Ignoring the Secretary

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I was sitting at my desk on the phone with my boss talking about important business when my male secretary, a very strong and handsome man came in with some papers for me to sign. He crossed the floor and placed them on my desk. He looked angry with me and I gave him a questioningly look, to which he returned with a smile.

I watched with interest as he came around to my side of the desk and lifted me up and placed me on the desk. He then sat in my chair. I was about to say something with my boss need me to talk to him about something. I had to answer the boss.

Soon I was in grossed in the conversation ignoring my mischievous secretary until I felt his hands on my thighs as he lifted up my skirt. I smacked his hands away but he continued to shove my skirt up around my hips. He then moved his chair closer and spread my legs, within seconds he had ripped my pants off, making me make grunt with force of it all. Again I had to answer the question of my boss, knowing what my secretary was about to. I closed my eyes and waited, I could feel his breath at my junction between my thighs. I felt his tongue flick my clit. Instant, shock waves ran through me. I could feel myself becoming very wet as he continues czech amateurs porno to massage my clit with his tongue. I tried to wiggle away from his tongue so I could talk properly but he wrapped his arm around my bum and pulled me closer. He places his tongue inside and began imitating a penis driving me wild. I could feel my orgasm coming my gasps were becoming obvious. I knew this was exactly what wanted as he stepped up his movement. I came gushing over his tongue he seemed to love it lapping it up. He got up and smiled and left the room as if nothing had happened between them.

I continued my conversation with my boss, and waited till home time when we would be alone to confront him about his actions. Praying my boss on the other end would not be suspicious. But what happened just moments ago couldn’t happen again.

I called him in with every intention of scolding him for taking such liberties with me. As soon as he walked in he picked me up and placed me on the desk scattering the papers, the phone everything on my desk to the floor, before I could protest his strong lips were over mine and he was lying on top of me. With one thrust he was inside me fucking czech bitch porno me harder than I had ever been fucked.

I enjoyed it, the strength his body to pick me up so effortless thrilled me, the way his penis buck against me drove me wild. In short violent thrusts, each time driving in has deep as he could. His tongue drugged me creating swirling sensations in my stomach. The way he kissed me made me feel like I was his everything.

He leaned up and took me with him, so that I was now sitting up on the edge of the desk as he drove into me. He pushed me down on the desk taking my thigh and holding them as he stood at the end of the desk still pounding me. He didn’t speak he just moaned with me as if he was enjoying the friction he was creating. He was a considered lover as he didn’t come inside me instead he pulled out and replaced his penis with his tongue until I came once again over his mouth. I watched as he jerked himself until he came all over the floor.

“James I really must protest” I began but he hadn’t finished with me. He covered me with is lips and began rubbing himself on me driving me wild. I could feel him harden again.

“Again?” I managed czech casting porno to ask in between his drugging kiss.

He nodded with a smile. “You’ve been naught ignoring me all day?”

“No I haven’t,” I replied innocently,

“I think you have,” he said entering me slowly.

“Are you going to punish me?” I asked as he pushed himself deep within me causing a soft moan to escape me lips. His movements were slow and deliberate.

“I’m going to fuck you until you cum, I want my name on your lips.”

“James” I whispered feeling such power as he closed his eyes and thrusted his hips sharply into me. Then pulled out slowly and pushed in extra slowly until I whispered

“James” into his ear, the next thrust was sharp telling me what I need to do.

I continued to say his name as he thrusted into me with deep violent bursts. I loved watching his face as he pierced me. Soon I could only manage as whisper as my orgasm built to its climax. As it burst I called his name, and he smiled. He then pumped hard and quick in me keeping it going, making me scream again. I could feel his orgasm coming.

“Cum in me now” I begged afraid he withdraw.

He smiled as he bucked hard then stiffened his body jerked as his inside me, His “OH God” was so delicious.

“Now James” I began in my authoritative tone, “I think I will ignore you again tomorrow.” I said breathlessly as we both got dressed.

“You better” he said with a brief kiss before he left the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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