Hugging Jodi

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Jodi is in my arms. Hugging Her makes me happy that I am a man. As I look into her light blue eyes, I see both sweet vulnerability and undeniable strength. The nape of her neck is smooth and my lips trace the slope up to her ear lobes, which I softly suck. Her DD boobs press against me. My chest cops a feel in place of my hands.

I wonder which bra she is wearing under her silky, button down shirt. My mind wanders to memories of her modeling different bras for me. I love watching her slip out of one, how her boobs jiggle slightly, how her nipples stand pink and erect, much like a soldier standing for inspection, how she is both shy and excited by my gaze.

As I hold her, I am sure she feels the hot rod of flesh I am now carrying in my pants.

My hands move down her back, reach the waistband of her black suede miniskirt. I kiss her hard and hungry and I close my eyes, cocooned in the hot lather of lust that our bodies have stirred up. My hands move past her waistband and beneath her skirt. They move along the smooth bare curves of her ass, in the middle of which is the thin fabric of her lacy thong. My cock throbs.

I love her in thongs. I tell her to wear them as often as possible. I love how they frame her ass and her pussy. Sometimes I make her stand in front of me, topless, with just her thong on. I give my eyes as long as they want in front, moving my gaze up her long legs, to the junction where her shaved, sometimes waxed, pussy awaits. Then I turn her around. I literally kiss her ass. Usually in moments I pull off the thong and adore the sight from behind. Incredible.

All those images and thoughts run through my mind as I am kissing her, as my hands move back and forth across her ass, sometimes moving my fingers under the fabric in her crack.

“Baby, I love you,” I say.

She smiles. Her cheeks look like red apples. “Thanks, hon. Love you too.”

She chuckles to herself.

I step back a bit. “What is it?’

“Just a memory.” She looks away, caught by the past.

“Hm. A memory. Do tell.”

She waves her hand. “Nothing.”

“Too late now, babe. Gotta spill it..”

She scrapes the rug with the tip of her 4″ heel. “Uhh, ok. It was with Kirt that I last wore this skirt.”

We have been together for 2 years now. Kirt is her ex-husband.

“Oh, where did you wear it?”

She looked worried now.

It’s alright to tell me. I am just curious.”

“To a swinger party.”

Ok. I didn’t expect that.

She tells me the story of her failing marriage, how she wanted to try anything and everything to save it. She had figured the swinger party might reintroduce passion into their relationship. So, from her story I learn more about her marriage. I also learn that my dear girlfriend is much more adventurous than I had ever imagined.


Days go by. I avoided the subject, though every time I fantasized about a swingers party, I would get hard as a rock. Not convenient at work.

Finally, the next weekend I bring it up. “What the heck,” I say to her. “Now I am curious. Let’s do it.” Turns out she had looked up the swingers group. They are still active. The next party is two weeks away.

Finally the night came.

I asked her to wear the suede miniskirt. She did, complimented by knee high, black leather “fuck me boots,” as she called them. Her long legs were made for those boots. Her shirt was a light blue, cotton button down. I love how her boobs strain the buttons of any shirt she wears. I told her not to tell me what bra and panties she was wearing. I was hoping to get her undressed later and wanted to be surprised. She had her red hair nicely curled. All of that, along with big hoop earrings and just enough makeup and she was a sight for a hot time.

I tried my best to dress sexy, but a guy doesn’t have that many ways of “sexing it up.” I wore tight czech casting porno jeans, rolled up cotton shirt and leather cowboy boots. With my boots I stand about 6’3″ and with hers, she is about 6′, so we were a very noticeable couple.

The party was being held at a small bar, with attached small hotel, about an hour from where we lived. I hoped it was far enough to avoid running into someone I knew. Imagine standing there while your girlfriend is busy sucking your cock and your neighbor strolls by? Hey, how’s it coming?

Anyway, we go into the place somewhat nervous. We are greeted warmly by the hosts, a woman and her boyfriend. It is dimly lit, the ceiling is “dive bar” low, the crowd is not numerous. But she tells us it will be busy soon and to go have a drink and relax. The available seats are all stools or high chairs. I am immediately happy we came as I watch Jodi have to sit on a stool with her very short skirt. I order our drinks and my eyes wander right up her legs. After a few minutes I have to stand up because my big erection is making me feel painfully constricted in my tight jeans. I rub my hardon against her bare legs.

She grins widely and lets her gaze linger on my crotch. “Nice,” she whispers, licking her lips.

I lean over and whisper into her ear: “You can get any guy hard.” Sure, it doesn’t hurt my cause to compliment her. But, I actually totally believe what I said.

