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“What time is it?”

“Just after eleven. I will come and pick you up around two. Do you fancy a drink beforehand, or are we going to get onto the flight as soon as possible?”

“Oh, Alex. A champagne might be nice. A toast to yet another success by yours truly?”

“Quite rightly. I cannot quite believe our luck.”

Alexander Roberts was an international renown photographer who had become famous for one primary reason. It happened to be the very woman he was speaking to on the phone. Flora Kimberly was too, known on a worldwide scale, as a plus-size model. But being called plus size was something that royally pissed her off.

“Why is it we feel the need to compartmentalise sizes like that? I am what I am, and who determines what is supposedly plus size?”

“You cannot complain, Flora. I mean, look what we are doing. Again, we’re jetting off to the States for a photoshoot. It is your favourite magazine, and you’re being interviewed this time. You get all the glory, I do not. But that is okay. I can sit back and bask in my own wonderment.”

“God, you are full of shit sometimes, but I love ya.”

“Same diff here, lass. This champagne really did hit the sides quite nicely. I suppose we better head to the gate.”

Alex was someone who always had a keen interest in odd shapes. He was continuously fascinated by the idea of curvature. He lived just outside of a small town in Australia, and his house happened to upon a wooded knoll, with rolling hills of golden-green landscaping on either side. He looked out his bedroom window at night time and loved seeing the shades of colour change with the lowering light levels. As he grew older, he walked about with an old camera and anything rounded in shape caught his attention. He loved the way tulip flowers were rounded at the bottom. How each petal was also rounded on the top. Gnarled tree branches dangled in the wind and rustling reeds swept across a swampy mangrove of sorts. Plenty of rippling waves on waterways, and the flight of large birds with their curved beaks and shapely wings. Birds taking flight, that got Alex thinking. Maybe one day I can be a star of the printed media. Something to do with curves. That took on a whole new meaning when he became a teenager.

There was a girl in his school a few months older. Her name was Flora, and with growing age, so grew the interest of Alex. But he always felt like Flora and himself would never be more than just friends. They were just too friendly with one another to even contemplate anything else. Alex just rid his mind of the prospect of any kind of romance and took what he could, which was a deep and rewarding friendship. Such a friendship lasted all the way through university. Alex then went and married Meredith. Was it a happy marriage? Some of the time. Flora married as well, to Jordan. Both spouses did not always agree to the arrangement of travel but too bad.

It just so happened on a clubs day at university, that Flora walked the fashion school’s catwalk. She walked so confidently in the high heels and the tight dresses, not realising a talent scout was in the audience. Despite being larger than a standard print model, it was not enough to deter such a scout for wanting to sign this beauty. But she came with a price. The price was the photography skills of Alex, who had taken some headshots of her in the weeks beforehand. Such a deal was a rarity, but as Flora had stated, she and Alex were a two-part deal. You cannot have one without the other, and Flora was convinced no other photographer would do her justice.

This photography assignment was no different from any other. The pair were in New York for a few days, with Flora posing in rather outrageous costumes in several public parks. Alex took the bystander role, in a hidden location with his telephoto lens trained right on the delicious figure of Flora as she posed and pouted. What a flirt, he thought. She was born to do this, and he just was so damn lucky. It used to annoy Flora no end because the word lucky was overused. Alex just didn’t have faith in himself.

Business as usual, as they were back at La Guardia for the long flight home. While Flora never slept well on planes, Alex was always out like a light. Several hours into the flight, he gangbang porno dug deep into his seat in business class and pulled the eye mask across. Cuddled within a ravine of fleece, his mind took him elsewhere. Perhaps another foreign land. Maybe it would fling him back to his parent’s place and those first tentative days, shaking with a fragile old camera in hand. But no, he found himself on a beach. He had before him, the two women in his life. There was Meredith in a skimpy bikini, and there was Flora in a skirt that was miles too short. Suddenly the beach turned into a discotheque. Both were in very short skirts, exposing their damp panties. Oh, which one do I chose?

There was Meredith with lips painted port wine, and there was Flora, the one with the groovy moves which saw her booty go swish across a dancefloor. Why not have both? A threesome had never entered his mind before, so why now, but did they even have sex? No. All he visualised was the growing erection in his pants and the rising of the skirts. It was enough for a nocturnal emission of sorts, except he did not have the privacy of his bedroom at home. No, he suddenly woke up on the plane to find Flora had actually fallen asleep and he had an inconvenient wet patch. There was no way he could deal with it until they landed, so he just tried using a jumper to conceal it.

Time to think ahead to the next photoshoot, which was to be with a faux leather company. He checked the diary to see where the shoot would be located, and it required a call with Flora to make sure he had the address written down correctly.

