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Katie looked at the photographs over and over. One had a striking, beautiful face that expressed both innocence and a deep desire to lose it. The lips full, the long hair tousled, with just enough of it hanging down over bright blue, thirsty, ‘come get me’ bedroom eyes. Another showed a pair of magnificent breasts, defying gravity so well that the thick, long nipples were pointing more up than out. A third picture showed an ass, tight and small, but with a perfect bubble form that seemed to have come from its very own heavenly mold. And then there was the pussy photo, a thin, razor-straight strip of hair leading down to an otherwise naked vagina, the flush lips just barely peeking out. There were others that showed these same body parts at different angles and distances, and others still that focused more on this body’s tight abs, or the artistically sculpted legs. And a couple photos were full body shots of one of the most beautiful and sensual 22 year olds on Earth.

But none of the photos were particularly flattering. Katie wasn’t even sure ‘photos’ was the right word, considering she’d taken them with a digital camera and was now shuffling through the ‘almost’ camera shop quality print-outs she’d made with her computer. They were more like generic wanna-be photos.

Not helping was the quality of the pictures themselves; none of the angles, of which Katie had taken dozens of for each shot, seemed to catch the subject right. The focus was off on a few, despite the auto-focus having been engaged the whole time. And the lighting was really bad–as bad as or worse than the lighting she’d seen on even the most amateur of sites from the internet. And these print-outs were the best pictures she had.

Katie was still naked from her own personal photo shoot as she sat at the desk in her bedroom, waiting for the last of the print-outs to finish. The same images were also on her computer screen, looking just as awkward and cold as they were on paper. She had hoped that seeing them on ink would bring some life to the photos, but so far she was still disappointed.

She hated failing, and even this little setback was frustrating to no end. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Taking nude pictures of herself was a big fantasy she was finally making come true, but she was so concerned with getting good results, that she only felt mildly aroused as she snapped photos of herself in the privacy of her bedroom. The shots showing her nipples were a testament to that: they were slightly erect, at best.

Katie had finally pushed for this fantasy to come true after meeting with a friend who confided that she had once posed for nude pictures, and was now featured on some internet porn site. The friend said it was a bad experience because of how little she was paid, and because she basically was conned into giving away her nude likeness for mere pennies to some shrewd dotcom entrepreneurs.

But, the friend, added, she also considered the moments before the eventual letdown to be among the most arousing of her life. “Posing nude for pictures”, she had said, “especially when you know the whole world will get to see them, can almost make you cum from the sheer excitement of it all”. She also said the nervousness is a good nervousness, and the tingling you get when you’re finally doing it, though not the same as just before a good orgasm, can be equally satisfying.

Of course, this particular friend was a bit of nut, Katie knew, so her judgment wasn’t necessarily the greatest.

Still, Katie expected to feel much more pleasure in taking these photos than she had. Hell, she’d had more fun just imaging taking the pictures than she had in actually doing it. And now there was no real pay off, because the pictures simply sucked.

Katie considered that her problem of taking pictures alone may be as simple as what it was: she was alone. Her friend, after all, had at least a couple strangers from the website there to watch as she posed, and whenever Katie had heard about other people doing it, usually it was couples doing it to each other as foreplay.

But Katie didn’t have any friends she felt comfortable doing this with. While very open minded sexually, Katie had only very recently fed on her long-ignored lusts. The people she’d met thus far were mostly strangers she’d casually hooked up with, and despite what they were like in bed, none of the relationships were solid enough to trust with this amount of responsibility. If even one photo got out, it could end up on a million popular websites in less time than it took her to slip her clothes back on.

Feeling defeated, Katie slumped in her chair and stared at the screen. Her eyes wandered to the time, and suddenly she bolted upright–she knew exactly who to ask about this problem!

Katie lived at home with her folks still, but neither was home, so she grabbed only her ivory silk robe as she raced out of her bedroom and to the front door. She peeked out the window of the door and saw her target just where she thought she’d be; delivering casino siteleri mail to the house next door, and now coming this way.

