DVD Night For The Boys

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A short, nasty (I hope!) gay male piece from me this time. This submission serves two purposes, the first of which is to get me 5 points in the survivor contest here on Lit, the second is to test the waters to see if those of you who read this kinda story would like me to do more. I kept it short, omitting details, purely because this is, as I said, a tester to see how it’s received.

If you like this vignette and would like me to do more, and longer, pieces, let me know. I’d like feedback, which can be delivered in public comments below, by PM in the Lit forums, or via email. If you want a response to feedback or have a specific question or request then email is prolly best.

As ever, I hope you enjoy my work and, please, if there are any errors in the text, forgive me.

GA – Playa del Carmen, Mexico – 6th July 2012.

Rob had always been strange, at least in my view, it seemed to me that he lacked the capacity to moderate his behaviour, not that he was immoral or psycho or anything like that, there were just times that he didn’t know when to draw the line. The DVD night was an example of one of those times.

It started well enough. Rob had invited me to his flat to watch some football on television. There were three of us there, Rob, myself, and another man, a friend of Rob whom I’d seen in the pub a few times. I knew him by sight, to nod to, but we’d never mixed socially.

Rob brought out the beers and bowls with the obligatory nibbles and we settled down in the comfortable living room of the flat and waited for the pre-match preamble to end. I chatted to Alex and discovered he worked with Rob as a graphic designer, that he was twenty-five, like me, and that he found Rob a bit odd as well.

“Not in any weird kind of way,” Alex said. “But there are times when he just doesn’t seem to know when to stop.”

I held up a hand. “I know exactly what you mean. I sometimes think he does it on purpose, like he enjoys shocking people, seeing how far he can push them.”

Then Rob returned from his visit to the toilet.

“All set?” he asked, rubbing his hands with anticipation when he sat down. He leaned forward and scooped up a beer from the coffee table. “Here’s to a good game,” he said and raised the bottle in a toast.

Alex and I muttered appropriately and saluted with upraised drinks.

The game was dire. England won, but only just. The three of us sat there, arranged in an open square. Rob, as host, sat opposite the television illegal bahis on a two-seater sofa of seemingly ubiquitous Norwegian design. On either side, flanking Rob’s seat were two chairs of the same pattern; single seat lounge chairs in which I and Alex reclined comfortably. The coffee table sat low and convenient in front of us, the epicentre of the room, while a huge, wall-mounted television hung on its bracket on the wall.

“Well, that was a let-down,” Alex said.

Rob shrugged and placed an empty bottle amongst the rest on the coffee table. It was a bit of a squeeze given that nearly all the available surface area was already covered.

“I’ve got a DVD we could watch,” he said.

His nonchalant air should have been a warning to me. I’d seen Rob like that before, playing it all cool while some ulterior motive lurked.

“Sounds good,” said Alex, while I shrugged half-heartedly.

At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and then I remembered it was Rob.

“What do you think?” Rob asked, eyes gleaming, as the television screen was filled with the lurid image.

“Uh …” Alex responded with his mouth hanging slack.

“What the fuck is this, Rob?” I asked.

“Good quality porn of the amateur variety,” Rob replied, grinning.

The room fell silent except for the exaggerated groans and sighs emanating from the speakers. I wondered briefly what to do. Should I stick it out and watch the filth or should I just say my goodbyes and leave?

Reaching a decision, I was out of there, when I looked towards Rob to offer my farewell I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. My host was sitting there with a full-blown hard-on, which he was stroking slowly, his eyes on the screen.

I looked over at Alex and, to my slack-jawed surprise, saw he too was massaging a length of penis of considerable proportions.

“Come on, Gary,” Rob said. When I turned my attention to Rob’s voice I saw he was looking at me, all wall-eyed with lust as he stroked his erection. “Alex is in to it,” he said and nodded towards the man sat in the other seat. “Just let yourself go. It’s just is boys. Watch a little porn, stroke our cocks, drink some beer …” He winked at me. “What do you say?”

“Did you two plan this?” I asked Alex.

“No,” he replied. “Honestly. I saw Rob wanking and with the porn …” He shrugged and grinned weakly at me. “I just couldn’t help it. I had to pull my cock.” Alex groaned then, his eyes closing as he illegal bahis siteleri slowly worked his fist along the length of him.

“Come on, Gary,” Rob repeated. “It’s no big deal, just three lads having a good time. We all wank, every one of us. The thing is we just do it in private ‘cos we’re perverts if we admit to doing it.” Rob’s head tilted to one side as he challenged me: “You wank off, Gary, just admit it. So what’s wrong with a group of us sitting here watching some great porn and just knocking one out?”

