Late For School

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Ever had one of those days where it seams that nothing could go your way? Well, Sue was having one of those days. She had woken up terribly late for work, knowing that she could lose her job for being late one more time. She quickly got dressed, jumped in her car, and flew off to work. Less than a mile away from work, she was pulled over by a cop for doing 50 in a 30. He gave her a warning, but took up too much of her time in doing it. As she drove on she looked down and noticed that the slit in her already too short skirt had ripped all the way up to hip. She sighed heavily thinking that her day couldn’t get any worse. Her car suddenly bucked and stalled. She put the car into neutral and drove it into the breakdown lane. In her haste that morning, Sue had forgotten to fill her petrol tank. She dropped her head to the steering wheel and began to cry. Hoping that some kind soul would help her, she put on her emergency flashers. She figured however, that nobody in their right mind would pull over in this pouring rain for her. She knew that her only hope was to get out of the car and hope that some man would pull over for her.

Sue stepped out of the car. She was a stunning woman, even when soaked to the bone. Her black hair was wrapped around her, clinging to her fair skin. Her fire engine red lips engaged in a small pout. Her deep blue eyes searching in the storm for a helpful man. Her freshly torn skirt and now see through white blouse clinging to her breasts and flat belly. She crossed her arms underneath her breasts and paced around her car.

About fifteen cars had passed when she saw a pair of headlights slowly coming towards her. The car, a brand new BMW pulled up behind her car. Sue walked over to the driver’s side door and the driver rolled down his tinted window. He introduced himself as Steve.

“Looks like you’re having a bit of car trouble,” Steve said still grinning, “anything I can do to help?”

Sue’s mind started racing with sexual fantasies about exactly what Steve could do to help her. She managed to stumble out that she had ran out of petrol and would be very appreciative if he would drive her to a petrol station. Steve asked her if she had a container to hold the petrol, but she didn’t. Unfortunately, neither did he. “How about if I just give you a lift home?” Steve suggested.

“It’s a bit far,” Sue stammered, bahis firmaları unable to believe how her luck had changed so quickly.

“Well, I have nowhere to be, and this could be my good deed of the day. Let me help you out Sue,” Steve replied.

“Well OK then,” Sue smiled, “let me run to my car and grab my things.” So, off she ran. Steve couldn’t help but watch as her firm butt jiggled slightly as she ran. The slit revealing the bottom curve of her beautiful ass. Steve felt himself starting to get hard at the thoughts of this beautiful woman. Before she reached the car he had already pictured her in many different sexual positions.

Sue hopped in the car and relaxed into the leather seats. She apologised for getting them wet. It didn’t bother Steve though. He loved the thought of a beautiful woman wetting the seat with her beautiful body. She gave him the directions to where she lived, and surprisingly it was right near where Steve lived also. As they drove they chatted about meaningless things, simple chatter. Each of them, however, had other things on their minds. When the other wasn’t looking, they each took turns glancing at the others body Sue smiled as she watched Steve’s cock growing beneath his pants.

“It’s right there,” Sue said as they neared her house. “The white one with the blue shutters.”

“Would you like to join me for lunch?” she asked with a smile.

“I can’t think of a thing I’d rather do,” Steve responded with his angelic smile.

Sue pulled out her keys and together they ran to her door and fell into the house. They laughed together. She showed Steve to the living room. and asked him to sit while she went to freshen up. She left Steve and walked down the hall to her bedroom. Steve had seen the way she looked at him and he decided to take a chance. He allowed her a few minutes before he followed her into the bedroom.

He peeked in the doorway to see Sue standing there in her bra and panties, looking at herself in the mirror. She reached behind herself and undid the clasp on her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders to the floor. Steve gasped at how beautiful her breasts were. They were perfectly rounded with dark nipples. Sue ran her hand over the curve of her left breast, gently pinching the nipple as she did so. Instantly, her nipples got rock hard, as hard as Steve’s cock was getting kaçak iddaa in his pants. Steve could take it no longer, he pushed the door open fully. Sue turned and looked at him.

