Gym Encounter

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“I bet you can’t get him to bar up while he’s exercising,” Emma said to her friend Mandy.

“Oh yeah? I reckon that I could,” Mandy replied. She and Emma had been watching the new guy in the gym. He was well toned, tall, had dark hair and eething grey eyes that they’d both admitted seemed to pierce their souls at the merest glance.

“I dare you to,” Emma replied. They’d been watching him for half an hour now and she was starting to get horny thinking about all the things that she’d like to do to him if she could get him naked and alone. He’d been coming to the gym for a week or so now and the more that the watched, the more Emma wanted something more to happen.

“What do I get if I do it though? There’s got to be some sort of reward.”

“I’ll buy you coffee,” Emma said, grinning.

“Coffee? That’s not a bet, that’s nothing! It’s got to be worth my while honey.”

“Dinner then, I’ll buy you dinner, she suggested.

“Nu uh, make it really worth my time,” Mandy said, her eyes alive with challenge. Emma thought for a few moments. “You get me. You can have me any way you want,” she said quietly, blushing.

“Are you serious?” Mandy asked, her green eyes alight.

“Yes,” Emma replied, her own blue eyes meeting Mandy’s for a few moments before turning downward in embarrassment. Mandy clapped her hands with delight. She’d all but given up on ever getting to do anything with Emma. Mandy was openly bi-sexual, but Emma had steadfastly refused to show any interest in hooking up in any sort of romantic or sexual way, despite several attempts to seduce her. She claimed to be entirely heterosexual even in the face of Mandy’s insistence that everyone was at least a little bit bi.

Mandy checked herself out in the mirror. She was wearing tight black leggings that hugged her hips nicely and a white lycra exercise top over her sports bra, her taught mid drift exposed. “Hmm,” she thought to herself, “this is going to take a little more than just the everyday.” She walked off towards the change rooms, Emma following her.

In the change rooms, Mandy took off her lycra top, followed by her sports bra. Emma watched, wondering what her friend was up to.

Mandy turned towards Emma and started to pull on her nipples. Emma continued to take in the view of her friend, standing with her firm breasts exposed and now, with the attention that they were receiving, her nipples hard and erect.

“I can’t very well just go out there and look like everyone else if he has to get a boner, can I?” Mandy said to Emma grinning.

“I guess not,” Emma replied, her eyes still glued to the vision of Mandy’s hands teasing her breasts. She was surprised to find that it was turning her on. She was conscious of the fact that she’d essentially just agreed to let her friend have sex with her if she was able to get this stud to bar up in the exercise room.

She knew that Mandy wanted her. She’d never failed to take advantage to press her desires on Emma, but Emma had always laughed it off and Mandy had always respected her choice. Lately though, she’d caught herself wondering. She’d even read some lesbian stories on the net and they had done nothing to dampen the curiosity that was budding within her.

Mandy was now pulling her lycra top back on, notably without having donned the bra first. Her nipples stood out like diamonds against the tightly stretched fabric and the colour of her light brown areola was visible through the thin material. Then she pulled the front down further and the edge of her areola was suddenly exposed in the scooped neck of the top, the nipple itself jutting out just below the seam.

“There, feeling confident about your bet now?” Mandy asked, grinning at Emma.

“I think there’s a small chance that I might be in trouble,” Emma laughed in return. Mandy walked past her friend, allowing her hand to glide over her slim hip as she did so, commenting, “I can’t wait to have you Emma.”

Emma blushed again as she turned to follow Mandy, surprised at just how much that simple touch on her hip turned her on. She admitted to herself that when she got right down to the core of it, she wanted to lose the bet. She wanted Mandy to lie naked with her, to touch her and taste her and that this was simply the means by which she gave herself an out, a way to claim that it was just a bit of fun … but really, she wanted it.

Mandy strode out to the weights area where the new guy was exercising. Emma watched the sway of her hips as she strode out, one foot crossing slightly in front of the path of the other, a trick she’d seen Mandy use many times to accentuate the sway of her tight buttocks as she walked. Emma had to admit that it worked very well. Mandy had one of the best butts to watch out of anyone that Emma knew.

Just as she was about to enter the room, Emma saw her turn back towards her and pull her nipples again, making sure that they stayed erect and noticeable as she sat down on the exercise machine directly opposite the new guy.

