Late Night Pleasure

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You’d been out with some friends watching the rugby. You told me that you might stay over at one of their houses that night and go to work from there in the morning. When you weren’t home by 10.30pm, I presumed that you must be staying over. I put on some music and went to sleep.

“Hey babe.” I felt your arm go around me underneath our blankets. I was in a haze, I must’ve been pretty deeply asleep.

“Hey. I thought you weren’t coming home tonight.”

“No, I just didn’t keep an eye on the time, we ended up talking for ages.” That sounded pretty normal to me!

“That’s ok” I said. “What time is it?”

“Just after midnight. Man I’m going to be tired tomorrow, I’ll probably only get about 4 hours of sleep.” You lean over to kiss me. I was starting to wake up more now. I remember it being a surprising kiss because your mouth tasted minty. I guess you’d either just brushed your teeth or you’d been chewing gum. Either way, I welcomed the taste as our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths. I turned onto my side to face you to make it easier to kiss.

I thought I’d try my luck, so I grabbed your hand and moved it down to my crotch. All I had on were my cotton underwear. You immediately started rubbing quite hard, up and down, up and down.

“Mmmmmm.” I was definitely waking up now.

I reached over and rubbed my hand all over your butt and up your back. You started to moan in pleasure, but not in a sexual way. It was like I was giving you a stress releasing massage type of moan. You were enjoying it so much you stopped rubbing me! But that was ok.

You lay on your tummy and I kept at it, dragging my fingertips and nails up your back and down your left arm, then back up and down your right arm. Then I’d rub my palm over your butt again, grabbing a handful each time. Suggestively running my hand inside your thigh, dragging my fingers up your covered pussy and butt, then up your back again.

After a few minutes of this, I dipped my hands under the band of your panties. Even though it was a weird angle, I reached down for your pussy, and smile because it’s nice and wet. I was just able to dip my fingers a centimeter or two inside. “Mmmmmm.” This time the moan was sexual.

You flip over illegal bahis onto your back and my hands disappear back inside your panties. You part your legs as my fingers find their way to your clit and start rubbing. “Ooooooo…” I alternate between rubbing your clit and stroking up and down your slick pussy.

“Babe, please, put your fingers in, don’t tease me.”

“But that’s half the fun!”

“Well you come up here and I’ll suck your cock, and you finger fuck me ok?” You’re a great negotiator, how can I say no to that? I take my underwear off and scoot up close to your head. What made this better was that I’d used your shaver in the shower to clean up pretty good down there. I’m not sure if you noticed or not.

You grab my now rock hard cock, and it disappears straight down your throat. “Oh babe, fuck! Mmmm that’s so good!” No warm up for you, you just start bobbing up and down. I love your lips and your mouth on me. It’s like you have a PhD in giving blowjobs.

I rub your clit and feel you moan with my dick in your warm mouth. Then I shove two fingers in deep. “Ahhhhhhh!” you cry out. Your mouth comes off me as your head tips back in delight. I know how to work your body. I pull my fingers back out and rub them back up and down the length of your pussy, and start rubbing your clit again.

“Babe, can you please just finger fuck me first and then I’ll suck you off, ok?” I guess doing both at once when you’re tired is a little annoying. “Ok.”

You still have your panties on, so off they come in a flash. You spread your legs wide. I push my fingers back into your wetness, and lean down upside down and suck your clit into my mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!” I alternate between sucking on it and licking it from side to side. With my hand, I alternate between rubbing on your G spot and thrusting my fingers in and out.

“Babe, can you please turn around the other way, and get between my legs?” That’s code for, “I’m horny and don’t want to wait, I want to cum right now and you’re going to make me cum right now.” Of course, I do as I’m told.

I push my fingers in DEEP, moving them around inside you. I shove my face into your super wet pussy, licking up between your slick folds and sucking on your clit. I grab illegal bahis siteleri your left boob through your tshirt with my free hand and squeeze it. You’re trying to keep quiet, so what comes out next is more of a loud whisper…

“Mmmmmm. Mmm. Mmmmmmmm…yeah babe, yes. Oh it feels so good!”

