From Friends to Lovers Ch. 24

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When I opened my eyes the next morning, Beth and I were still alone, and I crossed the landing to look in on Sarah. She stirred as I opened the door, a warm smile on her face. “Mm, I slept really well.”

Her expression became knowing, curious. “You two?”

“Mm, really well, after a while.”

Sarah nodded. “I’m glad.”

She stretched, then reluctantly pulled the covers back. “Well, work for me today. Wish me luck – I’m going to tell the boss about our little passenger.”

We crossed back to the bedroom, Sarah starting to shower while I leaned down to kiss Beth. “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.”

She reached for me, pulling me down so that I lost my balance, tumbled on top of her. “Mm. Do we really have to go to college today?”

“It’s the last week,” I reminded her. “Party’s on Friday.”

Beth grinned. “Can’t wait.”

Sarah reappeared, towelling her hair, and I wrapped my arms around Beth as we watched her dress. “See you later, then,” she smiled, blowing us a kiss as she left.

There was definitely a holiday air in college, but Marie didn’t relent, the equations on the whiteboard more complex than ever. “And Mister Oakes, I expect a solution for the delta constant when I see you on Thursday.”

I pretended a groan. “If I crack it, do I get a Christmas present?”

“Oh, for certain,” Marie promised, flashing her eyebrows at me.

Beth and I hadn’t been home long when Sarah’s car reappeared. “How did it go?” I asked anxiously.

She grinned. “Fine. He’s so keen to have me back afterwards that he gave me three months extra leave, so I can finish at the end of February – gives me loads of time to help you with the wedding, Beth.”

“As long as you don’t overdo it,” I cautioned.

“I’ll make sure of that,” promised Beth.

I remembered Marie’s challenge. “I have some work I really need to do – can I be really selfish and go up to the study, you could give me a call when dinner’s ready?”

“Even better, I’ll bring something up for you,” offered Sarah. “I was just going to grill burgers, anyway.”

I went up, flipping open my laptop and thinking furiously. After a while Sarah appeared with a plate, putting it down on the desk and looking over my shoulder. “It all looks like Greek to me.”

I chuckled. “Not far off – that’s where we get all the letters from.”

Sarah pointed to the screen. “That one there – sort of a pitchfork thing – isn’t it in two places, both sides of the equals sign?”

I blinked. “Sarah – you’re a genius.”

I wrapped her in a bear hug, then quickly released her. “Wups – sorry…”

Sarah smiled softly. “Oh, Tim, I won’t break.”

She lifted her top to show me her still-flat stomach. “Little one’s not much bigger than a peanut yet, completely safe in here. And -” her expression turned unmistakeably suggestive – “it seems to be true what you said about the hormones. Maybe later Beth can play babysitter while I show you what I mean.”

“Mm,” I grinned. “Can’t wait.”

She left with a wink. “Enjoy your burger.”

I ate with one hand while I tapped at keys. “Right, Marie, I’m calling your bluff about my Christmas present…” I muttered determinedly to myself.

I was still absorbed in my work when I heard footsteps on the stairs, and Beth’s face appeared round the doorway. “Haven’t you seen what time it is?”

She stepped into the study. “I’m going to call it a day – I think there might be a treat waiting for you. Give her a kiss from me too.”

I heard the door of the spare bedroom open, then close, güvenilir bahis and I made sure my work was saved before getting up and walking across the landing. Sarah was sprawled alone, unclothed, in the middle of the bed, and she smiled at me. “Close the door – then we don’t have to be quiet.”

I pushed the door shut. “I guess I should lose the clothes, too.”


I undressed, then joined her on the bed. “I know we were only pretending last time,” whispered Sarah. “But I’m glad -” here her whisper was almost fierce – “I truly am, that things worked out this way. Now you really can see how sensitive my breasts are, imagine what it’ll be like when they leak a little milk…”


Thursday rolled round, and I arrived for my meeting with Marie armed with several sheets of printout. She ushered me into her study, closing the door. “So what have you got for me?”

I spread my workings out on the low table next to her desk. “I don’t know how I didn’t see it straight away – this term and this one cancel, and there’s a unique solution for the delta constant which I think is experimentally verifiable.”

