Good, Clean Fun

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It happened almost by accident. Up to this point our sex life had been rather ordinary, but still satisfying in that early twenties way. We made love with passion but there was much for us to learn.

We lived in a small third floor apartment and were having sex one hot summer night. Without air conditioning it was unbearable and we fell into the habit of showering before going to bed in order to cool down enough to sleep.

One night as per usual, I went down on her until she came and then entered her, all the while kissing her deeply and giving her the chance to lick her juices from my face. My strokes were long and deep and she raised her legs, getting her knees almost back to her shoulders. I loved when she did that. Shifting my knees to a better position caused my scrotum to drag up and down along her anus, giving both of us an unexpected thrill. She gasped as the soft, hairy flesh tickled her tender opening. I thrust a little deeper, wedging my testicles more firmly between her cheeks and triggering my own orgasm. A seed was planted in my mind as I planted mine inside her. “Mmmmm,” she said. “That was nice.”

Rolling off to lie beside her I agreed, “It sure was.” I stroked her breast and kissed her good night. She fell asleep soon after. I spent much of the night in and out of sleep, thinking about her cute little asshole and how nice it felt.

A few nights later the heat still hadn’t let up and I showered first. I lay on our bed, windows open, enjoying the breeze on my now cool skin and thinking of hers being lathered and scrubbed. After a few minutes the sound of rushing water stopped. She dried off and joined me, both of us naked, the smell of clean, shower-fresh skin turning me on. My semi-hard cock rose to full mast as I spooned against her, kissing the back of her neck. She sighed and pressed her cheeks back into my hips, giving me the green light.

As I nuzzled my way down her shoulder she rolled towards me, lying on her back. I positioned myself between her legs and nibbled towards her bellybutton, eventually reaching her vagina, licking and gently sucking each of her lips from top to bottom and back again, occasionally sliding my tongue alongside her clitoris. Her moaning and the thrusting of her hips told me I was doing well. I planted a long, soft kiss on her perineum, eliciting a gasp which encouraged me to go lower. By now she was wetter than ever and her legs were over my shoulders, her calves clamped securely onto my back. Now was the time. I swirled the tip of my tongue around her rosebud.

“Ah!” She lifted her hips off the bed.

“You alright?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“I’m fine, do that again!”

With my tongue I drew a question mark, circling her taint and ending in her puckered sphincter.

“Oh My God, that feels WILD!”

I kept up my assault, knowing the best was yet to come. Soon enough she was quivering and thrusting back at me, with a string of incoherent “Uh… Uh…Uh” sounds. She squirted when she came, drenching my face. She had always gotten very wet during sex but this was a first for us. I climbed up and kissed her. Like animals we devoured each other as I slid my cock into her soaking cunt and slammed it home until I came so hard, I collapsed on top of her. After catching my breath I rolled off and we rested, the pungent, delicious smell of sex filling the room.

“What are you up to, mister?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean illegal bahis this … you know … anal stuff. Where is it coming from?” Until now anal play had not been part of our repertoire. I don’t think either of us were opposed, we just hadn’t paid it much attention. We were both pretty young and sex was simple but now there was a new wrinkle and I couldn’t wait to explore it further.

“I don’t know, it just sort of happened. Do you like it?”

“I sure do!”

“Good. I think it’s hot as Hell, the way you respond when I slide my tongue down there.”

“It is!” She kissed the side of my neck just under my ear and fondled my balls, “Want to go again?”

“I do but I’m exhausted and I really need some sleep.” It was a weeknight and the weather alone was enough to wear me out some days. “How about a rain check? You know I’m good for it.”

“All right,” she pretended to pout. “Sweet dreams.”

The weekend came and by Saturday night we were both refreshed and excited over our newfound pleasure. We had half a pizza and a few drinkss and curled up on the couch with a movie. I can’t remember which one. By the time I finished my second drink we were making out like a couple of teenagers, groping and moaning, undressing each other a little at a time. She slid a hand inside my shirt and played with my nipples. I slipped a hand up her thigh and tickled her wet slit.