“Come on, Rob,” I spluttered. “You know this isn’t …”

“Isn’t what, Gary?” Rob said, sneering. “Normal? Is that the word you wanted?” He waggled his erection at me. “Me and Alex are having a good time.” He nodded at the door. “You can leave if you want.” Then he shrugged and added, “Or you can stay and join in.”

I looked over at Alex, who was still staring at the screen and massaging that big hard-on. Then I turned my attention to the pornography. It was then my penis stirred. I felt my cock twitch and slowly unfurl. When I looked toward Rob he too was engrossed in the film, his fist moving up and down.

“I don’t believe I’m doing this,” I muttered as I lifted my buttocks from the seat and, after unbuckling my belt and unzipping my flies, I lowered my jeans to my shins.

“Boys together,” Rob sighed and grinned at me. “Go on, Gary, just stroke it and get it all hard.”

It didn’t take long until my penis was at full tumescence.

“Shit,” I muttered. “This is pretty fucking horny.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Rob agreed. “Three blokes just jerking off.” He nodded towards Alex. “And hasn’t he got a big cock?”

I nodded. “Pretty big, yeah.” Not wanting to admit it, not even to myself, but I found the sight of Alex stroking that big penis quite fascinating.

“You ever suck cock, Gary?” Rob asked.

Rather than being repulsed by the question, I found myself moaning as I tugged at me own hard-on, my eyes on Rob’s cock.

“No,” I said, my voice a croak.

“Ever had your cock sucked by a man?”

Even as I uttered the negative Rob was on his feet and walking to me.

“Would you like to?” he asked. “Would you like me to suck you …?” He came closer to me, his fist moving quickly now. “Would you like to suck my cock? Would you, Gary? Huh? Tell me. Would you like my cock in your mouth?”

“Jesus,” I whispered. “What’s happening? How did we get … here?”

The next thing I knew was feeling canlı bahis siteleri Rob’s tongue on my cock. He held me in his hand, low down at my root as he slurped and slobbered at my cock-head.

“That’s so fucking sexy,” I heard Alex say. I sensed his movement as he left his seat and came closer to where Rob knelt in front of me.

And then, to my surprise I heard my own voice say, “Can I suck you, Alex? Can I lick your cock?”

The feeling of Alex’s big, spongy knob-end pushing into my mouth sent an arterial burst of lust through me and I thought I was going to spunk into Rob’s mouth right then.

“Oh this is better that I’d hoped,” Rob said when he let my penis fall from between his lips. “Look at you, Gary … just look at you with that big fucker in your mouth!”

I just sat there while Rob wanked my cock and his own and Alex jammed his erection into my mouth. I tasted the salty pre-cum as it siped viscously from the single eye in his cock-head.

“Jesus,” I gasped during a brief lull. “I don’t believe I’m doing this.”

Rob laughed and rose to his feet.

“Let’s all get naked,” he said enthused, his eyes gleaming. “I want Alex to fuck my arse.”

And so, after we’d hurriedly disrobed and Rob had smeared some clear gloop around his sphincter, I watched him lower himself onto Alex’s considerable girth.

“Oh, fuck,” Rob groaned as his anus accepted that awful bludgeon. “Fill my arse with meat. Shit … Oh fuck … I love it. Your big dick’s filling my dirty-hole, Alex. Fuck me. Fuck my arse.”

“No,” I gasped when I saw Rob collapse back onto Alex’s chest and he turned his head for a kiss. “I don’t believe it. Kissing …”

“Suck my cock,” Rob groaned when he broke away from Alex’s mouth and held his erection upright. “Suck it and wank it and make me come. Drink my spunk, Gary.”

Rob moaned again and began to jerk his hips as he fucked Alex deeper into his arse.

And I did as I was told. I went to the couple and knelt and, after a brief pause I opened my mouth and lowered my head over Rob’s penis.

When his semen gushed into my mouth I cried out and pulled away.

“He’s coming in me,” Rob groaned. “Alex is bathing my colon with his hot seed …”

I felt more of Rob’s own ejaculate splash across my face as he too jerked and sighed and squirted his lust from the end of his cock.

It was Rob who, with Alex’s semen dribbling from his anus, sucked me to orgasm. When I grunted out that I was coming he just took me deeper into his gullet and let me pour into him.

“Great night,” Rob smirked when he saw Alex and I out. “We should make this a regular thing.”

I looked at Alex, who just stared back at me.

“Maybe we should,” I said.

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