Emma checked him out. He was wearing a pair of lycra shorts himself. She admired illegal bahis again the tone of his body. He wasn’t overly developed like a lot of the gym junkies that hung around this place, he was almost sculpted in his perfection. Emma found herself wondering just what he had packed away in those lycra shorts.

She noted that his eyes followed Mandy as she entered the room and took up her position. Mandy sat forward on the seat of the machine and thrust her chest out as she grasped the handles and turned them inward and outward, exercising her arms.

Emma walked into the room and sat down on an exercise bike close enough to see what was going on, but not in the line of sight of the new guy. She didn’t want to have Mandy accuse her of sabotaging the attempt. She could see Mandy’s breasts from here, especially the way her nipples sat out so nicely, but she couldn’t make out the colour of her areolae like she’d been able to in the change rooms. She wondered if the new guy could from where he was sitting.

She noted that he was certainly taking some time to admire Mandy and then she shifted her gaze to his cock to see if there was anyway that it could be determined that Mandy was having the affect that she wanted to.

After a few minutes on the machine, Mandy moved to a treadmill not far away, certainly close enough that she could be readily seen by the new guy. Emma noted that whenever she could see that she wasn’t being watched by him, Mandy would give either one or both of her nipples a quick tweak or pull her top back down until they were almost popping out.

She started out at a walk, but quickly shifted the machine to a quicker pace, setting up a slow jog. Even Emma couldn’t tear her gaze away from her breasts when she started jogging. Mandy had c-cup sized breasts and at a slow jog without the restraint of her sports bra, they moved significantly as she ran.

The new guy finished on the machine that he was on and Emma watched carefully to see where he went. He came over next to her and started riding the bike next to her. His eyes remained fixed on the delightful sight of Emma’s friend working on the treadmill. Emma treated herself to a long and lusty review of the new guy’s body as he rode the bike next to her.

At one point he looked across to where she was cycling and busted her looking. Emma blushed furiously and focussed her attention ahead for a while.

When she felt that he was no longer watching, she shifted her gaze back to Mandy, wondering how she was getting on. Emma nearly gasped out loud when she saw that Mandy had now pulled her top down far enough that one nipple was exposed in the scoop of the neck. She wanted to say something, but knew that it must have been done deliberately as part of the bet.

She stopped the treadmill and moved to a machine where she sat on the bench and used her legs to push the weights apart laterally, each repetition opening her up in what Emma thought looked like an invitation, especially with her nipple exposed like that.

The new guy hopped off the bike at this point and moved to a machine closer to Mandy. Emma decided that she would move too. As she did so, she managed to spy his crotch as he turned. He was definitely erect. And even better, he seemed to be packing plenty too!

Emma felt her heart skip a beat as she realised what it would mean for her. Butterflies erupted in her stomach, but she also felt a stirring in her pussy at the thought of seeing Mandy’s face between her legs, staring up at her.

Emma left the room, knowing that she’d lost the bet and not needing any further exercise given that they’d already finished their work out before the issue of the bet had come up.

Emma stood in the shower as she washed the sweat from her body, letting the water cascade over her small firm breasts and her tight stomach. She glanced down at her pussy, wondering what it must taste like and whether she should do something about all the hair. As she soaped herself, she imagined that the hands fondling her breasts and butt belonged to Mandy and the more she dreamt of it and the more she touched herself, the more turned on she became. Her fingers lingered briefly between her pussy lips, threatening to remain and tease her clit until she came.

“You in here Emma?” she heard Mandy call out, dragging her from her reverie.

“Yes, in here,” She said, waving a hand above the height of the stall.

“So how does it feel to lose?” Mandy asked, laughing, “Knowing that I now get to have you anyway I choose?”

“Oh, I dunno, I’ll tell you later I think,” Emma said, shutting the water off and grabbing her towel. She emerged from the stall to find Mandy in the process of undressing, naked to the waist. Mandy grinned as she saw Emma emerge.

“Don’t hide behind the towel,” she teased, “let me see what I’ve won!”

Emma poked her tongue out at her and then just before turning to where her clothes were, whipped the edges of the towel apart to flash Mandy.

“Oh yeah!” Mandy exclaimed as Emma covered herself again, “I’m so going to enjoy this little illegal bahis siteleri win!”