Katie and Molly the mail carrier had a strange relationship that went back years, when Katie’s family had first moved into the neighborhood. It started with a dildo that Katie had ordered for herself online. The company sending it promised the box would not giveaway the contents, but the box had been damaged during shipping, and so a whole corner was torn off. If someone gave it more than a casual glance, they’d be able to see exactly what it was.

And so when Molly came to deliver the item and saw this, she took it upon herself to keep it hidden when Katie’s dad came to the door to receive the mail by hand. Later, after finishing deliveries to the block, Molly came back, snuck into the backyard where Katie was laying out by the pool, and slipped her the package.

Molly couldn’t have known how huge was the disaster that she’d helped avert that day, and Katie couldn’t thank her enough. They had sort of bonded since then, talking every once in a while about things that Katie didn’t feel comfortable talking about with other people. Because Molly wasn’t a biased parent, but still had the life experience far outweighing her teenage friends, she turned out to be a great confidant, even if the two had never met beyond Katie’s doorstep. In fact, it was Molly that helped Katie to break out of her shell after high school–the girl she was back then didn’t resemble the woman she was now in the slightest, and Katie had never felt better. She owed most of that metamorphosis to Molly.

Katie opened the door, peeking around the corner so as not to show too much of herself, even robed, to any neighbors passing by.

“Hey there, Katie,” Molly said with a big grin. “Staying warm?”

It was November, and though the month had started off with record high temperatures, it was back down to the mid-forties today, and gloomy. Even still, Katie wasn’t surprised to see Molly wearing her uniform shorts and dark sunglasses.

“Trying,” Katie responded, tightening the thin, silk robe around her as she felt the cold creeping in from everywhere–especially underneath. “I see you’re not,” she laughed, gesturing to the shorts.

“Keeps me alive,” Molly said, pulling mail out from her bag. “This weather is great for the nerves.”

“Yeah, well you’ve got them,” Katie said.

Molly stopped, the mail still in her hand, sensing Katie wanted to talk.

Katie wanted to ease into this, but after a moment she decided the right words just weren’t going to come, so she blurted it out. “Have you ever taken pictures of yourself?”

Molly smiled. Nearly forty, Molly had held onto her exceptional youthful looks better than most. She was still a bombshell with long blonde hair, a full, curvy body good enough to be pin-up material, and topped off with a large pair of breasts that very few women her age could equal without the help of plastics and silicones–and Molly’s were a hundred percent natural.

Though one of the secrets Katie hadn’t revealed to Molly was that of her recent move to bisexuality, she sensed that Molly might have guessed it from the way Katie couldn’t help but stare at her. Part of Katie considered that Molly was at least partly responsible for this new trend. After all, Molly was the first woman Katie admitted to herself feeling attracted to. Even now, the strength of her erect nipples, Katie knew, wasn’t to be blamed entirely on the cold sneaking in her loose robe.

“You talking about the fun kind of pictures?” Molly asked.

“Sort of,” Katie answered, assuming ‘fun kind’ to be the kind that Molly and her husband had probably taken of each other at some point. “Not too fun. Just…me. Alone”

“Okay. Yeah, I’ve taken some of those.”

“How did they turn out?” And before Molly could answer, Katie explained her problem.

“Look, it can be done,” Molly said after listening. “But if I was you, I’d just let somebody else take them. You can concentrate on you, and the other person can concentrate on you, too. Plus having another pair of eyes makes it a lot more exciting.”

“That’s what I thought,” Katie said.

She started to say something else, but suddenly a light breeze caught her robe just right, pulling the material up and out. Katie instinctively pushed it back down right away, but she knew even as she composed herself that her efforts were too late. Even without having seen it, she knew from the feeling of the cold air directly on her skin that, for about half a second, her naked pussy with its little strip of hair had been fully exposed.

Molly gave no indication of having seen it, though Katie thought it unlikely she could have missed. But even as her face reddened with embarrassment, a sizzling rush moved through her, concentrating at her chest and between her legs. Katie felt her nipples tingling with a little more intensity than they had been before. Accident or not, the flash had turned her on slot oyna instantly.