“Race you to the bedroom?”

“Thought you’d never ask!” Her sundress had already been unbuttoned and she pulled it off as she stood up and walked out. I kicked my shorts off and followed her to our bed.

As I joined her, she pushed me onto my back and got between my legs, stroking my erect penis until she was satisfied I was ready, and took me into her mouth. To this day she can’t take me all the way (not that I’m any more than average, she just had a pretty stubborn gag reflex) but she always made up for it by nibbling up and down my shaft and fondling my nuts while she played the tip of her tongue over and around the head. I never complained about her technique. This night, though, was different. After a few minutes of her standard routine, she moved down and started licking my balls.

“UHH!” I grunted.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m great as long as you keep doing that!” I spread my legs wide to give her better access.

I gasped and moaned while she worked me over, lifting each nut with her tongue, licking the back of my sack (there’s a small hairless spot back there that has always been sensitive) and slowly stoking my shaft. I thought I would come when I felt her tongue slide down along my taint… Then I actually did come when she poked the tip into my ass. It was amazing.

“SHIT!” I raised my hips and sent the first shot into the air, landing square in the middle of my chest. She tongued me a little deeper and then scrambled up to catch the rest in her mouth, five or six more solid spurts, followed by a handful of smaller tremors. When she was sure I was finished she moved up to lick the cum off my chest.

“So, how’d I do?” she asked with a confident grin.

“Uh… Wow.” I could hardly think straight. “I think I sort of know how you felt the other night.”

“Mission accomplished,” she smirked.

It was early and we spent some time stroking each other, grateful, I guess, for sharing so much more pleasure. We were both wide awake and a little hungry, so we finished the pizza, naked on the couch while some other illegal bahis siteleri movie started. I didn’t know or care which one it was. After an hour or so of eating, surfing the channels and cuddling, we went back to bed and slept, feeling closer than ever.

Sunday morning she was out of bed by the time I woke up. I threw on a robe and joined her in the kitchen for coffee.

“How’d you sleep? I asked as I filled my cup.

“Pretty well for the most part.”

“Good. I owe you one tonight.”

“Sorry baby, I got my period this morning.” That explained why she hadn’t slept longer. “It’ll have to wait.”

“Oh. Hey it’s just a week. Probably just as well.”

“How’s that?”

“Too much more and I’d never want to leave the house,” I joked.

“Well, you just make sure you’re home and ready for the weekend because I’m not missing out on any more of that action.”

“Yes ma’am!”

The week dragged. I think I was hard for the next five days and she insisted on torturing me. Monday she sent a selfie to my phone: A picture she took after a shower, stark naked and dripping wet with her hair wrapped in a towel, one arm not quite covering her breasts. Tuesday she sent another picture, this time a shot of her ass in black lace panties. Wednesday the panties were on my front seat when I got in my car to go to work. Thursday night she wore Daisy Duke shorts and an old t-shirt of mine… no bra.

“Jeez, honey, you’re killing me!”

“Be patient, young man.” She ran her hands from her hips to her breasts, “Soon all of this will be yours.”

Friday I received another picture at work: Her pussy, trimmed to a neat landing strip with the caption, “Begin final approach, you are cleared to land.” I drove home like a lunatic, speeding, jamming my brakes at every red light, cursing drivers who were going too slow. Her car was in the driveway but the house was quiet. A text came in as I was walking up the stairway: “I’ve had my shower. Get yours and meet me in bed.” It was the fastest I’ve ever showered. I toweled off and headed for the bedroom, my raging hardon leading the way.

And there she was, lying on her side with that come-hither look. We spent a few minutes kissing every inch of each other, or at least we tried, and ended up in a sixty-nine with me on top, licking and kissing and sucking our genitals and rimming each other like two sex-starved animals. She took my balls into her mouth one at a time and swirled them gently, stroking my cock. I sucked each of her lips in turn, gently pulling out on each one, slurping and licking, working my way up to her clit and down to her asshole. She repositioned herself under me and slid her tongue as far up my ass as she could and I took it for about five seconds before pulling away. Her pussy looked and tasted fantastic and that was where I wanted to unload.