“Took you long enough,” she said with a coy smile on her face.

“I was enjoying the show, but I needed to join.”

“Well come on down,” Sue said with a giggle.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Steve said as he pulled Sue to him and dropped to his knees. He was face to face with Sue’s sweet cunt. He ran his hand along her lips, feeling her juices already inside. He opened her sweet box with his fingers and glided them over her swollen clit. He moved his head into her. Flicking his tongue along her clit. He reached around and grabbed her ass in his hands. He licked and bit at her sweet clit. Swirling his tongue around the hole, teasing her with his tongue. Steve started to fuck her with his tongue. Rolling her ass around in his hands. Sue ran her hands through Steve’s hair, gently pushing his head deeper into her throbbing pussy. She felt her legs start to tingle and she knew she was going to cum. She pushed Steve’s head into her as her hips thrust forward into him. Steve felt her muscles starting to contract around his tongue, so he inserted two fingers into her and fucked her with them while his tongue flicked across her clit. Sue started screaming with pleasure as her orgasm reached its height. Steve licked all her sweet juices as they flowed over his face. Sue’s body relaxed and Steve stood up, facing her now.

He pulled Sue to him, and pressed his lips to hers. She licked her juices from his lips. She savoured the taste of herself. They kissed passionately, animalistically. Their tongues darting at each other. Gently biting lips. Steve reached his hand up and caressed Sue’s breast. She moaned with his light touch. Sue reached down and felt Steve’s throbbing manhood through his pants. She undid his belt as he pinched at her nipples. He lowered his head and began to suck on them. Swirling his tongue around her delicious nipple. She fumbled with his pants, but got them undone and they dropped to his ankles. He quickly stepped out of them. Sue then pulled down his boxers, bending down as she did so. He stepped out of them also.

Now Sue was down on her knees looking at Steve’s perfect, rock hard, throbbing cock. She hesitated a little, but moved her mouth forward kaçak bahis and rolled her tongue around Steve’s head. She stroked his cock as she licked up and down. She was right, at first she wasn’t able to take him in very much. At first, she could just suck on his head, but she stroked him as she did so. She sucked gently, rolling her tongue around as she sucked. She worked her way down a little more each time sucked. Sucking ravenously on it as she played with his balls in her hand. His hips were thrusting into her face, shoving his cock deep into her throat. He started pulling at her hair, forcing her to go deeper. His hips thrust quicker as he felt his cum build up inside. He thrust forward and with each thrust, more of his cum shot into Sue’s mouth. She was able to swallow most of it, but there was so much that a little dribbled down her chin. She stood up and Steve took his finger and wiped it away. They kissed some more, Steve was already hard again.

“Fuck me.” Sue whispered into Steve’s ear. So, Steve led Sue over to her bed and bent her over. He slapped his dick on her ass before rubbing it gently over her clit. She moaned. He could feel her wetness all over the head of his cock. He pushed it in slowly into her cunt, feeling how tight she was. She moaned again, it was a sound of pain mixed with pleasure. He went easy on her at first. With one hand he held onto her hip, the other reached around and played with her tits. He thrust harder and deeper as she loosened around him. He took his hand that was playing with her tit and grabbed her hair and pulled back so that her head was pulled back a little. He was slamming all of his cock into her now, his balls slamming against her clit. She screamed with pleasure.

“Fuck me Steve, fuck me harder!” Sue screamed. Steve didn’t think he could fuck her any harder, but he did. It felt like he was going to rip her apart inside he was fucking her so hard. Sue pulled a pillow to her and started screaming into it. Steve felt her muscles contracting around his shaft and her cum flowing all around it. This sensation was enough to make him cum. His hot cum shot up into her, Sue could feel it. He thrust deep and hard, keeping his shaft filling her. They collapsed on the bed and they slept that way for a while, completely exhausted.

They reached the car and Steve opened the door to get in. He pulled Sue close to him once more. They kissed passionately once again. Steve pulled her even closer, hugging her to his chest. Sue looked over Steve’s shoulder and smiled. In the backseat she saw a petrol can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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