Marie leaned closer to look, and I was acutely conscious of the perfume she wore, something heady and sophisticated. “Hmm. Yes, I think you’re right.”

She straightened. “Well, Tim, I think you’ve earned your Christmas presents.”

I threw her a puzzled look. “More than one?”

Marie chuckled. “Well, one of them you’ll have to wait a few weeks for – the lab technicians will need to make some modifications, but it wouldn’t be fair to run the test without you.”

She walked back to her desk, and I knew she was aware of my eyes following her figure as she sat down, resting her chin on her folded hands. “As for your other present… Well, it’s your party tomorrow night – let’s wait and see if Christmas comes early, shall we.”

I drove back to the house already feeling a thrill of anticipation, and when I came into the kitchen Beth gave me a knowing look. “Did Marie give you a thorough peer review in her office this afternoon…?”

I smirked. “Very funny. But I think she very much has in mind to collaborate on some intensive research.”

“You might even say, in-depth exploration of the topic at hand,” teased Beth, and I gave her a shocked look.

She just stuck out her tongue at me. “Don’t worry – take the opportunity if it comes, and you can tell us all about it.”

I kissed her. “You’re the best.”

The last day of term was a round of farewells, most of our fellow students getting ready to travel home the next day for the Christmas break. Beth and I got back to the house early, and by the time Sarah arrived, most of the preparations for the party were complete. “OK, you two, I know you need a little while to transform yourselves,” I grinned. “Scram, and I’ll finish this and tidy up.”

Soon the dining table was filled with platters covered in cling film, and an impressive array of bottles occupied a smaller table in the bay window. I heard the sound of a car on the drive, and opened the door, unsurprised to see Marie getting out. “Are you always this early?” I queried, kissing her on the cheek.

“Always,” she grinned. “Who knows what opportunity I might miss.”

She put her arm through mine as we made our way to the dining room. “What would you like to drink?” I queried. “We thought we’d do a bit better than just sherry.”

“That white wine looks nicely chilled.”

I poured for both of us, and Marie lifted her glass. “To discovery, then.”

I türkçe bahis echoed her toast. “So things will be quiet without the students,” I offered.

Marie nodded. “Of course, I have some marking to do, including some of your work, Mr Oakes.”

She seemed to be smiling at a private joke, but she didn’t elaborate, and just then I heard footsteps in the hall. “Oh, hi, Marie,” Sarah smiled. “I love the dress.”

I left the three of them talking while I greeted other guests, and by the time I returned, the party was in full swing. “So, Tim, are you going to show me around?” Marie hinted. “I didn’t really get to see everywhere last time I was here.”

“Of course.” I put my hand on her elbow, gently steering her towards the stairs. “Definitely you should see the study.”

I grinned. “If I’m ever going to make an important breakthrough, it’ll be in there.”

Marie followed me into the study, nudging the door firmly shut. “We wouldn’t want anyone knowing all our secrets, would we.”

She came into my arms, and again I caught the heady scent of her perfume. “I take it your two companions know what we’re about up here,” she murmured, one eyebrow raised.

I nodded. “Though I might need a hint or two myself as to the exact conditions of our experiment.”

She smiled as she picked up on my wordplay. “Let’s just say that we’re two volatile elements that haven’t previously been combined, and both of us are keen to see the resulting reaction.”

“And what equipment do we need for this experiment…?”

Marie moved one hand down to press against my erection. “Seems the main piece of apparatus is already prepared.”

I dared to reach out fingers to one breast, caressing her through the dark silk, and she closed her eyes, breathing in deeply. “I think more direct contact with the materials is required.”

A thought occurred to me. “And is any personal protection necessary, for safety purposes?”

Marie grinned, and I knew I’d scored a point. She shook her head. “This reaction doesn’t pose any hazards, though some of the secondary effects might be quite breathtaking.”

She reached behind her back, deftly lowering the zip, and her dress slid to the floor in an iridescent pool. Underneath, her body was as inspiring as I’d imagined, her breasts cupped in black silk, a matching thong barely covering her mound. I glanced down, and my face must have betrayed my mild surprise. “I think part of our experiment may require a smooth surface,” Marie murmured. “And I don’t think lubrication will be a problem.”