Trying to remain collected so Molly wouldn’t become aware of this, Katie struggled to remember what she was going to say.

“I, um…I just don’t know anyone to take them.”

Molly paused, seemed to consider something, then nodded. “I know somebody. He’s a guy, but I trusted him to take pictures of me, so…”

Katie wasn’t listening anymore. Her mind had wandered back to the flashing of her pussy, and how hot not only the idea was, but also the feeling of the warm flesh between her legs exposed to the crisp November afternoon–and right out in the open, too! She found herself needing to feel it again. One of her fists clenched the material low, right in line with her crotch, to keep the robe there closed, while another closed the robe at her bust line. She moved the fist at her crotch upward slightly, leaving the garment below to flap open.

It was a subtle move, and Molly was unlikely to notice because so little had been revealed. But Katie felt it. She shuddered as another light gust washed beneath her, blowing against her now engorged lips and seeping beyond, chilling her asshole and running up along her crack. Her spine tingled to the point that Katie had to lean against the doorframe to keep from swaying.

“Could you take some pictures of me?” It just came out. Katie couldn’t even recall thinking it before the words were already past her tongue. She hoped it had at least something to do with whatever Molly had been saying at that point, if she was even saying anything at all.

“Oh, honey,” Molly said, looking around. “I don’t know about that. I’ve still got the rest of my shift…”

“My parents will be gone tonight,” Katie said, already warming up to her own idea. Not only would a second person help get better images, but if it was Molly, the experience would be even more thrilling. Of course, Katie thought, Molly didn’t have to know about that aspect of it. “Saturday is their date night. They’ll be out until at least midnight. You could come over.”

As she explained this, Katie did with her top hand on her robe what she had already done with her bottom hand, except this time she moved it lower, allowing the top to blow open just a little. Her nipples were still hidden to anyone who wasn’t standing right in front of her, but her cleavage as she hugged her breasts with her arms would have been evident even to someone driving by at 60 mph. Katie didn’t try to read Molly’s expression to see if she noticed or not, because even Katie hadn’t known she had done it. This was completely unconscious, though she was very much aware of the pleasure of the cold air on her breasts and nipples, giving her goose bumps all over.

Molly seemed to consider Katie’s invite, though she didn’t appear keen to the idea. Then she sighed and started to back away, heading back to work. It was hard for Katie to read her because of her dark sunglasses covering her eyes.

“I don’t know if I can make it tonight,” Molly said. “Let me get back to you on it, okay?”

Molly was still backing away when she waved a casual goodbye, Katie’s mail still in her hand. When Molly realized she hadn’t handed it off yet, she stopped in her tracks and laughed.

Katie had forgotten about the mail, too, and when she saw Molly coming back to give it to her, holding it out as she approached, Katie instinctively stepped out of the doorway and onto the front step to meet her. As soon as she let go of her robe with her lower hand to take the mail, Katie knew it was a mistake. Maybe because she could hear the wind rolling through the trees, coming closer, and quickly.

While not a strong wind, this wasn’t a little draft, either. It caught Katie’s robe and threw it up around her head, the silk fabric dancing and flapping wildly. The chill was so intense it was already beginning to sting her skin, but that was of secondary concern; first was the fact that she was practically naked in front of the neighborhood mail carrier, and whoever else happened to be looking. This was not just a glimpse of her carefully trimmed pussy but a full shot, and her ass, clenched from the cold, was on display, too.

She put her legs together, crossing her thighs to try and hide as much of her crotch as possible, but in half a second or so Katie panicked because the robe was not coming back down. She still clung to it at her breasts, so it was not flying away, but with only her free hand grasping and clawing the air, finding a grip on the flashing garment was proving impossible.

And then Katie did something really stupid. It happened so fast–only a second or two had passed since the wind first started to blow–and so she didn’t have time to really think. But Katie felt like she could better grab the robe and pull it back down if she went after it with two hands. So she let go of the robe altogether, and it opened fully. Her plan to capture it immediately and cloak herself again before showing too much more failed instantly, canlı casino siteleri when the wind pulled the loose sleeve down her left arm until her arm was out, and the only thing keeping the robe on her was her right arm. The rest of her was naked, cold, and certainly, she thought, foolish-looking as she scrambled after the sheer fabric spinning and tossing at her head.

