Friend at New School

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This is a fictional story, it is not a true story. You need to be 18 years of age or older, because this story is of a sexual nature. Now I will describe the people in it.

* * * * *

Jody Lee is Japanese-American. She is 100% Japanese by blood but is an American. She is 18 years old. She is 5′ 9″ tall and 120 pounds. She has silky, long, straight, full and black hair to the middle of her back and has brown eyes. She has long legs and arms and small hands and feet. Her stats are 34c/28/30. She has a small tight and soft ass. Her pussy is tight and has a lot of hair around the top of it but she keeps it trimmed short and her clit is large. She is wearing a pink, short sleeve and tight blouse, that is cut just above the belly button. She is also wearing white short socks, pink tennis shoes and low cut light-blue jeans. Under that she is wearing pink, silky and lacy lingerie, panties and bra set.

Sarah Row is a African-American. She is also 18 years old. She is 6′ tall and 155 pounds. She has wavy, silky, full and black hair to her shoulder blades and has green eyes. She has long arms and legs with medium sized hands and feet. Her stats are 36D/30/34. She has a medium size soft and tight ass. Her pussy is tight and has a lot of hair around the top of it which she keeps trimmed short. She is wearing a white short sleeve tight blouse that is cut just above her belly button. She is also wearing white short socks, black leather tennis shoes and low cut black leather jeans. Under that she is wearing a black, lacy and silky lingerie, panties and bra set.

The story begins with Jody just getting to high school. She is in the 12th grade. Jody is just walking in the school by the office going to her locker. The door to the office opens in front of Jody and she almost walks into it. A black girl comes out the door.

The black girl said “Sorry! My name is Sarah Row.”

Jody said “My name is Jody Lee. You new here?”

Sarah said “Yes.”

Jody said “Let me show you around.”

Sarah said “Thank you.”

Jody showed Sarah around the whole school it took 15 minutes. After that they went by Jody’s locker and she got out the stuff she needed for her first classes. Next Jody had Sarah tell her what her locker number was. Sarah told her and Jody showed Sarah where her locker was. After they got done at both lockers which took 5 minutes it was 10 minutes before first period. So they decided to look at Sarah’s classes to see what classes Sarah has.

Sarah pulled out her schedule. They looked at it and found out that they have all the same classes together. So Jody showed Sarah to their first class, which is chemistry. They went to chemistry class together. When they got there, they sat down in chairs beside each other at the back of the room. After class was over they talked and got to know each other.

Sarah said ” I am from NYC. My father and mother got transferred here by their job.”

Jody said “Wow! That is cool.”

Sarah said “You look hot in that.”

Jody said “Thank you.”

Sarah said “Well lets get to class.” They went through school that day getting to know each other well. They told everything about themselves. After school they put away their stuff in their lockers. Then they walked out of the school talking.

Sarah said “My parents are at work and won’t be able to pick me up. Can you drive me home?” casino siteleri

Jody said “Sure I can do that. Where do you live?”

Sarah told Jody where she lives and then they walked to Jody’s car. They talked some while driving there. They walked to Jody’s car and got in it. They drove off toward Sarah’s home and talked more while going there.

Sarah said “I am glad that I met someone here.”

Jody said “I am glad I met you too.”

Sarah said “There is something I want to tell you about me.”

Jody said “What is it?”

Sarah said “I want to tell you I am bi-sexual and I think you are beautiful.”

Jody said “Thank you for telling me you are bi-sexual because I am too. Thanks for the complement. You are very beautiful too.”

Sarah said “Will you be my lover?”

Jody said “I will be your lover.”

When they got to Sarah’s home, Jody pulled into the driveway and stopped the car. They got out of the car and walked to the door still talking.

Sarah said “Do you want to stay a while?”

Jody said “Sure.”

When they got to the door they opened it and walked inside. They went to Sarah’s bedroom and continued to talk. They told each other more about their lives and all their lovers. They also did their homework together. After they were done with their homework, they went into the living room and watched a little bit of TV.

