Kat , Chris

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Kate had been over at her best friend Chris’s house for about 5 days now. They have been cuddled up on the couch most of the time, but what they have been doing in secrecy is slowly, groping each other.

While Kate slowly stroked Chris’s hard on over his jeans, Chris was starting to dip his hand through the top opening of Kate’s skirt. Kate’s bald vagina was practically soaking wet with her juices. As she slowly started to unzip his fly, he started to pick up the speed of his now pumping finger in and out of her wet cunt.

As soon as the zipper was all the way down, his erection sprang forth poking Kate in the bum. She lowly started to grind on it, as they started moving off of the couch on to the floor. Kate was flustered as she began to squirm around, as Chris slowly kissed her flat toned stomach. He pulled her shirt up slowly uncovering Kate’s magnificent perky breasts, and her now hard nipples. Carefully tweaking her nipples Chris made his way down to Kate’s pussy.

He pulled her skirt down and he could now see her swollen Clitoris. He started to kiss it and lick it. Forcefully he picked Kate up and tore her skirt off. Her now bare ass was lit perfectly in the night. He gently laid her back down. Setting Kate’s legs above his shoulders he started to devour Kate’s vagina. Pushing her vaginal lips aside, he started urla escort bayan to penetrate her with his tongue.

Kate was now trebling, as what seemed like wave after wave of juice erupted out of her, she was having a violent loud orgasm, as he continued to lick. He felt a hand grasp his wrist, it was Kate, she was pulling herself up higher on his shoulders, and now her glorious ass was in the air, she was gliding his tender fingers too it. She began to probe herself with his fingers.

Slowly and cautiously she lowered herself down, taking in all of his finger, into her bum. She started to now hump his finger. That feeling was short lived as Chris sat up, and mounted Kate. Teasingly he rubbed the head of his penis, along the slit of her vagina, as she begged him to fuck her. “FUCK ME, PLEASE, I WANT YOU IN ME!!” Chris then slowly slid his hard on, into Kate’s tight virgin cunt.

His cock was now throbbing, and pulsating. Slowly he slid in and out, but started to pick up the pace with every stroke. Kate shuddered as he rubbed her clitoris. Kate was letting out soft gentle moans, as he fucked her deep. Kate started to moan louder and louder as she had another orgasm, her vagina was getting tighter and tighter and soon Chris could not move, as he was stuck.

Kate soon slipped escort urla his cock out of her vagina, and placed it on the rim of her asshole. All Chris was able to think was “Oh my God, she wants anal. Fuck yeah.” Chris took a tight grip on his cock, as he plunged deep into her ass. Luckily her cunt was so wet, he could use her juice as lube. Her asshole was so tight, it hurt, but he liked the pain.

She started shaking as she put her finger in her pussy, and she could feel his cock pressing up against the walls of her vagina. She quickly hit a climax, as she started to rub herself faster. Juice started to spurt out of her like a water gun, at this point her found out that Kate was a squirt-er. After she calmed down, and Chris removed his cock, they laid there, while Chris slowly probed her cunt with his finger, as they slowly awaited round two.

As round two slowly approached, Chris looked over, to see Kate with a butt plug. Chris watched in awe as Kate was pulling, and pushing it in and out of her rectum. He started to hard as he watched. Kate looked over at Chris, it looked like he had a giant brown flag pole coming out of his pelvis.

Kate scrambled to get her bag. Inside were multiple vibrators, she pulled out her favorite which she called “The Green Machine”. She crammed it in her slit urla escort and crawled over towards him. She grabbed his cock at the base, and shoved it in her ass. Chris was astonished at her sexual craving right now.

Chris soon felt the pleasuring jolt of her vibrator against the head of his cock. As he started to fuck her faster and harder, he jammed his finger in her pussy. A little bit of pee started to dribble out of her cunt. This turned Chris on even more. He was now rock hard, as he thrust in and out of Kate, as she started to convulse in another orgasm.

Chris was having the same feeling, as the vibrator and Kate’s tight asshole became too much to handle, he pulled out, and came on Kate’s back. She felt his warm liquid on her back, and she reached around, and scooped some off, and slurped it off of her hand. Chris spun Kate around, and put his cock in her mouth, as he felt another load exploding out into her mouth. Kate forgot about the vibrator, still in her pussy, as she had another squirting orgasm, her pussy muscles tightened up, and they forced the vibrator out.

As they both collapsed on the floor, he watched as Kate’s pussy still twitched, he rubbed it as they both got up, and got dressed, and laid back down on the couch. Yet he still lay there with his finger slowly pumping in and out of her cunt, as she silently whispered his name in her ear telling him not to stop. He put his thumb in her ass, and she shuttered, and slowly pulled his fingers out of her, and told him, “We can finish tomorrow.”

They both slept as they recovered, from their long night of fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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