And from the stolen glances up her legs from the guys who are beginning to enter the bar, I think my belief is confirmed.

But soon I notice that she appeals to an even wider audience. As I chat with Jodi, I see other women leering at her big boobs and long legs. Now I am really excited.

The bar is soon packed. I can’t help but stare at the numerous women who are dressed in slinky outfits. There is cleavage everywhere and hemlines just below pussy lines.

The dance floor directly in front of us is busy. Jodi is still sitting on a stool. It is against the wall and with the crowd and the dim lighting, I feel safe in sliding my hand beneath her skirt in the back. She doesn’t flinch. My hands go down her ass and reach her pussy. I give it a few strokes with my fingers, then pull out, not wanting to go overboard. Jodi grabs my crotch and squeezes my cock a few times through my jeans.

A couple standing next to us watches her hand on me. The woman stares. The guy looks away.

My attention is diverted to a group of three women on the dance floor. One of them is especially attractive: thick black shoulder length hair, pretty face, thin legs. She is wearing a mini dress. She is pressed in between two other women. The one if front of her is kissing her lustily. The one behind her is grabbing her ass through her dress. Suddenly, the one in front shows everyone a unique feature of her conquest’s dress: it has a panel over the boobs, a panel held by Velcro. She yanks it down and out pop two C-cup size bare boobs. The woman dives on them and sucks with vigor. The woman behind reaches around and fondles her pussy through the dress.

Jodi is so transfixed, her hand drops from my cock. I love the whole scene. I can stare down at Jodi’s prodigious cleavage, then at her hot legs and skimpy skirt, and back to three women grinding each other into a frenzy.


I grow at least an inch longer.

But soon the three babes retreat to their seats. We overhear that here in the bar, the activity is somewhat restrained. The real action is a little later, “upstairs.”

I can’t wait.

A good hour later we see people walking out of the bar and up steps. We follow. I make sure to let Jodi lead, so I can watch her ass sway up the stairs.

Upstairs, we walk down a short hallway and enter a huge central room, one room in a suite of four rooms. On a king bed is a naked couple. He is on his back. She is over him, czech couples porno sucking on his cock. There are two couches on which people sit and watch. One woman is stroking her man’s cock through his pants. One of the guys has pulled out his woman’s boobs and is sucking a nipple.

We flow through the room and enter the room straight ahead, with a wide entrance. A few people are milling about in the room ,which is an unstocked bar area, with a few stools and, in the middle, what at first I took to be a regular big leather recliner. But on closer inspection, I see it is no ordinary chair. The usual wide recliner pads for the legs are absent, leaving a void beneath the seat cushion, a void filled by padded stirrups linked to a lever. The tips of the stirrups are now on the floor, but clearly they can be raised and locked in place. The thing is half recliner, half gyno stirrup. There is a low stool next to the chair.

My face is hot as I stare at the contraption. Jodi shakes her head. “Now that is something,” she sputters.

We waltz through the other two rooms and see a few couples fucking. It is not long before the whole suite of rooms is brimming with people. Some jumping in bed naked, others just watching.

I am very excited. My cock is dying to get out of my tight jeans. We stroll down a hallway between rooms and I suddenly grab Jodi. I press her against the wall with my arms. I look her up and down. I move my enormous hard on against her thigh and kiss her. “I am going to take off your shirt and bra, baby. I want everyone to see your huge boobs.” I do it. My fingers are quivering from nervousness and thrill. Finally, her shirt is off. Then I pull down the bra, leaving it at her waist. There is something about it that looks extra sexy. Her DD boobs call to me. But I leave her against one wall and move across the narrow hallway. She stands there, waiting for a command.

“Drop your skirt!” I order her.

She is enjoying being dominated. The skirt falls, leaving her with just her thong, her bra at her waist and her high boots. Two other guys stop and watch.

“Whoa!” one of the guys exclaims. “What amazing tits!”

I grin and just enjoy staring at her.

But I want more. “Baby, take off your thong. We want to see you naked now.” We three men wait. My heart is pounding. I can see she is unsure of what she wants to do. I look deep into her eyes. I know she can see the furious lust. I wink at her.

She pulls down her thong. It drops to her high heels, With her feet she flips it to her pile of clothes. She closes her eyes and raises her arms over her head in complete submission to our male gazing.

The three of us enjoy the view . I think over and over of how much I love the nipples in my mouth and the taste of that pussy. Before one of the guys grabs her, I cross the hallway, grab her chin and plant a kiss on her lips. I whisper in her ears: “You are an incredible woman. I love you.”