Your breathing is ragged, but when you can, you continue to whisper loudly. “Fuck…mmmm fuck! Fuck me with your fingers baby!!”

I’m thrusting them in and out whilst keeping my mouth sealed tight around your clit for as long as I can before coming up for air, then going back down again. You’re so wet it’s making squelching sounds. I find that sooo hot!

Your breathing is getting faster. I can tell you’re about to cum. “Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck…mmmmmmmmMMMMM…UGH!”

Your pussy contracts around my fingers, squeezing them tight. Your legs lock together, holding my head in between your thighs. Your hand is clamping down on mine, which is still on your boob, you’re other hand has a handful of sheets gripped tightly. “Stop…stop stop stop…”

I come up again, my face is covered in your juices. “Yum” I say smiling. My fingers are still inside you and I wiggle them a bit. “No babe stop, please.”

I keep them still and feel your legs start to relax. Your breathing is returning to normal. I start to pull my fingers out, but then, I push them back in.

“Ohhhhh…noooo…pleeeeaaaseee baby…stop…” In-out-in-out-in-out-in-out. Your breathing is getting quicker. Your hand that is on mine tightens again. Your other hand starts furiously rubbing your clit.

“Ohhhhh shit…fuck…FUUUUUUCKK…” Your teeth are clenched tight as you cum, HARD.

“Ok ok ok, stop now please, for real.”

I smile and pull my fingers out slowly.

You take in a deep breath and release it. “Oh man.”

“You ok?” I ask. “Yup. I just need to use the toilet quickly.”

You jump off the bed, and dash into the bathroom. I get up to grab a towel and wipe my face and hands down. I lie back on the bed and close my eyes. All of a sudden you’re climbing back on. I barely have time to open my eyes before you’ve grabbed my cock in your hands. Some pre-cum has leaked out of the top. You swirl it around the head with canlı bahis siteleri your finger, then starting jacking me quickly.

Before I know it, you’ve taken me deep into your throat. You come back up and kiss the tip. Down you go again, bobbing up and down, nosily slurping on it like it’s a melting popsicle.

I can’t help moaning. “Fuck yes baby, that feels so nice.” For some reason, you start sucking harder. “Oh babe! Mmmm yes!” You come up again, then lick and kiss your way down to the bottom of my cock. Now you start alternating between licking and sucking gently on my balls and tickling them with your long nails. Damn I love your nails so much!

“Baby, I’m getting close.” So you slow down, then stop briefly. Very briefly! You wrap your fingers back around my hardness and slowly slide them up and down, gradually speeding up.

This scenario repeats itself for the next few minutes. Your mouth is so warm and wet and you use it to bring me to the edge 3 times.

Usually I prefer the lights on when you’re going down on me, because you love looking up and staring into my eyes as my cock disappears into your mouth. That visual alone is usually enough to make me want to cum right then and there! But tonight it’s dark, and all I can see is your shadow bobbing up and down. Regardless, I can feel it building up.

“Baby I can’t stop this time, I’m going to cum.” You take your mouth off me.

“Not in your mouth tonight?”


You grab the towel, and go back down on me, jacking and sucking me to the end. “Ok ok ok…fuuuuccccckkkk…”

You pull off just in time to cover my cock with the towel as my cum erupts. I’m no longer on my back, I’m sitting up like I’m stuck in a “sit-up” position.

“Uuuggggggg! Mmmmm…fuck-fuck-fuck…oh it’s so good, but it’s hurting!” I’m cumming so hard that my abs are actually burning! I make a mental note that I need to get in better shape.

I finally stop filling the towel and collapse onto my back again. “Oh babe, that felt so good but my abs are on fire! It’s so sore!” You just laugh and lie down next to me.

I pull you in close. “Now I bet you’re really tired!”

“Yup. I’m going to be smashed at work tomorrow.”

“Yes you are. But it was worth it!”

You just smile and lean in to kiss me. “I love you. Goodnight!”

I laugh as you turn over. With your back to me, I spoon you from behind, my arm pulling you tight into me.

“Goodnight babe. I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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