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Russ helped his wife straddle his newest invention, making sure that the lubricated dildos in the saddle were pushed slightly into each of her holes. It really was a saddle, with some new features… propped up on a kind of pedestal, this saddle was only meant to be ridden by a woman. Not exactly a Sybian, it was his own creation and he was eager to see how it worked on her. Vera was an understanding woman, and she loved her husband dearly; being the volunteer for most of his inventions she’d suffered through some awful ones and had thoroughly enjoyed others. Now he’d put together one big toy that he hoped would combine all her favorite things.

Strapping her thighs down and attaching her wrists to the saddle horn, he also put on the waistband to completely secure her. Using tape he secured small discs to her nipples and one to her clit.

“Ready darling?” he asked her grinning.

“Ready.” She smiled at him. Damn she was beautiful… the perfect woman and about to go for the ride of her life.

The first thing he turned on were the nipple vibrators, making her nipples immediately hard as she moaned with the stimulation. Picking up one of the smaller whips, he started working over her body with it. Breasts, stomach, thighs, ass… ever part of her that he could reach. She shivered and groaned as her skin was lashed gently, making the pleasure of her nipples even more intense. Russ pushed another button and the dildos slowly began to press deeper into her body, stretching her open and humming gently with vibration. Another button and they began to slowly turn in circles inside of her as they stretched open her tight holes.

Vera’s mouth was hanging open now and Russ wished that he could watch the dildos internet casino disappearing into her; the one in her pussy was 10″ long and 2″ around while the one in her ass was 9″ long and 1 and a half inches around. Both of them were designed to give her the ultimate stretch without being painful… he wanted it to be all about pleasure. Except of course for the whipping that he was giving him, but that was really just to intensify the pleasure – there was such a thin line between the two.

Pushing the automatic button, the machine began to go straight into the course that he’d programmed for it, meaning that he didn’t have to keep pushing buttons. He could just concentrate on whipping her delectable creamy body, turning it slightly pink. Vera shuddered as the nipple vibrators tingled even more, little low volts of electricity shooting through the tender buds from the toy.

“Oh God Russ…” she moaned as the vibrators inside of her kicked into a much higher gear, they began pushing in and out of her holes, one at a time so that she was always completely filled in at least one hole. The stinging slaps from the whip just made her body feel even more sensitive, a kind of pleasure that encompassed her entire body.

She had her first orgasm as the dildos continued to thrust alternatively, her holes clenched down as she spasmed, trying to hold the thrusting poles inside of her. Russ began to whip her even harder, making her cry out as the pleasure and pain mixed in ecstatic union. Her orgasm slowed, but didn’t quite go away as the dildos suddenly began to push into her at the same time, moving in unison inside of her.

Electricity jolted her body as her nipples were shocked, a pulsing low voltage that canlı poker oyna nevertheless invaded her pleasure and made her scream with surprise. It hurt, but at the same time just helped to build more pleasure as the dildos thrust into her body to their fullest length and began to pulse inside of her. Swelling slightly and then shrinking again, stretching her and going away, vibrating continuously. When the saddle began to vibrate, right where her clit was pressed against it, she shrieked as another orgasm washed over her.

A minute later her second orgasm had passed, but the movement inside of her had changed again; the dildos twisted one way and then the other, pushing into her as they turned inside of her body. The vibration on her clit was pulsing, teasing the engorged nub and making her shake as she rubbed her body against the saddle, trying to cum again. Her body felt like it was on fire, every particle of her being focused on her pussy and the pleasure that could be found there; the stinging of the whip was nothing more than an addition to the itch inside her.

Three more orgasms later and Vera was begging to be let off of the machine. Her pussy lips felt swollen and sore, her insides chafed… the pleasure that was mounting inside her again was unbearable. She felt like she would explode if she had another orgasm, her sensitive body registered everything as discomfort now and she was shining with sweat. Shrieking hoarsely as the next orgasm hit her, she sobbed with relief as the machine dulled inside of her, slowly withdrawing the dildos while the humming stopped.

As Russ began to take off the nipple vibrators, she moaned with relief and winced as his fingers rubbed the swollen and tender buds. poker oyna Even his touch felt like fire on her body… but her eager husband had quite a hard on from both whipping her and watching the show… Vera whimpered as he pulled her from the machine, his arms wrapped around her tired body.

Laying her on the ground he spread her legs and began to push his raging dick into her abused and swollen pussy. She was slick from her orgasms and the lubricant, her pussy convulsing around him in protest as she was invaded. Weakly Vera tried to push him off of her, pleading that he find some other way to get himself off… but she knew that it wasn’t going to happen. And truthfully, as he began to pump in and out of her, she looked forward to the ascent of her orgasm, even though she felt sure that she couldn’t take anymore pleasure.

Russ fucked her hard against the floor, feeling her weak protests and knowing that her body was overextended from her time on his toy. It just made him harder… she’d gotten off so many times this afternoon, and he could feel her body beginning to buck underneath him. Well, it was his turn for pleasure too! Ramming harder into her, he listened to her moans of agonized passion, loving the way her pussy spasmed around his invading dick.

Her arms reached up to wrap around his neck as her body bucked underneath his, her cries of passion hoarse with exhaustion. As her body arched beneath his, Russ slammed a few final times into her gaping hole, gasping as it sucked the cum out of him.

Afterwards he tenderly bathed her and put her to bed, watching her smiling face. Her nipples hadn’t gone down the entire time and he could tell that they were still sore and chafing. Tomorrow she’d wake up and be sore… within two days it would go away. And by the third day, she’d be asking to be put on the machine again. Russ sat and watched his beautiful wife sleep, wondering at how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous and sexual woman for his partner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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