I turned around, lifted her legs, and planted myself balls deep on the first stroke. We fucked as if we hadn’t had any in years and after a few minutes we both came like savages, grunting and squealing, soaking each other in cum and sweat. So much for the clean showers…

We rested for a bit, needing no words. The whole experience played itself back in my mind and I found myself running my fingers over her nipples, then trailing them down her belly to the narrow hedge of pubic hair she had kept. Her sudden intake of breath told me she was ready again if I was. I moved my fingers lower canlı bahis siteleri to find my cum dribbling out of her, down the crack of her ass and the thought made me rock hard again. I mounted her once more, only this time I was a little off (an accident, I swear!) and my cockhead found her asshole; tight, yet not entirely unyielding, lubricated by our combined juices.

“Ooooh… Are you sure about this?” She asked.

“Not really but I’m game if you are. Tell me if it’s too much.”

“Okay. Just a little.”

I pushed just a little and felt… I don’t know… a tight squeeze as the head broached her tight orifice, just a fraction of an inch.



“Yeah. It’s okay but just hold it for a second.” She wasn’t telling me to pull out. “Okay, a little more. Careful.” I pushed a little more and felt a tight, slick ring of flesh squeezing the head of my dick, yielding ever so slightly. “Stop. Wait.” I stopped and waited again, not moving forward but keeping the pressure up against her asshole. It worked and I felt my cock slide in a bit further. She was sweating and her body had gotten tense but there was a look of determination on her face.

“MMMmmm… ” She had a wild look in her eyes and said, “I think we got it. Give me a little more.” I did as she asked and was soon about halfway in.

“How is it?”

“It’s incredible. Work it a little.”

I pulled back slightly, fascinated by the sight of my cock being milked by her asshole, then I pushed in a bit and was rewarded with another inch of progress.

“She moaned, “Aaaahhh… Give it to me, I want it all, just go easy.”

I started to stroke slowly in and out, a little further each time until I was buried to the hilt and it felt unbelievable! After a few full, slow strokes I could feel her start to relax and her next words were all the proof I needed that we were onto something good.

“Fuck me now. FUCK MY ASS!!”

It was still tight but there were enough juices from our first orgasms to make it work and now she really wanted it. I started to hammer my meat home and she met every thrust with her upturned ass.

“FUCK it deep and hard baby, fuck it NOW!” I did! The conversation was pretty blunt from that point on.

“Do you want that cock, honey?” My hips slammed in to her.

“Oh you KNOW I want that cock, baby!”

“You want it in your ass?” My balls bounced off her ass cheeks.

“I NEED it in my ass!”

“You need some hot cum in your ass, that’s what you need!” Her breasts shook as I pounded her.

“Give it to me, now, baby, FUCK that ass!” She grabbed the backs of her knees and pulled her legs up to her shoulders and I blew another load deep inside her. “Oh my god I can feel you coming!” That was it. My pulsating cock inside her was enough to send her over the edge and to this day I wonder why the neighbors didn’t complain. The windows were wide open due to the heat. Maybe they didn’t hear. Maybe they liked it. Who cares?

I settled on top of her and caught my breath. After a minute my cock started to wilt and slid out of her ass, causing her to giggle. I rolled off to her side and spooned her, loving the way it felt: Her naked body pressed back against mine. I caressed the swell of her hip and slid my hand up, eventually resting my forearm between her breasts. I trailed kisses from behind her ear, down her neck to her shoulder and heard her sigh in contentment.

“Was it ok?” I asked.

“Oh, honey, as long as you’re mine, I am ALL yours.”

I held her closer. Drifting into a deeply satisfied sleep.

And ever since then I get hard whenever I’m near a woman who smells as if she just had a shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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