She stripped her shorts down her legs, pulling off the g-string that she’d been wearing as well. Emma ran her eye over her smooth, lithe legs, noting that there was only the tiniest strip of pubic hair just above Mandy’s pussy lips. Mandy turned as she entered the shower cubicle, smiling and winking at Emma when she noticed that she was watching.


Mandy scanned the bar as she waited for Emma to show up. She’d told her that tonight she was going to cash in on the win from their bet, but she had a surprise to spring on her as well.

At last she spied Emma coming into the bar. She was wearing a black miniskirt over black pantyhose and black leather knee length boots. She also wore a tight red top over a bra that was clearly pushing up her small breasts, accentuating them. Mandy loved Emma’s small breasts. They were tidy, neat, with small little nipples perched at their peaks and they sagged not a dot when she removed her bra.

“Damn me, you look hot!” Mandy said as Emma joined her at the bar, giving her friend a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, I thought that given this was a special occasion for me, maybe I should dress up for it.”

“Well it certainly works, I reckon every guy in the bar watched you walk over here,” Mandy told her, loving the way the compliment made her blush. Emma always had been shy of compliments and Mandy worked hard to build her self esteem whenever she had the opportunity.

Mandy ordered herself another drink and one for Emma and they sat chatting and sizing up the other patrons, comparing and evaluating them as they enjoyed their drinks. After they had been there together for about half an hour, Emma tapped Mandy on the thigh, and indicated towards the door with her head. Mandy casually checked who was coming in and smiled inwardly when she saw who Emma had spied coming into the bar.

“Isn’t that New Guy?” Emma asked Mandy as she turned away so as not to be spotted looking.

“I think you could be right,” Mandy said, smiling at her. Emma turned for a second look and was surprised to see that he was walking straight towards them. She quickly turned back to the bar and picked up her drink.

“Mandy, hi,” New Guy said as he walked straight up to her and kissed her on the cheek. Emma nearly choked on her drink.

“Hey Guy,” I’d like you to meet my friend Emma,” Mandy said, her eyes glittering as Emma flushed a lovely shade of red and swallowed her drink down.

“Nice to meet you Emma,” Guy said turning to her. His voice was deep and rich, like a classic radio announcer’s and Emma nearly melted when his grey eyes met her own blue ones.

“Likewise,” Emma finally managed to stammer out after swallowing her drink.

“Sorry Emma, I know that I shouldn’t have done that to you, but it was too good to pass up. When I finished my work out the other day Guy asked me out for a drink and we hit it off and eventually after a few drinks and a lot of talking I had to confess that the whole nipple slip bouncing boob look had been the result of a bet. Then Guy insisted on meeting the girl that had dared me to give him a boner in the gym.

Emma felt the blush in her face spread all the way down to her chest as Guy cast his eye over.

“What she wouldn’t tell me though is what the result of the bet was. What did she win from you Emma?”

“That is a secret that I think will stay between Mandy and me,” Emma said, wondering if she could blush anymore than she already had. Guy laughed and grabbed a stool and sat down with the two girls at the bar, buying them both drinks.

By the time that they were ready to go home, it was much later than Emma or Mandy had anticipated and they were both quite a bit drunker than Mandy had certainly intended. Guy was charming and funny and both girls were somewhat smitten with him by the end of the evening.

“So are you going to come in and let me partake of my winnings?” Mandy asked when the cab that they had shared pulled up out the front of her apartment.

Emma hesitated, she both wanted to get this over with and postpone it all at the same time. Just thinking about it sent her stomach into a whirl. “Yes,” she said eventually.

Mandy paid the cabbie and took Emma by the hand, leading her into the apartment building and not letting go until they were at her front door.

Mandy turned the key in the lock and then turned back to face Emma. “don’t worry, I promise that you’re going to enjoy this,” she said, pushing the door open behind her and again reaching out to take Emma’s hand and lead her inside.

Emma allowed Mandy to take her hand and lead her into the apartment. She pulled her all the way into the bedroom and Emma simply stood, unsure of how this was supposed to unfold. Mandy took the lead for her, stepping close. Her hands moved to caress Emma’s face, framing it as she took in her blue eyes, high cheek bones and think lips.

Mandy could see the trepidation in Emma’s eyes and was determined to ensure canlı bahis siteleri that this was an experience that Emma would like to repeat. She bent her head to Emma’s and their lips met. Gently, tentatively, she pressed her lips against Emma’s and only after several moments did she part her own and slip her tongue out to caress Emma’s mouth.

