear.

Just when I am about to pull you by the ears down into my throbbing pussy you pull apart my lips and rub your face all over me. You pause and raise your head to look into my eyes. I giggle when I look at your face, shiny with my juices. I feel you quivering as your fingers caress and tease my clit.

I run my fingers through your hair begging you to finger-fuck me as you suck my clit. I feel the wave of climax building throughout my entire body. I touch your face and tell you to turn around so we can sixty-nine. I need you to taste my juices as your hot cock slides in and out of my sweet lips.

You straddle my face then lean forward to resume eating me. I grab your cock and rub the precum all over my lips and face. I lick your balls and gently suck them in my mouth, one at a time. Then I slide my tongue up your cock and brush the underside of the head.

You shiver and tell me that I just found your most sensitive spot. I concentrate on the area and flick it harder with my tongue.

I utter softly to you that you taste good! I deep throat you, my pace slow then faster and harder as I feel you responding to my touch. I gently drag my teeth gently across the head of your cock making you ooze precum. I take the head of your cock into my mouth and encircle it with my tongue. Your breathing quickens as your impending climax builds.

I pull my mouth off your cock long enough to say that I need to feel your cock deep inside my pussy. I want you fucking me and stretching my hot cunt to the limits when I cum.

You turn around and position yourself between my legs. Then you begin rubbing the head of your pendik escort bayan cock across my sensitive clit making me quiver and know I am about to climax.

All the sudden you shove your cock with one hard thrust all the way inside me. I pull you close and wrap my legs around your waist holding you deep within, milking your cock hard with my vaginal muscles.

We kiss and our lips part, letting our tongues dance together. You hold me close and fuck me harder telling me to cum for you. I begin to tremble with an earth-shattering climax that never seems to end.

I suck your nipples into my mouth then hold it with my teeth and bite it gently. You begin to shake and move your head from side to side. You tell me how good it feels and to keep doing your nipples. All the sudden, you go rigid as your fill me with your hot cum, staying inside me until your cock softens and slides from me.

We kiss again then you tell me how great it felt fucking me.

I nod my head in agreement then pinch you on the ass telling you that next time I want you to fuck my mouth and fill it with your cum.

You wink at me then hold your cock up and direct me to clean your cum covered cock. I eagerly lick and suck it like a newborn calf at its mother’s tit.

You then tell me to lay back and spread my legs again. You smile then laugh as your part my labia and inform me that its time for your dessert. You eagerly run your tongue in circles around my clit and teasingly inside my whole making me squeal with delight.

I roll my nipples and pull them hard. I start shaking once more, cumming harder than the time before. You keep your tongue buried inside my vagina lapping hungrily at our combined juices. I climax and you hold the fluid in your mouth and swallow only a portion of it. We kiss deeply and share our combined cum.

We lay snuggled within each other’s arms. You pull my chin upward and kiss my cheek softly. When our eyes meet, with a whispering voice you tell me that we have to whole night ahead of us and you are not a bit tired.

When I glance around the room I notice a video camera sitting on the dresser and smile—the real fun has just begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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