Jody said “Lets go shopping.”

Sarah said “OK, lets go.”

They went out to Jody’s car, holding hands and got in it. They drove off to the mall it took just a couple minutes to get there. When they got there they parked the car and walked inside the mall. They walked to the clothing store and looked around inside it. They looked around at all the clothes and eventually ended up at the swimsuits. They each picked out several pieces took them into a couple of dressing rooms.

They each tried on the swimsuits and each decided on a couple of them. Jody came out with a couple, the first being; a one piece that is a strapless over the shoulders, tight, silk and pink in color. It covers her from the top of her breasts to between her legs. The second being; a two piece that is a tight, silk, pink in color and string bikini. It shows off most of her body. Sarah’s first being; a two piece that is tight, silk, black in color and strapless over the shoulders. The second being; a two piece that is dark maroon in color, tight, silk, and a string bikini. They continued to look around the store for a while at some lingerie. They each found one they liked, Jody’s is a silk, red in color and lace string bikini lingerie set. Sarah’s is a lace, silk, and jet black in color string bikini lingerie set.

They took the clothes to the counter and paid for them. They walked back to the car, getting in and drove back to Sarah’s home. When they got there they walked inside to Sarah’s room and talked. They took out the clothes and looked at all of them. They told each other how good the other would look in all of their clothes.

Jody said “I see you have a pool in your back yard. Lets get in it.”

Sarah said ” Sure.”

It is a late summer, early fall day about the beginning of September. Jody put her stuff back in her bag and went into the bathroom to change. She took off all her clothes, her blouse, shoes, socks, jeans, panties and bra putting them into her bag. slot oyna Jody took out the pink string bikini swimsuit. She stepped in to the panties and pulled them up to where they go, adjusting the fit. Then she put on the bra part of it and adjusted the fit. She looked into the mirror to see how good it looked on her.

Meanwhile Sarah took off her clothes in her room her blouse, shoes, socks, jeans, panties and bra and put them in to the dirty clothes basket. She picked out the maroon string bikini swimsuit to put on. She stepped in to the panties and pulled them up to where they go, adjusting the fit. Then she put on the bra and adjusted the fit. She looked into the full length mirror that is on the back of her bedroom door. After she was satisfied with how good it looked, she walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

Sarah said “Are you ready?”

Jody said “Yes, be out in a second.” Jody opened the door and walked out in to the hall. They walked together, holding hands, to the back yard and to the pool. Sarah brought some suntan lotion with her to the back yard. They sat down in a couple chairs by the pool to put on the suntan lotion.

Sarah said “Do you want some sun tan lotion?”

Jody said “Yes I will take some.”

Sarah gave the bottle to Jody, she squeezed some in to her hand and handed the bottle back to Sarah. Jody rubbed it on her whole back, the part she could get to. Sarah rubbed some all over her body as well and set the bottle down. They asked each other to rub some on them. They both said they would do it. Jody rubbed the lotion on Sarah’s back. Jody rubbed some on Sarah’s sides and brushed Sarah’s breasts a little. Jody liked the feel of Sarah’s breasts, the little she touched. Jody then gave Sarah back the bottle and turned around to let Sarah rub some on her back. Sarah rubbed it all over Jody’s back and also rubbed on Jody’s sides. Sarah also touched the sides of Jody’s breasts a little. Sarah rubbed some just above Jody’s swimsuit on her ass. Sarah rubbed some on the backs of Jody’s legs, thighs and the lower ass. Jody really liked Sarah touching her body.

When they were done putting it on, they walked arm in arm over to the deep end of the pool to the diving board. Sarah got on the board first and dove in. Jody got on next and dove in. In the water they swam and splashed each other. Sarah swam under water and away from Jody where Jody could not see her. Sarah then took off her own swimsuit. Sarah swam back to the surface and put her swimsuit by the pool. When Jody turned around looking for Sarah, Jody was surprised to see Sarah naked in the pool.