“Are we sure it is down this street? It just seems like an odd locale to photograph you wearing things that likely will reappear in a BDSM dungeon or something.”

“Well, it is not like a bar is really out of the question. Is the beachside setting a bit disarming in some way?”

“I think that is it. You wouldn’t normally associate the two places together.”

“Nope. You are thinking about this way too much. Crazy dreams?”

“How did you know?”

“Because this happens all the time. Paranoia, I tell ya!”

Such a job should have been easy for Alex. He had done this before. But it was like a dream had placed a curse on him. He now imagined Flora in all sorts of leather catsuits. Oh, wicked things she could do him.

“For fuck’s sake, stop thinking like that,” he said to himself. Psyching himself up that morning, he even had a wank before he left. He felt like an immature teenager. Did he bust his nut over her? No shit. There it was, the fancy beachside bar with spa called The Splash. Alex had heard of it and thought it sounded overly wanky. It attracted an upscale clientele, and then Flora arrived. She was dressed so casually, as she flicked her mane of dark blue hair against the prevailing wind.

“Forever a show pony, Flora.”

“Kindly shut the fuck up, Alex. We have work to do!”

Flora went to hair and makeup, while Alex talked with the creative team. What he had not realised was just how minuscule the clothing was. Why wear something so tiny made of leather? Who was this stuff appealing to? Perhaps he was a bit too vanilla by his own admission. I mean, his own sex life had never really been on fire. The marriage with Meredith often felt like one of convenience. When Flora emerged wearing this fake leather finery, Alex was lost for words.

“And who said curvy girls couldn’t wear barely-there swimming costumes?”

“Lots of people until I came on the scene. Remember how I never gave a fuck about what people thought of me?”

“I do, and you stood your ground. So, snap-happy?”

“You bet!”

What a setup. The beach below shimmered in sapphire ways, white sand that glistened like small diamonds. The weather was fantastic with no cloud in the sky, yet it was just warm and not the raging heat of midsummer. A bar with a spa now doesn’t seem such a bad idea as Flora posed around the diving board. Demure poses at first before she stuck her booty in the air and shoved her tits out. Alex did not falter. He held his composure. Flora then let herself slide into the water. It was cold enough to make her nipples harden. Purring like a cat almost as she turned around, leaving her cleavage czech harem porno perilously close to spilling out.

“You making love to me with that camera?”

“Pardon me?”

“You heard me.”

“I just find making love an interesting way of describing it.”

“It is not just sex. You always capture such sensual shots of me. There is a dedication in your eyes. Determination to find the finest shot and the feelings behind it. The stuff dreams can be made of.”

“We are getting a bit verbose, aren’t we?”

“So be it. Success. We should celebrate it. How about you come back to mind for a drink afterwards?”

“Won’t Jordan be at home?”


“How do you mean?”

“Jordan has left me, Alex. It happened just before we went to New York. I was not terribly upset about it. Why, would it matter if he had been there?”

“Not at all. It is just…”

“Oh you were getting ideas. Ideas that lead to no good. Don’t go there, boy. We need not go there. I just think a nice debrief with that bottle of champagne we bought at duty-free.”

“Fine, then. Keep posing. I have not quite reached orgasm via the camera just yet.”

Alex was mortified he had let his inner monologue escape. Flora was always naturally flirty. Half the time she didn’t even realise she was doing it. Alex had always been relatively immune until he started having sexual dreams about her. He kept telling himself they were dreams that did not translate into real life.

After the shoot, they packed up. Flora did not live that far away. Alex made a phone call to his wife to tell her he might not be back until the following morning as “the photoshoot, well we are taking some late-night shots. Maybe after midnight?”

He honestly thought that was the plan. He had been to Flora’s before and noticed how sparse it suddenly felt. Did Jordan do away with all the furniture?

“No, he took what he paid for. I did not need all that ebony wood shit in my house. I paid for the house, remember?”

“I do, actually. I was impressed with your taste in house.”

“I am glad you have faith in me. One way or another.”

Suddenly, Flora got up. She went over the sofa where Alex was sitting and began stroking the side of his face.

“Oh, Flora, this is perhaps a bit forbidden.”

“Something tells me you have had forbidden dreams.”

“Mind reader or am I being hysterical?”

“I can see right through you, Alex Roberts. World’s biggest flirt.”

“Okay then, busted. I had an erotic dream about you and Meredith on the flight home from New York. You two girls wore very short skirts, and you loved exposing your panties to me. Now that dream was the most exciting thing to happen to me in years. Marriage of convenience.”

“I knew it. Is she happy?”

“No, and I do believe she cheated on me a while back, so perhaps it is now my turn.”

“Oh, you want to play that game, do you?”

“If you let me.”