She reaches around my neck and pulls me more firmly into her mouth. When we come up for air, she whispers back to me: “I love you too. So much!”

I smell flowery perfume and notice a couple women walking towards us. I notice how Jodi’s eyes wander to their boobs, then to their asses as they slowly move past us.

I pull on the bra clasps and drop Joid’s bra to the floor, then pull her behind me, following the two other women into the room with the special recliner.

“Excuse me,” I say over their shoulders and I pull Jodi past them, deliberately very close, to make sure they are paying attention. The special chair is empty. I twist naked Jodi to face me and I engulf her in an embrace and tongue kiss.. Her back is against the chair arm rest. Gently I press her down onto the chair. Her eyes widen and she looks at me, uncertain. But she complies. She sits on the chair. I kiss her again, as i press the czech estrogenolit porno lever of the chair. Back she goes until she is almost fully reclined, with her legs with boots still on, well off the ground, nicely held by the long leg rests. I sense the room getting quiet. Finally, it is time to do it. I move between her legs and gently nudge the leg supports apart. Her pussy is now fully on display and available. I sit on the cushioned sitting stool and slide between her legs. My face is an inch from her pussy.

For a few wonderful moments, I just look at her: booted legs splayed, waxed pussy inviting, boobs with erect nipples waiting, her chest rising and falling fast with anticipation. The two women who we went past are next to the chair, staring at her Jodi. One of then says, “that is so hot,” and she reaches and starts stroking her friend’s pussy through her skirt.

I dive in, my tongue gently licking Jodi’s pussy lips. Slowly I go, teasing, promising, withholding full pleasure for now. Jodi is squirming, quietly moaning. The room is filling with onlookers. I lick around her lips until her pussy is nice and wet. How I love the taste of her pussy juices.

I still avoid her clit. Instead, I take my long tongue and fuck her with it, slipping it straight down her hole as far as I can. She bucks each time I plunge. “MMM,” I add, to let her know I am enjoying it.

I am also loving the stares of the crowd.

I see one of the two women next to Jodi bend down and kiss her. The other woman moves to Jodi’s other side, grabs Jodi’s boob, squeezes it, then sucks hard on the nipple.

Jodi moans loudly.

Jodi’s juices are on my face. Her aroma is like an aphrodisiac. My erection is almost painful against the restraint of my jeans

Jodi reaches under the dress of the woman on her right and starts fingering her. The woman closes her eyes and rides Jodi’s fingers. The woman mews softly with pleasure.

Then Jodi pulls down the woman to her left, yanks down her tube top and releases the boobs. Jodi fills her mouth with the woman’s nipple.

I think it is time. I slip two fingers into Jodi’s pussy, find the g-spot -that circular cushion just inside- and stroke it as I take the broad expanse of my tongue and repeatedly draw it across her clit. Jodi releases the nipple from her mouth and yelps. The two other women notice the change and know how to assist. Each takes one of Jodi’s nipples in her mouth.

They suck and I stroke and lick; they suck and I stroke and lick. Again and again. Jodi squirms, moans, gasps, her belly bucks.

Finally, with an explosive yelp her belly rises then collapses and she quivers, as a gush of woman cum washes over my lips.

The room explodes with claps.

Jodi goes limp and with lolling head and closed eyes she rests on the chair.

She is happy, but my erection demands release. The two women next to us notice my huge bulge when I stand up. Their eyes see through my jeans. After what just happened, they feel very bold. Both move next to me, as I stand between Jodi’s legs. Four hands grab my bulge, roam to my belt, my zipper. Next thing I know, my jeans are off, along with my underwear. My engorged cock is free. Their hands press my ass, nudge me forward. The one on my right grabs my cock and moves it inside Jodi’s pussy. Then the other one slaps my ass. “Get that cock to work!” she says. I start pumping, loving the hot, wet oven of Jodi’s pussy. I go for a few minutes, slamming her pussy, while the two women are slapping my ass. Finally, I am ready. When it is obvious, one of the two women pushes me out of Jodi. “We want to see!”

The woman on my right grabs my bloated cock and strokes me as the other woman grabs my ass. “Come honey!” Jodi says. She is sitting up, staring at my cock. “Come for me!” The next stroke by the woman sends me over the edge. Creamy cum shoots out of me like a rocket and slaps against Jodi’s chest. Another stroke releases another blast of cum. Finally, a third stroke brings forth all that is left in me. Jodi smiles, her chest glistening with my juice. I lean forward and hug her as my cum dribbles down her stomach.

The room explodes into cheers again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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