She started walking, as if she could chase the thing that was still attached to her, but without being able to see where she was going, that only moved her further from the sanctity of her front door.

But suddenly there was a new sensation, not so much warmth as a slight absence of cold. And then Katie really felt it–warm fabric pressed against her tummy and rubbing against her sharp as blade nipples. Molly was there, shielding her from as much embarrassment as possible while trying to help control the flinging robe. It was all happening so rapidly, but Katie became acutely aware of several key things over the next couple seconds: a soft, icy hand that was not her own grasping her left, naked hip; the flesh of a smooth, bare thigh sliding in between and against her own thighs; and then another hand–just as cold and just as delicate as the first one–pressing a thin layer of silk against her right breast, the palm pushing onto the hard, stinging nipple.

The breeze was dying, and Katie was finally able to catch a couple handfuls of the material herself. She began putting it back on, relieved at being almost covered again, but being surprisingly let down when Molly stepped back, taking her thigh and her gentle hands with her.

But it wasn’t over yet. The wind still blew enough to cause Katie trouble getting her arm back in the sleeve, and as she tried, that again left only one hand for her to hold the robe together. She grasped it in the middle, where the belt would be had she had one, which served to keep it on her, but did little to hide her pussy, ass, or breasts as the fabric continued to flap. Molly saw the continued struggle and tried to help her, but just as she got there, Katie saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She looked and saw her worst fear–a car was coming down the street!

Katie turned to run toward the door, not caring if the robe was all the way on or not as long as she got inside, but when she turned, the wind caught her full on. Molly had let her go so the girl could make a run for it unencumbered, but this left Katie as the only one holding the robe at all, and the wind grabbed it, prominently displaying her nude form once again. With still only the one arm through a sleeve, the robe flew like a flag, and Katie was its flagpole. She saw the car coming, and knew if the occupants hadn’t seen her yet, they wouldn’t be able to miss her in another second. She saw the doorway, further away than she would have guessed it had been, and she was too afraid to chance making it.

Instead, she panicked. She turned, running in the opposite direction, not just giving up on the fight with the robe, but actually letting it go so she could run without it in her face and actually see where she was going. There was some strategy to this; between her and the car, in the direction she was now running, was an evergreen tree. Running to her door would have kept her in full view, but by running towards the tree as the car neared it from the other side, the evergreen served as a barrier between the two. Completely nude, Katie ran for the tree, unsure of what she was going to do once she got there.

It might have worked, if the forces of nature hadn’t been against Katie this afternoon. The car was driving by, apparently unaware of the young, very attractive streaker, until the much lighter and much faster moving silk robe blew past, catching enough attention for the car to suddenly slow considerably just as Katie was making it to the tree. Seeing this, now she couldn’t afford to stop, because the gawkers in the car would get an even better look–the tree wouldn’t shield her unless she was on the exact opposite side from the car, but with the car’s current position–it had rolled to a near stop, now–if she was to be opposite of it, then that put her in full view of a busy cross street just a couple houses down.

So Katie kept running, past her neighbor’s house, then saw the privacy fence at the side of this house. It had a door, and so she ran for it, opened it, went through, and just as she was going to slam it behind her, Molly burst in and threw herself onto her.

Katie didn’t know what was happening, other than that this very attractive woman was suddenly hugging her tightly and forcibly pushing her back against the fence, then toward the corner where the fence met the house. Molly’s cold hands were on Katie’s shivering ass, and she held that ass as if she never intended to let go. One hand was even positioned in just the right spot that the fingers were actually in Katie’s crack, and the tip of a fingernail teased her anus. Katie felt the ample push of Molly’s boobs against her own, smaller breasts, and even Molly’s face was right there, cheek to cheek as the two continued to stagger back, Molly squeezing her in between the fence and a large, thick hedge growing on this side of it that ran the width of the house.

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