“You see the dining room chair over there? I want you completely naked and sitting on it, with your hands behind your back.”

“Naked, fucking hell. No holds barred.”

“And I would not have it any other way, except do as I say, put your nude backside on that chair, arms behind you and pray for pleasure of some sort.”

Alex slapped himself in the face. He assumed he would wake up in his rather lonely bed at home, having had another erotic excursion in his dreams. But no, he just copped a welt to the face and the simmering realisation that Flora wanted him, somehow. He took his clothes off and neatly left them in a pile in the corner of the room. He had a raging boner not quite knowing what was going on. So he sat on the chair. Arms behind him.

There was Flora in one of the outfits she had modelled earlier in the day. Faux leather, so soft, it drifted over her curves. What a fucking banging body, he thought. For years, he had become so used to her being in a state of undress in front of him so suddenly, she was something else.

“How about I tie your hands up. Maybe you can see but not touch.”

“Why would you tease me like that?”

“Because I can. I have been teasing your cock for years. I am stunned we have managed to behave because czech mega swingers porno hey, we were married to other people. We still are.”

Alex was spellbound as Flora stood before him. She was letting this slip ride across her body as she bucked her hips. It shifted and skirted along the curves of her body before it came straight off and hit the ground with a gentle touch. She deftly kicked it out of sight as her hands were all over her body, with the red-painted nail polish reflecting like precious rubies in the night light. One could almost sense electricity being generated as her hairs stood on end, erect with the possibilities ahead. The hips impressed Alex a great deal. He didn’t want to admit in recent times, whenever Flora sat in a particular position, he would imagine her riding his cock. That was a body that was built for that kind of sinning.

Flora came over and straddled him. His cock didn’t mind being slightly suppressed by the see-through panties she was wearing. She rubbed herself against him, as it took a somewhat prickly path along his erect cock. It sat nicely in the groove of her lips as she took her bra off. Tits bounced into his face. His tongue was wanting a taste of the nipples that teased him constantly. A few minutes of playtime before Flora declared, “well, I had better stop doing that. We do not want you cumming just yet.”

So swiftly, Flora got up. She giggled, seeing the excited cock, all sticky with precum. She played with her tits as her hand slipped inside her underwear. Alex could not quite determine what she was doing until she started to moan as she pleasured herself. She kept looking right at him as she withdrew her hand. She came back across to slip a finger into his mouth. There, Alex got a taste of her wet pussy, licking it from her fingers. Flora put one of her long legs in his lap. Alex had never experienced a woman teasing his dick with her hosiery clad foot before. Then she slowly rolled the stockings off. He became fixated on how tight her panties were across her wet pussy. He didn’t flinch when it became difficult to concentrate. Next thing he knew, Flora had lightly tied one of the stockings around his face, so he was effectively gagged. What a captive audience!

The other stocking flicked his cock. He reacted with a twitch each time. The suspender belt jiggled around her hips as she came back across for the final time. Again, her leg was on the chair as she slightly shook her hips as her panties came down. The bare naked cunt was exposed, and the scent of sex was almost overwhelming. Alex was so giddy with excitement, but before she made a move, she asked the critical question.

“Well, I want your dick in me. Do you want your dick in me?”

He shook his head and muffled a yes. Back on his lap, she straddled across him, cock in hand, rubbing it against her dripping slit. One move of the hips and he slipped right in. He began to hyperventilate with excitement, and he couldn’t do a damn thing as Flora started riding his cock. She took great delight in massaging her tits and rubbing her stiff nipples all over his covered mouth. She kept looking at him, licking her lips as she let her pussy milk him dry. He was never going to last long, not with the teasing he had had.

He closed his eyes for a minute, as she slammed harder on his dick. He shot his load into her as she quickly tore the gag from his mouth.

“Get your breath back, Alex.”

“Flora…how old am I?”

“Thirty-two. I am four months older than you. Why?”

“I honestly thought my days of this kind of thing were over. Fucking hell, I have never had sex like that before.”

“It was like you never wanted to try your luck with me. What stopped you?”

“I thought if I ever had the chance to slip my cock into you, I would have cum in two minutes. That would have scarred me for life. So how the fuck you managed to tease me like that for that long…perhaps I didn’t know my own strength.”

“Going home?”

“No. But do you mind if I shower?”

“Of course not, let me untie you. Then come to bed.”

A night like this is the kind where you wanted to be in that state forever. It effectively spelt the end of Alex’s marriage. Flora and Alex never slept. In her words, they made love for much of the night. It was the kind of passion both had been looking for. Who knew how long it would last. Perhaps it was the most cliched of cliches, the photographer and his muse. Did either of them give a fuck? No.

Not when she can make love to the camera and make love to the photographer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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