Her fingers deftly undid my shirt buttons, then worked at my belt. “Once the elements are released, the initial interaction can be slow, but I know a chain reaction will inevitably occur.”

I helped her with my boxer shorts. “True – it’s pretty certain there’ll be an explosive release.”

“I’m sure it can be adequately contained.” Marie ran her tongue over her lips, and another possibility flickered through my increasingly-excited imagination.

I slid the straps of her bra off her shoulders, reaching to caress her again. “I think I know how the rate of reaction can be increased.”

Marie nodded, breathing in, her breasts rising, and I bent to brush my tongue over one nipple then the other. She gasped, but kept the presence of mind to murmur, “I think one key item still needs the protective cover removing.”

I knelt to slip off her thong, pausing to press my lips to her smooth mound, breath in the musky scent of her, then straightened again. Marie had discarded her bra, güvenilir bahis siteleri and my mouth sought her nipples again, her broad areolae crinkled with unmistakeable arousal. “Oh, yes…”

Her fingers wrapped carefully around my shaft. “More than ready.”

I moved one hand down to explore between her thighs, again thrilling at the smoothness of her skin as my fingers slid over her mound then a little further. Marie groaned softly as I brushed her nub, and her fingers tightened on me. “I think it’ll soon be time to initiate the next stage of the experiment.”

“I think a closer examination of some parts of the equipment might be necessary first,” I offered, guiding her to the chair by my desk. She nodded understanding, parting her thighs as she sat, and I knelt to use my tongue softly on her. “Perhaps a preliminary reaction might even take place,” I breathed, my tongue moving more insistently, and Marie gasped, muscles already starting to tense. I slid fingers inside her, curling them to seek another sensitive spot, and she cried out as she tumbled over the edge of her climax, her breasts moving in a complex oscillation as her hips shook, her thighs clenched around me.

“Ohh…” she breathed. “If that’s only the preliminary reaction, I can’t wait for the totality.”

I moved back, reaching out a hand to draw her to her feet. “We seem to be short of one piece of equipment on which to lay out our elements,” I said thoughtfully. “We’ll have to improvise.”

“The carpet looks soft enough,” Marie picked up on my allusion, but I shook my head. “Another position for the apparatus would be more effective, I think.”

She chuckled. “You have a point. After all, we’re engaged in pretty in-depth exploration.”

I chuckled softly, hearing an echo of Beth’s voice in my head. “Very true.”

Marie turned, bending to place her hands flat on the surface of my desk, glancing over her shoulder. “Ready to advance to the final phase?”

My response was to move close behind her, pressing my tip into her. “Mm – oh yes,” she breathed, “go for it.”

I slid into her, my hips pressing against her bottom, hands cupping her breasts. I started to move in her, and she pushed back against me with each thrust, gasping softly. “Oh – mm – can’t wait for that chain reaction…”

I felt my release approaching, and Marie must have sensed it too. “Oh, don’t hold back, I’m ready, I know when I feel you I’ll -“

I reached my climax, thrusting into her hard once, again, and she responded with a moan as my warmth spurted into her depths, muscles rippling, nipples hardening under my palms. “Ohh…”

Finally we were both spent, and I withdrew from her, hands caressing her bottom. She turned, kneeling, and I gasped as her lips surrounded me, her tongue sweeping over my shaft to taste our mingled stickiness. “Mmm…”

Marie got to her feet, and I wrapped my arms around her. “Was our experiment successful?” I queried softly, and she nodded. “Seriously, Tim, thank you.”

The knowing smile returned to her face, and I pretended an exasperated look. “Go on, you have to tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I still need to mark your papers,” she chuckled, “and I’ll have to make sure you don’t get an outstanding grade just because you’ve slept with the examiner…”

I watched as she dressed, then pulled on my own clothes. “Ready?” she smiled.


We made our way back to the dining room, where Beth spotted us. “Was the tour OK, Marie?” she queried, eyes dancing.

“Definitely,” came Marie’s equally knowing reply. “Tim showed me some fascinating results – I’m keen to see whether the experiment can be reliably repeated.”

“Oh, I think you can count on that,” Beth grinned. “Research doesn’t stop just because it’s Christmas…”

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