At the point that Emma’s lips parted and accepted her tongue, Mandy felt a thrill shoot through her body, feeling Emma’s tongue wind around her own as she slowly accepted and melted into the kiss.

Emma felt Mandy’s tongue working its way into her mouth and as she accepted it, felt her body begin to respond. Mandy’s lips were soft and gentle and the kiss was nothing like the somewhat savage kisses that she’d received from the men that had passed through her life.

The kiss broke and Mandy smiled at Emma who could do nothing but return the smile as she enjoyed the euphoria that was the result of her first ever true kiss with another woman.

Mandy took Emma’s hands and brought them to her chest, placing one on each of her breasts. She held her hands over them, waiting. It was only a fraction of a second until she felt Emma squeeze her breasts of her own accord and once she had done that, Mandy took her hands away, leaving Emma’s to fondle her as she pulled her close again, trapping her friend’s hands as she sought out her mouth again.

Emma felt the firmness of her friend’s breasts as she gently squeezed and caressed them, exploring the sensations even as her hands were trapped between them as they kissed for a second time.

“I want to see you naked Emma,” Mandy said to her friend as again they broke apart.

“You’ve seen me naked,” Emma replied.

“Yes, but this time is different.” Mandy turned Emma around and pushed her back until she sat upon Mandy’s bed. Then she knelt before her friend and took her left foot in her hand, raising it from the floor. She ran the zip down the side of the boot and gently slipped it from Emma’s foot before doing the same with the right foot. She ran her hand up Emma’s pantyhose clad calf, her hand moving slowly further and further up her friend’s leg. When she reached her inner thigh, she stopped and slid it back down the other.

Emma could feel the heat of Mandy’s hand through the pantyhose that she wore and realised that it was matched by a heat in her loins that desperately wanted sating. Mandy took her hands again and stood her up, this time seizing the bottom of her top and pulling it up and over her head. Emma shook her brown shoulder-length hair as the top pulled free of it. She was wearing a black satin push up bra and Mandy reached out and traced her finger along its edge, touching the flesh of Emma’s breast for the first time.

Then she reached behind her and released the clasp, dropping the bra away from Emma’s breasts, leaving her standing in just her skirt and pantyhose. Mandy took her time admiring Emma, taking in every detail of her small breasts. The nipples were already erect and Mandy longed to take one in her mouth, but wanted to do this in small steps.

She ran her fingers lightly over Emma’s flesh, tracing around her breasts, back and forth across them, closer and closer to the nipples, nearly but not quite touching them.

Emma realised that she was holding her breath against the anticipation of the moment when Mandy would finally really touch her nipple and made a conscious effort to exhale, then breathed in deeply, her chest swelling with the intake. As she did so, Mandy placed a hand over each breast, her palms covering Emma’s nipples.

Emma sighed at the contact, thrusting her chest forward toward her friend’s hands, feeling them kneed her breasts. Emma waited lustfully for more, her body was on fire now, never had she known such anticipation, not even the first time that she’d had sex with a man had stirred her to such heights and she hadn’t even really begun.

Mandy moved her hands from Emma’s breasts, shifting them down, caressing her taught stomach until she reached her skirt. This she pulled down her friend’s legs, kneeling as she went, pulling the skirt down until Emma stepped from it. Mandy could see the outline of a black thong beneath the pantyhose and she traced its outline with her fingers before running a finger directly over Emma’s pussy. She couldn’t help but note that Emma shifted her legs slightly, parting for her at the touch.

She leaned forward and placed a kiss delicately upon the front panel of the thong and then moved upwards until she could kiss and lick at her friend’s tummy. As she did so, nibbling occasionally, she slid the pantyhose down Emma’s slim legs, dragging the thong with them so that finally Emma stood naked before her.

Mandy stood in front of her friend again, excited, her lust knowing nearly no bounds as she contemplated just how to go about this. Where should she start? She decided to start by pushing Emma back on the bed again, laying her down like a feast awaiting the devouring hoard. Mandy climbed over her friend, kissing her as she held her body over Emma’s, Emma’s return of the kiss had become more insistent, more desirous than her previous kisses and Mandy knew that she was stirring her blood, driving her desire higher. She began a slow process of kissing and licking her way down her friend’s body.

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