Jody said “Someone may see you naked!” Sarah said “No one will see us. Why don’t you take off yours too?”

Jody said “OK, I will do it.”

Jody took off her swimsuit and swam over to the side and laid it by the pool. Sarah and Jody swam back into the middle of the pool. Sarah swam in front of Jody and looked deep into her eyes for a long time. Sarah said “You look very beautiful!”

Jody said “Thank you! You look great too!”

Sarah leaned over and kissed Jody. Jody kissed her back. Sarah opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in Jody’s mouth. Jody put hers in Sarah’s too. They kissed like that for almost 5 minutes. They then stopped and just looked at each other for a few seconds.

Sarah said “Lets go back to my room and continue this, if canlı casino siteleri you want to?”

Jody said “Sure.”

They picked up all of their clothes and walked back in the house to Sarah’s bedroom. While they were still naked. When they got back to Sarah’s room, they closed and locked the door to kept Sarah’s parents out if they come home early. They laid down real close with every part of their bodies touching, on their sides on the bed. They pressed their lips together and put their tongues in each others mouths. They kissed each other for another 5 minutes. They stopped to rest a second or two.

Sarah rolled Jody onto her back and Sarah got on top. Sarah put her lips on Jodi’s right breast and Sarah also put her hand on Jodi’s left one. Sarah then sucked and caressed Jodi’s breasts. Jodi is enjoying what Sarah is doing to her a lot. Sarah kept on doing it for a long time. Sarah then switched breasts sucking and caressing the other one. Sarah kept on doing that a long time also. Jodi really enjoys all that Sarah is doing to her. Sarah stopped and they switched places with Jodi on top. Jodi put her lips on Sarah’s right breasts and Jodi put her hand on Sarah’s left one. Sarah loved the way Jodi did it. Jodi did it for as long as Sarah did to her. Jodi switched breasts, she sucked and caressed the other one. Jodi again did it for as long as Sarah did. They then stopped for a while to rest a little bit.

Jodi said “That was wonderful.”

Sarah said “I think that was wonderful to. Do you want to do more?”

Jodi said “Sure! Lets get in a 69.”

Sarah said “OK.”

Jodi laid down on her back on the bed. Sarah laid down on top of Jodi. Their faces are lined up with the others pussy. They put their lips to the others pussy. They kissed all around each others pussy. They put their tongues in each others pussy. They licked and sucked all around the others pussy. They really loved what the others is doing. They sucked on each others clit. When they were about to climax, they did it at the same time. They drank each others juices as much as they could get of it. After it was over they stopped to catch their breath. They said to each other that was the best they ever had.

Sarah went to get something out of her dresser. She opened it and looked through it to find something. Sarah found it and pulled it out. She pulled it out, it was a dildo. It is 12 inches long by 3 inches wide. It looked and felt like the real thing. Sarah went over to Jodi and got between her legs. Sarah put it in Jodi’s pussy all the way and turned it on.


Sarah pumped the dildo in and out of Jodi. Sarah kept it up a long time. Jodi really loved it. Jodi finally climaxed a little while latter. It lasted for a while. Sarah pulled it out. They switched places and Jodi got between Sarah legs. Jodi put the dildo it to Sarah’s pussy and shoved it all the way in. Jodi turned it on. Jodi then pumped it in and out of Sarah a long time. When Sarah cum she climaxed long and hard, her whole body was shaking. They rested a bit before they put on their clothes. Jodi put on her clothes and Sarah got some clean ones.

Jodi said “It is about time I got home.” They walked together to Jodi’s car and stopped beside it. They kissed each other goodbye on the lips. They said to each other goodbye and see you in the mourning. Jodi went home and told her parents her new female lover. The next day, they went to school together and held hands all day long. Jodi told her friends and introduced Sarah to them. They are ok with it. They lived happily ever after.

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